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'. CI) ATTENTION PUBLICITY CO_IT · TEES-B e sur. to ••nd Cycl. N.w. notlc. 01 yoar comtlll ...nls ..d we will 11.1 tIl.m in Ill. departm .nt Ir... CALENDAR OF EVENTS ~ ta:l :e EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT ~ SPORTSMAN TT RACES at Trojan Race- u way, located corner LOll( Beacb Fwy. &. ne to Garf1el Firesto G so. on ne Blvd. Firestoon Southern d, to Garfiel d, _st track. Any atfll. okay, 100cc &. 25Occ. Pits close 7:30 p.m. EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT TT RACING under tile lIgIIts Ilt Elsinor e RIlce TrIlck. Just off Hwy. 71, eIlSt at Perrts, CIl1U. turnoff. Sportsm an trapllies tor Il1l classes . EVERY SUNDAY MOTORCYCLE DRAG RACING at Lions Drag Strip, 223rd and A1lLmeda In Wilmington , CIll. Info: (213) 424-096 1. ARST SU DAY OF EVERY MONTH Deadma n'S MOTORCYCLE RACES at Point In Apple Valley, Cal. Europea n Scrllmb les, 3 one bour races, 3 classes . Post entries only. Prac. 8 a-m., race 10 a-m. lnfo: PboM 71-339>" Hwy 11, Rucho M1rap, Cal. HARE SCRAMBLES l)y Americ ans M.C., Umed from Hi-Vist a Store, just north at Pond«o sa, Cal., race III noon. 3rt! SUlOl Y OF EYERY MONTH MO'I'O-CROSS races III tle'c!mM ' s Po1Dt, cal. b1 tile Hi-DtA rtR-.:Assoc:. All c:JuHs , trMeat ry.Prac . 1:30 a.m.. rac. 11 a.m. lnfo: (714) 24'7-7473 eftntD p. ""* nu.r, l1li FII Y, FEL .I..... R.l. 2 TOP FUEL DRAG CHAMPIONSHlP bJ Ken COUIItJ RaclIIC AAoc:. III Bakers n.Id, Cal. Fuel btbs aaq. $200 to lIIe 'lfIIIMl' and $75 rwmer- uP.Pre- ent:r)'lI Ito call: (805) 323-44'7 2. 701 Bdltr st.. aaa.1'st1 eJd, cal. 83305. SATURDAY, MUCH lsI TT RACES, MlnAn lta Sileed'IIaY, 32IId Aft. and ~, Pboea1X, Ar1JIllIIa, 7 p.m. Ftrst nigbt race of the summe r -.on. SAT, • SUI" MAR, 1& 2ild MOTO-CROSS SCRAMBLES by tile Simi ValleY M.C., a benefit fO&' Illlve RUey, at Lltt1II Rock, Cal. Dlst, 37 points. SIlt: Powder Puff tbru 250 c1llSses . Sun: 350 tbru Open &. S1debac ks. Slen uP 8 a.m., prac. 9 a.m., race 10 a.m. Limed from 77 &. Pearblo ssom Hwy. SUIDAY, MARCH 2nd ENGLISH TRIALS by tile Soutller n California Trials Assocll ltlon Ilt Littlero ck, CIl1U. Limed from 77t1l St.S1gD-uP 91l.m. Trials at 10. evernig bt campou tSllt. eve. JASPER S 2nd ANNUAL POKER RUN. stcn-In 8 to 10 a.m. Clubbou Se N/W cor. Palm &. MiSsion , Ontario , CIl1U. Into: (714) 986-311 8. POKER RUN by WIlnder lust Motorcy cle Club, AMA sanc. Straw Hat ptzza Parlor corner of Ycuaeio Valley and Clayton Road, Concord , Cal. SlcnuP 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Nlcetro pbieset venra1D orsb1ne . EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES bJ tile Kern County Trallb1 llzers M.C. at Button WIllow, Cal. TbIs event replac. s tile scbeduled Mota-C ross. Pits 10 miles eIlSt of Buttonwtllow, 3 mU8sn ortbot McKittr ick on Hwy. 58. Lgtwts. 10:30 a.m. mlddltwts. noon, bvywts. 1: 30 p.m. BUSHMASTERS MOTOCROSS. All c1llSses. Two miles soutll of Beaumo nt on Beaumo nt Ave. 10 a.m. start. Btc trapllies to 50% of riders. For Info. cIl1l Rich Wllden (714) 848-826 4. MOTO-CROSS by DoD & Ray's Motorcycle Sbop. AFM sanction ed, at Palmdale, Cal. 125cc-2 5Occ and Open Jr. & Sr. SenIor 250 and oPen pays casb to 5t1l place. Prac. 9 a.m. Limed from Ave. S and Antelap e Valley Frwy. Info: (805) 942-962 4. TT SCRAMBLES at Ade1&Dto TT Track on H1cbw&T 385. stcn-UP c10lIes 11 am. Claall C. Info: (213) 9lI'7-38eO. TT SCRAMBLES, 1br. . balf-ho ur motos O-lOOCc and 101-1J5 cc Urnit III El Mlrace, Urned from Ade1utD . sPonsored by Hi-JlD b. RIlce startII III 10 a.m. Info: (213) 415-965 2. DRAG RAClNTERNATIONA!. ES III 'Roand Rock, 10 ron. north at AuatIA, Tpu 011 IIlWsta ta 35N • FM 132S, bJ the Sou ~ M..C. AMA saDC. Start 2 p.m.. DO eDtr7 fee. DESER T RACE by tbe Hi-Boo ts M.C. at east atOCoW lo Wells San Felipe, on Hwy. 78. 9tb ANNUAL l00-LA P AMA TT GRAND PRIX III Ascot Park, 1831'd St. III So. Vermon t Ave.. ~ Cal. Prac. 11 a-m., Ume trials noon, race 2:30 p.m. Also sldebac k. rnfo: FA 1-5323. 27-MIL E PONDEROSA HARE SCRAMBLES by Greyho unds M.C. Start 10 a-m. at Pondero sa Inn 15- miles East of Lancaster, Cal., on Aft. J. Trophie s to 50% at entries. Info: (213) 367~90'7. ROAD. wan.. TT SCRAMBLES Ilt new Carlsba d Raceway course In Carlsba d, CIll. $5 post entries only. Info: (714) 539-332 8 after 6 p.m. SUNDAY, MARCH 9111 CROSS COUNTRY at Coos Bay, Oregon . Info: 267-331 1. 75 ~IlLE NATIONAL CHA~IPIONSHIP E:-iDURO by the Georgia Cracke rs ~J.C., Decatur . Ga. SCRAMBLES by the Polka Dots M.C. at Helvet1ll Park on Hwy 16 "River Road", sacram ento to Woodland, Cal. Prllc. 9 a.m. Start at noon. Ir. IdYl sed t.... thI. caleldlr Re Servic•• Cycl. New. ....y r••pon.ll IlIIty for cancelli tion or ch.nlln I 01 .... nts by promot . . . withovl nollca. i. I I MOTO-CROSS at Carlsb lld Racewa y, Carlsba d, CIl1U. AMA sancUo ned. Sp0nsored bJ tile Brush Barons M.C. Gates OPeD Ilt 7:30 a.m. Expert, amateu r and powder puff prac. 8, flrst moto (eJCP8rts, amIlteu r aDd powder puff) III 9: 30. Separate novice prac. &. motos after lunch. Info. (714) 746-383 9. DAYTONA SPEED WEEK M.rdl 10 to 16 MON: R.II .tr.tlon .lId pucllce , .... t.ur .lId •• pert. TUES: R.e. & pr.c., .11 cl...... WED: Prx. & Sportsm .n Rud Rx.. WED. NIGHT: SIIortotr m, ROyle.. OIIIy. ncluto. Also pi THURS: Prx. dway. qllllllfylni lime trl.l ••t FRI: QWlllfylnl time trl.l. & h••1 ru. . lor nay Ie. . .nd 250cc combl ...d. l00-mll. ....1_ r.c•• FItI. NIGHT: SIIo.1 trxk, ....te.. ...d .xpert only. SATURDAY: 76-mll. noYlc. rx•• 10011111. Im.t_a perl ru•• SATURDAY NIGHT: Short IlUteur & up.rt only. SUNDAY: 2OO-mIl. .. upert. only. on.,. SUNDAY, MARCH 1&111 SUNDAY, MARCH 23"d CMC MOTO-CROSS races III Carlsl8 d, Cal. Info: P .O. Box 1334, Hunt1ngton Bellcb, Cal. 92647. AFM NATIONAL POINTS ROADRACE Ilt Vacca Valley Racewa y, VaccavU le, Cal. Info: (415) 588-652 6. SCRAMBLES by the S1nDers M.C. at Perris TrIlck. Small bikes morniDg, big bikes noon. HARE SCRAMBLES by The Invader s M.C., Dlst. 37 points. Sldebac ks welcomed, 10 a.m. start. Limed from Red Rock Canyon 011 Hwy. 14. rnto: (213) 254-130 6. SAT, & SUN" MAR, 2!J &30111 GRAND PRIX SCRAMBLES by the Viewfinders M.C. and the Stunt Men's Assoc. at Westlak e, Cal., AMA sanc. Entries close Mar. IS, $8. Vtewf1n ders M.C., 6333 Woodman Aft., Suite A, van Nuys. CIl1U. Sidebac ks SIlt. and Sun.; P.1es open 61l.m. botb da1s. TT SCRAMBLES at Adelant o, Cal., br tbe DeArt PMDIom M.C. 011 Ho,vy 385. bikes !I a.m.. b6lr OIst. 3'7 point&. 1 p.m. lDfo: (714) bikes and lidlllmc 246-755 L SUNDAY, MARCH 30 sm.u 95 ~I/LE ENDUHO NATL. CHA~II'IO SHIP by Soutll Jersey Enduro Riders, Mt. Epbrlam , N.J. CMC ROAD RACE at carllrbecl, Cal. 1nfo: P.O. Box 1»4, ~ B8Icll, Cal. 9ll64'7. HARE SCRAMBLES bJ the PZ'08PK tDrs M.C., Urned from CaUfnr nla City Golf Course ~ Mojaft . Start 10 a.m. Tropllies aft1lab1 e from DIe. 15 .-ce. 11t1l ANNUAL ANGELS' FLIGHT by lIIe r.- ADpJa M.C. LImed rr- B1- va.ta Store. Diat. 3'7 ~ points. 10 a.m. atart. Lup rock pU"l;F Sat. ateIIt- lJIIo: 768-10118. IED,-5UI., APRIL 2-& CYCLE '68 annual cycle sIIow Ilt Broolla Hall, San Francts c:o, CIll. lDfo: interna tional Sport Cycle EllPOS1Uoos, P.O. Box 5945, San Francis co, CIll., 94101. TT RACE bJ tile MeA M.C. at SoatIIbQ otIr Mea, Cal. ~ known . . M8A Speedw ay, ~ t to Brown Field A1rport . Speedw ay 011 THURS.-SU ., APRIL 3-1 WESTERN NA TIONALS sbow Ilt the Great Western Exhibit Hall, Los Anceles by the Nationa l Custom Car Club Assn., Canop Park. CIll. ENGLISH TRIALS bJ tJIe Soutber n CIl1U. Trials ASlIoc .. Ilt Oat G18n, cal. Limed from the Red Barn ~ Roue 011 Oak G1eIl Rd., approx. 15 m11M NortII at Beaumo nt. Don't tab Oat Glen Rd from YuclPll end, due llo Il wasbed out brldp. SIgn uP at 9: 30 TrIals start 10: 30. Info: (213) 865-399 1. SUNDAY, APRIL &111 CHAI\IPIONSHIP CROSS c..OUNTRY at Coos Bay, Oregon . Info: 267-331 1. SCRAMBLES by the St. Helens M.C. Ilt the Culle Rock Fairgro und, Castle Rock, Washini'"ton 98611. MOTo-CRU:>S by C.M.C. Ilt SIlddleb ack Park, Orange , Cal. Info: (714) 539-332 8, stter 6 p.m. POKER RUN at NIIpa CIll. by Napa M.C. at Napa Fairgro unds, Burnell SI. Gate. Sign-uP . 9 to 11: 30 a.m. AMA sanc. PROSPE CTORS HARE SCRAMBLES. Separat e course ' for trailbik es. Limed from Cll1Uornla City Golf Course near Mojave, CIl1U. 10 Il.m. start. 12t1l ANNUAL POKER RUN by Hi- way Kings M.C. Start 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Deadlin e 2:30 p.m. AMA sanc. Start Ilt Long Beacb Harley- llavidsO ll, 3654 LOll( Beach Blvd., Long Beacb, Cal. SUN" APR, I, MAY 4, JUNE 1 SERIES SPECIA L CMC MOTO-CROSS at SIldd1eback Park. SUN" APR. 13, MAY U, JUNE 15 -- -- -- --- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --UP TO DATE READING HABITS BRING YOUR S U B S C R IB E GET NEWS OW NOT HISTORYI 0$1.50 1yearo$12 for 2years (VIA 2.11 .ai ' to: CYCLE NEWS, Box 498, LOllg Beae" Ca'if 90801 is a ae. sabscripUon 'l'his is a reIIewal I enclose check or money order please bill (_ ......1eIlIl.... 0 r_ _ SS"'--ADDRE ... STATE ae later 0 0 0 0 0 _ IAME. CITY CLASS MAIL) Via 1st class _il for one year 518. Via Air Mail for ODe Year 126. This SPECIA L CMC MOTO-CROSS SERIES at Carlsba d. ~'__ Z1P .stlln e z1.J Clldn. _ _ atl_ ~'" PLEASE ALLOW THREE WEEKS FOR NEW SUBSCRIPna 5 TO START. --- Q__ .. -- -- -- -- -,

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