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ATTE.Tlo. ....ICJC.. C'• • - .. . . . II .... CJCII .... _ _ If , _ .ftab . . we will lI.t ..... I~ till..... tr... c.'" ,..t CALENDAR OF EVENTS 5111-. ~hm"14,l9I1,~y ATTENTION ........ I. . . . ted In , .¥Illts I, Ills coll..n. Contact Tom Culp N,tlona' Ad,,"'1 sinl Director C,cl. News (213) 4230043l , *****************:, EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT 135 MILE NATIO AL CHAMPIONSHIP ENDURANCE RUN. Meteor M.C., % Lou Mahon. 1124 Kalghn Ave .. Camden, N,J. 08103. Southern New Jersey. I Sell.... 28,1., SUnday I - HALF MILE DIRT TRACK NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, Mar-Car. Inc., Fair· lfOunds Speedway, Oklahoma City, Okla. I EVERY FRIDAY NlWT TRAILS by K.C, Trail Blazers. 10 mi. course, 8 traps. 10 a.m. start, spark arrestors required. Limed from Ca11tornia Hot springs, 26 mi. East of Duco, Cal. Into: (80S) 746-4058. Slptllllllel' 28, 1961, Su8day ' Flattrack &I TT, Oranle Co. Raceway. ACA SancUoned, Gales Open 6:30 pm, first ,ace 8 pm, Valencia offramp ott San Dlelo Freeway approx. 2 miles South. MOTOCROSS at Bay Mare~yo'\il, Cal. Camar1l\o Bovll~O\'O ,.Il C 't'l••• Uifo: (805) 484-1~;OfT1"O ~tIlIIIer 21, 1., SUnliay OUTDOOR SHORT TRACK lIlATIONAL CHA' CANCELL~D Speedway, Linc~"" ,,~u., Jerry Hiskup &: Jim Adams. ad_a sinl their : SPEEDWA Y RACING startiDC JuDe : 13 lit 0raIIp COUDQ' Fa1J'lp:'ouDcSa. ' eo.ta Mea.. Gates opeo 7 p.m. RadDe at 8 p.m. (... ad tII1.Iluw). : " MILE FLAT TRACK, A~~ot Park, : Gardt'na, Calif. Ral'ing 'wrts 8: 15 I p.m. s..'t' ad thi~ i~~Ul'. Oett. . 304, 11&9, Fri. & Sit. HALF MILE DIRT TRACK ATiONAL CHAMPIONSHIP (NI&ht) Apjanian EnJ•• Inc.. Ascot Park. Gardena, cal. , , I Octlller 5, l!1&l, SIllily I EVERY SA TURDAY NI GIlT 150 MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ENDU~'" CAHCELLf.D de ,Bombers, 2542 _._ ... , _" _., •. , •.•. erslde, Cal. 92509 Mojave Desert. Barstow, Cal. Gatt'~ OCIM. II, Uli9, Sllday I I I IT RACING, El~ino,,' Ru,'" Tru,'k. : oPt'n 3 p.m., ra~"s slart i:30 I p.m., orr Hw.\". 71 in Elslnorl.'. Calil. : - 155 MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ENDURANCE RUN, Mid-West Enduro Team. P.O. Box 22444. St. Louis. Mo. 63126. At Potosi. Missouri. I SPEEDWAY RACING, II'hill'l1lanStad· : lum, Pacoima, Calif. Ra<'ill~ ~tmt" I 8:30 p.m. s..'~ ad thi~ [$lUI'. ......~......__=.. . .-~' =~~~ NoYllllller 9, 11&9, Sladay I FIRST SAT. OF &VERY MO. : PROFE 10 AL IT RACE , A~~nl Park, Gardt'lla, Calif. Ra lllg ~tart~ 8:15 p.m. St't' ad till' 'S 'Ul'. 125 MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ENDURANCE RUN Hayward M.C. 3800 Depot Rd•• Hayward. Cal. 94545, Upper Lake. I I lst& 3n SUN. OF EVERY MON. FRIDAY, AUGUST 1st Deadmans Point, Apple Vallt'y, Cal. I - 1st Sun. European Scr., 3 classes, 1 1 hr. each - 8 a.m. prac. - 10 a.m : start. - 3rd Sun., Mbtocross - all I classes,8 a.m. prac. - 10 a.m. start , Info. (!14) 247-7473 (e enlnlS). IT RACES; $600.00 (min.) purse, AMA sanct. at Sldewtnders track In Claclta.mas, Or~. South d Portland. 8 p.m. Into: Dennis/Diane Seltert, Rt. 3, Box 290 C, Or~ City, Oregon 97045. 6323857 after 7 p.m. or 234-7388 weekdays. (Rainout Date - Sun. Aug. 3rd - 6 p.m.) SAT. & SUN., AUGUST 2nd & 3rd A list 2-3, 1969, Sit. II HARE SCRAMBLES, Ponderosa. 27 MUe, 10 a.m. start. 15 mi. E. at Lancaster on Ave. J, TroPbles to 50%. Cont1Dgency aWlU'ds: Bardahl, MeHall and Cycle News Subscr1pt1on. Into: (213) 367-2907 or (805) 946-1041. .. 110 MILE NATIO AL CHAMPIONSHIP ROAD RACE, Floyd Clymer.lndianapolIs Raceway Park, India~lis, Ind. 250cc race on Satu rday. Alp't 3, 19&9, SlllIay 1st OVERNIGHT TOUR by Jaspers MC, Into: (714) 986-8825, or (714) 986-3118. HIr,.LCLIMB NATIONAL CHAMPION· SHfP, White Rose M.C., JeffNson, Pa. Aupst 10, 19&1,. Slnllay SATURDAY, AUGUST 21d HALF MILE DIRT TRACK NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, Jennerstown Speedway. Jennerstown, Pa., Ron Griffith. ., 20 LAP TT NATIO AL CHAMPIONSHIP. by Peoria M.C.• Peona M.C. Grounds. Pt'oria, Ill. 15 MILE ONE-MILE DIRT TRACK NAnONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, SCanlan's Promotions Inc., Missouri State Fal... 1f01Inds, Sedalia. Mlss?url. Presents . . A MA -1. each mon" • pm 0 ~ :; \oft V (l) p FOR TWOEacb Adult Ticket Per,.person On --- FRIDAY, AUGUST 811t TT RACES; $600.00 (mln.) purse, AMA sanct. at Sidewinders track In Clackamas, Oregon. South ot Portland. 8 p.m. Into: Dennis/Diane Seifert, Rt. 3, Box 290 C, Oregon City, Or8lOn 97045. 6323857 after 7 p.m. or 234-7388 weekdaYs. (Rainout Date - Sun. Aug. 10th - 6 p.m,) SPCRTS HALF-MILE at Manor Downs, Texas on Hwy 290, 8 mi. E. of Austin. AMA sanct. 0 to Open clasSes,. Into, GR 2-8246 lr HI 4-5901. FRIDAY, AUGUST 1 IT RACES; $600.00 (min.) pUr'H, AMA sanct. at Sidewinders track In C1acItamas, Oregon. South at Portland. 8 p.m. Into: Dennis/Diane Seltert, Rt. 3 Box 290 C, Oregon City, Oregon 97045. 6323857 alter 7 p.m. or 234-'7388weeIcx1ayS. (Rainout Date - Sun. Aug. 17th - 6 p.m.) SHURDAY, AUGUST 1&1t: SHORT TRACK By Valley MC at C,cle Land SPdWY, Cal. 14 mi. S. at Cb1co at HW)' 99E and Ga&e SIl1ppe Road. AMA Sanct. SIen-uP at 7 p.m. First race at 8:30 p.m. Htch polDt tropllles at elld of _ _• Into: (916) 8'77-3395. SUNDAY, AUGUST 17111 ~~ I = H's rs, Sa'. Nite iaces ~ I ~ Motorcyde 8:15 t- RIDE WITH REASON STATE ENGLISH TRIALS CHAMPIONSHIPS by S,C.T.A. at SsdcJlebec k Park, cal. ACA NATIONAL POINTS ROAD RACE. WWow Spr1llrs, Cal. SJcn-\&l c:1oIIes at 10 a.m. First race at 11. G.P. and Production classes. Into: (71" 528-4290. SATURDAY. AUGUST 911t J, C. AGAJANIAN ~ NOISE ANNOYS MOTOCROSS By Golden EacIes MC on 1nlIerDat1oaa1 MX course, 6 mi. S .E. of DaIlas, Tex. on HW)' 175 at Brutoo Rd. Three cluMs, cIIStom tropbles. 1 p.m. start. Into: (214) FL 8-55'77. NITE TT SCRAMBLES By Gr1pst8rs MC at E1IJDore RaceWll,}'. Cal. Fir8t race 6:30 p,m. AMA S&Dct. Illst. 37 polDts. Sl.00 pte doDat1oll, $1.25 entr)'. AU c1UMs. Into: (71~ 8'7t-8Z63. ~~~~~~~~~. ~ SCRAMBLES By Eastside MC at Cycle HJlls, Morpn Hill, Cal. AMA Sanct. AU classes, watch or ride $1.50. Praetlce at 9:30 a.m. tlrst race at NOOIl. lllto: (408) 227-1611. MOTOCROSS By HI JlnIts FMCatRlveraide, Cal. Limed trom Central Ave. ott Riverside Fwy. Two classes: 0-125 and 101-125. Rider'S meet!n& 9 a.m. Start 9:30. Into: (71" 865-4508. SHORT TRACK BrSacramentoTraclalrs C at Sacramento Nat'1. RaceWll,}'. Cal. stcn-\&l at 6 p.m. First race at 8 p.m. (901ft . . . . trip? TIl.,. takl pll, .1IlI ••d storr to C,c" II II It _lids 1Ik1 full, . .'II publish It at Our usu.1 rat...) 30 MILE 0 E-MILE DIRT TRACK NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Indianapolis Ind. Joe Quinn. "C MOTOCROSS by Ba1 Mare Cycle A-. Mare, Cal. Dlst. 37 polDts AMA motocroa numbers only. $3.50 mal1 entry to BeA, 13902 HamUn St., 'VaD NllYs, Cal. 91401. $5,,50 post entr)'. First race 9:30 a.m. Hacks welcome. Ba1 TT SCRAMBLES at Huntillrton Beach Cycle Park, Cal. On Talbert Ave. 1/2 mi. W~ of Beach Blvd. SIen-\&l at 10 a.m. Park potnts, all classes, class C traction. Into: ('71~ 897-4458. POKER RUN by tile POWII,}' MC. Slen-ln at CU1l7' 5 Restaurant, 13151 POWII,}' Rd.. POWII,}', Cal. $2 .50 per entry. DInner served at ftnlsb. Into: 748-0285 or 7483581. TT SCRAMBLES, Sunny Valley Speedft7. 14 mi. N. d Grants Pass, Ore.. 1 p.m. start. lnto: (503) 476-4018. PANORAMA HEIGHTS TOUR by Baltersfield Red T.,ps. Into: (805) 324-9243. SHORT TRACK by Sacramento Trackers MC at Sacramento National Raceway, Cal. Slm-IIPS, pract. at 6 p.m., 1st , race 8 p.m. AlIIIISt 2" 1., T1IIrsday ll. SPORT RIDING Open Practice. At HuntInrton Beach Cycle Park. On Talbert Ave. 1/2 mi. W. ot Beach Ave. 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. $1.50 per rider, spectators over 12, SOc. Class C Traction. TT SCRAMBLES, oxnard, Cal., Hueneme Rd. at PerkUUl Hd., 0-200 slgnup closes 8 a.m., races 9 a.m., 250Cc Open slgnllP closes Noon, races 12:30. A,M.A, SCRAMBLES CANCELLED, By lheLompoe Slo-Pokes MC at Santa Marla Speed.. way, Cal. ENGLISH TRIALS by P.N.T,A. at Coeur d' Alene, Ida. On tile Al Hamby ranch. stcn-up at 10:30 Trials at Noon. Into: (208) 664- 3822. Boy's Club Benettt" Ba1 Mare, cal. 'Ibree cluaes, 3 Motoa, SJin-\&ls start at 7 a.m. tlrst race 8: 30. $180 purse, start1nc money tor Seniors. Wet, w1Jd cOW'se. Into: (805) 484-1213. SPORTSMAN SCRAMBLES By Los Gatos MC at U'vas Dam. cal. Llmed from HW)'. 101 at tile Hall Ranch Cycle HlI1s. AMA Sanct. AU classes. Slen-uP 9 a.m. to 11. AdmJsslon $1.50, K1ds tree. PROFESSIONAL CLASS C; OUTDOOR SHORT TRACK at Oregon Sidewinders MC track, Claclta.mas, Or-e. 8 mi. S. d PortlaDd. AMA Sanct. $600 min. PUl'se. Ltmted to 250Cc Nov., Am. and Exp. 8 p.m. start. Into: 632-3857 alter 7 p.m. or 234-7388. OUTDOOR SHORT TRACK NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP (NI&ht), santa F Speedway, Hinsdale, Ill.• Howard Tiedt. AlIIIISt 2' 1111, SlllIay AFM ROAD RACE. Orange County Raceway, Cal. Practice 9: 30, first race 12:30). All G.p, and production classes 1ncl. sidecars. $2.50admlsslon ch1Jdren under 12 tree. Into: (714) 838-3588. SUNDAY, AUGUST 18t1l MOTOCROSS camarwo SHORT TRACK by Valley MC at Cycle Land Speedway, Cal. AMA Sanct. SIgnup at 7 p.m., racing starts at 8:30. Rlde or watch $1.50. 14 m11es So. at Cb1co at Hwy. 99E and Gllge Sh1ppe Road. Alpst 15, 1911, Frillay AIPst 11, 1911, EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES by Sage Happers MC at RQdrIlUez Darn, Mexico. Three separate runs. Experts first at 11 a.m. Admission $1.00, entry $4.00. 25 MILE ONE-MILE DIRT TRACK NA· T10NAL CHAMPIONSHIP. AgaJanlan Ent. Inc•• Old sacramento Fairgrounds, sacramento, California. Even'. ""hed th,t IIltlnl in this c,lendar '1s,.""sIIliIU, lor c,ncellatlon or ch,nlml 01 .... nls b, promolers without notlc•• SUNDAY, AUGUST a-d &-1, 1911, Sit. 1& Sla. 125 MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ROAD RACE. Sears Point Raceway, sears Point. california. Gordon Martin. R gularly SCheduled It...." •• II , 1_ Set ...... e,cl. N.wl discl,i1as an, ~ l1~~~rr 0 - Easily Reached - Just Off HarbOr &I ~ Diego Frwys. - _.---- ~~ I SAT. & SUN. AUGUST 9tII & Ilhtl TT SCRAMBLES By outs llcrambler4 at Fatrcrowxta on HW)' 50-95 Fa11G1, Nev. 'Ibree number plates ~ . lIip-1lP at 4 p.m. tlrst rac. at 7 p.m. AMA Sanct. Conred rrandRaDd. Adults $2.00, FlUIlI.I1 $5.00. SHORT TRACK By North Ba1 MC at Sooorna County Fa.treroUDdS, Cal. AMA Sanct. SJcn-\&l 4:30 p.m., ftr8t race 6:30 p.m. Into: (707) 546-6695. SPORTSMAN CHAMPIONSHIP Sidewinders RaceWll,}', ClacJcamu, Ore. First race 7 p.m. Into: (503) 234-7388 or 632-3857. SHORT TRACK by Valley MC at Cycle Land Speedway, Cal. AMASanct.SJin-1lP at 7 p.m., racJng starts at 8:30. Ride or watch $1.50. 14 mUes So. ot Chico at Hwy. 99E and Gage Shippe Road. MOTORCYCLE RACES by Ra.tnler Sports mans Club at RaJnier Rodeo Grounds, Rainier, Wash. Hwy 507 between Yelm and Tenino. Spec1a.l race tor Mini'S. Pract. 7:30 p.m. tlrst race at 8 p.m. SPORTSMAN SCRAMBLES CHAMPIONSHIP by Oregon Sidew1nders at Claclta.· mas, Ore. So. at Portland. 7 p.m. AMA Sanct. Into: 632-3857 alter 7 p.m. or 234-7388 weekdays. EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES By Invaders MC. Dtst. 37 Points. Limed from Hi V1sta. store. First race 8 a.m. Into: 633-1043. MYSTERY TOUR Br Rebel ROUMJ's MC. Into: (213) 964-5639. FRIDAY, AUGUST 221111 IT RACES; $600.00 (mln.) purse, AMA sanct. at Sidewinders track In Claclta.mas, Orecon. Sout1l d Portland. 8 p.m. Into: Dennis/Diane SeUert, Rt. 3 Box 290 C, Oreron City, Oregon 97045. 6323857 after 7 p.m. or 234-7388 weekdsys. (Rainout date - Sun., A\C. 24t11- 6 p.m,) SUNDAY, AUGUST 24tb MOTOCROSS. Firat lnCMCAnnivenary Sertes. Carlsbad, cal. SIx race series alternatlni each week between Carlsbad and Saddlebaclt Park. Greeves Grtfton to series winner. Postentr)' $10. MaUeotr)' $5 to: p.O. Box 1334, HuntlnP?n Beach. cal. 92647. Into: (714) 539-3328. FRIDAY, AUGUST 2I11t TT RACES; $600.00 (mln,) purse, AMA sanct. at Sidewinders track In Clackamas, Or on. South ot Portland. 8 p.m. Into: DennIs/DIane Seltert, Itt. 3 Box 290 C, Oregon City, Or8lron 97045. 632. 3857 after 7 p.m. or 234-7388weekdays. (Ratnout date - Sun., Aug. 31st - 6 p.m,) SUNDAY, AUGUST 31st PROFESSIONAL MOTGRCROSS. AMA prof. llcense required. Proceeds to U.S. M.X. Team. At Ascot Park, Gardena., Cali!. Practice 10 a.m .. 1st moto 1 p.m. Entries and llcense from American Motorcycle Assn., Box 231, Wortblnrton,

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