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...• -_ I.";,, SUNDAY, APRIL 13th CMC MOTa-CROSS races at Carlsbad, Cal. Into: P.O. Box 1334, Huntington Beach, Cal. 92647. TT SCRAMBLES by Scramblers M.C. at Adelanto track on Hwy. 395. Dlst. 37 points. Lightweights at 9 a.m. and heavyweight at 1 p.m. Into: (805) 497-2060. MOTO-CROSS by Trail-Trotters. Bill Little, Club Secretary, P.O. Box 414, Coalinga, Cali!. for Wo. MOTO-CROSS Golden State Series, CMC Points. Carlsbad, Cali!. Into: C.M.C., P.O. Box 1334, Huntington Beach, Cali!. 92647. (714) 539-3328. MINI BIKES RACES SaddIeback sanct. Saddleback Park, Cal. Into: (714) 6395832. EUROPEAN MOTO-CROSS by Trail Trotters M.C. Limed to Coalinga, Cali!. from alI main roads. AMA sanct. Dist. 35 points. Into: (209) 935-1757 BIll Little. MONDAY, APRIL 14th DISI'. 36 REFEREE'S MEETING 8 p.m. Hayward M.C., 3800DepotRd.. Hayward, Cali!. SUNDAY, APRIL 20 100 ~JlLE ENDUlIO NATToNAL by Bristol Twins M.e., Brisl"l, Va. CMC ROAD RACE at Carlsbad, Cal. Into: P.O. Box 1334, Huntington Beach, Cal. 92647. 6th ANNUAL '4ger ENDURO by Polka Dots M.C. ~ sacramento, Cal. start IIIld finish In Forest Hill, first l'!der out 8 a.m. Polka Dots M.C., 86 Malone Ct., sacramento, Cali!. 95820. Into: (916) 451-1345 or 957-0993. TT RACES, Class C, $600 purse, at Oregon Sidewinders M.C. track, near Portland. 1 p.m. Info: Dennls/Dlane Seifert, Rt. 3, Box 290 C, oregon City, Oregon 97045. 632-3857 (after 7 p.m,) or 234-7388 (days). S.C.T.A. RIDING SCHOOL Saddleback Park, 2455 Orange, Orange Cty., Call!. Into: (714) 639-5832. ENDURO at Forest Hill. Expert "A" & novice "s" classes. Polka Dots M.C., Sacramento. Into: 451-1845. AMA PRO HALF MILE DIRT TRACK races. Warmups noon, 1st race 2: 15. Purse $1200. san Jose Cty. Fairgrounds, 344 Tulley Rd. MOTa-CROSS A.C.A. sanct. Saddleback Park, Orange Cty., Cali!. Info: (714) 639-5832. THURS.1In SUN., APRIL 24-21111 CYCLE' WORLD MOTORCYCLE 'SHOW Sports Arena. Stockers IIIld kustoms ~ all descrlpt100sin including the indescribable. Say bello and get dlsCOlDlt d1scrtptions at the Cycle News at Los Angeles bootb. SAT. & SUN., APRIL 26 & 21th Southern CaII!ornia Trials Association Two-day English Trials, Big Bear Lake, calli. People Interested In scorekeepIng contact Dave Evans (213) 865-3991. SUNDAY, APRIL 21 90 WLE ENDURO NATIO:'olAL CHA~I PIO'SHIP by Tompkins Counly ~J.C., Newfield, N. Y. EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES by Cycliers M.C. of Bakers!1e1d, Cal. Limed from Bakers!1eld Speedway (No. Chester Ave.) Into: Jack Beson (805) 832-0506. TT RACES, Class C, $600 purse, at Oregon Sidewinders M.C. track, near Portland. 1 p.m. Into: Dennis/Dlane Seifert, Rt. 3, Box 290 C, Oregon City, Oregon 97045, 632-3857 (after 7 p.m.) or 234-7388 (days). SCRAMBLES, Saddleback Park sanct. SaddIeback Park, 2455 orange, Orange Cty., Cali!. Into: (714) 639-5832. TEAM SCRAMBLES by the HI-Boots M.C. at Dehesa Speedway. Take Interstate 8 to Harbison Canyon Rd. Signs & lime from there. Race on moto-cross course. Info: 4140 Acacta Ave., Bonita, Cal. 92002. SUND~Y, MAY 411 TT RACES, Class C, $600 purse, at Oregon Sidewinders M.C. track, near Portland. 1 p.m. Into: Dennis/Dlane Seifert, Rt. 3, Box 290C, Oregon City, Oregon 97045, 632-3857 (after 7) or 234-7388 (days). Cycle News Survey PENTON, OTHER AMA 'OUTLAWS' REINSTATED The American MotorcycleAssociation Racin' II ~* i'Q ~ ~ • iellEW 011.... padell hell ALL CLASSES ~ 81 1 ~ ... ... GallS 0,."... A." 1'1' Bar.. .....$5.lIlI (11Id". aa..... . ..... "... E W.I&IIb P 1st ntry i e All,. ~ ~ ~ covered bJ a.........) "... .Ii..o ..... 1.1. ~,.* TROPH'ES PH.: (714) 539-3328 . . Class .• ·C· Traction Preferred'- IIF====~===MOTORCYCLE'~~~ ,,)~. ~.... 11500." •••••••• CASIl - . . •••••••• 115..... :o1o~2!~~;~~a~:~ .,; ",_.-'.t'::i::7...--- --, . --.. = (!J!2 .. -.,~; POSr - "bini =~ V ~~~~ to Tn ...·s Slil". 11It(.• 1310 Eo . . . . . Awe •• SCM*Me....... 992Di ... ~ ~ >I . N_•.•.•..••.•.••.••.•••••.•..•..•...... .,.•.••.•••.... Addr'I'ss ••••••• , ••.•.•••••• C1 (y •••.••.•..• Stat•.•....•• Malle of NAcnlne Dt"l.~t 5er1al , (ee) .........•....... RidIng N~,. ....•.....•.•••.•...... I. Ute above~. ~ 1Ilso1Y. '"1 ca.tttM 0,. ee.tttt......... TMbe,.'S Moton:yc:l. sales, 1M . . . the Spok_ Intant.~ kl......... n t'ftPClI'a1btltty for-."1 tnj"'7 or tnj....tes • '"'oPI'"t7 . . UtfIt.., result ,,.. lllf ,.rtld,.tt.. 1ft . , or .11 .cthitta COMtCted _Wt or rau1t1ng ,... the ,..1"',..... ,,,. ., Motor'C,)'Cle "ct'S. I DI1OS( $ GISTMTlOI FEE OI'TE.. . • . •• ••• ••• ••• •• •••••••.••.•..•. SICII(D•••.••••.••••••••••••••••.••.••.•.••••.••••••••••.••.•....•••••• Polka Dots Emulate Checkers The man who became acting Commissioner of AMA District 36 on the death of John Perez was reelected to the office i'f Rala stapped - not cootrol the parldng or coocessioos (beer, hot dogs, etc.) at Ascot, IIIld that be does not own any part ~ Ascot Park except the motorcycle promotloo concess1oo. But he threatened those who do with weird Armenian tortures unless they drop the parldngfeetocalertob1lteriding tans Aggie has decided to offer reserved-~t club night discounts for uniform cycle clubs to woo the road riders back to Ascot. Interested clubmen should write Aggie at Box 98, Gardena, Cali!. Los Angeles County Supervisors instructed the County Real Estate Management and Parks and Recreatioo DePartments to survey county or federally owned property which might be suitable for motorcycle trails, hills IIIld races. "Our office is being flooded with complaints," said one SUPervisor. Two others said tbey wou1d like to send many riders from their areas to any speedway they discover. Now is wilen L.A. county enthusiasts should make their needs and desires as regards to riding grounds known to the County. More motorcycles are In Los Angeles County than In the second largest state. Len Allen Reelected Dist. #36 Commissioner Cycle News Ads 801 498,1on, 8eae', Ca'if. 90801 - L.A. Snpervisor For Cycle Parks Word has just been received that America'S hope In the 1969lnternationai moto-cross world series, Ron Nelson and John DeSoto, bave landed safely In England and crossed via steamer from the White CMs of Dover to Belgium, along with world-travelled ex-racer Hoppy Hopkins, w 0 w1ll travel with Ron& John until March 21st, showing them the ropes. (DEADUNE IS WEDNESDAY, S p.L) Two-hitparldngforbikes(withsecur- Jim Bassey, famous for his scrambles and TT exploits In Southern Cali!ornia Is In the Baptist Memorial HOSPital, 5800 N.W. Grand Blvd.. Oklahoma City, Okla. He suffered a heart attack while traveling for U.S. Suzuki Co. and w1ll be there for a couple of weeks after you read this. Ron & John From Dover Over advertise your coming events in a space this size lor only $19.:10 (non-prorit club rate). send us Ihe information and a check or money order and we'll do ti,e rest. Agpe Goes to Bat for Fans Bassey'd Like To Hear From Friends The Chico M. c. (Chico, Cali!.) Is less than a year old, but already boasts 32 members. They've organized a very successful field meet with over 200 attending, a poker run, a snow run and a Valentines Party. Their next event will be a combination poker run-field meet on March 23 (see Calendar of Events). The club has one goailn mind, according to member Steve Byers, and that is "at all times to Improve the image of the motorcyclist and promoting attendance to the racing scene." ~ u i+ ~NEW* e * TT * :S~d~e=:~~~~:o;~. iC * ~96~~~~~=~cbe~; ieMAR 16th" * i'Ll. Don & Ray's moto-crossinLancaster, Call!. March 2nd was postponed for reasons beyond their control. Tbey not1!1ed Cycle News to cancel tbe ad they bad ordered for the race, but somehow the newspeper forgot to print "CANCELLED" acrOss the race Ust1ng In the Calendar. 500 people went looking for 1l race that wasn't there, and to them we apologize. Trust us to have the new date right, wilen It is announced. Cycle News' DeW Calendar editor Ray Mendez suggests you calI the number In the ad If there's reason to suspect the event may be cancelled. Chicos Are A Bnsy New Club ~', ~ ~ ROAD CLUBS, A North Dakota House of Representatives committee heard Jasper Klelnjan, noted cross-country motorcyclist, testify that riders need freedom of choice for safety. At the same hearing on a proposed mandatory goggle iaw, the Capital City Cycle Club of Bismarck, N.D. went 00 record against the iaw. One lady said goggles and face shields are useful ]lrotectlon against bugs, but use of them shou1d be left to the rider. Norman Teltz, a racer and deIl1er demonstrated to the committee that !aceshie1dseasUy fog up and can be a hazard Instead of a help at times. Oh woe! 500 People And No Race ,:~ COMPETITION GoWes Can Cut Vision Ing to John Penton of Amherst, Ohio and others who were suspended recently as a result of participating In or promoting moto-cross events outside of the AMA. In addition the Amherst Meadowlarks Motorcycle Club has had Its charter renewed by the AMA. The rule permitting suspension of AMA members who advance the cause of motorcycling outside the AMA will be reviewed at the 1969 meeting oftheAMA Competition Congress In OCtober and, hopetu1ly, It w1ll be voted out of the rulebooit. In the !I!teen years or so sfnee the Polka Dots M.C. was started on a levee bank in North sacramento, CaII!. they've become famous for tbeir pride and organizatioo of cooperation, which they proudly admit was copied from the Checkers M.C. of Southern Cal. They don't let their members ride events the club promotes, although district rules permit it. In fact it's mandatory that every club member work on the event. The entire club bene!1ts, so everybody works. They say the saying that makes them proudest is, "Those damn PolkaDots are here again." VII for 1969. Len Allen promises to hold down the all-Important commission for one more year and that's It. !tIs at least a 2-man job and Len does It admirablY. has restored membership in good stand- ~~ un u..... 'AIIDIT'S SI_1* IF ..-:. .**** :fA n . .*********************************~ ~ ::t:vd:O'J:'O~O-YO::I:...J;: : ~~j ~ MOTO-CROSS ~ : ALI: NEW : ~ MAR. 23 g:~=:~ ~ : CLASSES • • IH25cc 126-250cc 251-501cc Open : c,S•I. R,ee." ~ • I' • ENTRIES • CMC - PO Box 1334 Huntington Beach, Cal. 92647 : • 7 mil. . . . .t of S.n DI.IO Fwy on Paloma, Airport Rei. * * * * * * ** * oj : Close Mar. 11th Mall entry $5.00 - Pest $11.lIlI CMC membership r.qulr.d ($2.00) available at rae.... • * * * *** ** * Tear Out and Present at Box Office J. C. AGAJANIAN Presents . '. A. M. A. Half-Mile Erery friday Nire 8:15 p. ,Motor£yde"jaces ~ H'S 1st Sat. Nite • 8:15 fl. l starti ng Apri 15th) - • :; \I'll Q oft.

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