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CALENDAR OF EVENTS ATTENnOli PUBLICITY COWIlT· TEES-Be we to send Cycle Ne.s nollce of your comlnc e..ab ..d .e will list them in tills nl free. ~ Reacltrs are ad.i sed Ihall istine in lhi s calendar is a free Cycle News disclaims any responsibility lor cancellation or chanCinC of e.ents by pro mot or s withoul nolice. lo:l ~ EVERY IEDNESDAY NIGHT ~ FLAT TRACK RACES, Trojan Raceway ELSINORE GRAND PRIXANNUALTROPHY PRESENTATION by Grlpsters M.C. at The Newporter Inn, 1107 Jamboree Rd., Newport Beach, Cal. There will be the annual Dist. 37 trophy presentation. DancIng, music, free beer & soft drinks. In Cal., Long Beach Fwy & Firestone >.. BlVd., Firestone to GarfIeld, so. on GarU fIeld, west on Southern to track. 6-7:30 p.m. algn-\lP. l00cc to 25OCc. Trophies & 40% f1 pte. U SATURDAY, APRIL 12111 EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT EASTER EGG HUNT by Channel RIders. SPORTSMAN TT RACESat Trojan Raceway In Cal., Long Beach Fwy. & Firestone Blvd., FIrestone to Gartleld, so. on Garfield, west 00 Southero to track. 67:30 p.m. sign-up. l00cc to 25OCc. Trophies & 40% of gate. SAT. & SUN" APRIL 12 & 13111 18th ANNUAL NORTHWEST TT CHAMPIONSHIP, by Owyhee M.C., Box 733, Bolse, Idaho 83701, $1800 purse, Nov. quallty sat. EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT SUNDAY, APRIL 13111 TT RACING under the llghts at ElsInore Race Track. Just ofe Hwy. 71, east of Pllrr,-, Calif. turnoff. Sportsman trophies for all classes. TT SCRAMBLES by Fea.tber River M.C., Triple M Speedway, Slmpson Lane, Maryml1e, Cal., S1gnup & Practice 5:30 p.m., Race 8 p.m., Side hack class. Wo: Featber RIver M.C., 46 Arlz.ona Way, l4arysrille, Cal. 95901. Joyce Krill TT SCRAMBLES by Scramblers M.C. at Adelanto track on Hwy. 395. Dist. 37 poInts. Lightweights at 9 a.m.and heavyweight at 1 p.m. Info: (805) 497-2060. MOTO-CROSS Golden State SerIes, CMC Points. carlsbad, Calif. Info: C.M.C., P.O. Box 1334, Huntlngton Beach, Calif. 92647. (714) 539-3328. points, trophies & riders Insurance. Mail entry $5, post $10. Entries close 7 days before races. aec:r8tarJ• starts UlI¥ 3, 1969. SCRAMBLES by Featber River M.C. at Triple M. Speedway, Marysv1lle, Cal. All classes & sIde!lleks. Prae. 5 p.m., race 8 p.m. Wo: (916) 742-5022. EUROPEAN MOTO-CRC6S by Trail Trotters M.C. Llmed to Coalinga, Calif. from all main roads. AMA sanct. Dlst. 35 points. Info: (209) 935-1757 BIll Little. 200 ANNUAL POKER RUN by Bakersfield Red Tops. Info: (805) 324-9243. TT RACES at PerrIs, Cal. Gates open 5:30, practice 6:30, race 7:00. Llmited to 150 entries. Class C traction only. Info: Gerry Burton, (714) 657-3678 or 657-8081. ROAD RACE by AFM Los Allieles Chapter, ChampIonship, at Orange County Int. Racllway, 15 mi South of AnaheIm on Interstate 5 (Santa Ana Fwy). EVERY SUNDAY MOTORCYCLE DRAG RACING at Lions Drag StrIp, 223rd and Alameda In WIlmlnglon, Cal. Info: (213) 424-0961. MOTOR{.'YCLE RACES at Deadlllan's Point In Apple Valle,', Cal. European Scrambles, 3 one hour races, 3 classes. Post entries only. "rae. 8 a.m., race 10 a.m. Info: Phone 71-339, Hwy 11, RaDc:bo Mirage, Cal. MUI1<: {CLE & GO KART RACES Huntlncton Beach, Calif. Cycle Park. Into: 842-2111. No blkM OIl SUII. April 6. DESERT RACES by Smokebomb Gaetz M C ~15 mi. loops. Limed from High VIS~ Store, at Ave. J & l00th St., north of Palmdale, Cal. 1 p.m. starting. DAY OF EVERY MONTH MOTa-CROSS races at Deadman's Point, AwA- Valley, Cal. by the HI-Desert Rac!III Assoc. All classes, free ltntry. Prac. 8:30 a.m., race 11 a.m. ~o: (714) 247-7473 evenlDgs. FRI AY, APRIL 11t1! TT RACES, AMRA, at Manzanlta Speedway, PboeDlx, Arizona. 6,30 iI.m. prac. 8:00 race. SCRAMBLES by Stockton M.C. at Stockton, Cal Fair GroU(lds. Info: (916) 4222420. SPORTSMAN SCRAMBLES by Eastside M.C. of San Jose, Cal., AMA sanc. Hall Ranch at Uvas Dam. Limed fl'0m Hwy 101 & Bailey Rd. North of San Jose. Practice 9: 30, race 12 noon. Info: Ron Cotta, 4576 Sonata Way, San Jose, Cal. (408) 227-1611. TT RACES at Bay Mare Race Track,See ad. Info; Dave (213) 348-3349. DESERT TEAM sCRAMBLES by.Brush Barons M.C. Start 10 a.m. Less than 20 mi. loops. LImed trom Ocotillo Wells, Cal. SUN., APR. 13, MAY 11, JUNE 15 SPECIAL CMC MOTO-CROSS SERIES lot Carlsbad. MONDAY, APRIL 14111 D1ST. 36 REFEREE'S MEETING 8 p.m. Hayward M.C., 3800 Depot Rd., Hayward, Calif. FRIDAY, APRIL 18111 TT RACES, AMRA, at Manzajllta Speedway In Phoenix, ArIzona. 6:30 p.m.prac., 8:00 race. SATURDAY, APRIL 19th 32nd ANNUAL TRAIL BLAZER MEETING & BANQUET at Rodger Young AUd., 936 W. Washington BlVd., Los Angeles, Cal. For Into 749-8291. All welcome. MINI BIKES RACES Saddleback Sanet. Sadd1ebaek Park, Cal. Info: (714) 6395832. SUNDAY, APRIL 20111 TT SCRAMBLES OPEN, Huntl.ngton Beh., Calif. Cycle Track. Sign up closes 10 a.m. Practlce begins 9 a.m. Into: 8422111. ANNUAL VICTORS M.C. HARE & HOUND lImed from Redrock Canyon, 20 mi. N. of Mojave, Cal., on Hwy 14. start 10a.m. 2 45 mi. loops, LeMans start. Wo: (213) 780-1297. MOTOCROSS by Valley M.C. at Chico, Cal. Into: (916) 422-2420. MOTOCROSS by RIchmond Ramblers M.C. at Richmond, Cal. Into: (916) 4222420. HILL CUM~_cl"llnas Ramblers M.C. at Gonzales,' ClL!. ':kED (916) 422-2420. POKER RUN, santa Cruz, Cal. Boy'S Club. Into: (916) 422-2420. TRAIL at rCA_cl"int. Info: Gary Barton (213) 697-9441. lL.ED --- - --------- : ENGLISH TRIALS by San Diego Trtals Riders, limed !r·)m Interstate 5 along Genessee ;WId limed trom U.S. 395 along Miramar Rd. SignuP 8:30, start 10:00. Info: John Walters (714) 423-3031. ARIZONA TT CHAMPIONSHIP at Eastside Cycle Park, Tucson, practice /lnoon. Into: (602) 327-6902. ABST SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH 3r1lS ROAD RACING, AFM Event, $600purse, at Or~e Co. Internatiooal Raceway. 4th ANNUAL RUN by Norwalk Rockets. Info: (213) 863-5339 or 863-9106. CANDY C'~·.ENDURO Creek. 50 mi. ~b(~.~, start 9a.m. LImed from RIverside • 66 Oe & Highland In Rialto, Cal. Info: (7h. !lo~·1818. Dub's Cycle Sales. TRIALS by CresUlne M.C. & Rialto Jr. Chamber of Com. at Lyttle Creek, Cal. start 9 a.m. LImed from RIversIde Ave. & Highland In Rtalto. Into: (714) 882-1818. Dub's Cycle sales. ROAD RACE bv AFM San DIego Chapter, Clubman, CarCA_C ~aceway, 7 ml east of Interstate 5 Ou ELLED';r AIrport Rd. (20 mIles north of San lJ....go). MOTO-CROSS A.C.A. sanct. Saddlebaek Park, Orange Cty., Calif. Wo: (714) 639-5832. - -- -- For Jhe est Deal In if own 8 :SU8 C :6E' 1yearo$12 for • : 0Sl.50 2years o NOT'HISTORYI (V'j2nd CLASS MAIL) 1M·' · (Y (L f Nf WS Via 1st class mail for one y~r $18. 0 al to. , Via Air Mail for one Year $26. 0 I 80 I 498, Lon g 8 eac" This is a new subscription DO I This is a renewal I ( a'; f 908 0 I I enclose check or money order 0 or I I I I I I I by Crestline M,C. & Rialto •• ",.C· '\mber of Com. at Lyttle please bill me later _ NAME_~ ADDRESSL _ _ CITY_~ STATE 0 ZIP _ ------------- (due 10 postal reculatlons we must ha.e zip codes on all subscriptions) PLEASE ALLOW THREE WEEKS FOR NEW SUBSCRIPTIONS TO START. TT RACES, Class C, 600 purse, at Oregon Sidewinders M.C. track, near Portland. 1 p.m. Info: DennIs/Diane Seltert, Rt. 3, Box 290 C, Oregon City, Oregon 97045. 632-3857 (after 7 p.m.) or 234-7388 (days). S.C. T.A. RlDiNG SCHOOL Saddleback Park, 2455 Orange, Orange Cty., Calif. Info: (714) 639-5832. ENDURO at Forest HIll. Expert "A" & novice "B" classes. Polka Dots M.C., Sacramento. Info: 451-1645. POKER RUN, Redwood EmpIre M.C., Santa Rosa, Cal. Info: Ezra, EN 8-0530, LodI, Cal. SCRAMBLES by Lodl M.C., Lodi, Cal. Cycle Bowl. Info: Ezra, EN 8-0530. EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES by Bush Busters M.C., AMA. South NeVada M/C Assoc. poInts. Limed from Eastern & Sunset, Las Vegas, Nevada. Start 10a.m. Info: (702) 735-7897,3128 Sundown Dr., Las Vegas, Nev. HALF MILE by Bob Barklmer AssocIates, san Jose, Cal. Info: Ezra, EN 80530, Lodl, Cal. ROAD RIDE from 7th & BroadwaY,Santa Monica, Cal. to the Ojal area stopping for breakfast at Oxnard. Ride leaves at 10 a.m. AMA PRO HALF MILE 'DIRT TRACK races. WarmuPs noon, 1st race 2: 15. Purse $1200. San Jose Cty. FaIrgrounds, 344 Tulley Rd. 4th ANNUAL SINGING WHEELS BENEFIT RUN, AMA, Fields events, fun & games. Start at Chuck Holendas, San Diego, Cal. ProceedS go to Home 01. GUiding Hands. SIgn 8-10 a.m. Wo: 262-9507. BIG BUNNY 100 HARE & HOUND, 100 miles of desert at Mattawa, Wash.. Preentry ($4) closes April 14, Post-entry ($6) 7 a.m. at Mattawa, Tacoma & Bluebarons M.C.'s. Info: Big Bunny, P.O. Box 104, South Tacoma, Wash. 98409. HARE SCRAMBLES by Foothill Hawks M.C., lImed 10 mi North of Adelanto. 2 45 mi loops. Tral1 bikes 1100p.l0 a.m. start. 100 ~lIl.E E:"llL'il() :"ATTll:\AL by OristoI TWillS ~I l ., 01'15'''1, \'20. Take a friend to a motorcycle event this weekend. 6th ANNUAL '4ger ENDURO by Polka Dots M.C. of Sacramento, Cal. Start and fInish in Forest Hll1, first rIder out 8 a.m. Polka Dots M.C., 86 Malone Ct., sacramento, Calif. 95820. Wo: (916) 451-1345 or 957-0993. ENDURO by Polka Dot M.C. at Forest Hill, Cal. Wo: Ezra, EN 8-0530.

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