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CALENDAR OF EVENTS ATTENTlON PUBLICITY CO_IT· TEES-Be lur. 10 s.nd Cycl. noUce 0' your comlnc ...nll and w. will list th.m In II1ls departm.nt ,.... Re.ders ....d.1 sod Ih.1 listing in Ihls calend.r is • free S.rvic•• Cycl. News dilcl.ims .ny responllbility 'or or ch.ncing of •••nts by promoters without notice. 5I!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii==iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii;;i;;iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii";iiiiiiiiiiiiii;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidl :i!: ~ EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT SUNDAY, MARCH 30 u ;:.., u SPORTSMAN TT RACES at Trojan Raceway in cal., Long Beach Fwy. & Firestone BI\'I1., Firestone to Garf1eld, so. on Garfield, west on Southern to track. 67:30 p.m. sign-up. Starts AprU 3, 1969 summer schedule. MOTO-CROSS by AFM St. Louis Chapter, Sportsman, at "66" Cycle Park, 2 mi west at St. Clair, Mo. on Hwy 66. Info: AFM St Louis, 6115 GraVOiS, St. Louis, Mo. 63116. LOS ANCIANOS 8th ANNUAL MARCH HARE SCRAMBLES, 120 mUes, 3 40 mlle loops thru Yuba Badlands. Limed off Hwy 98, 6 mUes East at junction with Hwy 80 (Interstate 8). Dlst. 38 points. Starts 10 a.m. SCRAMBLES by Motorsycho Exp. Post 305 at Madera, at Big Cedar Springs, Hwy 41 4 mi. No. of Qakhut"st, Cal. Double scramble points, scrambles & trail scooters.AMA sanct.lnfo: 673-3146 POKER RUN by Sacramento Golden Banner &. Trailblazers M.C.'s at Redwood City, Cal. Info: (916) 422-2420. .,J EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT TT RACING under the lights at Elsinore Race Track. JUl;t atf Hwy. 71, east at Perris, Calif. turnoff. Sportsman trophies for all classes. TT SCRAMBLES by Feather River M.C., Triple M Speedway, SlmpSOll Lane, Marysv111e, Cal., Signup & Practice 5:30 p.m.. Race 8 p.m., Side back class. lDfo: Feather Rher M.C., 46 Arizona way, MarysvUle, Cal. 95901. Joyce Krill secretary. EVERY SUNDAY MOTORCYCLE DRAG RACING at Llons Drag Strip, 223rd and Alameda In Wilmington, Cal. Info: (213) 424-0961. ENGLISH TRIALS S.C.T.A. sanct. Saddleback Park, Orange Cty. Cal. Info: (714) 639-5832. ARST SUNDAY OF' EVERY MONTH ACA NAT. POINTS ROAD RACE WlUow Springs Raceway, Rosamond, Callf. All prod. & G.P"; classes. Pit open 8 a.m., 1st race -11:-30. lDfo: (714) 528-4290. MOTORCYCLE RACES at Deadlllan's Point In Apple Valley, Cal. European Scrambles, 3 one hour races, 3 classes. Post entries only. Prac. 8 a.m., race 10 a.m. Info: Phone 71-339, Hwy 11, Rancbo Mirage, Cal. MINICYCLE & GO KART RACES Buntlngton Beacb, Ca11f. Cycle Park. Dlfo: 842-2111. No bikes on Sun. Apr116. DESERT RACES by Smokebomb Gaetz M.C., ~15 mi. loops. Limed from H1gb Vista Store, at Ave. J & 100th St., north at Palmdale, Cal. 1 p.m. starting. MOTO-CROSS at the Santa MariaSpeedway, ~ by Lompoc Slo-Pokes M.C. AMA sanc., Ilmedfrom the Bakersfield turn-off. 11th ANNUAL ANGELS' FLIGHT by the Lost Angels M.C. Limed trom Hi- Vista Store. Dlst. 37 desert points. 10 a.m. start. Large rock party Sat. nigbt. Info: 768-1058. SHORT TRACK RACES by Sacramento Trackers M.C. at Sacramento National Raceway, Hwy 16 or Jackson Rd to Excelsior, North on Excelsior Rd. 1/2 mi. behind Mather Field. Sign- UP and practtee 11-11 a.m.. race 12 noon. Info: ~ (916) 481-652 r Jack Jackllne 3r1l SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH MOTQ-CROSS KCes at Deadman's Point, Apple Valley, cal. by the HI-DesertRaciDi Assoc. All dasses, free entry. Prac. 8: SO a.m., race 11 a.m. Info: (714) 247-7473 evenings. 967.~403. SATURDAY,MARCH29~ ~To-d~~At the Club grounds above ~ ~ . Races start 12:30 p.m. F ow the red arrows I mi. E.and 1 mi. W. at Z11Iah, Wasil. on Hwy 12. 14 mi. S.E. at Yakima, Wuh. lDfo: GJ 22188, 611 S. 1st St., Yaldma., Wash. SCRAMBL~ by Modesto M.C.,· AMA, Fwy so. te Crows Landing Rd. out at modesto to ~ r Rd. Turn rigbt,limed from Modesto, Cal. or from Hwy 132 turn rigbt on Carpenter Rd. & follow Ilme. Sign-up 9-11, race noon. SAT. & SUN., MAR. 29 & 3.~ HILL CLIMB by South County M.C., Hollister, cal. Info: (916) 422-2420. 8th ANNUAL YUMA PRISON RUN by Norwalk Centaurs M.C., 12630 Whittier BlW. Info: (714) 298-4498. GRAND PRIX SCRAMBLES by the Viewfinders M.C. and the Stunt Men'S Assoc. at Westlake, Cal., AMA sanc. Entries close Mar. 25, $8. Viewfinders M.C., 6333 Woodman Ave., Suite A, Van tJuys, Cal. Sldebacks both days, ptes open 6 CLIFF HANGER ENDURO IIPprox. 70 miles. No points just fun. 2 mi So. at Beaumont on Beaumont Ave. 1-2-3 place trophies to 3 classes. Sign-in 7 a. m. first bike out 10 a.m. Info: Gary Mattingly (714) 658-8062. 5. s s Take a friend to a motorcycle event this wee"end. a.m. POKER RUN by San Jose Dons M.C., start & end at 523B Columbia, San Jose, Cal., sign-up 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. SCRAMBLES by the St. Helens M.C. at the Castle Rock Fairground, Castle Rock, Washin"ton 98611. MOTO-CROSS 3/4 mi. North of club grounds above Zillah, Washington. Races start 10 a.m. Follow the red arrows 1 ml. E. and 1 ml. W. at Zillah, Wash., on Hwy 12. 14 mi. S.E. at Yaldma, Wasb., Info: GI 2-2188, 611 S. 1st St., Yaldma, Wash. MOTQ-CRUIll:i by C.M.C. at Saddleback Park, Orange, Cal. Info: (714) 539-3328, titer 6 p.m. RIDING SCHOOL S.C.T.A. sanct.Saddleback Park, Orange Cal. Info: (714) 6395832. EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES by KC. Trallblazers. 3 mi North of McKittrick & 10 mi Southwest of Buttonwillow. Dist. #35, AMA point event. 0-125cc 10 a.m., 126250Cc 11:30 a.m., 251-open 1 p.m. Info: Jack Ogle, 321 RosaleeAve., Shafter, Ca. TT SCRAMBLES & MINI BIKES by Moto Clum Latino, at Auto Pista "Adolfo Lopez Mateos" on Hwy between Tijuana & Mexica1i, Mexico. Practice !I-12, race 1 p.m. Five classes, Expert & novice. Info: Benny Sanchez, Av. Madero 1526, Mexica1i, B. CFA., Mexico. Tel.293-11, or B. Harmer, 1331 Bush St., San Diego, Cal. 92103. ENGLISH TRIALS by Marin County MIC Association, at China Camp, cal., limed 1 mUe north of San Rafael on Hwy 101. Info: Loren Williams, (415) 457-9468. TT SCRAMBLES by Experts M.C., 251 Paden Drive, Spring Valley, Cal., South Bay Speedway (formerly Mesa Speedway) Maln 5t turnoff of Interstate 5, Chula Vista. Info: (714) 479-4959, Jim Harmon. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 2,1969 FLAT TRACK RACES, Trojan Raceway in Cal., Long Besch Fwy & Firestone Blvd., Firestone to Garfield, so. on Garfield, west on Southern to track. 6-7:30 p.m. sign-up. 100cc, 250cc, & open. 40% gate. WED,-SUN" APRIL 2-6 CYCLE '69 annual cycle show at Brooks Hall, San Francisco, Cal. In!o: International Sport Cycle Expositions, P.O. Box 5945, San Francisco, Cal., 94101. THURS.-SUN., APRIL 3-6 WESTERN NATIONALS show at the Great Western Exhibit HaU, Los Angeles by the National Custom Car Club Assn., Canoga Park, Cal. Info: (213) 341-7156 FRIDAY, APRil 4, 1969 AMA PROFESSIONAL FLAT TRACK RACES 1969 season opener, AscotPark, 183rd St. & Vermont Ave., Gardena. 18 events, three malns. First outing for 750Cc machines on 1/2-ml. dirt oval. First race 8: 15 p.m. Info: (213) 323-5055. SATURDAY, APRIL 5~ AMA PROFESSIONAL TT RACES Ascot Park, 183rd St. & Vermont Ave., Gardena. 18 events, three malns. First night race at 1969 season on 5/8 mi. steeplechase course. First race 8: 15 p.m. Info: 323- 5055. SUNDAY, APRIL 6th CHAMPIONSHIP CROSS C-OUNTRY at Coos Bay, Oregon. Info: 267-3311. 27 MILE PONDEROSA HARE SCRAMBLES by Greyhound MIC at Ponderosa in 15 ml E of Lancaster on Ave. "J". Trophies to 50% of entries. 10 a.m. start. lDfo: (213) 367-2907. SHORT TRACK RACES by Fort Sutter M.C., EI Dorado Spdy. Info: (916) 4222420. POKER RUN by San Jose Dons M.C·., San Jose, Cal. Info: (916) 422-2420. HILL CLiMB by Campbell M.C., 2336 Forbes Ave., Santa Clara, Cal., at the Hall Ranch "Cycle HlUs" Morgan Hill. AMA. Info: 378-1974 or 241- 6443. MOTO-CROSS EASTER EGG HUNT by Sage-Hoppers M.C. AMA, at Encinitas, Cal. Experts 9 a.m., Novice p.m. Limed from #5 and Encinitas mVd. Info: Bob Gooding (714) 753-2907. SUN., APR. 6, MAY 4, JUNE 1 SPECIAL CMC MOTO-CROSS SERIES at Saddleback Park. 12~ EASTER EGG HUNT by Channel Riders. SATURDAY, APRIL SAT. & SUN., APRIL 12 & 13~ 18th ANNUAL NORTHWEST TT CRAMPIONSHIP, by Owyhee M.C., Box 733, Boise, Idaho 83701, $1800 purse, Nov. qual.l!y sat. • ~ SUNDAY, APRIL 13~ TT SCRAMBLES by Scramblers M.C. at Adelanto track on Hwy. 395. Dist. 37 points. Lightweights at 9 a.m. and heavyweight at I p.m. Info: (805) 497-2060. MOTa-CROSS Golden State series, CMC Points. Carlsbad, Callf. Info: C.M.C., P.O. Box 1334, Huntington Beach, Callf. 92647. (714) 539-3328. points, trophies & rIders insurance. Mall entry $5, post $10. Entries close 7 days before races. EUROPEAN MOTO-CROSS by Trail Trotters M.C. Limed to Coallnga, Callf. from all maIn roads. AMA sanct. Dist. 30 points. Info: (209) 935-1757 B1U Little. Let's go to the motorcycle races weekend! ~i s ------------------- ----------------: r The Best Deal In Town ""':I ,SS,"s**ssssssss .Wsssss $ :SUSSCR'SE NOW :GET I • NOT HISTORYI 0$1.50 1yearo$12 for 2years (V,j2.d CLASS MAIL) class IIl&iI year Mail to: CYCLE NEWS, Via 1st.Mail for onefor one126. S18. 0 Via Air Year 0 0 BOJ( 498, Long Beacll This is a new subscription This is a reaewal I enclose cbeck or money order please bill me later _ Calif 90801 NAME ADDRESS, 0 _ CITY STATE 0 _ _ ZIP _ (du. to post.1 "cul.tlons w. must h••e zip cod.1 on .11 subscriptions) PLEASE ALLOW THREE WEEKS FOR NEW SUBSCRIPTIONS TO START. 0 or

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