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SUNDAY, APIIL 1311I CMC MOTO-CROSS races at Carlstlad, cal. Into: P.O. Box 1334, HWltlngtOO Beach, cal. 92647. TT SCRAMBLES by Scramblers M.C. at Adelanto track on HWy. 395. Dist. 37 Points. Lightweights at 9a.m.andheavyweight at 1 p.m. Info: (805) 497-2060. SUNDAY, APRIL 20 100 ~llLE ENDUnO NATIONAL by BriS'" tol Twins ~l.C., Bris!nl, Va. CMC ROAD RACE at Carlsbad, Cal. Info: P.O. Box 1334, HWltington Beach, Cal. 92647. SAT. & SUN., APRIL 2& & 27th Southern California Trials Association Two-day English Trials, Big Bear Lake, Calif. People interested in scorekeeplog contact Dave Evans (213) 865-3991. SUNDAY, APRIL 27 90 ~IILE ENDURO NATIONAL CHA~I PIONSHIP by Tompkins County M.C., Newfield, N.Y. TEAM SCRAMBLES by the Hi-Boots M.C. at Dehesa Speedway. Take Interstate 8 to Harbison Canyon Rd. Signs & lime from there. Race on moto-cross course. Info: 4140 Acacia Ave., Bonita, Cal. 92002. SUNDAY, JUNE I AMA PROFESSIONAL SHORT TRACKat . Dixon, Cal. Third- mile dirt track. Purse FRI.·SUN, JUNE 13-15 115 MILE ENDURO by Back Mountain Enduro Riders, Dallas, Pa. 100-MILE NATIONAL ROAD RACE at London, New Hampshire. $600. Trials 7 p.m. Race .8 p.m. Bob Barkhimer Associates, Inc. santa Cruz. cal. (Dtxon Fairgrounds 15 20 miles west of Sacramento.) 175 MILE ENDURO NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP by ~lidwest National Enduro Riders, Sterling, Ill. DInT TRACK NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP by John Blanton at Cumberiand, Md. 50-lap on 1-1/8 mile race- track at Nazareth, Pa. SUNDAY, AUGUST 3,1969 SUNDAY, MAY 25 SATURDAY, JUNE 21th 250 MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ENDURO by Enduro RIders Assn., Columbus, Ohio. CLASS "C" TT SCRAMBLES by the St. Helens M.C. at the Castle Rock Fairground, Castle Rock. Washington. 98611. SUNDAY, MAY 25 SUNDAY, JUNE 29, 1/2-MILE DIRT TRACK NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP by Jack VaninoatReading, Pa. CHARITY NEWSIESDIRTTRACKNATL. CHAMPIONSHIP lI2-MILE at Columbus, Ohio. SUNDAY, JULY 6, 1969 CLASS "C" TT SCRAMBLES by the St. Helens M.C. at -the Castle Rock Fairground, Castle Rock, Washington. 98611. 1/2-MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP DrRT TRACK by Bob Barkhimer& Assoc. at San Jose, Calif. SAT., MAY 31, SUN., JUNE 1 SATURDAY, JULY 12, 1969 50 LAP TT NATIONAL by J.C. AgajanIan at Ascot Park, Gardena, Cali!. SUNDAY, JUNE 1 7th ANNUAL VEGAS TOUR by the Lucky Wheels M.C. Dinner, many trophies,parade, souvenirs for all. Into: (714) 6885072. HALF-MILE NATIONAL at Livonia. Mich. ~f • . • • • • • ¥* * ~!A ~NEW t~ ~ SATURDAY, JUNE 7 DIRT TRACK NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP at Louisville Downs, Louisville, Ky. ··t--~:·········~··· OAD ~ R" Open ~wwP~(~):~aww·· TTT TTTTTT..... SUNDAY, AUGUST 17,1969 20-LAP TT NATIONAL by Peoria M.C., Peoria, Ill. SUNDAY, AUGUST 24,1969 IS-MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP DIRT TRACK by SCanlan's Promotions. Inc. at Sedalia, Mo. THURS., AUGUST 28 30-MILE on a 1-mile track, IndianaPOlls Fairgrounds. SAT. & SUN., SEPt. 6 & 7 125-MILE NATIONAL ROAD RACE at Sears Point, Cal. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 13,19&9 • SUNDAY, JULY 13th FIELD MEET FOR 125s by the Hi Boots M.C. at Dehesa Speedway, east of EI 1/2-MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP DtRT TRACK by J.C. Agajanian at Ascot Park, Gardena, Cali! • I Cycle News Ads * ~* t1.('".. FRIDAY, AUGUST 15,1969 SHORT TRACK NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP by Santa Fe Park Enterprises, Hinsdale, Ill. .,~~~~~!~~,~~ 8:00 a.m.::: ~Post Entry $5.00 (Incl~=.fsslon)...... ~ All riders covered by Ins. $/. 4'0 TIOPHIES HiLLCLlMB NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP (Class A Bikes) by White Rose M.C., Jefferson, Pa. a space this size lor only $19.50 (non-prom club rate). Send us the information and a check or money order and we'll do the rest. (OEAOLINEISWEONESOAY,5p.m.) ""- r~~ ~~sts,.~~ .~. Jf- ~ CLASSES by the St. Helens M.C. at the Castle Rock Fairground, Castle Rock, Washington, 98611. ,~ TT ~ (. * WAR H.z ~ NEW oiled & lI"adid tracll Gates SATURDAY, JULY 12th CLASS "c" TT SCRAMBLES : .. _--_ ..••...•••..... Box 498,Long Beach, Calif. 90801 1 h $8·00 ENTRY FEE _ _ I Wes" ... ~:r I:~~W FINDERS ~ PARrIll I . Village--$25.00 POST ENTRYI _ _ 19 ti-d ~~~69pH::.r::M:': & 30. Ci.., 5....' z- - Club. am a bonafide member of the ~ March 9- AMA Scrambles; SCTA ~ ~ Riding School Marcil 16- ACA B' ·· Moto-Cross Marcb 23 - M1m· Ike Meet; seTA Rilling SChool March 30-Sadlileback Scrambles a' Ii".'•• YOlrs.1f t SADDLEIA(I PAIII Open 9-5 daily, except Tuesdays and W_esllays Admission $2.50; Jaaiors and Minis $1.50 I • iI. s 01 Trai's I (] Acres 0 fu. O Box 2455. Orange. Calif. 714/639-5832 ~ ~-.A I ~ ~fVY~oIY'ol'N ~~~fVY~JQ YlIi....... ..... tl G 1I0-MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ROAD RACE Including 250cc Amateur and Expert race. Practice on Saturday. By Floyd Clymer, 222 N. Virgil Ave:.. Los Angles, Cali~. At Indianapolis Raceway Park, Indianapolis, Ind. 25-LAP NATIONAL TT by Santa Fe Park Ent'rprises at Hinsdale, Ill. there. Prac. 8:30 a.m. Experts race 10 a.m., novices follow expert program. ~ SAT., AUG. 2 & SUN., AUG. 3, 1969 FRIDAY, JUNE 27 SAT. & SUN., MAY 10 & 11th ~ SUNDAY, JULY 27, 19&9 20-MfLE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP DIRT TRACK by Bob Barkhimer & Assoc. at Santa Rosa, Calif. 15-MILE MINI ROAD RACE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP by Pittsburg Racing Assn., Heidelburg, Pa. MOTO-CROSS RACES by the Hi-Boots at Dehesa Speedway. Take interstate 8 to Harbison Canyon Rd. Signs & lime from ~ lz) SUNDAY, JUNE 22 SUNDAY, MAY 18th :0 ~ T'l 30-LAP TT NATIONAL by Mt.St.Helens M.C. at Castle Rock, Wash. CLASS "C" TT SCRAMBLES by the St. Helens M.C. at the Castle Rock Fairground, Castle Rock, Washington, 98611. SATURDAY, MAY 17 HALF-MILE NATIONAL in Cumberland, Maryland. DIRT TRACK NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP by Professional ~lotorcycling Inc., Terre Haute, Ind. Cal., 92002. SATURDAY, JUNE 14th 500 MILE GREENHORN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ENDURO by the Pasadena Motorcycle Club. Pasadena, Calif. SUNDAY, MAY II street .... or race.luto: 4140 Acaela Ave., BoaIl:a, SATURDAY, JULY 19, 1969 SATURDAY, MAY 31SI SUNDAY, MAY 4 ~ALL GajDa. For lJ58 aDd 1DIer', trail, sCRAMBLES by tbe st. Helens M.C. at the castle Rock Fairground. castle Rock, Washington 98611. . Expires A.M.A. Number I Make Mator I Closs. I I I Engine Number I will enter in the I I Cu. In. NOD ov1ce Amateur Expert 0 I I I Riding or Sidecar Partner I l f under 21 years of age, Parent or Guardian must sign I II ".. . ., I I have read this entry blank. Yes 0 No 0 Signature required'- _ .w. ....... ......, .... ,... and IOI"tdion of th. ....... lcon MotOl'ql'de Auociotion. I ......,. ..... to con'" .. end c:omply with the ru&n oov.u.v ill with II. ~ ~ luIM of II. A_;_ _cyd. Auoaa'Mln II. lH.tricl P $pcwta e....-;_; and I _ OIl'" .. hold _ _ ... ArMrkan ~ Auodo..... the contftt ClllIINftittM. the ~jng organization and any ptOfMf1y owner M ownen. . . any lou or Infury to ."..., • In whidt t ..., t.e:om. in"olv", by reoaon of participation in this con"". , do aIM ...... to 0 . . . - . rnponaibility for emy property ....... wWch I, .., - Mail Entries to: Ligbtweigllt Classes Entries low Dpen (, Heavyweigbt Classes Tem Newbon Emie Alexander 6333 Woodman SI. #A 6333 Woodman St. #A • '1 , No. Hollywood, Cal. No. Hollywood, Cal. Contest Winner to receive ttew sel of Leathers of his choice _ - _. . . _ . . " lose .arc l5 •• ~lIIllp ..,"..,.. .... . ... I I I I I • •

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