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NATIONAL CALENDAR OF EVENTS R.-.s . . allwl ..d IIl1inz i. :Ills cal· etIdar I_ • 1_ S e.. Cyel. It __ d1 .. elal . . 11I11" ID, c.ullatloe • dla p.C .1 ats II)' ' .... 11011 ... _1 wi_' all' ESDAY RIGHT EVERY WE QUARTER-MILE FLA'ITRACK RACING <>range Co. Speed~.ACA sarlc. Santa Aaa Fwy. to Lagua Cyn. otrramp. letlat 1st st., Va.1eDcla, 2 mi. to track. 125%SO-Open classes. 40% purse, pits close 8 p.m, For info eau (714) 528-4290. ~ lo:l :z: lo:l ...::I ~ SPORTSMAN TT RACES at Orange Co. Speedway. ACA s&IIc. Santa Ana Fwy. 10 r.acuna Cyn. otrraroP. left at 1st st., VaJeoc:ia, 2 mi. to track. All classes. runs In conjWlCtlon with llattrack, pits close 8 p .m. For info caIl (714) 528-4290. l;.) EVERY TH RSDAY IGHT ' , SPORTSMAN TT RACES at Trojan Raceway. located corner Long Beach Fwy. & Firestone Blvd. Firestone 10 Garfield, so. on GarfIeld, west on Southern to traCk.. Any atr1L. okay. 100cc & 2SOcc. EVERY FRI I Y GH T AKA PROFESSIONAL QUARTER-MILE SHORT TRACK RACE at Ascot Park, 183rd & Vermont, Gardena. Cal., promoiled by .J.C . A~ajanlan. Nov•• AM., Exp. rlders~ Info (21 3) DA 3-5055. SEE AD nu s ISSUE EYE Y SATU RDAY IGHT CLASS A SPEEDWAY RACING at Whiteman Stadium, 12850 Pierce SL at San Fernando Rd., Pacoima, Cal. Races 8 p.m_. 52.50 adults. $1.50 under 12, free UDder 6. Free par~. For info contact Criswell Enterprises. 12130 Sherman Way, No. Hol.lywood,Cal.(213) 983-1617. SEE AD TllIS ISSUE TT RACING under !be lights at Elsinore Race Track. J ust otr ,Hwy. 71. east of Perris, calif. turnoff. Sportsman trophies for an classes. TT SCRAMBLES RACING each and every Sat. through the summer. Limited amount of riders Is 150. Perris M.C . Recreation Ceuter, Perrts, Calif. 1st SAT. GHT OF EACH TH AMA PROFESSIONAL TT STEEPLEC HASE RACES at Ascot Park, 183rd " Vermont, Gardena. Cal. . promoted by .J.C . Apjanian.For Info caD (213) DA 35055. SEE AD TMS ISSUE SAT. & SU ., OCT. 19 & 2t MOTa-CROSS by Desert Challengers M.C . at Deadman's Point, Apple Valley, Calif. Call (213) 845-6448. SU DAY, OCTOBER ACA 5th ANNUAL U.S. GRAlIlI> PRIX. WIDow SpriJICS lot'lRace_y, Rosamced, cal. All classes GP & Prod. Pre-entries P r od. $10, GP $15, post $25,. close Oct. 13. $1000 guar. or 40% of gate. Trophies for Prod. Info P.O. Box 247. Fullerton. Cal. (714) 528-4290. SEE AD THIS ISSUE MUD SCRAM BLES by Shamrock 2Wheelers of sale m , Oregon. Posted off Hwy 22, 19 m i. east of salem . Call 363 - 096 8 In salem. (Also Nov. 10, Nov. 24, Dec. IS, Jan. 12 & Jan. 26, Feb. 9 & Feb. 23.) SCRAldBLES bt' 13 Rebels M.C. at Perr1s, cal. CbeUers - boaest starter, B8n1ie. 8 a.m. s1art, SJIIlIll bores 8-12, big blkes tIilereatter. For info (213) 771 -2539. MOTa-X - by San Bernardino Valley M.C . at Saddlebad: Park, AMA Dtst. 3'7 pis, a $3.50 mail or post entry. Post closes 9 a.m. First moto 0-125 Jr. 9:30 a.m. Mail entry 10 247611 5th st., San Bernardino. calif.. 92~10, closes Oct.Z1. SEE AD TllI S ISSUE TRAILBLAZERS ENDURO atGreeo valley Race~, Smithfield, T eDS. A.MA. rules, 1st rider out 8 a.m. Info JoImny Allen M,C . Sales, 3733 E. Be1IaIlIp, Ft. Worth, TeDS. SQ-CAL 26lh AJIo'"NUAL TURKEY HARE " HOUND, Dtst. 37 Cbamp1ons111P, .AMA pt. run, 110 miles, 9 a.m. start-TraIl bikes go d1staDce. Limed from Redrock Cyn. 20 miles no. of M*ve, CalHwy14. HILLCLIMB by Blne Barons M.C. at clubgrounds In Tacoma, Wash.. AMA sane. Info (206) SK 2-7524- SCRAMBLES by Sprockets M.C. at Sprockets Park, Bakerst1e1d, Cal., signuP closes 11:30 a.m.. race at noon. MOTa-X by HI-Jinx FMC llmed from Central Ave. off Rlverslde(Cal1f.) Freeway (CanyOll Crestarea) .l00cc max. Call (213) 835-2654- TORCYCLE CLUBS; Clubs are asked to bring tbetr ma111I:Ig address lIP to date or we will be forced to eliminate them from our dtrectol'y. 'Ibank you. CYCL E NEWS SU lY. 1I0 VEMB ER 3nI 'JA CKASs ENDURO by Foo4IIW Hawes M..C. start 7:0 1 a.m. start- Noon Cbeck & f1n1sb same place.. SEE AD n ils ISSUE 2nd ANNUAL" ONSTER RUN" HARE SCRAMBLES by world reDOWDed Kern Co . TraUbla:rers M.C., llmed from Bat- ' IoIIwUlow, Cal., 11 a.m. s1art, 3 3O-ml. loops, tra1lb1kes 2 30 mi. lOOPS. Spark arrestors. Info (805) 746-4058. HIGH SIERRA ENDURO by Portstocklon M.C . a.t Railroad Flats, Cal., 6Om1.east of Lodl. First rider out 8:01 a.m., an classes, DIst. 36 .AMA sane., mail $3.00 entry 10 Mrs. .Jim 'Ibompson, 11187 MJch1~ Ave., St:oc:kton, CaL 95Z04. BIG FOOT ENDURO by TrInity Tratlsters M.C. start & f1n1sb 16 m1. east of WIDow Creek OIl Hwy299. WrIte Box 177, Willow Creek, cal. 95573. run.: Honda, on Broadway, San, Diego, cal. ENGLISH TRIALS by San Diego Trials RIders at MIramar, San Diego, cal. LImed from Interstate 5 along Genesee, from '395 along Miramar Rd. S!gnuP 8:30, 9: 30 a.m. start, all classes Inel. kids. Info (714) 423-3031. 27-MILE PONDEROSA HARE ScRAMBLES by Greyhounds M.C. at PllDl1el osa Ranch, Cal. SO% trcpb1es. Call (213) 367-2907. TT SCRAMBLES by Experts M.C. at So. Bay Speedway east of Chula Vista, cal. can (714) 479-3209. 6 ANNUAL POKER RUNby Road Crntsers M.C., A.Ml. sanc., SDCRRA Pt. start 8-10 a.m. from Lemon Grove EUROPEAN SCRXMBLES by ~e Hoppers M.C. at Enc1n1tas, Cal. 3rd annual "Brush Bash". $3.00 entry, no admltceo 9:00 a.m. prac. For info eau Bob GoodIng (714) 753-2907. SCRAMBLES by Qakland M.C . at Pt. Rlchmood, calif. can AI DrIag for info ( 41 5) 534-0546. HIGH SIERRA CHAMPIONSHIP ENGLISH TRIALS by oakhurst HlIIb!l!Ies M.C. at oakhurst, cal., 40 mi. no. of Fresno OIl Hwy. 41. Mall entry $2. post $3 10 0&1

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