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HARE SCRAMBLES by lbe GrOlllldsbat ers M.C., 11 a.m. Limed from GllllldaJe Juact100 aDd Salt Lake Hwy., 1-1/2 llours trom Las Veeu, Nevada. 19tb ANNUAL MoalE RUN HARE SCRAMBLES by lbe Four Aces M.C., Ilist. 37 points. 10 a.m. start. Limed from Wagon Wbeel Cafe, 14 mUes north at Mojaft 011 Hwy. 14. lDfo: (213) 845- 8834. SUNDAY. FEBRUARY~d EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES at Encinitas, cal. by tbe Sage Hoppers' M.C. 3rd annual Rat Race. Prac. 9 a.m•• race 10 a.m. AloIA SllDC. Limed from Freeway #5 and Encln1t&s Bm1. lDfo: (714) 7532907. MOTO-CROSS at E1s1Dore by Hi-J1Ju M.C. Limed 011 Hwy. 71. Meeting 9:30 a.m.. race 10 a.m. Info: (213) 865-4508. HARE SCRAMBLES by Marin County M.A. at Ch1Da camp, just north at San Rafael, Cal. Prac. 9 a.m.. race at 11000. L1med on Bwy. 101, north of San Raf:ae1. Take San Pedroex1t.Info: (415) ll97-.5901. ANNUAL GOLD RUSH ENDURO by the Prospectors M.C.AMAsanc.Start8a.m. Limed from Palmdale &< Adelanto on Palmdale BlVd. lnfo: Earl Wllson, 1547 W. Z19tb St.. Torrance, cal. 90501. FRIDAY, FEB. 1.14111 INDOOR MOTORCYCLE SHORT TRACK by Bob Barkh1mer Assoc. Inc. at the Cow Palace. San Francisco, Cal. pugate 6 p.m., tr1als or warm-illS, 7 p.m., races star~ 8:30 p.m. SAT•• SUN•• FEBRUARY'" & ... ELSINORE GRAND PRIX by lbe G"rIpM.C., AKA SllDC. D1st. 37 desert scrambles. Races 11 a.m., small bUIes Sat.. btC bikes and sidebaclts Sun. st8rS SUIDAY, FEB." MOTO-CROSS at lbe new Paso Park, 18 m1les nortb at Batersf1e1d 011 Freewa,y 99 at Famoso JlIDCtioa, by the Kern Count;y TnUblaurs. Prac. 9:30 a.m.. race 10:30. D1st. 35 points. SUNDAY. FE BRUARY U " , .LYTTLE CREEK ENDURO at 1nlaDd AIIA-DISTRICT 311JU SPORllNG CALENDAR Pelat E1HIs Oaly JAIUAI\Y 21 DII••• H••• H.uad 19 S- GaIIrl.1 E...... Scr. OCTOBER s. ..... TT Sc:rnallio. 5 RI_stde . .bor. Eodaro 2li Dirt DIUW. TT ScrlOlbl.. TT Scraabl.. Scrallbler. Foor Aeo. FEBRUARY 2 Pro t . .9 Gr~~· 16 Perri. Vall., Doaort MoC. 23 S- Bemardl.. Sidewilldor. MARCH 9 Sp t w _" San Pen S... 16 Doaort PIlantoll. F_ Aeo. Pr••pocD. 23 IlIYacior. 29 ... 30 VI..,I...... 30 Lo.t Ill..... 51_. APRIL 13 HI'" Side MoC Vlctw.· 20 Lllbtwol&tth Foothill Hawks 27 San Bornardillo SimI Vall., MAY 4 SIlamrocb 11 Powdor Pun Rid Dol. 11 StlllllP Jumper. 51111 Vall., Or.p ClNIlItJ 25 D.aort P"'tDlI. S.d IIlas". Side ".dor. 30 :'~:'dlllO • Or.p C_., AlItalopo R"''''. 15 100'. Perris Vall., HI. Side 22 AlIpl. S.lIIIlIlastor. . So. Cal. 29 Dirt Dill.. s,ou lI_dor. JULY 13 Do_t P....toIIlS er.dl.. 19 St.p J .....s 27 F_ Acos TT Saambl.. Hare. Hound H•• ScratDlll.. Sa_bl.. Sc.allbl.. ScrMbI.. Scrambl.. H•• Serallll'.. TT Saambl.. Ewopon Scr. TT TT TT TT TT Scr. .I.. Hare. H_d TT Sa_b.os Scr. ~ Har•• Hound TT Scrambl.. Mot. Cross _ • • = MOT o-c R0 SS Pre.1I .ntry ••. 00 5's:E'.... :::'.:.:'1... III...., CIrI"'~ ~ g JAN 19th , TT ScralObl.. Har. Scrambl.. Mol. Cro.. TT SCr....I.. Ewopoan Sa. Ewop.a. Scr. ~r:c'S:::::I~. Sle'deear Raeers Smith"s les&eru Schedule Southern caW. LECTURE &< FILM.:no adm1ss1011 cbarp. Jan. 22. 1969 8-10 p.m. at Elks Club, 1155 21st St., Santa Moaica. Jan. 24, 1969 9-10 p.m. Wbaley Park, 5620 E. Alberton, Lone Beach. SCRAMBLES SCHOOL Jan. 25, 19611 9 a.m.-5 p.m. at BlIIIt1DctaI Beach Cycle Park, 7561 'J'aJbert.1lut1Dgtoo Beach. School tree. $1.50 part admtss1OD. Br1Dc motorcycles. Nortbern CaJ1f. LECTURE &< FILM-ooadm1ss1011ehaJ'p. Jan. 28, 19611 8-10 p.m.atRldpR1IIIDel"S M.C. clubbouse, Harre)' West Park, '-'-ta Cruz. .,... Jan. 29, 1968 8-10 p.m. at A__1eaIl Legion Hall, 651 E. cam1Do Real. Redwood City. Jan. 30, 111611 8-10 p.m. at IUehmODd Ramblers CIIl1lbowMt, Pt. IUehmood Scrambles Track. SCRAMBLES SCBooL&-llo lIdmlss l Oll Feb. 1, 19699 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Park, Santa Cruz. Feb. 2, 19699 a.m.-5 p.m. at RichmODd Ramblers Scrambles Tract, PLRic:bmood. *, - *. ** * * ** *. *.* •• * •• *. * ••••••••••• *~ C~O':t'o:eO~O.L::E:; =. 14 Sllamrocks s.. !lor_dl.. Drul. ColIIItJ Carlsbad Raceway Eo.r. Grand PrIx TT Scrambl.. H••• HOUlId TT Scrambl.. Har. Scralllbl.. H••• HOlIIld TT SCr....... Q ..... -.-R.,.U-....-5""""'H .............."..A..... R.-....O--..N.-.--..5.,.M-....-.""""'C ~"""""""'...... ..... ~~6\')..~. Tbe 1964 and '65 Brtt1Bh world '-lei' will gift free lectures, sbcrtr a film, "Tbe Rough Riders", in wbich be stars and answer questions 011 motD-cross at tift loeattOllS in CaWorn1a(_seheduJe below). He will also cODduct free molDcross schools at three places d·-- b1B -two- week western visit. A motorcycle rider siDce the ace at Smttb ......_ElSA fac..... rider n1De, -..e a -I in 1953 when be was nineteen, from tr1als to scrambUnc the follcnr1Dg year. in 1955 be woo lbe Moto-Cross Des NatioDs, and be genu1Del1' be11eYes molD-cross ~ the nnest sport of all. After the western scbooJ and lecture series, Smitb roes to Wasb1Dctoa D.C. where be will represent BSA in the trade sbow. Har•• H.und G _ ::::::::; ran d PrIx FEN E w. B 23 . =:sr:~::aa.:'IIIo: = r_~~:::I~. : ! . 21 ::.m:sMS .,.. cross rac1ng to Americans• please ~:::.eakr~r.;Europea. Scr. S~F.fE.~1;RII.' ;:=:"':=:::0:. ~~:=:. Han Scr. TT ScrUlllI.. Anyone interested in rae1ng sidecars at IndIanapol1s Raceway Park in 1969 COIItact I.R.P. U &DOugh people sbow early interest, an event will be planned. Also lbe size of 1be purse will be based 011 tile number at entries; tile larger lbe field, tbe bigger tbe purse. Tbe displacement Umtt will be 1300ec, similar to Br1tisb SbortCircuUformula. Wood Hacks will be permttted as loagas they are structurally sound and fitted witb road tires. as well as unUm1ted design road racers. The Br1tisb and Europeans bave loag known t!lat 3 wbeel rae1ng is oae at tile most entte1ng and exciting spectator draws in the racing world. 100 mUe per bour 3 wbeel tire smot1Dr dr1fta will come to lbe Midwest in 1969, if rae1ng entbus1ast make tbeJr interest known tbis year. Lets close the gap 011 lbe Europeans. Write or call Don DakIn, c/o I.R.P. RR *18, Box 116, Ind1anapoUs, Ind1ana, (317) 241-4090 TT Scr_blu ;~~7~:~;:~~H 1 & 2n~ .Jeff Smttb, twice 500ec World MolDCross Cbamp1011 and his trust:Y ElSA w1J1 be tour1ng the United States in the com1ng weeks to teach tbe art of moto- Han • HCllIIId r_. • '.r. TT Scra_I.. Eadw. Buzzard. Grancl Prix Scr. 2li Grlp.t.. TT Scrambl.. RalO. Hare. HOUlId NOVEMBER TT SaalObl.. 2 Foolblll Hawk. H•• SaUlllI.., • 9 Dirt DIUW. 16 llua11...... So. CaL TT Sc b.. .... 23 Perri. Vall., TT Scrambl.. IIarstow H••• H_d _ G-~I.I TT Scrambl.. £~ ... .... TT Saambl.. 30 D._t P"'t.lI. Har. Serallll... DECEMBER TT Scralllbl.. 14 HI'" Sido Har. ScrUlllI.. Sldo Hack Assn. Grand Prix 21 ADtalopo RalObl.r. Har. Scrallblos Casebolla Vall., Pr•••CD. Molo Bu.b Ma.t.. Har•• Hound 2. Lit. Wol&tth TT Scramblos Scrambl.r. H•• Scrambl.. TT Saambl•• Har. Scrambl.. Endur. TT Seralllbl.s Hare SaalObl.. lIot. Cross TT Serambl.. Har. ScralObl.. TT Sa_bIo. Europa.. Ser. Eeopo. Sa. Mota Cross Han Scrallllios JUNE TT ScralObl.. TT Scrambl.. Side Hack. A.... Cbock... 19 P. . . . Pull H•• Scraml.. ~~es:t:YM~;.eorin=~~ ~oUf~~r. small bikes. TrqlIUes for ace 16 &. ~~ Lost CoJol.. ~i~~.., lIIlder. Dad can ride a1aIc. lDfo: D. GRIFFITH PARK GRAND PRIX by the Gr1ff1tb Park M.C. 100 mUes. sat: 0 to 25Oec, SuD: 251 to Open. Dist. 37 desert 12 Spwts... ••,.·1 G . , ,. ,••c' • 3.5 mile ...._ s:: :! C LA• •IE. • .125cc 251"" :~ • • .. 12&'251". ~ , . 0,.. e.r s • I.c•••, 7 l1li los east of s.. DI.IO FWJ •• IENTH• • • _.::::-::"..:: is 7 mi. east of coast l1ighway (interstate 5) on Palomar Alrpo~ Rd. For more Info. call (714) 745-1311 or (714) 74fr 5700. Huntington Beach. cal. 92647 Pal.... Airport RtI. SPEEDWAY RACING' RETURNS 1 Night ONLY ROAD RACE Prize Moaey & Tropbies with TT Sportsman Class an d Entry Fee $5.00 Sportsman Slo.oO GoP. AMA MOlo-Cross ALL CLASSES calqling aiglll be"e OK (gales close 11 p.m.) (see ad) .. • *.**.** •• **.* •• **.*.* •••• ** ••• **.* ... ***** SATURDAY NIGHT DOUBLE EVENT eAIISIA. JAN • 19th ','.r••"",' I.c,••, i: Cllse FeL 15111 • • Mail lOy $&.1IlI 1334 szt.. - Plsi : CMC - PO Box • PROFESSIONAL "K_'::'-==-:': •• JAN.25 ,.m. &:00 Featuring U.~. Champion lie' W ••ds I, Cal ifornia Champion S•• ".ffer WHITEMAN STADIUM 12130 Plerc. St., PacoIma Takl T.rra Bolla nit .ast off Golden Stata F,••wa, Gates Open 4:30 p.m. First race 6:00 p.rn. AU SEATS $2.00 FREE PARKING Children under 12 FREE See the lop Americans - using European Speedway Slyle

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