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............ p-.----------, ATTE ~a - - . . . . C)dlt _... ~ ~ ~ -1 U ;>.., U . . . " '.. If - .. , "'''' ..... ATIEITIO .._ _• an-tishrclhelr e _ In Ill. cDl-. Contact TCIII1 Culp lbIIoul A*-1binc Director CFle (213) C23-043l .ew. EVERY FRIDAY N((JlT SPEEDWAY RAClJSG. saUg'lS Sp~ed way. Saugus. Cil.liC. Racing starts 8:30 p.m. S ad this issue. :.:.-_- I~ MILE PLAT TRACK, Ascot Paril, Gardena. Cil.liC. Racing starts 8:15 p.m. See ad this issue.. rIFf n EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT 1"1' RACING. Elsinore Race Track. Gate.s op n 3 p.m.• race.s start 7:30 p.m .• Off Hwy.71 In Elsinore. calif. SPEEDW A Y RACiNG. Whiteman Stad· ium. Pacoima. Cil.liC. Racing starts 8:30 p.m. See ad this issue.. d d FIRST SAT. OJ' EVERY MO. PROFESSIONAL 1"1' RACES. Ascot Puk. Gar HOUND, by Autelope Ramblers MC. Limed from golf course, California Cil;Y, Cal. 3-3'0 mile looPs, Dlst. 37 points. ~.50 entry, 10 a.m. start, jackets to winners. MAX SWITZER BENEFIT SMOKE RUN, Las Vegas, Ne.-.. by Ground Sbakers Me. L1med trom Railroad Pass, 9 a.m. start. Po1Dt nJD. Ihfo: (702) 642-2621 after 6:30. TT SCRAMBLES, Sanla Marla Spdwy., by Lompoc SIo-Pokes, AMA, Dist. 35 points. Races DOOIl. (;ampiJIg ~1Illi1. Info: .Ern1e, (805) RE 6-6362. SCRAMBLES, Lodi Cycle Bowl, cal., by LOlli M!C. AMA, Races IIOlII1, Info: (209) 368-'7182. 1"1' SCRAMBLES, Hunt1ngton Beach Cycle Park, sign-up 10-12, practice 11. '7561 Talbert Ave. Park points. Info: 89'7-4458. lUES. TIlnIP FRI., J E 11-13 1969 BAJA 500, by NORRA, EJ1lql P8da, Baja, Cal. P1Jrse: 40% entry fees receiYt!d; entry fees; $250 before May I, $350 after May 1. Coot:1Dpncies. Y r E VIEWFINDERS TROPHY PRESENTATION, WlIrDer Ikos. Studios, Stage 1. 0nJy R1ders at race and guests w:Ul be admitted TT RACES, $6OOpurse,AMA sanct1011ed, Oreeon Sl.dew1Dders track, Clackamas, Ore. 8 p.m. Info: 632-385'7 after '7 p.m. or 234.-'7388 dIlys in Oregon Cit:Y, Ore. SATURDAY, JU 1 SBORTTRACK, Sacramento NatlODa1 Raceway, by SacraDl4lbto Trackers M.C., sign ups aDd pr1Ct1ce, 6-'7:30 p.m., race 8 p.m. TT RACES (Nlgbt), AMA, Castle Rock, Wash, Fairgrounds, Infor: Mt.St. Helens M.C., Box 51, castle Rock, Wash. 98611. GRASS TRACK SCRAMBLES, by Llgbtwelg!lts MC, Carlsbad RaCe1tlly, 7 a.m. signDP, 8 a.m. start. Progressive program, 5OCc-Open. Traction optional. $2 entry. Trophies. Info: (213) 425-5'730. SPORTSMAN SCRAMBLES, AMA points, all classes, at Oregon Sidewinders MC track in Clackamas, Ore. '7 p.m. Info: 632-385'7 after 7 p.m., 234-7388 days in Oregon City, Ore. SAT, & SUN" JUNE 14 and 15111 PRODUCTION ROAD RACE, Carlsbad, Cal. $1000 cash and merch. purse. Mall entries to Carlsbad Raceway, Box 26, Carlsbad, Cal. 92008. start pas. determined by postmark. 0-20OCc 200 miles Sat., 201..Qpen Sun. Pac1f1c Coast Championship. CARLSBAD-CYCLE NEWS CIRCUS, Two dIlys nf simultaneous ac tion, road races described above pins Grasstrack 1"1' and famlly lr1als, nlgbt drags, plus 1/8 mUe drags for dirt bikes, Sunday'S events in addttiOll to lIle cbampioosb1p road race, Grand f1nale nf CMC trlp-to-EuglaDd series, wbee11e contest, plus more events to be al1Jlonaced. Use lIledtscountcoU(lOD on page 2'7. 2nd ANNUAL HEMET TOUR by Terrapins M.C. 81gn in and ~atFarmer's Fairgrounds, Hemet, Ca11f. Sign in from 8 p.m. Frt. Jtme 13th, to 1 p.m. Sat. JIme 14l1l. Parade, best dressed competitian, motorcycle judging, field events, etc. Mia11 and post entry. Info: (213) 835-0'7'78; ('714) 281-2150. 'fake a friend to a IDOlOrcycle eveat tItis weekead. ~~~N~~~~ II. If· i'e her, frill 'I ite 8:15 , w. "-a....... ad"h... tha!II~CI. lIIl. caltnldar Is a hft Senlce. C~. IIscla",. any .._slllilit) far cancellation Dr chaCinC of NATIONAL TRIALS CHAMPIONSHIP, Pan Amer. Racing Assoc. (FlM) at Wichita, Kansas. $15 entry, deadl1ne JUDe lsi. Info: Faa American Rac1.og Assoc .. (Trials Div), 5326 E_ Harry St., Wicll1ta, Kan. 6'7218. AY, JU E 15 BARE sCRAMBLES, by l00's M.C., 2nd Annual 100 m11es. Limed trom Ca11forn1a Cil;Y, Cal. Dlst. 3'7 points. Info: 332-8409 or 332-4959 after 5 P.m. MlNI-BIKE RACES Sadd1ebacl< sanet. Sadd1eback Park, 2455 Orange, Orange Cty., Ca11f. Info: ('714) 639-5832.. RIDING SCHOOL, S.C.T.A. Saddleback Park, 2455 Orange, Orange Ct:Y.. Ca11f. Info: ('714) 639-5832. DIRT TRACK. RACES, four m11es east and five miles norlb 01 Jerome. Idaho. Class C tract1on. Races 2 p.m. Rain or shine. 1"1' SCRAMBLES, Soulb Bay Speedway, by Mesa MC, Chula Vista, Cal. Trials and practice, 10, races nOOD. Class C traction. SPORT RIDING, Open pract1ce.Hunt1Dgton Beach Cycle Park, 9 a.m.- 4 p.m. $1.50 per rider. Tf SCRAMBLES, Sunny Valley Speedway, 14 ml. N. 01 Grants Pass, Ore. 1 p.m. Info: Ray COPe1aDd, 420 Crestview LP.. Grants Pass, Ore. 9'7526. (S-03) 4'76-4018. MOT0-CROSS, GOLDEN STATE Series C.M.C. points, carlsbad, Ca11f. Info: C.M.C., P.O. Box 1334, Huntl.ngtoaBch., Ca11f. 9264'7. ('714) 539-3328. HILLCLIMB, Hall Ranch, Cycle BU1s, AMA, by Campbell M.C. Morgan HUl, prac. 9:30 a..m.. 11:30 start. AD cJasses plus unIim1ted exh1b1tion cUmbo TT SCRAMBLES, by perris Valley MC, I mile sw of Perris by hwy. 74. AMA POints, lightweights 9-2, heavies, 2 p.m. $2 entry. ACA MOTOCROSS, Bay Mare Ranch, Cal., 10OCC-()pen Sportsman, and 125cc, 25Occ, 500cc Senior. Pi ts open 8 a.m., first event 11:30 a.m. Info: ('714) 5284290. SATURDAY JUNE nsf SPORTSMAN SHOR T TRACK, Sacramento Raceway, Cal., AMA sanctioned, Sign'.!Ps and practice 6-'7: 30, races 8 p.m. Info: '783-7588 or 481-6527. SAT. & SUN" JUNE 2l-22nd SIL VER CUP RUN by Silver Eagles. so __ .., promot.r. witholL! IOtice. TT SCRAMBLES, Bay Mare track, by ScrlIImbiers M.C. Grand PI:11 TT, Dlst. 3'7 point race. Info: (213) 363-9130 or 342-6'73'7. ACA MOTOCROSS, Saddleback Park, Orange., Cal., seml-11nal cbampioosb1p. AD classes l00cc lIlru Open Sportsman and 125cc, 25OCc, 500cc Senior. Pits open 8 a.m.. f1nt event 11:30 a.m. Info: (714) 528-4290. BARE sCaAM:BLES, '69 DesertCIasslc, by So. Cal. MC. Limed from Red Rock canyon, Cal. Three 30. mile looPs, trall bikes go two loops, 9 a.m. start.. Trophies or merch. option to winners. SAT. & , JUNE 2J A 2!IIL ACA 2nd ANNuAL 12-HOUR PROD GRAND PRIX, Willow Springs Raceway; Rosamoad, Cal.. 6-bour Ligbtweight event on Sat.. 12-bourBeavyweightevent on Sun. Info and entry forms from ACA P.O. Box 24'7, Fullerton, Cal. 92632 or call ('71-4) 528-4290. NIGHT OWL RUN, San DIego, Cal., by S.D. Harley-Davidson. Sign in 12-4P.m.. sat., 929 India St.. first check point 929 India st.. 1 a.m. Son. 2Dd ANNUAL HOPETOWNSCRAMBLES, by Dirt Diggers MC, Hopetown, Cal. Sat. 0-25OCc, powder putt, 0-200cc starts at 8: 30 a.m. 250cc start 1 p.m. Suo. 350()pen and sldehacks, 9 a.m. start. Dlst. 3'7 points. Mall entries to DDMC, 19308 E. Agutro St., Rowland His.. Cal. 91'745. Info: (213) 964-50'76. SAT DAY. J E 2811 1"1' RACES (Nigtrt), Castle Rock, Wash. Fairground. Info: Mt. St. Helens M.C., Box S-l, Castle Rock, Wash, 98611. 1"1' SCRAMBI ES, Josephtne County Fa1I:grouncts, Grants Pass, Ore. By Rogue Valley Riders M.C. Inc. AMA sanction, '7: 30 p.m. Info: (503) 4'76-2180 or 4'76-4018 SU DA.Y. JUNE 291b SCRAMBLES, Saddleback sanet. S8ddleback Park, 2455 Orange, Onnge, Cty., Ca11f. Info: ('714) 639-58:12. S.C.T.A. RIDING SCHOOL 8addleback Park, 2455 Orange, Orange Cty., Ca11f. Info: (714) 639-fi832. EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES, by Spoke Benders MC Inc. 6 mi. E. 01. Ht- Vista Store, Cal. Two courses,Dist.37 points. MOTOCROSS, Deadman's Point, Apple Valley, Cal. Practice 8:30 a.m., race 11. Free entry. Info: ('714) 247-74'73. FRIDAY, JULY 4111 DAY, JUNE 22Dd 2nd ANNUAL MOVIELAND MOTOR REVUE, antiques, classics, sports cars, customs, hot rods, dune buggies, and motorcycles. Universal City Studios, Universal City, Cal. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Info: A World On Wheels Inc., P.O. Box 361, Lyn.wood, Cal. 90262. ALL BIKE DRAG MEET, LlonsStadium, 214lb &. Alameda, Wilmington, Cal. The Lions are putting up a 1000 purse, olbers w1Il be donatiog to make it bigger. Info: (213) 424-0961. 2nd ANNUAL FlRECRACKlNG GRAND PRIX at Saddleback Park, Orange, Cal. All classes. Info: ('714) 460-8'751. ~**************************************~ .. .. .. : .. OlOe 55 E Pr·z. eo..... : Graded : sprlnkllac : - NO DUST .. .. Mall -try ss.oO (IRati eatrfe.. cJou lUIII Uth) .. ... -II -II s,...... J T P st E _ $10.00 GIWID R Gel Stat LE : .. For Ex (Gate. closaU E 5 "-1· ~ Ra .. Series" .. : p.lII. JII.,) CIWIJ : : .. .. Cb"mplClnJIIlp Trophle. In All CllIS.... .. 0 Jlu, Go. Qpen 7:30 lI.lII .. Mall .ntrle. to: CMC Box 1334, HuDthretDn Beach, CaI.92"647 Prac:lce a:30 a.m .. Flrs.! R".,. 11:00 a.m. .. ***************************************~ ay e by A &elope Rambers .C. ARE &HOU D June 8th 3 separate 30 mi. loops Oi st. 37 poi nts 10 a.m. start $4.50 entry. Tear Out and Present at Box Ottice Jackets to Wi nners Umed from Golf course at Califomia City.

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