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ATTEilTlOIi I"UIlUCITY ea-T· TEES-lie .... III ..... Cre'. .ollce III , . . _Iftl .Wllts .111 . . • 111 Ust . . . III .Is . . . . . . fNe. "'s lI:l ~ ~ 2: EVERY FRIDAY NlIJIT U CALENDAR OF EVENTS SPORTSMAN TT RACESatTrojallRaee~,Ioc:ated coraer Loac Beach Fwy." G on Garfield, west 011 Sout,bern to track. Any atm. oIIay, l00cc " 25Occ. Pits clo8e 7: 30 p.m. TT SCRAMBLES, 1lPortlImeII M.C. at OIl M . track. DlStr1c:t 3'1 polDts. RaiDdate 15 MarcIl Z3rd. UltraUgbtwejcht sIp-1III c:1oIIes at 8:30. ~ welgbt closes 9: 30, and s1debacks close at 1lOOIl. Separate practice for eacb clas8. EVERY SATURDAY IIIIJ1T ~ SCMA POKER RUN. ~ . HID. SAdcl1eb8dt Park Ftrestoae mvd. Flrestooe to GutleJd. so. 8351 Ganey BlYd., So. su Gabriel. cal. SIgn In 8-10 a.m., fln1sb cImN 2 p.m. Info: (213) 429-355'7. TT RACING under tile lights at Elsinore Race Track. Just off Hwy. 71, east f1 Perris, Calif. turoolf. Sportsman tropb1es for all classes. BARE AND HOUND tit' tile llADdb1asters M.C. AloIA SIUIC. AU bikes start at 10 a.m. UD1ed north from.luDct1oaotHwys. 1'18 " 14 and south from IJIioIDern, caL EVERY SUNDAY MOTORCYCLE DRAG RACING at Lions Drag strip, 223rd and Alameda in Wilmington, Cal. Info: (213) 424-0961. DAnOlA SPEED WEEK ••,c1110 to 16 RRST SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH 11011: R.II Ilutlo_ ail pratlce, ....t_ • ...pert. TUES: ItRIo & prK., .11 cbSMSo MOTORCYCLE RACES at Deadman's Point in Apple Valley, Cal. European Scrambles, 3 one hour races, 3 classes. Post entries only. Prac. 8 a.m., race 10 a.m. IDfo: pboDli 71-339, Hwy U, Rucbo Mirage, Cal. . _ED: Pra. & Sport• •n Rulli Rae. _ED. NIGHT: Shor~lrK •• noYieRS only. THURS: P'K. on." ,Ies AIM ......"1111 time .1 ". FR': QIllIU"I_1 tI_ IrlMs & t 'Kes '01 novle.s _ BARE SCRAMBLES by Americans M.C., llmed from HI- Vista store, Just north f1 Poadel"osa, caL., race at noon. ....1_ '.ce. FRI. NIGHT: Silent IrKlt, RIlJI.rt onl,. 10....1.. .m'......d SATURDAY: 75-tAlle .YIcR Iril SURDAY OF EVERY MONTH SUllO...Y: 200......., .llPRrtS onl,. ua SCMA ST. PATS DAY PARTY. Amvets SATURDAY, lARCH Lodge, .11 CROSS COUNTRY at Coos Bay, Oregon. Info: 267-3311. 75 MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ENDURO by the Georgia Crackers M.C., Decatur. Ga. TT SCRAMBLES by San Pedro M.C. at E1elDore Raceway. 9-100cc practice at 8 a.m.. 101-250 at 10 a.m.. BYywts. at 1 p.m. Info: (213) 833-4451. SCRAMBLES by tile Polka Dots M.C. at Helvetia Park 011 Hwy 16 "RIYeI' RC*I", SllcrameDto to WOC)lU,rv! caL. Prac. 9 a.m. Start at noon. ' MOTO-CRQ.$ at Carlsbad Raceway, Carlsbad. Calif. AMA sanctiODld. Spoasored by tile Brush Bu'ons M.C. Gates ClPlm at 7:30 a.m. Expert, amateur and powder putt prac. 8, ftrst moto(experts. amateur and powder puff) at 9: 30. Sepa- rate DOY1ce prac. & motos after luoch. Info. ('114) 746-3839. 101- onl,. & exp.rt SATURDAY,MARCH8a AMA PRoFESSIONAL SHORT TRACK INDOOR races. Coocrete tentll mile track. Cow Palace, s.n FI'&DCi8co. Cal. Purse $900. warm-uP 7 p.m., raciJIg 8: 30 p.m. Flna1lndoor race IIIltl1 OClDller• 'a•. III" ........... 'a.. SATURDAY NIGHT: $IIOrt IrKlt, ........ MOTo-CRQ.$ races at Deedm·n's PoUlt, Apple ValleY, cal. by tile Hi-DesertRaclDC Aasoc. All classes, tree entry. Prac. 8:30 a.m.. race 11 a.m. Info: (714) 24'1-'1473 _ _ 5. SUIIDAY, MARCH COIMII loaa E. Artesta mvd.. Long BeA.c:b, cal. 8 Po!D. DOIlAHoaa: $1.00 per COIIII1e, sgl. ~. Info: (213) 429-355'1. SUNOAY, MARCH 1.t11 TT SCRAMBLES at AdelanlQ. Cal., by tile Desert-!,baD~M.,C. OIl Hwy 395. Dist. 3'1 points. sman bIII:es 9 a.m.. big . bIII:es and s1debac:1I:s 1 p.m. Info: ('114) 246-7551. FOUR ACES TT SCRAMBLES at Somis Speed Sport (formerly Bay Mare) AloIA sanc. Prac. 8 a.m., start 9 (213) 845-2788. a.m. IDfo: CMC ROAr. C'.t4€E at Carlsbad. Cal. Info: P.O. Box "~(l'lIIlt1aCtOD Beach, cal. 9264'1. II ENGLISH TRIALS by the Soulbern Calif. Trials Assoc., at oat Glen, Cal. Limed from !be Red Barn DInner Bouse OIl oat Glen Rd.. approx. 15 mt1es North of Beaumont. Don't take oak Glen Rd from Yuclpa eod, due to a wubed out bridge. SIgn uP at 9: 30 Trials start 10: 30.· Info: (213) 865-3991. Mutners and spark arresters mandatory. TT RACE by the Mesa M.C. at Soutbba,y Speedway on Olay Mesa, Cal. Previously known as Mesa Speedway, Adjacent to Brown Fle1d Airport. 1Itb ANNUAL POKER RUN by Hi- way KiIIp. M.C. Start 8 a.m. to 9: 30 a.m. Tleec!Jhw 2:30 p.m. AMA sanc. Start at Loac ll8ac:b Bar1eJ-DaY1dsoD, 3654LcJag 8IIec:b mvd.; Long Beach, Cal. POKER RUN at Napa cal. by Napa M.C. at Napa Falrgrouads, Burnell st. Gate. SIgn-up, 9 to 11:30 a.m. AMA SIUIC. PROSPECTORS HA R E SCRAMBLES. Separate course for tra1JbtII:es. UD1ed from California City Golf Course IIMJ" Mojave. Calif. 10 a.m. start. BARE SCRAMBLES by tile Prospectors M.C., 1lmed from California City Golf Coarse IIMJ" Mojaft. Start 10 a.m. Tropb1es aft1Jable from Dec. 15 race. 9~ MILE ENDtmo NATL. CHA~If>ION SHII' by Soutll Jersey Enduro Rjders. Mt. Epbriam, N.J. MOTO-CROSS at ... SADfa MartaSpeec\way, spoasored 'by Lompoc Slo-Polles M.C. AMA sanc.,l1medtromGaeBakersfield turD-alr. llt11 ANNUAL ANGELS' FLIGHT by tile Lost Anp1s M.C. LImedtrom Hi-V'" store. D1st. 3'1 desert polats. 10 a.m. start. Large rocII: part:J sat..nlcbt. Info: 768-1058. WED,-SUN., APRIL 2-i CYCLE '69 annual cycle sIIow at Brooks Hall, san Francisco, Cal. Info: Internatiooal Sport Cycle Esposltlons, P.O. Box 5945, San Francisco, Cat., 94101 • 'EDNESDAY, URCH lItb DIST. 31 THURS.-SUII., APRIL 3-i SCRAMBLES REF ERE E S MEETING. Poplar Street Playground. Please attend aDd complete scrambles cbeck llst. WESTERN NATiONALSsIIowatll¥!Great Western El'bibU Hall, Los Aageles by tile Natiooal Custom Car Club Assn., Canoga Park, Cal. SUIID.AY, MARCH Dril AFM NATIONAL POINTS ROADRACE at Vacca Valley Race~, VaccaY1lle, Cal. Info: (415) 588-6526. SCRAMBLES by !be SInners M.C. at Perris Track. sman b1II:es mortliDg, big bikes DOOD. BARE SCRAMBLES by The IllYlIders M.C.. Dlst. 37 points. SJdebAcks welcomed, 10 a.m. start. UD1ed from Red Roell: Canyon on Hwy. 14. infO: (213) 254-1306. 2Dd ANNUAL SAUCER RUN BARE SCRAMBLES by tile 10 a.m., llmed from bwy. 14, 20 mt1es Desert. Dtst. 3'1 point 1IJftders M.C. at Red Roell: CanyOll, north f1 Mojave run. SCRAMBLES by !be st. Releas M.C. at tile Castle Rock Fa1J"crouDd. castle Rocl<, Washin~ 98611. MOTo-CR~ by C.M.C. at SIlddlebac:k Park, orange, cal. Info: ('114) 539-3328, $ r 6 p.m. SUII., APR. I, MAY 4, .RIlE 1 SPECIAL CMC MOTO-CROSS SERIES at SAdd1ebacII: Park. SUII., APR. 11, MAY U,.IUIE 15 SPECIAL CMe MOTO-CROfIl SERIES at Carlsbad. SUNDAY, APIIL 1111 TT SCRAMBLES by Scramblers M.C. at Adelanto track on Hwy. 395. Dist. 37 poinis. Ugbtwelghts at 9 a.m. and belyyweight 'at 1 p.m. Info: (805) 497-2060. CBARlTY RUN for needy cb1Jdren by Freedom Riders M.C. Start Long Beacb Honda, 11'147 E. Carson, Lake1UOOd, Cal. DonAtion 1Dc1udes catree " donuts at start, meal at f1n1sb, $2.50, cb1Jdren $1.50. Sign In 8-10 a.m. Info: (213) 429-3557. SUNDAY, APR1L 20 100 hllLE ENDURO NAl10NAL by Bristol Twins hJ.C., Brlst"I, Va. CMC ROAD RACE at Carlsbad, Cal. Info: P.O. Box 1334, Hunttueton Beacb, Cal. 92647. SAT, II SUN., MAR. 2!1 & 30111 GRAND i>RIX SCRAMBLES by the Viewfinders M.C. and tile Stunt Men's Assoc. at Westlake, Cal., AMA 5ADC. Entries close Mar. 15, $8. Viewfinders M.C., 6333 Woodman Ave., Suite A, Van Nuys, CaI1f. stdebacks sat. and Sun.; gates open 6 a.m. botll days. SUNDAY, MARCH 30 BRING YOUR READING HABITS UP TO DATE CHAMPIONSHIP CROSS WUNTRY at Coos Bay, OregOD. Info: 267-3311 • CMC MOTo-CRQ.$ races at Carls.... Cal. Info: P.o. Boll 1334, HlBltlngton Beach, Cal. 9264'1. 3rd ANNUAL EGG RUNT by tile Terrapins M.C. Start from S.D. Barley-Davidson Co., 929 Ind1a St•• San Diego, cal. AloIA SIUIC. SIgn In 9 to 10 a.m. Info: (213) 835-0778. .~---~-------------------- . SUNDAY, APRIL,II -- SAT. & SUN., APRIL 21 & 21111 Sou!bern CaI1fornia Tr1a1s Association Two-day Englisb Trials, Big Bear Lake, Callf. People interested in scoreJl:eepIng contact Daft EftDS (213) 865-3991. SUNDAY, APRIL 21 90 hllLE ENDURO NATrONAL CHA~I PIONSHIP by Tompkins COWlty lIl.C., Newfield, N. Y: SUSSCR'SENOW GET ~•••• NOT HISTORYI 0$1.50 1yearo$12 for 2years (VIA2.d (LASS MAIL) • ., f •. eye Lf Nf W S 0 al O. , 0 Via 1st class for one year S18. Via Air Mail for one Year $26. BOI 498, Long Beach C fI·, 9080 J a NAME This is a renewal I enclose check or money order please bill me later STATE 0 0 0 _ ~ ADDRE... SS>---:-_--'CITY 0 Tbisisanewsabscriplion _ --'- ~ _ ZIP (due ID posul ,.&VI.lofts •• ",ust have zip ~od.. _ on .11 subs~'lptlons) PLEASE ALLOW THREE WEEKS FOR NEW SUBSCRIPTIONS TO START. ~-------------- - - - _.- -- I Goodye.r photo ----- --- I

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