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ATT!IIl101l I"UILlClTY CO-To T!U-Ie . . to C,cl••••• IIlItIQ III JO. _ I . , 11 .._ •• • 11111., .... I. Ill 1 " •• ~ Iir:l 2: ~ •A,r" foollsi f".fs ~ AlEEK FROM NEXT TUESDAY ~ ENDURO ADt1-MollOrcycl8 Auoelal:1on RIIC. Limed _ t from flIId r1 Santa Barbara pter • .UNSANCTIONED MOTOCRCS by 0utlaws M.C., ltmed from Gard_ Pet cemetary. Bag bikes, Uttle bikes, all JdDda bUIes... EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT SPORTSMAN TT RACES at TrojUlRaceW7 In Cal., Loac Beach Fwy." FireataIe mw., Firestone toGart1eld, .a. OIl CiUtleJd, - ' OIl SoulberD to track. 67:80 p.m. stcn-QP. Starts Aprtl 3, 1969 8UIIImer schedule. EVERY SATURDAY NIGifT 'M' RACING UDder the Ucbts at Elsinore Race Track. JII8t olt Hwy. 71, east ol Perrta, Caltf. turDotf. Sportsman tropbtes for all elasses. 'M' SCRAMBLES by FeatberRher M.C., Tr1p1a M SpeedW7, SlmpsOD Lane, MarJn1De, cal., ~ " Practice 5: 80 p.m.. Race 8 p.m., Side back c:lus. IDfo: Featber Rinr M.C., 46 Artzoaa way, MarynWe, Cal. 95901. Joyce KrUl secretary. EVERY SUNDAY MOTORCYCLE DRAG RACING al Lions Drag StriP, 223rd and Alameda tn WIlmtngton, Cal. Info: (213) 424-0961. FIRST SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH MOTORCYCLE RACES at Deadman's Potnt tn Apple Valley, cal. European Scrambles, 3 one hour races, 3 classes. Post entries only. Prae. 8 a.m., race 10 a.m. Info: p1IoIHi 71-339, Hwy 11, RaDebo Mtrap, Cal. MINlC'~CLE " GO KART RACES BlIIIttDctoD Beach, CalIf. CJcle Park. IIIIoi 842-2111. No W- OIl SuD. Aprtl8. DESERT RACES by Smokebomb Gaetz M.C., ~15 mi. loops. Limed tram Htcb VlBta Store, at AYe. lOOt11 St., IIOrtb ol Palmdale, cal. 1 P~. starttDc. J" 3111 SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH MOTo-CROSS races at Deadman'. PoiDt, Apple ValleJ, cal. bytbeHt-DesertRac~ _ Aasoc:. All elasse., freeentry.Prac. 1:30 a.m., race 11 a.m. Info: (714) 14'l-7473 lI\'8IIiDp. FELII,l. DESSERT DOOZIES LAST ANNUAL nm 8tIu'ttIW bomb at Yucea FIa1II. COII- ceut_, 1*Wa. Adlnl_OII $I.lIO ktd8 tree wUII men. ", WE ESDAY, AIIRlL 2, t-. FLAT TRACK RACES, TrojIA RaceWQ In cal., Loac Beach Fwy " Fir.staDe BlYd.. FtreetoDe to Gart1eId, .a. 011 Gar~, . . . on Soutbern to track. 6-7:80 p.m. .....-"'. l00cc, 25Occ, " opeD. 401 .... IED.-SUI" APRIL 2-1 CYCLE '69 annual cycle sbow at Brooks IfaU, SaD FranelKo, Cal. Info: Inleraat1Gaa1 Sport CJcIe ExpositiCIIIS, P.O. Box 5945, SaD Fraactsc:o, Cal., 94101. THUD.-SUI" APRIL 3-1 WESTERN NATIONALS sbowat tile Great WestIorD ElIIItbIt Ball, Loll Aap1e. by tile Nattaal Custom car, Cuop Park, Cal. Info: (21S) 341·7156 FRIDAY, APRIL 4, 1HI AMA PROFESSIONAL FLAT TRACK RACES 1969 _ _ CIIlODeI', A.cotPark, 183rd st. II: V_OIlt Ave.. Gardena. 18 _ts, lbr_ malDs. Fir.t oattar for 75Occ: nw:b'an 011 l/2-mi. dtrt Oftl. First race 8: 15 p.m. Info: (21S) 323-5055. SATURDAY, APIIL 511 AloIA PROFESSlONAL TT RACES Ascot Park, 1ll3rd St. " VermODt AYe.. Gar~. 18 enats, lbree malDs.Firstatebt race oll969 _ _ 011 5/8 mt. steepleebue c:ourse. First race 8: 15 p.m. IIIfo: 323- 5055. NEXT LEAP YEAR FEEBLE KNEIVEL JUMPS SAN ANDREAS FAULT- Sierra Club Sanc., Mecca Shores, Mojave Desert. Rockets opttCllla1. No refunds If it ratns. CODtaet Proyo Hospital, Utah.... u, ell.,., . . . . . . . . .,,11"l1li'11.110,1. llIi. c . . . . I•• ' - S.w1c•• C,cl cI CALENDAR OF EVENTS _el. relflOll.lllIlIlJ lor c_II..Io. 01 III It, ,,0.01 . . . willlou' Dolle•• SUNDAY, APRIL 611 CHAMPIONSHIP CRos; (.OUNTRY at Coos Bay, Oregon. Info: 267-3311. SCRAMBLES by the St. Helens M.C. at the CasUe Rock Fairground, CasUe Rock, Wasbtn!"ton 98611. MOTo-CROitl by C.M.C. at 5add1eback Park, <>raage, Cal. Info: (714) 539-3328, wiler 6 p.m. RIDING SCHOOL S.C.T.A. RllCt.s.dd1eback Park, <>raage cal. Info: (714) 6395632.. . EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES by K.C. TraIlblazer•• 3 mi North r1 McKittrtck II: 10 mt Soutb-...t ol ButtOllwtllow. Dtat. '35, AMA point 1lVIlIlt. o-125ec 10 a.m .. 126250Cc 11:30 a.m.. 251-opea I p.m. Info: Jack 0Cte, 321 ROAleeAve., Sbaner, Ca. 27 MILE PONDEROSA HARE SCRAMBLES by GreyhOUDd M/C at Poaderosa In 15 mi E of Lancaster 011 Ave. "J". Tropbte. to 50% of entries. 10 a.m. start. Info: (213) 367-2907. SHORT TRACK RACES by Fort Sutter M.C., El Dorado Spdy. Info: (916) 4222420. POKER RUN by san Jose DoDsM.C.,San Jose, Cal. Info: (916) 422-2420. HILL CLIMB by campbe1l M.C., 2336 Forbe. AYe.. sauta Clara, Cal., at tile HaIl RaDeb "Cycle Htlls" Morpa HUl. AMA. Info: 378-1974 or 241-6443. MOTO-CROSS EASTER EGG HUNT by s.p-Hoppers M.C. AMA, at EDeiDttas, Cal. EllPIlrts 9 a.m .. Novice p.m. LJmed from f5 and ElIClD1tas BlVd. Info: Bob GoodiDC (714) 753-2907. SHORT TRACK RACES by Fort Sutler M.C. at 5aerameato Raceway, 3405 El Camino AYe.. 5acl'&llleoto, Cal. Info: L. Lawtoa 489-0476. SUI" APR. 6, IIAY 4, JUNE 1 SPECIAL CMC MOTo-CROSS SERIES at 8edd1eIlack Park. FRIDAY, APRIL 11111 'M' RACES, AMRA, at Ma.ozaatta SpeedW7, PboeDtx, Artzoaa. 6:80 p.m. prac. 8:00 race. SATURDAY" APRIL 12* EASTER EGG HUNT by CbanDel Rlders. SAT, 1& SUN" APRIL 12 1& 1311 18th ANNUAL NORTHWEST 'M' CHAMPIONSHIP, by Owyhee M.C., Box 733, Botse, Idabo 63701, $1800 purse, Nov. qual1fy Sat. ABOUT THE END OF THE MONTH WATTS GRAND PRIX- Bomb IOU ott 8 p.m. Sooted from 183rd" C8IItratf STREET RACING lIIIder tile Ucbts from Bel Aire to VIDe 011 SIIIISet Stl1P. L.A. P.D. RllCt. CttattOll for loser•• it POTLATCH GRAND PRIX 1IPOIlS. by WaDattd1 1JXUaD Tribe, Eueene, Ore. B.Y.O.P. BlaZed from Redwood Hwy. Sl...... cks WlI1eome If acCOlllPlDled by PRr8llts.* SUNDAY, APRIL 13111 TT SCRAMBLES by Scramblers M.C. at Adelanto track on Hwy. 395. DI.t. 37 points. LiCbtwetgbts at 9 a.m.andbeavy-tebt at 1 'p.m. Info: (805) 497-2060. MOTo-CROSS GoJdIoo 8tatIo Series, CMC Potats. car1stled, Caltt. Info: C.M.C., P.O. Box 1334, HlIDt1DItlla Beach, CalIf. ~647. (714) 53~3328. poUlts, t1'qlb1es " rlder'.IDSuraae:e. Mall entry ~,post $10. Eatrtes cloee 7 da;Fs before races. EUROPEAN MOTO-CRCS by TraIl Trotter. M.C. Limed to CoaliDp, Caltf. from all mala roods. AMA AIlct. Dist. 35 points. IIIfo: (209) 935-1757 Btll Ltttle. 2Dd ANNUAL POKER RUN by Bakersf1e1d Red TOPS. Info: (805) 324-9243. ROAD RACE by AFM LosAap1esCb8pter, Cbamptoasbtp, at 0raDce COUII~ lat. RacaW7, 15 mi South at ADehetm 011 Inllerstste 5 (SaDta Ana Fwy). ARIZONA 'M' CHAMPIONSHIP at Eastside Cycle Park, TueSCIII, practice 9noon. IIIfo: (602) 327-6902. MINI BIKES RACES 5addleback saud. 5add1eback park, Cal. Info: (714) 6395832. TT SCRAMBLES OPEN, Huntington Scb., Caltf. Cycle Track. Stgn uP closes 10 a.m. Practice begins 9 a.m. Info: 8422111. ANNUAL VlCTatSM.C. HARE 6 BOQND ltmed from Redrock caayoa, 20 mi. N. ol MojaYe, cal., OIl Hwy 14.startl0a.m. 2 45 mt. loops, LeMaDs start.. Info: (213) 780-1297. MOTOCROSS by Valley M.C. at Cbteo, Cal. Info: (916) 422-2420. MOTOCROSS by RtcbmOlld Rambler. M.e. at RtebmODd, Cal. Info: (916) 4222420. BILL CLIMB, by Saliaas Rambler.M.C. at GoDzales, Cal. IIIfo: (916) 422-2420. POKER RUN, saata cruz, cal. Boy'. Club. Info: (916) 422-2420. TRAIL at DaDa Point. Info: Gary BartIOD (213) 697-9441. SCRAMBLES by StDektoa M.C. at stockton,. Cal Fair GrOUDds. IIIfo: (916) 4222420. SPORTSMAN SCRAMBLES by Easts1de M.C. ot sau Jose, Cal., AMA saae. HaIl Rancb at uvas Dam. LJmed from Hwy 101 " Bat1eJ Rd. North ol SaD JOIl8. Practice 9: 30, race 12 1IOOIl. Info: ROIl Cotta, 4576 Sonata way, SaD Jose, cal. (408) 227-1611. ROAD RACING, AFM EveDt, $6OOpurse, at Oraap Co. lDteraattaal Raceway. ENGLISH TRIALS bJ San Dteco Trta1s Riders, limed from laterstate 5 a1alIc GeDess. . and Umed from U.S. 395 aIoar Miramar Rd. StemJp 8: 30, start 10:00. Info: JobD Walters (714) 423-3031. NEXT SUNDAY OR SOMETIIiE WEEVIL EGG HUNT by Rust;y Dasties M.C., ParSCIIIS Farm, Lompoc1 Caltf. POT-Q-GOLD RUN by Leprec:ha1m M.C. LJmed from samewllere over tile ratDbow. No ear 8IItrtes (trucks ok, bat 110 ears) Tropby preseatattOll after tile oro!' SUN" APR, 13, lilY U, JUNE 15 SPECIAL CMC MOTQ..CROliS SERIES a.t car1stled. IIDNDAY, APRIL 1411 DIST. 36 REFEREE'S MEETING 8 p.m. Hayward M.C., 3800DepotRd.,Hayward. Caltf. FRIDAY, APRIL U. TT RACES, AMRA, at M-DUD'ta SPeedway In PboeDiz, Artzoaa. 6:30 P.m. prac.. 8:00 race. SATURDAY, APRIL 19111 32Dd ANNUAL TRAIL BLAZER MEETING" BANQUET at Rodpr YOUIIC Aud.. 936 W. WuII1Dctoa BIYd.. Loll AapJes, Cal. For iDfo 749-8191. AU welcome. $U.DAY, APRIL 2111 4tb ANNUAL RUN bJ NonIa1It Roc:Dta. Info: (U3) 863-53JII or 863-11106. CANDY RUN ENDURO bJCrestI1DeM.C. " RJa1to Jr. Cbamber ol Com. at L7ttIe Creek. 50 mi. course, start 9 a.m. Ltmed from RiftJ'ldde AYe. .. mcb1""" iD Rialto, Cal. IIIfo: (714) 881-1818. Dab'. Cycle Sales. ROAD RACE by AFM SanDlecoo.ptler, CIubmaD, car~ ~, 7 mi east ol laterstste 5 011 Palomar Airport Rd. (20 mt1es oortIl of SaD Dteco). 4th ANNUAL SINGING WHEELS BENEFIT RUN, AMA, F1alds , flm " pmos. Start at Chuck HoI SaD Dteco, Cal. Proceeds 10 tID 1Iame ol GII1diDC Bauds. SIp 8-10 a.m. 1lIfo: 262-950? BIG BUNNY 100 BARE " HOUlID, 100 mtJea ol ~ at 1oIatta_, Wasta. Preentry ($4) closes Aprtl 14, P<*.-entry ($6) 7 a.m. at Matta... TIIcoma 6 BluebarOllS M.C,'•• IIIfo: BIc BumIJ, p.O. Box 104, South Tacoma, Wasta. 98409. BARE SCRAMBLES by Footbtll Bawb M.e., 1tmed 10 mi North ol A......... 2 45 mi loops. TraIl blJru 1 loop. 10 a.m. start. 100 AIILE ESIlUlIO SA l10NAL by Bristol Twins M.C., Sris",I, Va. CMC ROAD RACE at carlsbad, cal. Info: P.O. Box 1334, HunttaetoD Beaeb, Cal. 92647. 6t11 ANNUAL '4ger ENDURO by Polb Dots M.C. ol5aerameato, cal. Start and flDtsb in Forest HUl, ftrot rider out 8 a.m. Polka Dots M.C., 86 Malme ct., sacramento, Caltf. 95820. Info: (916) 451-1345 or 957-0993. ENDURO by Polka Dota M.C. at Forest HIll, Cal. Info: Ezra, EN 6-0580. If JOu c.. reed tIIl._ JOu',. ...11111 II.... 'M' RACES; Class C, $600 purse, at 0r8CCIII StdewIDderS M.C. track, aear PortlaDd. 1 p.m. Into: DenDts/DtaM Seifert, Rt. 3, Box 290 C, 0r8CCIII Ct~, Oregllll 97045. 632-3857 (after 7 p.m.) or 234-7388 (dq.). S.C.T.A. RiDING SCHOOL Sedd1ebeeI< Park, 2455 0raDce. Oraap C~., Caltf. IIIfo: (714) 639-5832. ENDURO at Forest HUl. Expert "A" &< aariee "B" classes. Polka Dots M. C., Saerameato. Info: 451-1845. POKER RUN, ~wood Empire M.C., Santa Rosa, cal. IIIfo: Ezra, EN 8-0580, Lodi, cal. SCRAMBLES by Lodi M.C., Lodi, Cal. C,e1e Bowl. Info: Ezra, EN 8-0580. EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES by Bush Busters M.C., AMA. South Neftd& M/C Assoc. points. LtmecI tram Eastera &< 8uDset, Las Veeas, Neftda. Start 10a.m. Info: (702) 735-7897, 3128 SUDdowD Dr., Las V...., Nf!'Y. HALF MILE bJ Bob Barktmer Aasoc:t&tes, San .Joee, Cal. Info: Ezra, EN 60530, Lodi, Cal. ROAD RIDE from 7t11" Broad_y,Santa MoDtea, Cal. to tile oJliarea stqlptacfor brea1l:fUt at 0marc1. Ride lea.,es at 10 a.m. AMA PRO HALF MILE DIRT TRACK races. WarulICllI IIOOIl, 1st race 2: 15. PurlIe $UOO. SaD Jose ct:r. FatrcrOUDds, 344 Talley Rd. MOTo-CROSS A.C.A. sanet. IlIddJetwct Park, 0rUP C~.. Caltf. IIIfo: (714) 639-5832. THURS.1n SUN., APRIL MIIII CYCLE WORLD MOTORCYCLE SHOW at Loll AJIp1es Sports Arwa. stoe:Jrers and kustiams ol all de8er1pt1oDstD 1De1udtae tile 1Ddesc:rtbabIe. 5a7 bello UId get cSt_t dt8ertPtt- at tile c,c:le Ne1llS bootIl.. FRIDAY, APRIL 25. 'M' RACES, AlmA, at MsnUDU. SpeedW7 iD ~ Artzoaa 6:80 p.m. prac. 8:00 race. SATURDAY, APRIL 2&. BARE SCRAMBLES by Master LiDks M.C. LJmecI from Barstow fr_y to Hwy 395, 2 mi to Pbe1aD Rd.. left 2 mi to Roc:ldIIc "I(" Bar. PbtJaD, Cal., Info: (714) 8lI2-J'109 or (213) 3'72-3J85. SAT•• SUI" APRIL 2&. 2J SoutbenI Caltfonda Trials A .SOC'.HOII ~ Eacltab Trtals, BIc Bear La1re, C&Iif. Pecp&e 1DterestecI iD seorebflptae CCIIIfact Daft EnDs (213) 865-39111. SPRING TOUR, Clq ol Hope BBaeftt by ~s. SUIOAY, APRIL 21 90 MILE ENUURo NATfO:llAL <':HA~I PIONSHIP by Tom"klns County AI.C., Newfield, N. Y. EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES b7 CJdjers M.C. ol Bakerllftald, cal. Limed from BaIr:8rIIfteJd ~.., (No.CIIHtIer' Ave.) IIIfo: ladt a-. (805) 832-0506. TT RACES, Class C, $600 pane, at 0r8CCIII 8IdewtDders M.C. track, aear Pclrtlad. 1 p.m. IDfo: DeaDts/DtaM SaIJert, Rt. 3, Box 2lIO C, 0r8CCIII Cu" 0r8CCIII V1045, 6IZ-1857 (.,.. 7 p.m.) or 234-7388 (da;Fs). SCRAMBLES, SWdcU.....k Park RDCt. AtctcDeheek Park, 2455 0rUP. 0raIIp e~.. Caltf. Info: (714) 639-58J2. TEAM SCRAMBLES by tile Ht-Boots M.C. at Debesa Speed_y. Take laterstalII 8 to Harbtsoo Canyon Rd. stcns &< lime from lbere. Race 00 moto-Cf'OSS course. Info: 4140 Acada A....., Boatta, cal. 92002. ACA NA110NAL ROAD RACE, W11Jow SprIDp cal. Raceway, ROAmCIIId, cal., all eluMs. Pit opea 8 a.m., race 11:80 a.m. Info: (714) 526-4290. GUY FAWKES DAY NUMBER RUN by tile East L.A. Smobrs. Sodom to Gomorrall. Pot luck dinner follows race. B.Y.O.P... IMMERSION DA Y- Caltforata stnks Into PlICWc ocean. Htll dives, SIlOrlr.el scrambles. Coast Guard Sane."

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