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ATTENnON PUBLICITY COIoWIT· TEES-lie ...... to send C,cle •••s nollce of 'OU' cOlDioC e.nts ..d we will IIsllllem In "'s departmenl f'ft. ~ lol :0= ~ EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT SPORTSMAN TT AND FLAT TRACK ~ RACES, .Trojan Raceway, SoutbGate, Ca. U EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT SPEEDWAY RACING, Saugus Speedway, Saugus, Calif. 8:30 p.m. 1/2 MILE FLAT TRACK RACES, Ascot Park, Gardeaa, Callt. 8:15 p.m. EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT TT RACING, Elstnore Race Track, east 01 Perrls, Calif. TT RACES, Perris, Callt. 7 p.m., Class C, Info: (714) 657-3678. SPEEDWA Y RACING, Whiteman StadIum, Pacoima, Calif. SPORTSMAN SCRAMBLES, Hay~d Speedway, Hayward, Calif. Class C, 7:30 p.m.lDfo: (415) 537-6861. SPORTSMAN SCRAMBLES, Belltngham, Wash. Start1nC May 17. 7:30pm. TT SCRAMBLES, Triple M SPeedway, Simpson Lane, Marysv111e, Callt. 8 p.m. Into: (916) 742-5022. SPORTSMAN'S SHORT TRACK, Cycleland Speedway, 14 miles S. of Cb1no, Cal. Thru sept. 20th. Info: 877-3395. EVERY SUNDAY MOTORCYCLE DRAG RACING, Lloos Drag strip, Wllrr..'.ngton, Callt.lnto:(213) 424-0961. FIRST SAT. OF EVERY MONTH PROFESSIONAL TT RACr;S, Ascot Park; Gardena, Cal. 8 p.m. FIRST SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH DESERT RACES, IIOI"tb of Palmdale, Callt. LImed trom Hlgb Vista store, at Ave. J and l00th st. 1 p.m •. MOTORCYCLE RACES, Deadman's PoInt, Apply Valley, Cal. European Scrambles, 3 ODe hour races, 3 classes. Post eatrtes 0II1Y. Practice I ..race 101..m. Info: Desert CJIalle~ 14.C., 71-339 Hwy. Ill, Rancho ldlr'a88, Cal. 92270. 3rd SUNDAY Of EVERY MONTH MOTOCROSS, Deadman's Potnt, Apple Valley, Ca11f. 11 a.m. Info: (714) 2477473 eves. ROAD RIDE, 7tb and Broadway, Santa MOII1ca, Cal. Starts 10 a.m., BruDcb stop, approx. 150 miles, everyone welcome. lHURSDAY, MAY 15TH SPORTSMAN TT RACES, lap M1dseason ChamPionship, Tro . Raceway. Soutb Gate, Cal. lOOcc class, 250Cc regular program, FRIDAY, MAY 16tb TT RACES, $600 purse, at Oregon Sidewinders M.C. track tn Clacornu, Ore., south of Portland. 8 p.m. Info: Dennis/' D1aIIe seUert, Rt. 3 Box 290 C, Oresoo City, Oregoo 97045. 632-3857 (a1tPr 7 p.m.) or 234-7388 (days). TT RACES, AMA, Tulare County Fllircrounds, Tulare, Cal. First race 8: 15 p.m. SATURDAY, MAY 1111 SHORT TRACK RACES, aI Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, Cal. AMA Sanctloo, retarded cbUdren' s benefit, practice 5-6 p.m., race 6:30 p.m. lDfo: ~ Moore, (707) 546-6695. MOTOCROSS by C.M.C. at Fontana Cal. Raceway, San Bernardtno Freeway to Etiwanda, Nortb to 13444 Footb11l Blvd. CALENDAR OF EVENTS SPORT.sMA.N SCRAMBLES: AMA potnts, l00cc, 200cc, 250cc, 35oce, 500cc, and Open; at Oregon Sidewinders M.C. track tn Clackamas, Oregon, south of Portland. 7 p.m. Info: Dennis/Diane Seifert, Rt. 3, Box 290 C, Oregon City, Oregon 97045, 632-3857 (after 7p.m.) or 234-7388 days. SUNDAY, MAY 1811 MOTOCROSS, H1gIlwq 47, Wills Point, Tex. By Roadrunners M.C. AMA sanction, 2 p.m. FLATTRACK RACES at Trl-Angle Speedway, 2-1/2 mi. SW of Hermiston, Ore. Info: Plus Horning, Blue Mtn. M.C., P.O. Box 590, Hermiston, Ore. 97838. lltb ANNUAL IDAHO STATE ChampIonship Hare and Hound, by Oroftno M.C. Follow arrows west from Orofino or east from Kendreck. 30% trophies. Starts 10 a.m. lDfo: (208) 4781238. MOTOCROSS RACING, Class C, by HI Boots M.C. nf San Diego, Cal.AMA sane. at Dehesa SPeedway Motocross course. $600 purse. Sportsman & Professional classes. Riders tn proc1asses must have AMA Class C license. Race date does not tnterfere wltb Golden state series. Taite Interstate 8 to Harblson Canyoo Rd. 3/4 mI to top of hill then turn right. Info: D. Emde, 4140 Arcadia Ave., BonIta, Cal. 92002. TT SCRAMBLES, Sunny Valley SPeed_y, 14 mi. N. of Grants Pass, Ore. 1 p.m. lDfo: Ray Copeland, 420 Crestview Lp., Grants Pass, Ore. 97526. (503) 476-4018. ROAD RACES, DRAGS, AND MOTOCROSS, Green Valley Raceway, 10 mi. N.E. nf Fort Wortb, Tex. Drags start noon, matos aI 12: 30, road racing at 2 p.m. Info: (817) 834-5591. A.M.A. INVITATIONAL GRAND PRIX by Stump Jumpers & Saddleback at Saddleback Park, 2455 Orange, orange Cty., Callt. lDfo: (714) 639-5832. AMA PRO HALF MILE DIRT TRACK RACES. Purse $1200. San Jose ety. FairgroundS, 344 Tulley Rd. Warm ups noon, 1st race 2:15. ARCHIE CLARK MEMORIAL SCRAMBLES by l,odi-SlDclcton-Port SlDckton & stockton SCramblers Motorcycle .Clubs along wltb Lodl Elks Lodge aI Lodi Cycle Bowl, 5801 Morse Road. Lodi, Cal. 95240. AFM ROAD RACE, National Champlons~~ts, casbawarM,alCar~ Raceway, carlsbad, CalIf. Practice 9:30 a.m., ftrst race aI 12:30. 1st ANNUAL MURDERS GULCH TRIALS Auburn, Cal., by PacI11c International TrIals Society. Sign-up 10 a.m., start 11 Interstate 80 east trom Sacto to Auburn, Forrest HIll Rd. to Murders Gulch. Into: Harry Gable, 922-5140. TT AND H1LLCLlMB, Bay Mare Ranch, limed from Ventura Fwy. at Moorpark oftramp tn 1000 O8.Its, Cal. All classes plus sidebacks, 8 a.m. practice, racing 9 a.m. Info: (213) 348-3349. Overnight camp'ng. OPEN PRACTICE, Sport riding, $1.50 per person, Hunttngton Beach Cycle Park. Into (7t4) 897-4458. MOTOCROSS by Bu....masters M.C., Beaumont, Cal. Interstate 10 to Beaumont, Beam Ave. offramp, follow lime 2 mi. south. 10 a.m. start, tropilies 50%. Info: (714) 849-8264. ~~~~~ ~uder. are advl sed lballisliDg In this ulend. IS a f_ Senrice. C,cle News disclaims an, respnsibililJ fo' cancellation 0' chancinc of evenls b, pmmole,s WithDUI nDlIce. 15th ANNUAL RED ARROW ENDURO, approx. 100 miles, starts in Confidence, Calif., 13 miles east of Sonora on Hwy 108. First rider out at 10:01. SPark arresters a must. Post entrie~ accepted. Info: Sonora Pass M.C., P.O. Box 259, SonQra, Calif. MOTOCROSS by LaJ1cers M.C. atChampion SPeedway, across trom Candlestick Park tn S. San Francisco, Cal• .A.MA sane. Prac. 9 a.m., race 11 a.m. IrdO: Howard Sutton (415) 369-0247. . DUAL EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES, by Sidewinders and Sandblasters, limed trom Hwy. 395 S. of Ridgecrest turnoff and trom 4-way stoP in Ridgecrest. Trophies for March, Cluboper.concess. Race 8 a.m. lDfo: (714) 375-4908. SCRAMBLES, by Lucky Spokes M.C., Brush Prairie, Wash. Info; (206) 6872178. ROAD RIDE, 7th and Broadway, Santa MOllica, Cal. Starts 10 a.m., thru Angelus Crest Forest area. Brunch stop, everyone welcome. ENGLISH TRIALS at Mira Mar in San Diego. Sign up at 8:30 a.m., start at 10 a.m. Limed along Mira Mar Rd. from US 395 and along Genesee from interstate 5. Sponsored by San Diego Trials Riders. Trophies will be awarded trom the last trials. San Diego Trials Riders meeting will be held at Aztec Bowl, May 9th, 7:30 p.m. TT RACES, by Desert Phantoms Adelanto. AMA sanction, Prac. 9 a.m., lightweights a.m., big bores noon. Sldebacks welcome. Info: (714) 246-8857. ENGUSH TRIAL, PNTA event, TIger Canyon Trial C (annual). Follow arrows trom Eastgate Walla Walla, Info: M/C SpecIalist, 1607 E. Isaacs, Walla Walla, Wash. 99362, (509) 529-2776. MOTOCROSS, Bay Mare Ranch, limed trom Moorpark offramp, Ventura Fwy, in 1000 oaks, Cal. 8 a.m. practice, 9 am. start. Overnight camping. Info: (213) 348-3349. HILLCLIMB by Sa11nas Ramblers M.C. at Gonzales Rianda Ranch. River Road, Limed from U.S. 101 off at Chualar, Cal. AMA sane. Sportsman. Info: P.O. Boz 541, Sa11nas, Calif. 93901. S.C.T.A. RIDING SCHOOL Saddleback Park, 2455 Orange, Orange Cty., Calif. Info: (714) 639-5832. ENDURO, Oregon Stale Championship by . Lobo M.C. at Lee's Camp, Oregon. L0cated 28 miles east of TIllamook on state Hwy. 6. Sign up at 8 a.m. and start at 10 a.m. Classes 0-198cc; 200-50OCc; and open. $3. Info: (503) 656-5801. POKER RUN, by Taft M.C. lDfo: Bob Bledsoe, Sec., P.O. Box 904, Taft, Cal. FRIDAY, MAY 30th 35th ANNUAL MEMORIAL TT CHAMPIONSHIP atGrabam Speedway, Tacoma, Wash., Tacoma M.C. $900 minimum purse. Novice practice & qualUying 11 . a.m., expert & amateur practice & quaUfying 1 p.m. MEMORIAL DAYTTRACES, $900purse, at Oregon Sidewinders M.C. traclt tn Clackamas, oregon soutb of Portland. 8 p.m. Into: Dennis7Diane seifert, Rt. 3, Box 290 C, Oregoo City, Oregon 97045. 632-3857 (after 7 p.m.) or 234-7388days. HARE N' HOUND by Salt Lake M.C. at Eureka, Utah. 9tb Annual Cherry Creek. AMA SRA sanc. Western States Champlons~. Race 10 a.m. Mall eJitry $5 Post $10. Mall entry closes May 8. Into; Salt Lake M.C., P.O. Box 1711, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101. THURSDAY, MAY 22ND SPORTSMAN TT RACES, 50 lap Mldseason ChamPlons~, Trojan Raceway. Soutb Gate, Cal. lOOCc class, 250cc regular program. 1st ANNUAL MOTOCROSS RACE. AMA sane. aI tile Santa Marla SPeedway. FRIDAY, MAY 23rd Camping anJ.lab1e $1.50 to ride or _tch. Live TV coverage, new track, pract. 10 a.m. race aI noon. Refreshments available, sponsored by Lompoc SIoPokes M.C. TT RACES, $600 purse, al Oregon SIdewinders M.C. tracktnClacltamas, oreg., soutb nf Portland. 8 p.m. Info: Dennis/ Diane seifert, Rt. 3, Box 290 C, Oregon City, Oregon 97045. 632-3857 (after 7 p.m.) or 234-7388 (days). . HARE SCRAMBLES. by San Berdoo Valley M. C. Two 35- mile loops, limed 011 Hwy. 395 6 mi. N. d Adelanto. 10 a.m. SATURDAY, MAY 24t11 SPORTSMAN SCRAMBLES; AMApotnts, l00cc, 200cc, 25OCc, 35OCc, 500cc, and Open; at Oregon Sidewlnd~s M.C. track tn Clackamas, Oregon, south of Portland. 7 P.m. Info: Dennis/Diane Seifert, Rt. 3, Box 290 C, Oregon Clly, Oregon 97045. 632-3857 (after 7 p.m,) or 234-7388days. start. MOTOCROSS, Bay Mare Ranch, limed from M()(ll'JlRrk offramP, Ventura Fwy., 1000 08.Its, Cal. Shamrocks ~t event. Overnight camping. lDfo: (213) 348-3349. FRI.,SAT.,SUN., May 31,11, J.e 1st SHORT TRACK RACES by Fort Sutter M.C. at Sacramento Raceway, 3405 EI Camtno Ave., Sacramento, Cal. 95871, L. Lawton ·489-0476. TT SCRAMBLES, Hunttneton BeachCycle Park, 9 a.m. practice, Into: (714) 8974458. 2nd ANNUAL SHASTA-CASCADE WONDERLAND MOTORCYCLE TOUR at Caldwell Park, Redding, Calltor.n1a. SIgn in at Caldwell Park on Nortb Market St. tn Redding, Cal. Mall entry $3.50, post $4.50. Into: P.O. Box 792, Central Valley, Cal. 96019. SUNDAY, MAY 25111 SAT.' SUN., MAY 31, JUNE 1st A.C.A. MOTO-CROSS at Saddleback Park, 2455 Orange, orange Cty., Callt. .lDfo: (714) 639-5832. MOTOCROSS, by DIrt Diggers Nortb M.C. at Placerville, Cal. Hangtown Course, limed from Hwy 50, 2 mi. S. of Placerville. Signup 8-11, race 11 a.m. lDfo: (916) 988-4725 or Dirt Diggers, Box 338, Orangevale, Cal. DUAL EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES by Sidewinders M.C. of Trona, Cal. race 8a.m. LImed 011 Hwy 395 soutb 01 Ridgecrest turnoff and from 4 way stop downtown Ridgecrest. Trophies to be banded out for tbe March race. Info: (714) 375-4908. , 23rd A1iNUAL GREENHORN ENDURO. 500 mIle.Natlonal AMA ChamP. Startt1nisb Pearblossom, Cal. on Hwy. 138. First rider leaves Pearblossom 6:01 a.m. Se,turday. Sunday 0II1Y (250 mile enduro) ftrst rider leaves Ridgecrest 6:01 a.m. Mall entry fee $8 botbdays; $5 Sun.. 0II1Y. Mall entries, on atf1cial blanks OII1Y, to: Greenhorn Committee, 817 Chelalem Rd., La Canada., Cal. 91011, by midnight, May 15. Post entries at start. Friday and Sat. lDfo: Pasadena MC, 21 E. Howard St., Pasadena, Cal. calendar continued P. 3 J. C. AGAJANIAN Presents . . ~g ~ ~_ ~ ~ TT'. lsI Sal. If II• ........ ·8:15 p. :: _0 ~ ~ MAY 17th : CASH : : F...........' ? Blvd. BIKES ONLY ($all IIema,d11lO FWJ to Ellwanda-east) NO- 0 - Bautes ~ }=:..~~l~' .. .. Cbampionsbip TropIIies to J..iers : 4 .. p.m~~le'~I~~ _._.. 7 p.m. 'Uda3bll::~Ia"s for pfsi°:'", II,"'S . • 250 & SOD clas.s onl, All rJders-c_ed b7 Ins. (<:MC ...... . . ,........d) : • * ••••••• * •••••••••• ****** ••••••••••••• ;

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