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CI) ATTENnON PUBUCITY CO_IT· TEES-Be sure to send Cycle News notice of your comlnl ...nts and w. will list th.m in this department fr•• CALENDAR OF EVENTS S tool ~ tool d Tah a friend EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT 'M' Iv.CING UDder the lights at Elsinore ;:.., Race Track. Just at! Hwy. 71. east of U Perris. Callt. turnat!. Sportsman trophies for all classes. EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT SPORTSMAN TT RACES at Trojan Raceway. located corner Loog Beach Fwy. & Firestone mVd. Firestone to Garfield. so. on Garfield. west em Southern to track. ~ affil. okay. 100cc & 25Occ. EVERY SUNDAY MOTORCYCLE DRAG RACING at Lions Drag Strip. 223rd and Alameda in Wilm1ngton, Cal. info: (213) 424-0961. ARST SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH MOTORCYCLE RACES at Deadman's Point in ApPle Valley, Cal. European Scrambles, 3 one hour races. 3 classes. Post entries only. Prac. 8 a.m •• race 10 a.m. lnte: Phone 71-339. Hwy 11. Rancho Mirage. Cal. HARE SCRAMBLES by AmerlcansM.C .• Umed from HI-Vista Store. just north of Ponderosa, Cal•• race at noon. 3r1l SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH MOTo-CROSS races at Deadman's Point. Apple Valley. Cal. bytheH1-DesertRac1ng Assoc. All classes. free entry. Prac. 8:30 a.m., race 11 a.m. Infe: (714) 247-7473 evenings. CAunON ADULTS Ai' PLAY tED.-SUN., FEB. Hth SACRAMENTO AUTORAMA at the aId fair grounds. Two jumps a day by Evel Kn1evel. FRIDAY, FEB. 1, 141h INDOO:\ I\JOTORCYCLE SHORT TRACK by Bob Barkhlmer Assoc. Inc. at the Cow Palace. San Francisco. Cal. Pit gate 6 p.m •• trials or warm-ups. 7 p.m •• races start 8: 30 p.m. '0 a mo'orcycle eyelJ' 'his weehndl AFM NATIONAL AWARDS BANQUET at the Hollday Inn. West Covina. Cal. Cocktails 7: 30 to 8: 30 p.m•• prime rib dtnner • $6.60 per person. Reservation only betore Feb. 2. with psyment. info: (213) 762-9875. 19th. ANNUAL Hi MOUNTAIN ENDURO by Cai Poly Penguins M.C.; AMA sanc., sparr. arresters required. Entries close Feb. 7. Start 9 a.m. Limed from Santa Margarita, Cal. Into: Box 111, San Luis Obispo. Cal. 93401. SAT. & SUN., FEBRUARY 81h & 911 CLASS A SPEEDWAY RACING atWbiteman Airport Stadium, 12850 Pierce St•• Pacoima, Cal. Sign- up noon. race 1 p.m. Info: (213) 370-9800. after 6. ELSINORE GRAND PRIX by the Grlpsters M.C., AMA sanc. Dlst. 37 desert scrambles. Races 11 a.m •• small bikes Sat., big bikes and sidehacks Sun. SUNDAY, FEB. 91hMOTO-CROSS at the new Poso Park, 18 miles north of Bakersfield on Freeway 99 at Famoso Junction, by the Kern County Trailblazers. Prac. 9:30 a.m.. race 10: 30. Dist. 35 points. CROSS COUNTRY at Coos Bay. Oregon. info: 267-3311. MOTO-CROSS SCRAMBLES by the St. Helens M.C. atcasUeRockFai~grounds. CasUe Rock, Washington. 2nd. ANNUAL SWEETHEART RUN by the Mary's Men. AMA sanc.; sign-in 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. at Honda of San Diego. Kettner and Asb. AMRA 'M' races at Manzanita Speedway in Pboenix. Arizona; 11: 30 a.m. prac •• races at noon. TRIALS by the Stockton M.C .• AMA sanc. From north, llmed from Business 99 to AlPine Ave. W.. from soulb, llmed on Hwy 50 to E1 Dorado st. N•• then east to AlPine Ave.. to Calaveras River near Weberstown in Stockton. Cal. MONDAY, FEBRUARY lOth REFEREES MEETING at the Lodi M.C. clubbouse, 8 p.m. FRI.-SUN., FEBRUARY 14-161h KERN COUNTY CUSTOM CAR & BOAT SHOW. Goode Auditorium, KernCo.Fair Grounds, Bakersfield. Cal. info: (805) 323-9819. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15th FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1 35 LAP INDOOR SHORT TRACK NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHiP by Pace Management Corp., Houston. Tex.(Astrodome). SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 8 30 LAP INDOOR TT NATIONAL by Pace Management Corp~ Houston Astrodome. SCRAMBLES AND MOTo-CROSS RACING at tile Fontana· Drag Raceway. 13444 FoothUl mvd•• Fontana, Cal. Gates open 5 p.m., time trlals 5:30. race 7 p.m. Readers are advl sed that II sllnl In this calendar Is a free Service. Cycle News elsclalms any n5Ponsibility for cancellation or chanllnl of events by promoters without notice. ACA CHAMPIONSHIP BANQUET AND DANCE, Coda'S Restaurant., Buena Park. Cal. Cocktails 7 to 8 p.m. Reservations and into: (714) 528-4290. SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 161h LYTTLE CREEK ENDURO on North Riverside Ave. in Rialto by tbe Crestline M.C. and Rialto J.C.'s. Limed trom Riverside Ave. and Higb1and. Start 9:01 a.m. Parent's release If under 21. Into: (714) 882-1818. 19th ANNUAL are closed. m MOUNTAIN. Entries ACA MOTO-CROSS at Saddieback Park. Pits open 8 a.m., close 9:30. race 11:30. l00cc througb Open, Sportsman and Senlor. 50-MILE TRAIL POKER RUN at Tacoma. Wasb. by Tacoma M.C. Sign-uP Graham Speedway. 9 miles south ot Puyallup. $100 tor best hand. Info: (206) LE 7-5793. CMC ROAD RACE at Carlsbad. Cal. Info: P.O. Box 1334. Huntington Beach. Cai.92647. ENGLISH TRIALS by tbe San Diego Trials Riders at Elsin Forest, near Escondido. Ca.; take 9th. St. W. from U.S. 395 in Escondido. Limed and signed. about siJc miles. camping & groceries. Mufflers mandatory. no expansion chambers. SIgn-up 9 a.m •• start 10 a.m. SCRAMBLES by tbe Stockton M.C. at Lone Tree. Cal.. three miles east of Jack Tone, Lone Tree roads intersection, north east Manteca. Cal. Sign-uP 9 a.m.. race at noon. infe: (209) 4633912. before 6 p.m. HARE & HOUNDS by the Desert M.C .• Dlst. 37 points; 10 a.m. start, marked from Lucerne. Cal. ROUGH SCRAMBLES. AMA sanc., by the Taft M.C .• quarter mile east of Maricopa, Cal. FEB. 16, MAR. 8, APR. 13, JUN. 8 'M' SCRAMBLES by the Hi-Boots M.C. at Debesa Speedway. Take Interstate 8 to Harbison canyon Rd•• signs & Urnefrom tbere. Prac. 10 a.m •• race noon. Dlst. 38 & national sporting points. info: 4140 Acacia Ave•• BonIta, Cal. SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 23rd CMC GRAND PRIX at Carlsbad Raceway. Carlsbad. Cal. Gates open 7:30 a.m •• race 9 a.m. Leathers required. 75% dirt, 25% aspbalt. P. O. Box 1334. Huntington Beach. Cal. 92647. ACA OPENER GRAND PRIX ROAD RACE at Willow Springs Raceway. Rosamond. Cal. All prod. & G.P. classes. Pit gates open 8 a.m.. first race 11:30 a.m. HARE SCRAMBLES by the Sidewinders M.C .• llmed trom Red Mountaln. Cal.. AMA sane. Start 10 a.m. SUNDAY, MARCH 2nd DESERT RACE by the HI-Boots M.C. at San Felipe. Wasb., east of OCotillo Wells on Hwy. 78. 9th ANNUAL 100-LAP AMA TT GRAND PRIX at Ascot Park. 183rd St. at So. Vermont Ave•• Gardena. Cal. Prac. 11 a.m.. time trlals noon. race 2: 30 p.m. Also sidehack. Inte: FA 1-5323. SUNDAY, MARCH 91h CROSS COUNTRY at Coos Bay, Oregon. info: 267-3311. 75 MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ENDURO by the Georgia Crackers M.C .• Decatur, Ga. DAYTONA SPEED WEEK Marcil 10 to 16 MON: Rellstrallon and pracllce, amateur and expert. TUES: ~el- & prac•• all classes. WEO: Prac. & Sportsman Road Race. WED. NIGHT: Short-traCk, novices only. THURS: Prac. only, plus enduro. Also qualitylnilime trials at speedway. FRI: Qualltylnl time trials & beat races for novices and 2SOcc combined. 10D-mlle amateur race. Flll. NIGHT: SIlort track. amateur and expert only. SATUROAY: 76-mlle novice race. 100mile amateur-expert race. SATUROAY NIGHT: SIlort track, amateur & expert only. SUNDAY: 2OO...lIer, experts only. SUNDAY, MARCH 16th 'M' SCRAMBLES at Adelanto, Cal•• by the Desert Fantom M.C. On Hwy 395. Dis\. 37 points. Small bikes 9 a.m., big bikes and sldebacks 1 p.m. Into: (714) 246-7551. CMC ROAD RACE at carlsbad. Cal. infe: P.O. Box 1334, Huntington Beach, Cal. 92647. SUNDAY, MARCH 23rd CMC MOTo-CROSS races at Carlsbad. Cal. info: P. O. Box 1334. Huntington Beach, Cal. 92647. SAT. & SUN., MARCH 29 & 301h VIEWFINDERS GRAND PRIX at Albertson Movie Ranch. Ltwl. & Powderpuff Sat., hvywt. Sun. Entries close March 15. Viewfinders M.C., 6333 Woodman, Suite A. Van Nuys, Cal. SAT. & SUN., MAR. 29 & 301h GRAND PRIX SCRAMBLES by tbe Viewfinders M.C. and the Stunt Men's Assoc. at Westlake. Cal•• AMA sanc. Entries close Mar. 15. $8. Viewfinders M .C •• 6333 Woodman Ave•• Suite A. Van Nuys. Callt. SUNDAY, MARCH 30 95 MILE ENDURO NATL. CHAMPIONSHIP by South Jersey Enduro Riders. Mt. Ephriam, ..J. --------------------------------???? • • • • Why Not Look At All You Get IS7.S0 1yearD$12 for 2years D 0 0 • FIRST reports and results of National Via 1st class mail for one year 518. and Local events. Via Air Mail for one Year 126. • SAVE $5 to $13 over si~le copy price. This is a new subscription • FREE Cycle News decal. This is a renewal • SPEEDIER delivery. I enclose check or money order or • NEWS beflre it's history. please bill me later • FREE delivery to yoII' mailbox. • GUARANTEED delivery of every issue. • YOU R NAME on 1he front page. PLEASE ALLOW • FIRST CHANCE at Want Ad offerings. THREE WEEKS FOR • MOST complete dealer & services directory in lIIe West. NEW SUBSCRIPTIONS • UP-TO-DATE schedule of eveilts. TO START. o o o o (VIA 2nd CUSS MAIL) NAME _ ADDRESl;);lS'- _ CITY_---'STATE _ _ ZIP _ (due 10 postal relUladons we must have zip codes on all subscriptions) Mai' to: CYCLE NEWS, BOI 498, Long Beach Ca'if 9080r

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