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. , ' 'ft -, One of the funniest things I saw was one r ider coming up the hill and dr opping It. He picked up the bike but then threw It down again and ran over to a tree wher e he !Ioppped down and put his leg up In the alr against It yelllng: "Charley Horse'" About len mlnules later he got up but fell down again and cr awled back to his tree to prop his leg up, I thought everyone around there was gonna die laughing. FInally he tr ied getting up aga in and this time got on his bike and rod e away, not to be seen for the r est of the day. Ray Beaucham p, a pr ofes si onal back In the 50' s , sh owed up and took eighth In the 250 event, and he hasn't raced si nce 1958. He battled Ray Hutf and Don Stover sever al laps befor e taking hind seat to them. Huskies and Pentons Win. Story and Photos by Dale McKinnon WlLSEVlLLE, c at., - Thts was the ctrst race I' ve been to that started and ended on lime . When they sald 11 o'clock they meant It, and the same with a 2 o'clock deadline. The Idea was to go as many laps you could between eleven and two. or the 265 rtders who started, only 142 finish ed, so It wasn't a s nap. Only three riders made six la ps, one of them the overall winner Marty DeVr ies on a Husky. They say Marty never finishe s a race without havIng to ctx his gas tank, and today wasn't any different. The first mishap was In the lightweight event about 200 yds, from the start. Gene of Gene's Automotive In Rocklin got hit In the back by another bike, messing up a few discs or vertebrae. He spent several days In hospital. The Polka Dots laid out the course In expectation of rain and since there wasn't any , It was exceptionally fast, the way European cour s es are. One hlllinparticular was what the good riders liked, not Impossible to get up but you had to know what you were doing to make It. 11 was like poetry In motion to see some of the riders lake It, standing on their pegs and swayin g from side to side. Miles Ander son look off like a cr azy man In the open eve nt but we never saw him again. That's one thing about Har e Scrambles, mos t of the time you miss the good acti on and everyone gets 100strung out. Two hundltd and slxly·llve riders roar oil on the three-hour run that wIped out almost hall. BELOW: You can betthatlell thigh hurts. No rain came to sollen the lalls. The Dir t Diggers Nor th look home their share of the brass _ Ca r l Cr anke, Roger Smart and Rick Whlteacre finishing In that order In the lightweight event, all three Diggers. Gene's Automotive probably had the most bikes spons or ed. He s ells HUSky, Suzles and Pentons . Pentons too k one - two In the lightweights . Huskys won the rest, exceptror the 250 B class, won by a Bul ridden by A. Garrahan. WMA of England, was there . He sald It was a rider' s track, not a spectator's. Mos t European events are routed so that specta tor s can see the whole track without having to " trai ps e all over the country," he said, Next tim e he'll try to br ing some European r iders over with him as well as ge t som e Amer icans to go over there, he said. (Res ults on page i6) ne 0.1, Weeld, Newspaper il A.erica T"a' Gires aDa•• AIJou' Mo'orc,cles ~,. ~ ",~y;:-- ~'\~ ~~~ i~', . -'" ., ..,,*~W';

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