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C\t ----------------------------~ @&[b~~@)&ffi @[;1 ~W~~1J~ ~ ::; ... ... a dYl..d lIlal IIsli nz in :tIl s eat. nd.. Is a fr. . Ser Yic.. e yc l. News iii sc lalms any resp s1b1l1 ty lor can c.llalion or clIancin c 01 Is by promD iers wl lllaul SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 10th 22n d ANlIo\JAL CO WBELL DERBY En d uro by ~=d M. C. Starts at Upper Lllke, Call!. Call Rober t Queen, ( 41 5) 538-3412 . Mail entries to Co....bell, 21077 San llguel Ave .. Castro Valley. Calif. ~ notice . Cll oCl E EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT Cll :Q QUARTER-MILE FLATIRACK RACING O!: al Orange Co.SpeedwaY,ACA sane. santa 94546. Ana Fwy . to 1.a,."I1na Cyn. oCframp, left at ~ 1s t st.. Valencia. 2 mi. to track. 125tLI 250-0pen classes. 40% purse, pits close O!: 8 p.rn , For Info call (714) 528-4290. SCillA FUND-RAISING RIDE. Sign- In Pauls H-D, 16211 BellClower Blvd•• Bellnower. Cal. 8- 10 a .m, Cars welcome. Info (7 14) 429~3557. SPORTSMAN TT RACES at Orange Co. Speedway, ACA sane. santa Ana Fwy. to Laguna Cyn. orrramp, left at 1st st•• Valencia. 2 mi . to trac k. All classes. runs In conjunction with llattrac k, pits close 8 p .m, For Info call (714) 528-4290. BENEFIT SCRAMBLES by the KIng City \\beelers at the Falrgrounds, King City. Calif. AIIL.. sanc., dtst, 35 pts, Signup 8:30 to 10:30 a .m., prac, 9:30 to 11:00 a .m.. races 11:30. Info Bill WlIllarns, (408) 385-4230. EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT MOTa-CROSS by Ridge Runners De Lavega Park. santa Cruz, Cal.. limed C rom Hwy 1 & Morrissey Blvd ., prac, 9- 10: 30 a.m.. race 11 a.m•• for Info call (408) 42 6- 4161. tLI -.J U ::0.. U SPORTSMAN TT RACES at Trojan RaceW2J', located co rne r Lo ng Beach Fwy. 4: F i restone BlVd. Fire s tone to Garfield. so. on Garfield, west on Souther n to track. Any atm. okay, l00cc &. 25Occ. EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT CLASS A SPEEDWAY RACING at White man Stadium , 12850 Pierce St. at san Fe rnando Rd.. Pacoima, Cal. Races 8 p.m., $2.SO adults, 51.SO under 12. Cree under 6. Free parking. For Info cootact Criswell En terprises, 12130 Sherman Way. No. HoUywood. Cal.(21 3) 983-1617 . SEE AD TIllS ISSUE TI RACING under the lichts a t Elstnore Ra ce Track. J ust orr Hwy. 71, east of Pe rris, caIiC. tumort. Sportsman tr0phies for all c lasses. TT SCRAMBLES RACI NG each and t!ftry Sa t. nigbt through the summer. Limi ted amoUDt of rider s Is I SO Perris M.C. . Recreal1011 Center. Perris , CalU. 1st SAT. NIGHT OF EACH MONTH AMA PROFESSIOSAL TI STEEPLECHASE RACES a t Ascot Pllrk, 183rd 4: Vermont, Gardena, Cal., promoted by J .C . Agajanlan. For Info call {213) DA 35055. SEE AD TitS ISSUE FRIDAY, NOVEMBER B1II 196 8 CALIFORNIA STATE HALF-M ILE CHAMPIONSHIP at Ascol Pllrk. 183r d 4: Vermont, Gardena. Cal.. pro moted by J .C. Agajanlan. AMA sane, Info (2 13) DA 3-5055. SEE AD THIS ISSUE SA T. & SUN" NOV. 9 & 10 INTER-AMERICAN IOTa-CROSS SERIES at Dallas, Texas. For Info &. entries contact Internatiooal Iota-Cross. 4790 Palm Ave., La Mesa, Cal. 92103. (714) 460-4289. SEE AD TIllS ISSUE lotb ANNUAL GRAr.n PRIX atHopetown by Dlrt DIggers M.C . Dist. 37 pts. Info: SEE AD TIllS ISSU E (213) 964-5076. WED.-FRI., NOVEMBER 13, 14, 15th 3rd ANNUAL 1I10 TOHCYCLE AND ACCESSOR Y TRADE SHOW a t the Anaheim Conve nti on Center, Anaheim, Cal. Inlo Larry Hester (2 13) 6 8 1 - 2 ~2 1 . SAT. & SUN., NOV. 16 & nih 1~"ER-A.IERICAN IOTa-CROSS SER IES at Westlake Village. Los Angeles. Cal. For Info 4: entries contact International Mota-Cross. 4790 Palm Ave .. La tesa, Cal. 92103. (71 4) 460-4289. SEE A D THIS ISSUE SAT., NOV. 16, 23, 31 & DEC. lib 1r.'DOoR SHORT TRACK RACES by Bob Barlch1mer Assoc., IDc.AMA sane. County Fair E:xpo Building. 344 T ully Road, San Jose. Pit gate 6 p.m., trials or warm - ups 7 p.m., races s tart 8:30 p.m. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 111h 14th ANNUAL HARE SCRAMBL ES at Wilseyville, Cal. by the Polka Dots IIl,C, Limed Crom Jackson on Hwy 88: Sign-up 7-1 0:30 a.m•• races 11 a .rn., Al\IA sane , InCo P .O. Box 85~4 . sacramento 95822 . NORWALK ROCKETS TURKEY SHOOT a t Hoxie Park in Nor\Valk, Ca l . Sign -I n 8-10 a.m., $1.75. Info (213) 863- 5339 or 863- 91"06. SCRA MBLES by SIc-Pokes San ta Maria Speedway. Santa Marla, cal. Double Dlst. 35 pis., Memorial Race to benefit famlly of Larry Fessenden. AMA sane., noon start, Umed from Hwy. 101 Bakersfield exit (Hwy. 166 East) . Info Box 2177, Orcutt, Cal. or (805) WE 75836. SAT. & SUN., NOV, 23 & 24th CATIL E CALL !l UX by Mary' s ~I en . 1.C .• AlllA sanc•• SDRRA I' t. r un. Start Chush at Ca tt le Call Arena. Brawle y. Cal. 8 a.m , Fo r info. IIIary 's Men III .C•• ~ 588 50th , San Diego. Cal. 92 115. IIIo'TER-AMER!CAN MOTO-CROSS SERIES at De Lavega Park. santa Cr uz , Cal. For Info 4: entries contac t International Moio-Cross, 479 0 Palm Ave •• La IIIesa, Cal. 92103. (714) 4 Go-~289. SEE AD THIS ISSUE SUNDAY,NOVEMBER241h PA CI F IC IIIo. ,.ER :"ATIONAL G RAN D PRIX ROAD RACE by F IIII/AF III at Or ange Co. Int'l. Raceway . For entry Info "'Tlte P .O. Box 213 No. Hollywood. Cal. 91603 or call (2 13) 762-9875 . Entries close , 'ov. 11. purse 1,750. SEE AD THIS ISSUE 13th AN~ \JA L T URKEY MUD SCRA . IBLES by oregon Sld e'NInders M.C ., 100175-250-Open class e s , at Side winde r s track on SE Lawnfleld Hd•• Clac kam as . Or e . nea r Por tland . Info wrtte Rt. 3, Box 290-<:, Or e gon CIty. Or e . 97Q.!5. S C RA III B L E S by Sprockets III.C. at Sprockets Park. Bakersfield , Cal.. signup closes 11:30 a.m., race at noon. 1I10Ta-CROSS by III Boots M.C . at Dehesa Track near san Diego. AMA points. Call (714) 477- 802~ or 449-07 84. T OYS FOR TOTS PO KER RUN- Ad miss ion. one toy. Starts 8 a.m , at Eagles Lod ge. ~ 684 S. saviers aa., Oxnard. Cal. U.S. Marine Corps clulrity. Spans . b}' Oxna r d M.C . 3rd ANNUAL HARE SCRA MBL ES, by the Cycllens of Bakersfield. U med Crom Bakersfield SpeedW2J'. AMA sane., race at noon. Info: Wendyl Aragon (805) 8312121. HAR E SCRAMBLES by the Marin County MC at China Camp. Umed on H",'Y 101 at San Pedro Road just north or San Rafael. AMA sanc ., sign-up 9-11 a.m., race a t noon. Info: George Scba!Ier. SUNDAY, DECEMBER Bth, 196B TT seas, IBLES by Hi Boots . I.C . at Dehesa track near san Diego. AMA points. Call (714) 477-8024 or 449-0784. SCRAMBL ES by Bl ue Barons M.C. al clubgrounds In Tacoma, wash., AMA sane. Info !rom club. 1606 S . MadIson, Tacoma, WasIl. 98405 or (206) SK2- 7S24 I ~"' ER . A III ER ICA N 1I10Ta-CR OSS SE RIES a t Saddleback Park. Irvlne. Cal. For Info &: entries conta"t InternationalMoioCr oss , 4790 Palm Ave . , La Mesa, Cal. 92 103. (714) 4GO-4289.SEE AD nus ISSUE SOUTHERN NEVADA TT CHAMPIONSHIP by Vegas Val le y M.C .• Las Vegas, Ne v. For Info contact T o m ' s Cycle center . 1030 S. Main, Las Vegas. Nev. (702) 382 - 6(;00 . FRIDAY, DEC, u, 21, FEL 1, I . INDOOR'MOTORCYCLE SHORT 1RACK Assoc:. loc . at the Coy Palace, San F ranctsco, cal. P ltple '6 p .m. , trials or ~ - ~, 7 p.m.. .raees start 8:30 p.m. by Bob Barkhimer SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 30th 2nd AN~\JAL BAllSTOW TO LAS VEGAS PACIFIC SOUTHWEST CHA. IP IOr."SHIP HARE &: HOUND by San Gabriel Valley M.C . Dist. 37 pts.. 185 mi. desert terrain. Limed rrom IIl1nneola Rd . oUramp approx. 12 mi . no . of Barsto..... Cal. OIl Vegas Fwy . For info contact SG~IC. P .O. Box 813. El Monte. Cal. 91734. SAT., NOV. 30 & SUN., DEC. lst I. ' T ER- AMER ICA X 1I1 0Ta-CROSS SERIES at carlsbad Raceway. Carlsbad. CaL For info 4: entries contact International ) !oio-Cross, 4790 Palm Ave•• La Mesa, . Ca l. 92103. (714) 460-4289. SEE AD T HIS ISSU E SUNOAY, DECEMBER 1st SCRA~IBLES by Feather River M.C. a t Triple M Speedway. Marysville, Cal•• starts 1 p.m, !IARE SCHAl\IBLES by the Marin Cou nty M.C. at China Ca mp, Cal. Limed from Marin County Civic Center. san Pedr o Rd ., T urn-orf 101, just north or san Rafael. Sign -up 9- 11. race noon. $3 r ide. $1 watch, Info: Jim Howland (4 15) 8975901. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 1&11I INTER-AMERICAN MOTO-CROSS SERIES at GI.eIIl_jan., Mexico. For- 1Df0 " entries cootactlntemal1ODa1 Moto-Cross 4790 Palm Aft.. La Mesa, cal. 112103. (7 14) 460-4289. • MOTO-CROSS, by P1acerYUle ),I.C . U med 011 Hwy 150 4 JIll. west of Placerrille. cal. AlIA sanc. Mail entry til Dec. I, $2 .50, P.O. Box 311 , P1a.cenWe, ca1Il. 95667 . Post $3.50, for Info call 622-0549 . SUNDAY, JANUARY 511I SA W MILL ENDURO by North Bay ),I.C. al Santa Rosa. Cal •• AMA sane . For Into wri te North Bay M.C., 41 5 Davis street, Santa Rosa, Cal. MOTa-CROSS BY Ridge Hunners IIl,C . at De Lavega Park. santa Cr uz . Cal., limed from Hwy I &: II10rrissey Blvd., prac, 9-10:3 0 a.m•• race 11 a.m., Cor InC call (4 08) 426-4161 . o !ROX HORSE E~nURO by Bay City M.C . at Luce rne , Cal. For Info . Bay City M.C . c / o Ralph's . Iotorcycle s, 110S Solano Ave., Xapa. Cal . 94558. br ~ At:lIr,)II ~~ ~l'f /!tW.J).- Mn A ~ 7fMT 6nIE Mf1ff»IrAA' I1R'1CHI ~?· i··~·iJj···~·c::···j;···jEf·····~·········;;~(;·······! 0$1.50 1 year 0 $12 lor 2 yea rs : NA E IADD~AA : CITY I I STATE : ZIP (due to posbll ..platlons .e must have l ip codes on a ll subscriptions) • FREE II eaell •• Slbscrib- er, lIis special CYCLE NEWS : A D E fIRST TO GET ALL THE NEWS EACH WEEK I : BE G R NTEED I NER OF lei • \) I I :::~~:::sf:::o;:~e~;r$18·8 ;:~::'ckDe:::'::;~o. 0 This is a reDewal : .. : 0 : ~=~:~.::;-ey ..... B" : : ai' to: CYCLE NEWS, BOI 498, Long Beae Ca'if 90801 1 I decal, a fuU5 Inelles In size! : SEND IN NOW FOR THE BIGGEST EVENT All YEAR : SPONSORED BY CYCLE NEWS : : : Pleaseaflow "ree wee's for lew s••s(r;,';OIS'O s'ar'. ----------------------------------------------- : : : _ '. •

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