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ATTEIITI ON lIlIIlorqc" Clull. - lie ••1 to ...... C,c" .... 11IIIce '" , _ COllin. I ..nt. ud WI will lilt t.... In thll .......nt TIl. (213)427·7433. "H. CALENDAR OF EVENTS september 28, 19&9, SUnday HALF MILE DIRT TRACK NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Mat-Car. Inc•• Fairgrounds Speedway. Oklahoma CHy, Okla. Regularly SCheduled OcIDber 3-4, IM9, Fri•• sat, HALF MILE DIRT TRACK NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP (Night) Agajanian Ent., Inc., Ascot Park. Gardena, cal. Even•• P_.I ATTENTION Octa..... 5, 19&9, Slllday Intlrlltad In Idvarllsln.thah a..ntl In IIlIs col umn. Contlcl: Tom Culp Nltlonal Adv"lIlln, Dlractor 150 MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ENDU- ••. CAIIICELLED de .Bombers, 2542 •.•. _. , .. _ •. _" •.•. erslde, Cal. 92509 Mojave Desert, Barstow, Cal. Crcla N. .s (213) 423-0431 Octoll. 19, 19&9, SUaliay 155 MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ENDURANCE RUN, MId-West Enduro Team., P.O. Box 22444. St. Louis. Mo. 63126• .At Potosi, Missouri. EVERY IEDNESDAY lIGHT Flatb'act " 'IT, 0I"aDp Co. Race11117, ACA SluIetlaDed. GUes Open 6: 30 pm, first race 8 pm, Val8x:1a cIframp all Ban Dteco Free1lll7 allprox. 2 m1les SoulIl. NoYemltlr 9, IM9, 125 MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ENDURANCE RUN Hayward M.C. 3800 Depot Rd•• Hayward, Cal. 94545. Upper Lake. EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT SPEEDWAY RACING at oraace COUDV FairlrOUDds, COl!Ita Me. . au. opeD 7 p.m. RacIDC at 8 p.m. THURSDAY, AUGUST nst 1/2 MILE FLAT 'mACK, A8cot Park, GardeDa, Cabf. RacIDC staris 8:15 p.m. See M tIU 18_. 'IT SCRAMBT ,ES 50 Lep MJdsummer Clll!mploosbtp for 2SOcc at TrojaD Speed11117. Replar 'IT procram. Pit pie cloIIes at 7 p.m. EVERY SATURDAY lIGHT FRIDAY, AUGUST 22111 'IT RACJ1IlG, E1atDore Race Track, Gates opeD 3 p.m;;-races start 7:30 p.m.. Off Bwy. 71 an E1s1nore, CaL TT RACES; $600.00 (rnlD.) purse, AMA at SldeWinders track In Clackamas, Oreron. South ot Portland. 8 p.m. Into: Denn1s/Dlane Seifert, Rt. 3 Box 290 C. Oregon City. Oreron 97045. 6323857 after 7 p.m. or 234-7388 weekdays. (Ratnout date - Sun., Alii. 24th - 6 p.m.) SaDCt. SPEEDWAY RACING, WbU8111&D stadium, Pacoima, ca11t. Rac1Jw staris 8:30 p.m. FIRST·SAT. OF PlERY 10. 'IT SCRAMBLES AM.\ 3 Star at Grabam Speedway, Tacoma, Wash. 8 p.m. PROFESsIoNAL 'IT RACES, Ascot Park, Gardena, ciDf. Ractnc staris 8: 15 p.m. See ad Ills 18sue. 111 • 3nI SUN. SATURDAY, AUGUST 2a-1i SHORT TRACK By Valle7 M.C. at Cycle Land SPY., Cal. 14 mi. So. of Chico at Hwy. 99E lUId Gaee Sb1ppe Road" AMA Sanet. Wch Point trophies at ead of sason. Into: (916) 877-3395. EVERY MO. Deedm1ns Point, A~le Valley, CaL - 1st SIIIld. EuropeJ; Scr., 3 classes, 1 hr. each - 8 a.m. prac.- 10 a.m. start. - 3rd Siin., Motocrossall classes, 8 a~c.- 10 a.m. start. Into: (71() 247-7473 (eves.). NIGHT TT SCRAMBLES By S1m1 Valle7 M.C. at Elstnore Race track, CaL Dlst. 37 points, class C tractlon. GUe opeD8 3 p.m. first race 6 p.m. Admtsstoo $1. Entry $2.50. Into; (805) 527-3640. AMA NATiONALS NIGHT MOTOCROSS by CMC at Fontana Inti. Raceway, Fontana, Cal.Allclasses, good l1ghts, grandstands and refreshments. Info: (714) 539-3328. SwI~ 15 MILE ONE-MILE DIM TRACK NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Scanlan's Promotions Inc., Missouri State Faitgrounds, Sedalia. Missouri. August 24, 19&9, SHORT TRACK AMA Fort Sutter and Valley Trackers M.C.atSacramento Raceway, Cal. Take Excelslor Rei. off Jackson Rd. HWl'. 16. Sign-up and pract. at 6 p.m. race at 8:30. August 28, 19&9, Thursdu 30 MILE ONE-MILE DIRT CK NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHI , I dlanapolls Ind. Joe Quinn. PROFESSIONAL SHORT TRACKatOregon Sldewinders M.C. track S.E. 82nd and Lawntteld Road, Clackamas, Ore. 8 Mi. soulb of PortJand. AMA Sanet. $600 min. purse. 250Cc Nov., Am., Ex. 8 p.m. start. Info: 632-3857 or 234-7388 weekdays. Septelllber &-7, 19&9, Sat. & SUn. 125 MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ROAD RACE. Sears Point Raceway. Sears Point, Callfornia. Gordon Martin. septemller 14, 19&9, Sunday 25 Mll..E ONE-MILE DIR:I:..TRACK NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Agajanian Ent. Inc .• Old Sacramento Fairgrounds, Sacramento, California. SUNDAY, AUGUST 24th MOTOCROSS. First lnCMCAnn1versary Serles. Carlsbad, Cal. Six race serles alternating each week between Carlsbad lUId Saddleback Park. Greeves Grttroo to serles winner. Post entry $10. MaU entry $6 to: P.O. Box 1334, Hunttngton Beach, Cal. 92647. Info: (714) 539-3328. september 21, 19&9, SUnday OUTDOOR SHORT TRACT< "IATIONAL CHAI CANCELLi:D Speedway, Llnc""" ,,~u•• Jerry Biskup & Jim Adams. September 28, 19&9, SUaday MOTORCYCLE RACES by Rainier Sportsmans Club atRa1n1er, Wash. Rodeo Grounds. Hwy_ 507 between Ye1m lUId Ten1Do. SpecIal race for M1D1's. Pract. 7: 30 p.m. first race at 8 p.m. 155 MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ENDURANCE RUN, Meteor M.C .• % Lou Mahon, 1124 Kaighn Ave., Camden, N.J. 08103, Southern New Jersey. ~~T'"0", ~d p",,", " I ~ B,,, OIH~ J. C. AGAJANIAN Presents • AMA . M;i;r~yCi;di;~~;11 I ~I ':'5 I = 5 0 <:":J I f§lo P... '" ." f- ... ~ .. TWO V FOR II1II I:.! ; TT's lsI S.I. Nil• ......,... per.person O'l Each Adult TIcket '. , 18400 S. Vermont-Gardena Easily Reached - Just Off Harbor & Sap Diego Frwys. ~~~~~,. Rlld"l . . Idvlled tllat IIll1nl In thll cal• • I n ' " Service. C,c" 11..1 dllclallftl .,relp.llbllltrf. c_lIltlnn orchlnlla. III IVlntl br pro mote,. wltllDut nlllici. MINI SCRAMBLES by Soutbern Cal. Min!- Btlce and Kart Assn. at Saddleback Park, CaL Classes by age and H.P. Prizes lUId trophies for all classes. Info: (714) 847-6620. TT SCRAMBLES at Hunttncton Beach Cycle Park, Cal. On Talbert ATe. 1/2 ml. W. of Beach Blvd. Sign-UP at 10 a.m. Park points, all classes, clUs C traction. Into: (714) 897-4458. HALF MILE DIRT TRACK. AMA Sanet. 8 mi. East of Austin, Tex. at Manor Downs on Hwy 290 at Manor, Tex. Track will be oiled. Seven classes 1nc:1. mtn1' s and wbee11e bikes. First race at 2 p.m. Info: 472-8246 or 444-5901. EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES By LOllI Coyotes M.C. Limed tram 17Otb. W_ and Rosamood Blvd.. Cal. 2 courses, bIc blkes ro first. 9 a.m. start. DIst. 37 points. Into: (805) 948-7567. SIDEWINDERS TROPHY PRESENTATION at Los Coyotes European Scrambles. 'IT sC'RAMBLES by Se11Du Ramblers M.C. at CaL Rodeo Grounds, NortbMaJD Street, Se11Du, CaL AMA s.uct. No cJules 1IIIder 200cc. Gates opea 7 a.m. S1p-up ends 10:30 Elb' Cerebra1Pa1sy Fund Benet1t. AFM PICNIC TIlden Rec1ona1 Park, Clakland, Cal. $2,50 per person. Into: 531-5343. MOTOCROSS AMA s.uct. at HeUO"IbfU 30 miles E. of San D1eCo 011 Hwy 94. Track well watered. 3 motos each cJasa. Track vtstble lUId ate for spectators. More parJdnC, sbade, cool water, lUId concess1oDS. American Eacle to w1nner of series starttnc tb1s dale. Into: (71() 224-3649. TT SCRAMBLES By SIIIlIIYValleySpeedway 14 Mi. N. or Grants Pass, Ore. 1b1rd Annual Champlonshlp.l p.m. start. Info: (503) 476-4018. TT SCRAMBLES at Adelanto, Cal. on Hwy. 395. All classes, s1gn-up closes at 10 a.m. Into: (213) 927-3860. TT RACES at TIjuana Auto Dromo. All classes. Sign- up closes at 11: 30 flrst race at Noon. Three mUes past Agua Callenle Track. TRIALS RIDING SCHOOL. By S.C.T.A.. Saddleback Park, Cal. Take a friend to a motorcycle event this weekend. THURSDAY, AUGUST 28th SHORT TRACK AMA 3-Star at Anle10pe Valley Fairgrounds, Lancasler, Cal. 12 events for ElIP, Am. and Nov. rlders. First race 8:30p.m.Flreworksfollowlng the races. Into: (203) 321-5323. FRIDAY, AUGUST 21th TT RACES; $600.00 (rnlD,:) purse, AMA sanct. a.t Sidewinders track in Clackamas, Oregon. South of Portiand. 8 p.m. Info: Denn1s/Dlane Seifert, Rt. 3 Box 290 C, Oregon Clty, Oregon 97045. 6323857 after 7 p.m. or 234-7388weekdays. (Ralnout date - Sun., A~. 31st- 6 p.m.) TT SEASON CHAMPIONSHIP AMA 5 STAR. Graham Speedway, Tacoma, Wash. 7:30 p.m. SAT., SUN.' MON. AUG. 30, 31, SEPT. 1st ROAD RUN. Bonanza Tour. Carson Clty, Nev. Tour award to all rlders. ParMe and Games. Into: (213) 246-9206. ROAD RUN. Pine Cone '69 at Democrat Hoc sPr1ngS, Cal. Hwy.178 on Kern Rtver 23 miles east of Bakersfield. No offtclal start, $3.75 post entry at tlntsh. $3.00 man entry to: 1241 W. HoltAve.. Pomona, Cal. 91766. SATURDAY, AUGUST 3lItb INDOOR SPEEDWAY At L.A. Sports Arena by Great Bear Enlerprises. Into: (213) 473-6717. SHORT TRACK by sacramento Trackers M,C. at Sacramento NaU. Raceway, Cal. Practice and sign-ups at 6 p.m. first race at 8. SHORT TRACK by Valley M.C. at Cycle LlUId Speedway, Cal. AMA Sanet. Signup at 7 p.m. rac1ng starts at 8:30. Ride or watch $1.50. 14 mUes So. of Ch1co at Hwy. 99E and Gage Sh1pp Roa:1. SUNDAY, AUGUST 31st MOTOCROSS Second ln CMC Ann1versary Series. Saddleback. Park, Cal. Six race series alternattnc each week between Saddleback Park and Carlsbad. Greeves Gritton to series winner. Post entry $10. MaU entry $5 toP.O. Box 1334 Huntington Beach, Cal. Info: (714) 5393328. 'IT SCRAMBLES by T.T, M.C. Dist.37 point 1'1111. On Talbert Ave. 1/2 mi. W. ot Beach Blvd. Info: (714) 897-4458. PROFESSIONAL MOTOCROSS Sears, Roebuck sanet. at Ascot Park, 1841b &< Vermont, Gardena, CaL All proceeds to U.S.M.X. Team. Any UC8Dse accepted. Practice 10 am.. 1st MOta lam. DIe lt1 For Into call 423-0431. AFM ROAD RACE at oraaceCountyInU. Raceway. Product1011 bikes, Two 45 min. races for o-200cc. Three 1 bour races for 2QO-l000cc. Into: (71() 838-3588. mLL CLIMB. MOIlle Carlo, by Nevada Tra11 Blazers. AMA Suet. 10 mtles So. ot Reno, NeY. Limed tram 4th and VIrg1n1& sta. stcn-UP at 9 a.m. C11mb1IIr at Noon. EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES by C()Icben , Valley M.C. AMA D1st. 37 point run. Race tbrouch town. P1ooeertowD, CaL Ltmed trom Yucca Valle7. PaTed roads to plts. 6 mile loops, camp1ng facWties, two dances Sat. n1dIt. Have a cool ooe at the Red Dog. 1011 DAY, SEPTEMBER 1st 'IT SCRA'MBLES by sacramento Trackers M.C. at sacramento Nat'l, Raceway. S!gn-uPs and practice at 9 a.m. races at noon. EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES by CresWne M.C. at Deadman's Potnt, Cal. Near Apple Valley. AMA Dist. 37 point run. Six one hr. races. First race at 7 a.m. Camp1ng lUId restaurant avall.tnto: (714) 882-1818. PROFESsIONAL HALF MILE. At San Jose County Fairgrounds. $1200 purse. AMA Sanet. Tr1a1s at 11 a.m. rac1ng at 2:30 p.m. Adults $3.00 KIds 759. SCRAMBLES By Nevada Trail Blazers. 5 mUes north of Reno, Nev. Limed from 4th and Vlrg1n1a Sts. AMA Sanct. SignuP at 9 a.m. racing at Noon. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th TT RACES; CHAMPIONSHIP: $900.00 (rnlD.) purse, AMA sanet. atSldewinders track In Clackamas, Oregon. South of Portland. 8 p.m. Into: Dennis/DIane Seifert, Rt. 3 Box 290 C, Oregon Clty, Ore. 97045. 632-3857 after 7 p.m. or 2347388 (weekdays). Ratnout date - Sun., Sept. 7th - 6 p.m. SAT. AND SUN., SEPT. & and 7th ROAD RUN. overntghter by Norwalk Rockets. Into: (213) 863-5339. SATURDAY,SEPTEMBER&th TRAILBlKE RACE,CIBOLA 100.By the Professlonal Tratl Racing Assn. at Zuni, New Mexico. $25 Entry. Write to P. T. R.A., P.O. Box 18385 Wlchita, Kansas 67218 for entry and license. INOOoR SPEEDWA\E;'t"-7\I'"! Bear Enterp rlSP/o ,.'0 ~UM: .....,ortS Arena. Into: 4C,,~"CiT• SHORT TRACK at Petaluma, Cal. Fairgrounds. AMA Sanct. $600 purse. SHORT TRACK by Sacramento Trackers M.C. at Sacramento Nat!. Raceway, CaL Practice and sign-ups at 6 p.m. race at 8:30. SHORT TRACK by Valley M.C. at Cycle Land Speedway, Cal. 14 mtlesS.ofChico at Hwy 99E and Gage Sblppe Rd. AMA Sanct. Into: (916) 877-3395. NIGHT MOTOCRalS by CMC at Fontana Inti. Raceway, Cal. $300 purse for JunIors, all classes, good llgbts, grandstands and refreshments. Info: (71() 539-3328. SHORT TRACK by sacramento Trackers M.C. at SacramentoRaceway,CaLPractice and sign-up at 6 p.m. first race at 8. PROFESSIONAL SHORT TRACK atOregon Sidewinders M.C. track S.E. 82nd and Lawntteld Road, Clacbmas. Ore. 8 Mi. south of Portland. AMA Sanet. $600 min. purse. 250cc Nov., Am., Ex. 8 p.m. start. Into: 632-3857 after 7 p.m. or 234-7388 weekdays. (Ci"."~ ....,... 3}

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