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A Dallas Ie·Cap: The A.erica.s Sw .pH Drag Race Scene By John B lanton I. DA LLAS, Tex., Nov. 9, 10 - WithapparenUy little trouble from the oth er sportsman riders, Walt A xh elm on a Sachs polished au the 125cc class of the InterAm malo-cross races here. He posted two wins. The eventual winner of th e 250Cc Junior, Jack 0' Leary of A ustin, happen ed to wander in bright -eyed on Saturday even th ough he'd been told his race wasn't until Sunday . However, when he got th ere he f ound out not only that his r ace was Saturday , but tha t he only bad a f ew m or e minute s of practice time l ett to him . Arter only four familiarization laps , 0' L eary se t out and won the first heat, overtaldng European Joe Joiner ( C Z) i n th e closing laps . In the second heat, however , he made a coupl e of m tn or mistakes, one of which r equired an engine r estart, and dropped to third. Joe Joiner tlnished fir s t in that heat to take tlrst overall. Mike Cullum (Kawa- said) was third overall wlthsevenpolnts. (These meets are scored by giving first place one point, second place two, and so f orth. Winn er i s r ider with lowest score overall. The first heat of 250Cc Senior was completely dominated by Tor1eU Hansen (H usqvarna) tram Sweden, but his fourth place f1n1sh i n the second heat l ett him with one po int more than Dave Bickers (C Z). Bickers bad a three and a one pointer. Third was BengtAlberg(Husqvarna) of Sweden with a f our and a three. Fir st Amer ican f1n1sher was Gl en Vincent (ossa), who f1n1shed twelfth and ninth . Joe Joiner fended au Doug Parks (Husqvarna) with ease in the 500Cc Junior tlr st heat. I n the second, however, he took the C Z too low into a turn, grounding his shitt lever and doubling it bac k . Shifting pr oblems resulted, cutting seriously into his lead. Finally, wi th halt a lap to go, th e CZ went out of gear and s layed there until Parks and most of th e field had gone by. Parks' three points netted him the win . Don Pr owse (Buliaco) was second, f oll owed by Joiner . Joel Robe r t won the firs t heat of the 500cc Senior. It l ooked like he'd take the ov erall easily until Torleif Han sen ( HUSqvarna), who 'd f1ni sbed second in th e first heat, almost took the second. He bad an early long lead but Robert cu t systematically into it and finally passed Hansen i n the closing laps . Dave Bickers (CZ) was third overall with a three and a four. Once again the Amer i can entries bad to lake a back seat. The highest American f1n1sh was a seventh by John DeSoto on Montesa. in the open class for sportsman riders, Johnny Lee was first overall with two wins OIl a Buliaco. Second was Ji m Lutz; third, Harman Steuber. Several thousand turned out on a cold Sunday Cor the meet. One garish incident threatened to bring an unpleasant notoriety to th e event which hopefully could become an annual affai r . During Sunday practice a Metisse-framed Hon da salled into the air and landed in th e crowd, laking out four speclator s. Per haps wi th a little more space betwe en partic ipants and non- partici pants , th e action would be som ewhatless heartstopping. came on. WESCO IN C. is the le ader i n the fi el d c ial iz in& i n h igh performance c omponents for both com pe titio n sPOrts en t h usiasts. . nd SOLD AT BETTER MOTORCYCLE DEALERS EVERYWHERE 88 PAlS·l CATAlil The .n new 1961Wtbco ~., is the 11IOII comprehe... ", if! the IAOtorqode KCI'SSOfIn tndustry 18 paps. hundrtCI . of illustratiol'ls, 01the IftO$I wanted molorqde ICtftSOrin, MIl hip performance CGmllO/lInts. A lncludn lso Bob George's :z.englne H-D 74 wi ll be the subject 01 an upcoming techn ical leature In Cycle News. Best lime so la r Is 11.71 seconds. • WILMINGTON, cai., Nov . 17- The Lions strip was busy over the weekend, bikes running bo th Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. Saturday brought Joe Smith, Larry Welch, Br uce Mlller, M . Disharoon and a f ew others to Lions to get tuned in f or th e bi g day next Saturday. Cl ose to llity bikes entered Sunday. ' B' Street bad the most with nine machines running fo r the trophy. Taking that trophy ....ras Alan Wetherell, riding a BSA. He bad the best time of all street class- Five machines unloaded in Lions pit area today for Top Fuel with a Triumph r i dden by Jeff Gough taking home the money. Gough 's bike i s a r eal strong r unner. Round number one found Boris Murray m ounted on Gor don Kately 's Spor ts te r , staged with the Spor tste r of Disharoon. Kately's bike turned on the fi ni sh lights tlrst, but tha t was n't good enough. When M urray lett th e starting line he turned on the red light on his si de, giving Disharoon an automatic win. Bob Braverman was all se t to r un Clark Johnson' S 30-i nch Tri umph, ridden by B1ll Johns on. Clark' s bike developed pr obl em s and couldn't make the round SO In form. tlonollnternt hi all molofcyde enthus ioastL PrIcI$ , ,.1 ... .... SPECTATOR LIABILITY AND PARTI· CIPANT INSURANCE FOR TRACK OWNERS, PROMOTERS AND CLUBS BUSI NESS PACKAGES- MO-;-ORCYCLE & AUTOMOBILE - LIFE & ACCIDENT. s. HARRIS·PINSKY OF MICHAEL BENDEII a. ASSOCIATES, INC. 5225 WILSHIRE IIOULEVAIID. Suite 717 L.A., Calli. 9003' (213) 937-2011 BRO KE R INQUIRIES INV ITE D. H ARLEV- D A VIDS ON Drau l n' lady Joy Houston competes In B Modille d class while her husband brings home the gasser gol d. es , Alan turned a 13. 19 E .T., and 97.71 mp h. 'A' Street was taken by Will Hodges. He had to bea t three other bikes in his class . WlU stopped th e clocks at 13.3 6 seconds, at 96.77 mp h on a HarleyDavidson. Taking top Modified for the second week in a row was Grant Hannah, who turned in an E. T. of 12. 11 and 110.29 mph on a Triumph. In A.A. ModUied Ed McDonald took the class trophy, turning in a time of 12.43 and 106. 88 on his Sportster. There were two Snortin' Nortons sno t in' down the s t r I p' today, Clarence Bailey'S twin and Moulders and Reese'S single engine. The single of M oulders and Ree se did a bit mo re snortin', taking top gas with a 11.07 and 119.20 mph. Mike Cash took 'C' Class with his Suzuki, but Mike was n' t too happy with his run. His engine was n't used to high r prns and sho wed i t by blowing the r i ght cy linder . Of Long Beach 3654 No. Long Beach Blvd. 426-nOJ DO YOU KNOW WHY AMERICA'S NO. J NOVICE, YAMAHA MOUNTED KEITH MASHBURN CHOOSES "~teledJ-att " RACING CASTOR? HERE'S WHY:He Gets More Horsepower Better Lubrication - far Less Wear Higher Compression - No Smoke - And Above AII• HON DA - 350 Part # HPKI No Dangerous Seizurese KAWASAKI - 250 & 350 Part # K250 & K350 (Y our Bamelt dealer has them now. Alume Inum Alloy, Corprene Bonded. W do nol soII ret ail. S YOUR BAR EE NETT DEALER "-- "",.~~-;;h-' jB' r-.l-ooJ.J {IWIRV --=E- •• , ~, 4915 Pacific Blvd" Vernon, California, Phone: 589-5488 o . Join The Winners Go"'8teledJ-att' ;;;; ~ ~ Round number two came quickly with Disharoon and Gough eager to run. Both bikes staged and were au. JefI stopped the clocks with 10. 50 seconds E.T. and 144.80 mph . Disharoon wasn'tfar behind, with a 10.89 E. T . and 134 .00 mph. Lions will hav e a new schedule for the month of Dece mber - motorcycle racing on Saturdays the 7th and 14th , then closed f or the rest of th e y ear . No Sunday racing. (Res ults on page 16) o f f in e m otorcycle acces sorie s ••• • p . By Dan Zeman Photos by Doyle Gray Here is anoth er i nside look at the Dallas Inter-Am moto-cross races. Jam es Brammer' s account appeared i n the la st issue. Bob staged with Jet! Gough. It l ooked clos e at the bi g end; Gough's win lights "I d. By Addzip Addi Ii yes \ 433 Fi rsl Slreet Escal on, Cal if. 95320 ll.. ~ ~ ".; .... 0; ,Q ~ o ~

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