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ATTENnON IIolDlCJcle Clubs - Be _e ID Mnd CJCle News notice of ),our ~"e eftnh ..d we will IIsl tIletn Ip . departm lilt " . . CALENDAR OF EVENTS SHORT TRACK by Valley MC at Cycle Land Speedway, Cal. AMASanct.SIgn-up at 7 p.m .. racing starts at 8:30. Ride or watch $1.50. 14 miles So. of Chico at Hwy. 99E and Gage Shippe Road. se;temller 21, 1969, SlInlla, Regularly SCheduled Event. ATTENTION PlOIIIOters inl.,.sted ie ~d... li sine thei' eftnls In tIIi s col ...n. Conuct Tom Culp N~tiolLlll Adverli sine Director Cycle "ews (213) 423-0431 EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT F1attrack & TT, 0ra.Dge Co. Raceway, ACA Sanct1oned. Gates ~ 6:30 Ptrlt ftrst race 8 pm, ValeDc1a cdramp oIf san oteeo Freeway aPprox. 2 miles South. VERY FRIDAY NIGHT SP£EDWAY RACING at 0ra.Dge COWIl:Y Fa1rgrOUDds, costa Mea. Gates open 7 p.m. RaclDg at 8 p.m. 1/2 MlLE FLAT TRACK, Ascot Part, Glirdena, Calif. Rac1Dg starts 8: 15 p.m. See ad tIt1s Issue. EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT 'IT RACING, E1slDore Race Track, races start 7:30 p.m., ott Hwy. 71 in E1sinore, Cal. Gates open 3 p.m., SPEEDWAY RACING, WbtlemaD stadium, Pac:olml , Calif. RadDe starts 8:30 p.m. FIRST SAT. OF EVERY 110. PROFESsIONAL TT RACES, Ascot Part, Gardena, Calif. Rac1Dg starts 8:15 p.m. ,See ad tIt1s Issue. 1st & 3nl SUN. OF EVERY 110. DeedmpM Point, Apple Valley, Cal. - 1st SUDd. Europerm Scr., 3 classes, 1 hr. each - 8 a.m. prac.- 10 a.m. start. - 3rd Sun., Motocrossall classes, 8 a.m. prac. - 10 a.m. start. Info: (71" 24,7-7473 (eves,). AMA NATIONALS 'IPst la, I., SUnay,., HALF MILE DIRT TRACK 'NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, Jennerstown speedW1LY. Jennerstown, Fa., Ron Griffith. b{llst 15, 19&9, Frida, OUTDOOR SHORT TRACK NATIONAL CHAMPIONSIDP (Night), santa Fe Speedway, Hinsdale. Ill., Howard Tiedt. Alpst 11,19&1, s.., 20 LAP TT NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHlP, by Peoria M.C., Peoria M.C. Grounds, P!'oria. Ill. AlIISt 24, l!J&!J, s.1I., 15 'MILE ONE-MILE DIRT TRACK NAnONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, SCanlan's Promotions Inc., Missourj State Fair-lllOuods. Sedalia, Missouri. AuCJlSf 2i, 1!J&9, TbIIrsda, 30 MILE ONE-MILE DIRT TRACK NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, Indianapolis Ind. Joe Quinn. se,_... &-1, lS69, Sat. & SUn. 125 MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ROAD RACE, Sears Point Raceway, Sears Point, california. Gordon Martin. SIp. . . 14, 19&9, Sllda, 25 MILE ONE-MILE DIRT TRACK NATIONAL CHAMPIONSIDP, Agajanian Ent. Inc., Old sacramento Fairgrounds, sacramento, California. OUTDOOR SHORT TRA(;K NATIONAL CANCELLED Speedway, CHA; LincVoLjl, J.~t:U •• Jerry Biskup & Jim Adams. September 28, 1969, Sunday 135 MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ENDURANCE RUN, Meteor M.C., % Lou Mahon, 1124 Kaighn Ave., Camden, N.J. 08103, Southern New Jersey. september 28, 1969, Sanda, HALF MILE DIRT TRACK NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, Mar--Car, Inc•• Fairgrounds Speedway, Oklahoma City, Okla. Ocllber 3-4, 1969, Fri. & $aI, HALF MILE DIRT TRACK NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHlP (Night) Agajanian Ent., Inc., Ascot Park, Gardena, cal. SUNDA'(. AUGUST ID1b MOTOCROSS ISO MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ENDU~'" CANCELLED de Bombers, 2542 .. _. __ ._.. _ .. _.• __ .erslde, Cal. 92509 Mojave Desert, Barstow, Cal. OClllter 19, 1969, Salda' 155 MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ENDURANCE RUN, Mid-West Enduro Team, P.O. Box 22444, S~. Louis, Mo. 63126. At Potosi, Missouri. lIoYellllter 9, 19&9, Slmlla, 125 MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ENDURANCE RUN, Hayward M.C. 3800 Depot Rd., Hayward. Cal. 94545, upper Lake. FRIDAY, AUGUST 8111 TT RACES; $600.00 (min.) purse. AloIA SIUlCt. at Sidewinders track in Clackamas, Oregon. Soutb of PortIaD:l. 8 p.m. Info: Denn1s/Dlane Seifert, Rt. 3, Box 290 C, Oregon City, Orecoo 97045. 6323857 after 7 p.m. or 234-7388 weelcdays. (Rainout Date - SII1. Aug. lot1l- 6 p.m,) SAT. & SUN. AUGUST !JIll & Iltt11 PANGRAm HEIGHTS TOUR by Bakersneld Red Teps. Info: (805) 324-9243. SATURDAY. AUGUST!Jtb NITE TT SCRAMBLES By Gr1psters MC at E1slnonl Raceway, Cal. First race 6:30 p.m. AMA 8aDct. Dlst, 37 points. $1.00 pie clgrwtloo, ~.25 8JItry. All classes. IrIfo: (714) 879-8263. TT SCRAMBLES By OUts Scramblers at FP1rgrounds on Hwy 50-95 Fallon, Nev. Tbrie number plates re

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