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Regularly· Scheduled CALE Even'. ATTENTIOII " _ , , , Inl.... ted In aIIv_thln, tIIelt e,,",. I. Iti. collODn. Conlut Tom Culp IUllonal Adverthln, Director C,cle Ne•• (213) 423-0431 TT SCRAMBLES. PacU1c Coast 250cc Grand PrU by HI Boots M.C. at Soutb a., SpeedWlQ', San Diego, Cal. Qal1fy1Dg beats 011 Sat. Ex., Am. aDd New. GPs 011 Suo. AMA sanet. First race at Noon boC1l days. lDfo: (714) 469-6092. EVERY WEDIIESDAY liGHT Flal:trac:t .. Tl', 0ra.1Ip Co. Racewq, ACA SaDctlooed. Gales Open 6:30 pm, ftrst race 8 pm, Va1eDda afb'amp oI! SID oteeo Freewq IPPI'OZ. 2 mUes South. SATURDAY, AUGUST n· EYERY fRl.DAY liGHT SPEEDWAY RACING at 0raDp CoaId¥ Fa1rp"ouIIds, Costa ..... GUelI Cl(I8II 7 p.m. RadDe at 8 p.m. INDOOR SPEEDWAY At L.A. Sports Area by Grat Bear En1erpr1ses. 1Dfo: (213) 473-6717. SHORT TRACK by sacrameotD TrackIlrs M.C. at sacramento Natl. RaceWlQ', Cal. Practice and s1gn-lCIS at 6 p.m. ftrst race at 8. SHORT TRACK by Valley M.C. at Cycle LaDd ~ , cal. AMA SaDct.~ ~ at 7 p.m. racIDC starts at 8:30. RIde or wlItIch $1,50. 14 m11ee So. of Cb1co at Bwy. ~E UId Gace Sh1pp RoU. lIZ JoULE FLAT TRACK, AlICOt Part, GardeJa, Ca.Uf. RadIIr starts 8:15 p.m. See ad tb1s IBBM. EYERY SATURDAY liGHT Tl' RACIl'«i, E1slDore Race Tract, GlUIIl Cl(I8II 3 p.m.. races start 7:30 p.m.. Off Hwy. 71111 ElsIDore, Cal. SPEEDWAY RACING, WbltemaD lbdlum, PacoIma, Ca.Uf. RadDe starts 8:30 p.m. _, 1 br. each - 8 a.m. prac. - 10 a.m. start. - 3rd Sun., MollDr:rouaD c:laBRB, 8 a.m. prac. - 10 a.m. start. IDfo: (714) 247-7473 (ens.>. FRIDAY, AUGUST 21111 Tl' RACES; $600.00 (mill'> purse, AMA SlUICt. at Sldewtnders tracIl: III CIacIalmas, Orecoo. South of PortlaDd. 8 p.m. lDfo: DeIm1s/DlaDe Seifert, Rt. 3 Box 290 C, OregOll City, OregOll 97045. 6323857 after 7 p.m. or 234-7388 weekdays. (RalDout date - Sun., A~. 31st- 6 p.m.) 3328. AFM ROAD RACE at OraDpCountylntl. RaceWlQ'. Productloo bikes, Two 45 mill. races for o-200cc. Tbree 1 boar races for 2OD-l000cc. lDfo: (714) 838-3588. HILL CUMBo Monte Carlo, by Nevada Tra11 ·Blazers. AMA Suet. 10 mUes So. ot Reoo, NeY. Umed from 4th and VIrg1D!a sts. SIgn-uP at 9 a.m. CllmbIDg Tl' SEASON CHAMPIONSHIP AMA 5 STAR. Grabam SpeedWlQ', Tacoma, Wuh. 7:30 p.m. n, ~ at noon. EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES by Crestl1ne M.C, at Deadman's Po1IIt, Cal. Near Apple Valley. AMA Dlst. 37 point run. Six one br. races. race at 7 a.m. Camping and restaurant an.U. tnfo: (714) 882-1818. FIr-* PROFESsIoNAL HALF MlLE. At San Jose County FlJrIrounds. $1200 purse. AMA SaDc.t. TrIals at 11 a.m. rac1ng at 2:30 p.m. Adults $3.00 KIds 75~. SCRAMBLES By. Neyada Tra11 Blazers. 5 mUes north of Reno, Nev. LImed from 4th and Vlrg1n1a Sts. AMA Sanet. SIgn. lIP at 9 a.m. rac1ng at Noon. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 5111 CROS') COUNTRY by HI Boots M.C. at Santee, Cal. 448-9105. ROAD RUN. <>verntchter by Norwalk Rockets. Info: (213) 863-5339. TT SCRAMBLES by TT M.C.atHuntlDg- MOTOCROS') by HIgh Sierra M.C, Limed from Bwy. 395 North from Tom's place and Soutb from June Lake Junctloo, both turnlng at Mammoth Lakes Junction. E1e. 8000 ft. BrIDg Jets. 3 number plates. $3 Jr. $7 Sr. to: Mammoth Mto. Motocross, Box 482, Mammoth Lakes, Cal. 93546. Or pbone entry from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to (714) 934-6141. ton Beach Cycle Part, 00 Ta1bertAve. 1/2 MI. W. of Beach Blvd. AMA Dlst. 37 points. Sten-~s at 8 a.m. First race at 10:30. AU beats together. lDfo: (714) 897-4458. SCRAMBLES by Palo Alto M.C. at Fremoot RaceWlQ', Cal. Info: 322-8560. ~~T"'O"t.MdP,,~ot .. 13,,, O t t ; ' J. C. AGAJANIAN Presents . A MA M~i;r~y~;dj;c~:; I 11', lsI MONDAY,SEPTElBER1~ TT SCRAMBLES by sacramento Trackers M.C. at sacramento Nat'l, RaceWlQ'. SJcn-~s and practice at 9 a.m. races EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES by Co8cbelll Valley M.C. AMA Dlst. 37 point run. Race ~ lowD. PIoneertown. Cal. LImed from Yucca Valley. PaYed roads to pits. 6 m1le loops, camplDg facWt1es. two dlUlces Sat. Idgbt. ROAD RUN. PIDe Cone '69 at Democrat Hot SprIngs, Cal. Hwy. 178011 KernRtver 13 m1les east of Bakersfield. No oft1c1al start, $3.75 post entry at f1n1sh. $3.00 man entry to: 1241 W. HoltAve.. Pomooa, Cal. 91766. T MOTOCROSS by Austin Spokesmen M.C. at Manor Downs, Tex. 1Dfo: 452-9798. Tl' RACES; CHAMPIONSHIP: $900.00 (min.) purse, AMA sanet. at Sidewinders track In Clackamas, Oregon. South Of Portland. 8 p.m. Info: Dennls/DianeSeifert, Rt. 3 Box 290 C, Oregon City, Ore. 97045. 632-3857 after 7 p.m. or 2347388 (weekdays), Ralnout date - Sun., Sept. 7th - 6 p.m. at Noon. HARE SCRAMBLES at tile PODderosa, 15 East ot LaDcuter, Cal. on AYe• .l.Labor 0., Spec"', Races all three days scored J1ke motocross points for overall wIDaers. 50% Tropbies for 1Dd1Yidta1 races. 3 D1De mUe loops. Contingencies by Bardab1 and McHal. (213) 367-2907 Rf\A.D RUN. Bonanza Tour. CarllOll City, Nev. Tour award to all riders. Parade lUId Games. Info: (213) 246-9206. '" SCRAMBLES by Ft. Worth,Tex. HWblWes M.C. 3 MI. N.W. Of A%.Ie, Tex. lDfo: 629-92111. SCRAMBLES by TrlDlty Trallsters M.C. Wtllow Creet, Cal. Info: (916) 6211-2411. MOTOCRaiS Secood III CMC AnDlverary SerIes. Saddleback. Part, Cal. Six race serles alteruatIDg each -.It between s.ddJetack Park UId Carlsbad. Greeves GrtffOll to serles wInDer'. Post eotry $10. Mall eotry $15 to P.O. Box 1334 BunttDcton BeaCh, Cal. Info: (714) 539- G.; Wo 5 Riverside, Cal. Limed from Central Ave. aDd Riverside Fwy. East. Amateur riders only. Master aDd Experts wtU check UId Instruct. Sten-uP 8:30, Trials at 10. Info: 697-9441. SCRAMBLES by Drifters M.C. 14 MI. N ot Wblte Salmon, W~ Info: 493-5663. SUIIDAY, AUGUST Illt ., TRIALS by S.C.T.A. Canyoo Crest Area Ile&I' SCRAMBLES by Corey Park M.C. Snohomish, Wasb. Corey Park, Maltby, Wash. THURSDAY, AUGUST _ ~;",I ~ PA' SHORT TRACK by Valley M.C. at Cycle Land Speedway, Cal. 14 mllesS.ofCblco at BW)' 99E and Gap Shlppe Rd. AMA HARE AND BOUND by Nevada Re».drunners, Ely, NeY. lDfo: 289-2811. SCRAMBLES by petM!nders M.C, at Kearneay Bowl. lDfo: 224- 0739. SHORT mACK AMA 3-star it Antelope VaDlI1 Fa1rp'ouDdB, I -neePer, Cal. 12 - a for ElIP, Am. and New. rfders. Flrst race 8:30P.m.FlreworlalfollowlDc tile racee. IDfo: (203) 321-53Z3. I~I 4CAA"liT. SCRAMBLES by Featller RIver M.C. at Triple M Spdwy, SlmIlllOll LaDe, MarysY1lle, Cal. lDfo: 742-7788. OM"""'08 PoADt; Apple Valley, Cal. - 1st Suad. E\U'OP8IID Scr., 3 cJus- .- Tl' SCRAMBLES by Sacramento Trackers M.C. at Sacramento Raceway, Cal. First race 7:30p.m.lDfo: (916) 489-0476. SCRAMBLES by Hayward M,C. at BaTward Speedwq, Cal. lit' an SUI. OF EYERY 10. I~ SHORT TRACK at Petaluma, Cal. Fairgrounds. AMA Sanct. $600 purse. POKER RUN by C~1to1C1(y M.C. sacramento, Cal.1Dfo: 448-5190. FIRST SAT. OF EYERY 10. . C PROFESSIONAL MOTOCROS') at Ascot Part, 184th aDd Vermoot, Gard_, Cal. AU proceeds to U.s.M.X. Team. Any license accepted. Practice 9 l.m. 1st MolD 10:30 a.m. Info: (213) 327-5838. POKER RUN by So. Cal. Road RIders. Sao Gabr1e1, Cal. OYerD1cbter. lDfo: (714) 622-5417. PROFESsIoNAL Tl' RACES, Ascot Part, Oardeaa, Ca.Uf. RadDe starts 8:15 p.m. See ad lids Issue. SAT., SUI.' MON. AUG. 31, SEPT. 1st DAR S.'. Nil• .... mo,... 8:IS V '.. O~ . PeM'erson 00 Each Adult Ticket • II I ve"rmlo::o::iln':~="arl.:dena~ ,,,.:.Iols.l,= Easily Relched - Just ()ff Harbor &: sen Die&O Frwys. I ~~~~~~~~~ SAT. AID SUI" SEPT. &..111111 AMA NA nONAL ROAD RACE Sears Point InU. Raceway, Bwy, 37 and 121 Sonoma, Cal. Sat.: 90 mile 250Cc combined. Sun.: 50 mUe Amateur and 125 mUe Natl. Info: (415) 826-3386. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6th TRAILBIKE RACE,CIBOLA loo.By the Professional Trail Racing Zuni, New Mexico. $25 Entry. Write to P.T. R.A., P.O, Box 18385 Wichita, Kansas 67218 for entry and license. MOTORCYCLE RACES by The RaIDler Sportsman's Club at Rodeo Grounds, RainIer, Wash., Hwy. 507 between Yelm and Tenino. COYered grandstands and concessions. First race at 8 p.m. NIGHT MOTOCROSS by CMC at Fontana InU. RaceWlQ', Cal, $300 purse for JunIors, all classes, good lights, grandstands aod refreshments. lDfo: (714) ;39-3328. INDOoR SPEEDWA \iP'!"~ 1\\q Bear Enterprtst;fo ;-'0 \Utl:.:.;iOrts Ar. . . Info: Sanet. Info: (916) 877-3395. SHORT TRACK by SacramentoTra.clalrs M.C. at Sacramento Natl, RaceWlQ', Cal. Practice aod s1gn-\lPS at 6 p.m. race at 8:30. • Take a friend to a motorcycle event this weekend. PROFESSlONAL SHORT TRACK atOr8goa SIdewinders M.C. track S.E. 82nd and LaWD11eld Road, CJacam as , Ore. 8 MI. south of Portland. AMA Slulct. $600 mID. purse. 250cc New., Am., Ex. 8 p.m. start. Info: 832-3857 after 7 p.m. or 234-7388 weekda.Ys. SUIIDAY, SEPTEMBER 1111 SMRA TRIPLE HEA.DER, Fort Worth, Tex. European stvle motocross races, . draC' racei ana i-oad races, productklll and GP c:1asses. AMA pOints. Green Valley Racewq, Fort Worth, TO. lDfo: (915) 949-1030. PROFESSIONAL MOTOCROS') by Pan American Rac1n& ABSII. III Zunl, New Mexico. 38 mJJes south of Ga1l~ on Hwy. 32. FIM SaDct. For entry or lDfo. . write Pan American Rac1nc Assn. P,O. Box 18385, Wichita, Kansas 87218. EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES by Sace H0ppers M.C. at Roarlta Beach, MexIco. AMA Sanct. 0r1g1nal course. Pract. aDd campIDg Sat. and Sun. EJPerts start 11 a.m. lDfo: (714) 753-2907. BECAUSE Of LABOR DAY. CYCLE NEWS WILL BE ONE DAY LATE NEXT WEEK. TRIALS RIDING SCHOOL by S.T.C.A. 'at Saddleback Park, Cal. lnLLCLIMB at outlaw Canyon, Bakersfield, Cal. between Hart Park and ~ Lake. AMA SUct. Info: (805) 871-4555. MOTOCROSS by Orange County M.C ...t SlWdleback Park, Cal. AMA points, post entry open at 8 a.m. MOTOCROSS by Prospectors M.C. run under ACA at Ba.y Mare Ranch 9 a.m. start, 3 motos, 3 number plates, $7 post entry, $5 mail entry to Dave Smith, 537 Penn, EI Segundo, Cal. 90245. Info: 322-4297. MOTOCROSS by Seata1r C1i;y M.C. 2 mUes E. of Renton, Wash. on ~le Valley BW)'. at Aqua Barn Ranch. AMA ProfessiOlla1 $1200 purse, 50 tropbles for sportsmen, Mall $4 Pro, $2 Sports, to: Seata1r City M.C., P.O. Box 32~8, Fed eral Way, Wash. 98002. HARE SCRAMBLES by Smokebomb Gaetz M.C. Limed from the HI Vista Store. Three 15 mile loops, new course every month. 40% tropbles. Ave. J and lOath St. Just North of the Ponderosa, Cal. (C.ltilled .1 pa,e 3)

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