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by C&S Publishing Co., Post Office Box 498. Long Beach. California. also publisbers of State Cycle News for tbe Eastern states. Cycle News (Wesl), P,O, Box 498, Long BeaCh, Ca Iif, 9_ Editorial stories: cartoons. photos. etc. are welcomed and will be paid for upon publication (except press releases and 'Voice" letters.) Addressed. stamped envelope assures return. •••••••••••••• Bill Pettigrew Bookkeeper•••••• SUsan Whitelaw Circulation Dept. • Jenny McDonald Receptionist. •••••• Sandra Pur.dy -~~--...,.~ NATIONAL ADVERTISING DIRECTOR. , , •• n-as R. CUI, second Class Postage paid at Long Beach. Calif. Publisher••••• Charles C. Clayton Business Manager•• Sharon Clayton Manacing Edllor. Wayne Flemington Production Manager••Demis Greene Assistant Editor'" Lab Technician ..America's Weekly Motorcycle Newspaper- Advertising rates and circulation information will be sen t upon req uest. Tel, EASTERN mall • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• 423-0431. ADVERn SING MANAGER •••••••••••••••• Fr.... R. Mayer Single copy price•••••••••. 2:>¢ Subscdption: one year 2nd class Published weekly except the first and last week of the calendar year (213) State Cycle News (East) P.O. Box 13, Am_rst,Ohlo 44001 Tel. (2\6) 814-2433 $7.:10 ~ EAST AID leST VOICES OF THE WEST HOW IT'S DOllE BACK EAST The r e c e n t exchange of correspoodence between Bt11 Blakeslee aDd EdisCII Dye relating to tile manner In wbicb prize money was offered at tile Pepperell, Mass. International motDcross creates' some mlsunderstllndtng, perllaps. As Mr. Blakeslee sta.tled. $2lIOO In start aDd prize money was paid, bIIt tb1s was' tD New England riders wbobadqgUtfled. To enter tile Pepperell event, tile local riders bad to qualify In a preliminary series of four events held throughout !be summer. These riders were ~lied by Intersport Inc. tile promoter, witb tIlelr required FIM licenses, four free passes each to tile event, plus a total of $1000 in starting money. The riders who did not qualify received two free passes eacb as guests. The top New England riders In each class, 250 and 500 were sent to California to Westlake vtllage, all expenses paid by Intersport, Inclndtng round trip jet fare and air sbtpmeut at tbelr bites, total value about $1300. Mr. Dye rebated $450 d tills as bts share of tIlelr expenses by prior agreemeut. The top 3 riders In l!IICbclass, 250 aDd 500, received expense money to go to !be Obto lnternatiCDal, a toIal of ~ was paid out by Intersport. So, Mr. Blakeslee ts correct In tbat about $Z5OO was paid out tD riders at Pepperell, In addition tD tile European contract fee. tntersport did not offer lID pay eltber 8rJ&D Wade or Adolf WeD tD rtde u I18ttber bad been In tile ortgtnal eontract agreemtmt w1tb Mr. Dye. Nor did IDtIIrsport oller or mCDey tD certatn olbK rtders wboIIe eatr1ell were ICceptsucIa U RaIl ~ JabD Defloto, aDd Diet MuD. NCIIe of tbe8e bad take1 part In the prel1mtnlry qaa1tf)1ng series. TIle tnternatlonal lmIDts were all inYltatlonal, aDd IDtersport . . . . 'ed tile r1IId to ICCept or reject entries. TIle main potut BlewIee ball ts tlat In oar small scrambles clrcult - 0II1J &boat 500 riders, 12 tracts, and a ll8UCIII llc:bedule of 35 scrambles/motDcrOlllles - we do not feel It neceSllUY to co1lect from tbe riders. All riders In New England llC1'&IIlbJes II-.Y $5 for tbetr number. Of tIdll, $4 goes Into tile Sc:rambles Rider BeneYoIeat Fond. At each ennt, tile rider ~ a pte admission of $1.50 just lite a spectam, but tile club SPCIISortne tile event turns over tile total entryadmtssiCIISfor riders tD the Benevolent Fund. The Benevolent Fond pays Income sq>plement to any rider Injured In a New England scrambles, benefits range from $30 to $60 a week depending on tile rider'S dependents, up to 20 weeks, or $600 maximu. Tbts money Is paid to any Injured rider applying for it, regardless d any otber Insurance be may have. In 1968, the Fund paid out over $8000 to Injured riders, and enters 1969 with a useful balance on band. Thus tile New England rider takes care of bis own; the sponsoring club turns over all admissions from riders to the riders' own Fund. There Is no extra fee to ride, nor for ambulance. New England tracks provide tlrst aid service, ambulance, and a mobile field unit witll four beds, rescusitator and oxygen. There is no charge to any rider for an ambulance trip to a nearby bospltal. The clubs bere do notfeeHt necessary to charge tbe rider a fee to put CD tile show. The spectator pays to see tile riders. The riders get liWe enough, tropbtes only, to be asked also to pay. BOB HICKS IJBnvers, Mass. ..s. BROOKS BEAT ROBERTS? Just finished reading anotber set of articles on the .. Brooks Beat Roberts" series (Ponderosa Jan. 1) In the Feb. 4, 1969 issue. I raced tile Ponderosa CD Jan. 1, and didn't see tile controversial ftotsb, but appareutly tb1s Is not a requirement to be able to mouth off. So here goes. For one tbtng I haTe not relld CDe word from the otnctals to gplatn what happened, CII1y otber people's thougbt. Altbo' It's not tmposs1hle to beat J.N. Roberts, If you look at bis record you will notice there are a lot of people trying who can't. If Brooks can stay as close to J.N. as people say be did In the second race, tIlen I tbtnt we have a very promising novice on tbe way up and I'm sure most of us will back bim all the way. 1 have not beard of Brooks before now, but will sure be watcbing In the future. As for tile second race to seWe the dispute tills was Idnd of ridiculous because we all know tills really didn't answer what happened In the first race, since no two races are run tile same. Also, If you r.1!D tile Ponderosa very mucb, you wllI notice many irregularIties tbat are not noticed by tile otncals. So tile best to Brooks In tile future and continued success to J.N. Roberts. HOWARD JAMES Reseda. Calif. BEHIIID HIM ALL THE WAY For tile past two years, tbe tql riders In tile country have been trying to beat J.N. Roberts In tile desert. Now It seems tbat A. Ne1llon &< MIte Ne1lloD haTe found !be perSCII wbo caD do It. He ts number 68, T. Brooks.Hets tile lOY wbo can beat oJ.N.I If JOII doII't beU... it uk bts frtsDds. So kllep an eye CD 1&8 tIdll year, he 8IIoaId really be able tD do It to tbem. Alter all, If be caD Bt J.N" gQJlllite 8lqqatat, Patrick, Ne1llClI1, COnrad and Bowers sbou1d be euy lID beat. So tD tbe 11 rider of 1969 we wtsh you luck aDd caD bard1y watf toseeyoaln tile cfl!tIert, lil!lIcldnc tile elQl8l1s bow it ts done. Lots 0' Luck. CHECKERS M.C. ~nnnn_. Nortb Holl)'WOOd, Cal. __ I drew a liWe tire witb my quest1CD about tile situatlCD witll !be east and west coast riders at tile recent International mote cross, so I started tbIDk1ng about next year. How would tile riders like It If tbere was a series of six events to qualify tile best riders to ride against tile internationals? And bow about bavtng a $600 purse at eacb CDe. TbeD about $4000 for Americans 0 n 1y at tile International event. Thats bow tbey hope tD do it at Pl!IIP8I'ell CD tile 19tb of OCtdler'. Someoae's tbIDk1ng. And I'll bet tile riders dCD't have tD pay to get In, or boy oae- time licenses eltber. BrLL BLAKESLEE Downey, Cal. ImproYllllents On Desert E,ents? I have read Cycle News for a long time and I can bonestly say tbat tile section on desert events could be greatly Improved. You sbould have a better coverage on uP and coming riders. I, for CDe, like to know who Is up to what In tile race scene around tile desert. I ride trail bike, and tate a large interest In tills activity. I would, as would many of my friends, lite to know more about tills particular event. (Novice as well as Am./Ex.) Please try tD haft a better spread of pictures as _11 as prtottng. There Is a lot of country COYered by even a short race, so try to throw in a liWe YlU'lel;y for a cbange of pace. I fUlly support your newspaper, but would enjoy seeing these few Impnmlmeuts. DON REYNOLDS Rtdpcreat, Cal. HELP II THE .88 I want tD tbaIIk tile members of tile SlpHoppersM.C.forbelPtncmegetout of the mud bole during tile 250 Nattee Europeu SCramtlles at EncInttu, SuD_ , Feb. Ind. Earlier tbat mondng, 1 was beIped In getting my T-Blrd out of a ditch by some goodpeople.1bts~ tD me that motorcycltsts are tile frteDdliest and mOllt heJpfal people I 1aIlnr. ED SOLIS ~ Alhambra, calif. i U•• D : : AYOU'RE NOT SElLING CYCLE NEWS, TT£NTION IF • HERE'S YOUR CHANCE TO GET WITH ITI : YOUR CUSTOMERS will come back every week for • CYCLE NEW S because • eacb issue is filled with fresh, original reports of • happenings on two wheels. • Big bikes, little bikes. As• cot, customs. desert. drags. fun bi ke s, road bikes, • scrambles. short track. • 'IT's. transportation and trailing. CYCLE NEWS is L• partial to them all. SEND no COUPO • • • • • • • • • 0 L 'It,l., . .II. roc" ... co" to. I'~ co • $1.50 .. : : • CYCLE NEWS. motoreyclIng's weekly newspaper Is F1RSf willi compell.tton results, F1QST with Ibe news of Interest. I • • • YOU MAKE 10 cents on every copy bought

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