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~ l&l O!: CALENDAR OF EVENTS ATTENTION PUBLICITY CO_IT· TEES-Be sure to send Cycle News notl ce of your coml ne events and we will Ihtthem in tills department fr... EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT ~ SPORTSMAN TT RACES at Trojan Race- U >. U way, located corner Long Beach Fwy. & Firestone BlVd. Flrestooe to Garfield, so. on Garfield, west on Southern to track. Any affU. okay, lOOcc & 25Occ. Pits close 7: 30 p.m. SUNDAY, MARCH 16th J"T SCRAMBLES at ACA MOTO-CROSS, S&ddleback Park, Orange Ct:Y. 100cc thru Open sportsman, 125cc, 25Occ, 500cc expert. Pits open 8 a.m., close 9: 30, race 11: 30. Info: (714) 528-4290. EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT TT RACING under the lights at Elsinore Race Track. Just off Hwy. 71, east r1 Perris, CaUl. turnoff. Sportsman trophies for all classes. .., FOUR ACES TT SCRAMBLES at Somis Speed Sport (formerly Bay Mare) AMA saoc. Prac. 8 a.m., start 9 a.m. Wo: EVERY SUNDAY .(213) 848:02"188. MOTORCYCLE DRAG RACI G at Lions Drag Strip, 223rd an lameda In WUmJIlgtOD, Cal. Info: (21:Q 424-.0961. RRST SUNDAY OF HARE SClt\MBLES by Prospectors M.C. Dtst. 37 pt. 10 a.m. start. 3-25 mi. loops for d1st. ~roved Mojave Hospital Fund. Umecf from Calitornta City GoJt Course !nelf; Mojive. StarOo a.m'. ERY MlNTH MOTORCYCLE RAC at'Deadman's Point In Apple ValleylO! Cal: European Scrambles, 3 one hour t'~esj 3 classes. Post entries only. Prat:. II"" a.m., race 10 a.m. Info: Phone 71-339, Hwy 11, RaIIcJlo Mirage, Cal. - HARE SCRAMBLES by AmerlcansM.C., Umed from HI-Vista Store, just north of Ponderosa, Cal.,"TILCe at noon. HARE SCRAMBLES, 3-15 roUe loops. Limed from High Vista Store, HIgh VIsta, caur. MINlCYCLE &< GO KART RA ES Huntington Beach, caur. Cycle. Park Info: 842-2111. No bikes on Stm. April 6. 3rdSUNDAY OF EVE MONTH MOTG-CROSS races at Dfladman' s Point, Apple Valley, Cal. by thilB:i-DesertRacIng Assoc. All classes, free entry. Prac. 8:30 a.m., race 11 a.m. Info: (714) 247-7473 evenings. DAYTONA SPEED WEEK March 10 to 16 liON: Reel strati on and practice. amateur and e.perl. TUES: ReCo & prac., all classes. WED: Prac. & Sportsman Road ROCL WED. NIGHT: Short-track, novices only. THURS: Prac. only, plus enduro. Also quallfylne time trials at speedway. FRI: Quallfylnc lime trials & heal races for novices and 2S0cc combined. 10D-mlle amat... race. FRI. NIGHT: Short track. amateur and ••pert only. SATURDAY: 76-mlle novice race. 100mile amaleur-expert race. SATURDAY NI GHT: Short track, amaleur & e.pert only. SUNDAY: 2ClO-mll.... upertBill SATURDAY, MARCH 15111 SCMA ST. PATS DAY PARfi. Amvets Lodge. 1002 E. Artesia ijrvd., Long Bea.cIl. Cal. 8 p.m. Dooatlona: $1.00 per couple, &d. 50~. lnfo: (213) 429-3557. -I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ~delan~. Cal•• by the Desert Phantom M.C. on Hwy 395. D1st.-37 points. Small bikes 9 a.m., big bikes and sldehacks 1 p.m. Info: (714) 246-7551. T.T. SCRAMBLES. All classes. Huntlngton Beach, caur. Cycle Park. Sign UP closes -10 a.m. Practice begins 9 a.m. Info: 842-2111. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 19th DIST, 31 SCRAMBLES REF ERE E S MEETING. Poplar Street Playground. Please attend and complete scrambles check Ust. SUNDAY, MARCH 23rd . TERRAPINS 3rd ANNUAL EGG HUNT, AMA RRA point run. start 929 Ind1a- St. San Otego, caur. Sign In 9-10 a.m. Info: (714) 281-2150 or (213) 835-0778. RIDING SCHOOL S.C.T.A. Sanct. S&dd1eback Park, Orange, Cal. (714) 639-5832 for Wo. MINI-BIKE RACES S&dd1eback Sanct. S&ddleback Park, Orange, Cal. Wo: (714) 6311-5832. FIELD MEET & POKER RUN COMBO by Chico M.C., 363 E 1st Ave.. Chico, caur. Black Butte (west of Orland).. MOTG-CRo&:i SCRAMBLES-$l500 cash purse. At Spokane, Wash. Interstate Fatrgrounds. Info: (509) 535-3679. AFM NATIONAL POINTS ROADRACE at Vacca Valley Raceway, Vaccavtlle, M Cal. Info: (415) 588-6526. ENGLISH TRIALS by the Southern caur. SCRAMBLES by tile Sinners M.C. at Tr1als ASsoc., at oak Glen, Cal. Limed Perri#J,Track. Small bikes morning, big from the Red Barn Dinner House on oak '" bikes noon. Glen Rd., aPprox. 15 mUes North of HARE ~'8cRAMBLES by The Invaders Beaumont. Don't take oak Glen Rd from M.C., • IJtst. 37 points. Sidehacks welYuclpa end, due to a washed out bridge. comed, 10 a.m. start. Limed from Red Sign UP at 9:30 Trials start 10:30. Wo: Rock Canyon on Hwy. 14. Wo: (213) (213) 865-3991. Mutrlers and spark ar254-1306. ,. resters mandatory. 2nd ANNUAL SAUCER RUN HARE SCRAMBLES by the Invaders M.C. at 10 a.m., limed from Red Rock Canyon, CMC ROAL C....tfE at Carlsbad, Cal. hwy. 14, 20 mUes north of Mojave Wo: P.O. Box •• ~{{];{untlngton Beach, Cal. 92647. ..lJ· . Desert. Dlst. 37 point run. 3rd ANNUAL EGG HUNT by the TerraTT SCRAMBLES by C.M.C. Carlsbad pins M.C. Start from S.D. Harley-DavtdRaceway. Class C traction preferred. son Co., 929 India St., San Diego, Cal. Wo: (714) 539-3328. AMA sanc. SICn! In 9 to 10 a.m. Wo: (213) 835-077~'':L TT RACE by the Mesa M.C. at Southbay ,CHARITY IU& !pX needy children by Speedway on Olay Mesa, Cal. Previously FreedQm Riders M.C. Start Long Beach known as Mesa Speedway, adjacent to Honda, 11747 E. Carson, Lakewood, Cal. Brown Field Airport. Donation Includes caffee & donuts at start, meal at tIn1sh, $2.50, children POKER RUN Santa Marla S&ddlelltes $1.50. Sign In 8-10 a.m. Info: (213) M.C. 408 A· WEI Camino St. Sign UP lO429-3557. II a.m. COtmt:Y Fairgrounds. AlI size 3rd ANNUAL GOLDEN EAGLES EGG machines. HUNT _ at the International Mota-Cross TT SCRAMBLES by The Four Aces at course, Dallas, Texas Hwy 175atBurton Perris Valley Raceway. Limed from Rd. 7 classes-something for everyon&Perris. Class C Traction, AMA Dlst. 37 AMA sanc. Info: (214) 358-5577 (Dallas). Points. Practice: Small M!C 8 a.m., big 12 p.m. Info: (213) 845-6788• TUESDAY, MARCH 25th MOTORCYCLE RACERS, INC. GENERPOKER RUN at Napa Cal. by Napa M.C. AL MEMBERSHIP MEETING, 5250 W. at NaPlI Fatrgrounds, Burnell St. Gate. Imperial Hwy., L.A. (just west of San SIgn-up, 9 to 11:3 a.m. AMA sanc. Diego Ewy.) 8:30 p.m. Election of officers, discussion of 1969 A.M.A. Rules, 2th ANNUAL POKER RUN by Hi- Way new season. KInes M.C. Start 8 a.m. to 9: 30 a.m. SAT. & SUN" MAR, 2!1_& 30th DeadUne 2:30 p.m. AMA sane. Start at 8th ANNUAL YUMA PRISON RUN by LoBg Beach HarleY-Davidson, Norwalk Centaurs·M.C., 12630 Whittier BeKh Blvd., Long Beach, Cal. Blvd. Info: (714) 298-4498. GRAND PRIX SCRAMBLES by the Viewfinders M.C. and the Stunt Men's Assoc. at Westlake, Cal., AMA sane. Entries close Mar. 25, $8. Viewfinders M.C., 6333 Woodman Ave., Suite A, Van Nuys, Calit. Sidehacks Sat. and Sun.; gates open 6a.m. both days. SUNDAY, MARCH 30 11th ANNUAL ANGELS' FLJGHT by the Lost Angels M.C. Limed from Hi-Vista Store. Dist. 37 desert points. 10 a.m. start. Large rock party sat. night. Info: 768-1058. ENGLISH TRIALS S.C.T.A. sanct. S&ddleback Park, Orange Cty. Cal. Wo: (714) 639-5832. 95 ~IILE ENDUHO NA TL. CHA~I PIONSHIP by South Jersey Enlluro Hillers, Mt. Ephriam, N.J. ACA NAT. POINTS ROAD RACE Willow Springs Raceway, Rosamond, caur. All prod. & G.p. classes. Pit open 8 a.m., 1st race 11:30. Info: (714) 528-4290. MOTO-CROSS at the Santa Maria Speedway, sponsllred by Lompoc SIc-Pokes M.C. AMA sanc.,UmedfromtheBakersfield turn-ott. WED,-SUN., APRIL 2-& CYCLE '69 aonual cycle show at Brooks Hall, San Francisco, Cal. Info: International Sport Cycle Expositions, P.O. Box 5945, Sao Francisco, Cal., 94101. THURS,-SUN" APRIL 3-& WESTERN NATIONALS show at the Great Westero Exhibit Hall, Los Angeles by the National Custom Car ClubAsso., Canoga Park, Cal. SUNDAY, APRIL 6th CHAMPIONSHIP CROSS COUNTRY at . Coos Bay, Oregon. Info: 267-3311. SCRAMBLES by the St. Helens M.C. at the Castle ROCk Fairground, Castle Rock, Washin.<>ion 98611. . -MOTG-CRU$ by C.M.C. at Saddleback Park, Orange, Cal. Info: (714) 539-3328, liter 6 p.m_ . RIDING SCHOOL S.C.T.A. sanct.S&ddleback Park, Orange Cal. Info: (714) 6395832. SUN., APR. 6, MAY 4. JUNE 1 SPECIAL CMC MOTO-CR()t;::; :sERIES at S&ddleback Park. SUN" APR, 13, MAY n, JUN E 15 SPECIAL CMC MOTO-CROSS SERIES at Carlsbad. ------- OUR READING HABITS UP TO DATE S RISE NOW GET • • • NOT HISTORYI 0$1e50 1yearo$12 for 2years' (VIA 2nd cuss MAIL) M ." o. CYCLE NEWS, VialstclassmailforoneyearS18.0 al Via Air Mail lor one Year $26. 0 BOI 498, Long Beac" Thisisanewsnbscription 0 This is a renewa.l 0 C f 9080I a'; I enclose check or money order 0 e please bill me la.ter _ NAME I I I ADDRE.;);SSL- I STATE 0 .,.-_ _ CITY-.:. _ _ ZIP _ PLEASE ALLOW THREE WEEKS FOR NEW SUBSCRIPTIONS TO START. --------------- ------- I Ruders are advl sed that II sllne in \hI s calendar Is a Ir.. Service. Cycle News disclaims any responsibility lor cancellallon or chaneine 01 events by prom oters without nollce. (due to posta' reculallons we must have zip codes on all subscriptions) Goodyear photo -----------

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