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People that laughed early about the new Kawasaki green and white colors changed their minds after viewing the sharp outfits worn by both riders and pit crew••• New colors this year for the Yamaba team ••.yellow and black for riders and mecban1cs •• .suzuki in red with blue and white trlmmings•• .H-D team taking a lot of razzing about that low low black strip on the leathers_.some said they were wearing their kidney belts lower this year •••others said it was the new racing mini-skirt. Ron Grant and his Suzuki 500 running extra quick in total lap times during practice week•••Temmate Jimmy Odom giving mini-bike wheelle demonstrations to on-lookers midweek•••Mert Lawwill has followed Rayborn and bought a race car ._Buco making a big helmet push this year with many in the top three in the various races picking uP the benefit money from Buco••.Duhamel saying he will be at all the AMA nationals this year •• .short tracker Barry Briggs in Daytona Many un!Iappy riders after 11 was announced no race for a full week•••they had voted not to race but didn't know that they would have to wait that long...many that voted not to go did not run at all as they could not stick around that long... same for vast majority of the fans who plan their vacations around speed week had been advertised to run rain or shine•••Dick Hammer looking fit as a fiddle after his long-suPPosed retirement...the $$$ from Kawasaki changed his mind •••By rain time on Sunday people were saying they should change the name from speed week to Yamaha week._Loca1 paper carried a cartoon of Duhamel chasing Rayborn that got a lot of laughs ••• that's what happened last year • Daytona is still the number one gathering spot for the hard-core dyed-in-thewool racing fraterni ty•••there is nothing else like It•••• for the oval events but blew an engine making a TV commercial••.swltched toa spare machine and the clutch went out.•• someday Barry will get a chance to show his stuff against the top AMA riders. maybe••.he is the first to admit that top Americans are good racers. Ron Pierce agaln trying to overcome the 19-year-old age image by trying to grow a mustache._Freddie Edwards making the more than 100 other novices look like novices in the green-plate-only short track event on the quarter mile during • mid-week••.Dick Klamfoth a visUor to the races •••the farmer three time 200 winner won a free trip for selling the 1110St Cycle News East in his Ohio Honda outlet•••who said Honda isn't interested in racing? Bob Maynard's ORANGE CO. CYCLf Husky Bultaco • PeltlNl 1II0lo-Cross head...rters for Or. . . Co. 0 • Yamaha • Maico 205 N. Harbor Blvd., Santa Ana lTl4l 531-9914 SACHS NORM REEVES Paramount • Anaheim· Oowney Torsten Hallman Racing, Inc. West Coast DisL for PENTON Motorcycles Torston Hallman special deslan lullers & racing equipment U.s. DIsL for Trolleborg Moto-Cross tiros For dealer Info. write or call 5345 Timken SL, La Mesa, Cal. 92041 (114) 460-1402 Gene Romero lakes a mini-ride. Expressing himself on a Suzuki. - - - IAWASAI' -~ Headquarters BEACH anES CYCLES 525 N. EI C••llIp Ilaal Sa- C,. . . . . Callf. .la ffiG4!M141 Hodaka Montesa Motorcycles GreeVf:S Kawasaki Westminster Sport Cycle Guy R. Louis (714) 893-7057 7574 Westminster Ave. Westminster, Cal. Riders wall for the rain to qulL The Champion, Cal Rayborn. two In a row for the Andres-tuned Harley-Davidson. And as the rain sinks slOWly In the sand, we bid farewell to Oaytona_for anoth,er year. A aaClle d national n... bers.lncludlna Chuck (31) Bill (99) O·Brlen. So.y (69) Burres aad Cal (34) Janl sch. C5 ~k. Husqvarna &Penton Complete line of Torsten Hallman Racing Equipment II BATTERY ELIMINATOR Replace your IIOloreycle battery with a vibration roslstant electronic unlL Free brochure. CONOUCTOR SYSTEMS, INC. P.O. Box 1154 Pomona, Calif. 91769 Largest Steck of Motorcycles & Parts in the Los Angeles Area ALSO SUZUki, Zundapp, M.Z. & Montesa ~tdeJl,tfU '4, (213) 415-4541 ONLY call (213) Ask fer TOIl 423-0431 U~tLJ t'AKT:» ., ALL MAKES ' 40uz. TO 60% OFF YAMAHA DEALER • SCRAMBLER MOTORCYCLES (0 1101 •• Burbank Blvd. Burbank, Calli. 149-5901 or 145-1131 ElL • 1 Moto-x Accessories & Equipment 10673 W. Pico Blvd., West Los AnQeles. Cal. nis Space $6.50 ,. week 2 CYCLE CITY NEW N,lo. fast Actio. TIJro"'e~~ Ne. from B T' E! Fast action 14 turn throttle for 1/1' bar. Can be used a slnale uble as well as dual• •ben uS8d for single cable duauny cable can be Installed and carried as a sp... Race proven, roll pin furnished for positive locking on handl.. bar. Unique caslna lock. 110 split sockets to be 10sL No special ubles needed. Stallard mOllO bloc or concentric bowl cables used. L1ll1t wellllt, made at llberglass Impregnated ~I~. SEE YOUR BARNETT DEALER ~ ~ ~\t:r::: (/7 , ~. ' ' ' ':' ,,__ ''''''~ . ' -(.<'\\!t' ({J., 'IJ_\~9.", ~.~ '. fi~ r. f " ~ ,':\ - ' . 6' h"" ..... .. r B ~ ....J..I..;;r I !.JV~ E F- , r, 4915 Pacific Blvd" Vernon; California, Phone: 589-5488 . 92 PAIB-ISBUTU I

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