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__--------"""IIIl:~"'Tl"'------------'T"'--'" -- ~~--- t ll. oct. '68 . . . ZOOcc OSSA 175ec stiletto. claSs 4-straJg!lt. OWned " racedby oaa Serv. Mgr. Must sell immediately $615. Also 2-rall trailer $55".00. Jielf. (714) 882-1019. DIiESTOIIE 115 SOl SCRAMBLER Extra tires, g.NrS, GtrllDg: sliocb, re.worked-front fons. $4Z5~(213):r.r4-0635~ Very !list, very cJelm iii! YAMAHA 251 OTIS Enduro gold tank beauty. Was w1!l!' s Xmas S1Il1!rtse. Surprisel She bates It. And me. Has ZOO street miles. WID COlIS1der trade for Pici.-·up•. omce phone any day. most'"eTl!DiDgs. Stu Sanders (213) 639-3359. - EOR SALE; YamablI 100 Twin Van Tech !ramey alloy rtms, many extra. engine PIlrts. Complete with fairing $400.00 ~ 63L-4554:. WANTED: &! DT-l _1.111 ~ CampIelll!c Gft Idt, Bultac~ new. tank: $500 .oo~ Days brice... 66-1/2. compo release, big (213) 24a-2.S01. atter 6 p.m. 2.48--1712. MA.TCHLESS - 1964 SOOcc G80CS desert ready. everything fresh. 75 m' on cherry eogtDe. New" ttres, c.ha1ns, re.:: set speedometer, two ta:DIts $500.00. After 'l p.m..can (213) 699-029:ll. mOl: t • TO RIDE & I ' E.xpert. riders In American sports competition tell the i:et"hniques of tr&ci. and trail. Chuck "Feets" Minert on TTScr&mbles, Bud Ekins. on Moto-Cross.;j Eut CO&st's Don Pink. tells how to I" Enduros md woods. John M Laughlin on Grand Prix Scra.mbles. Helpful ups on setup of motorcycles. cards &< Ii 'euses and mucho more. Hardbound. $4. postpaid. Send check. or money order to HOw to Ride" Win. c '0 C&S PubliShing Co., Box '198, Long Beach, CaliL 91180l. FTED - T SEl.L SeUmynew CZ 360 singIe.pipeand.ESO Jb:L DT5011 SpeedWay tIiis weelt $UOO and $950. Call (213) 329-1960. SAYED UJ Alg YE UP Tn 25% 1969 New 25D ez. twill. pipe as ez: twm. pIpe $835. 250 converted to siIIgle pipe, $lIOO~ 1967 Greens CbAIIenger just: re;6a11t eogtDe $450~ 196"& :l6O Husq, ftl'Y clean, 2.1 !Deb. front. wbeel $75"0. 1961: 75OCC: NOrte. Scrambler, street." dirt. 1000 miles. ~ 10%5".'68. 65"0 Triumph ~ ll8iDt- ~.So. Bay MOtm'c:ycIe, 2!3 So.. Paci!le Cout. RW7., Redondo BeadI, CaD!. P Desert riders in Locerne. Vaney Feb. 16. Cry babies, sniv1ers, 1EALE. For . . So.. BIiy area. 15 SClllleril, 163< l't« A-.,. Redi:lado BieIrdl" CalIf:. (213) 3'l6-509li. SACHS: lliIOtcH:ross: liIl:ec '6.7, ~ deSert fIOte. U.... Ii:ont wJleeI, __ triiIlS rBE". FfItrla.,LobUo.~DJbs:rflIp,. eag:IDe ill peotect C'O!di1cD (213) lI35"6llll'l. smGI:.!l RAIL. m.oton:yeIe; tDUeJr wm: tlt. dl. btJtH; $6Il.OO... (~ 4M.-4291~ I!Ian! Ii BIiIDd IIIlQ'" be pidIedI lIt:Jlllliec SlIde. Ie ~JfiIW~rrom:67 ~ also.. In'l& ~ st.. "ilm~ CaJ1L.~. Bushmasters stay home. Aoonymoos M.C. LLOYD LINGELBACH Please eootacl. Cycle News. We bfte llcbeekanclaletter for you from Wes Cooley. 1966 TRIUMPH TR6-C. See to apprecl$'775".00. Call (213) 534-3<115. ale '62. ALLSTATE lIIotor Scooter $65.00. Runs good juSt rebuilt. (2.13) 423-68.73. DESERT YA MAHA 80, '65. Never raced, Maverick sboe.JiS,- fiell.vy duty springs in forks, 52. too t.b. sprocket, expansion ~ , car1lsle tire. Excelleotcondition, fast, reliable $225 or best offer. (714) 523-0866. AT1. ExprmsiOll chambers $39.lJ5. Ikt Allen. Yamaha, 24811 SlID FerDIIDdo Rd., Newll:aJl. Call!. 91321. (805) 259-8460. 2.5OCC PUCH for sale, $100.00 cash. Call (213) 635-7'160, asJt for Jolin. '66 TRWMPH TR6 completelY rebuilt runs perfect. New '68 Rat, very clean.. Ph: (2.13) 635"-8.745" aft8r 6.- GARAGE SALE - Sund"ays- Motorcycle parts " lICces. l000cc' Morns eng. " transm., 2 sidecars. Phone: (805) '1986393 - at: 667 MaJat Dr., Newbury Pit, Cal. 9l32.O.. '1 mls. past Thousand ClaIts, - Wendy Dr. turnoff). toP end, FOR SALE: 1964 Ducati (2.13) 429-2347 after GET A IA NOW AVAILABLE Maie. - X4A 250 &. 360cc Ya a - DT-l &. All models (except 80 &.100 trail) Your BmI~lldllal~, hu them IIGw.Alumlnum Alloy, Co,p,one Bonded. We do nol sell reU'l. rB~ I T ~ F.~~~~ ~E- ~, .... ,•••••- SEE YOOR BARNETT DEALER 4915 Pacific Blvd., Vernon, Califonlia, PbORe: 589-5488 MATCHLESS engine, 500cc single, runs good. For sale or trade for late model 250cc ~ne plus cash. Best aUer takes. (2H) 92s;.. 7382. '66 BULTACO Matador engine. complete, must sell $60, bst. offr. Call (213) 3966595 late niles or early morn. CLEAN '68 441 Victor. Low mileage. $800 or best offer. (213) 372-4827. FOR SALE. - Four room bouse, R~ burg, Calif. $1600.00. (213) 699-4161. '67 HODAKA. Ext. forks,. rake plate, CerlanL sboeks, .big tires. Webco bead, pipe, e1elmer, bored, ported, straigllt pars, ~ clutcb. Fresh, fast IUId very c1elID $S5O. (213) 32.8-3046. AsIt for Doac! CHEVROLET '67 V-a pick;-qI in c:beny coadi.tial, will tnde- my e

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