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home country, where he has thous ands of fans following him from race 10 r ace. Jus t to show everyone that they are friends of ei ther Teuwlss en or Rober t, fans wear caps with their favorite riders name on. ROGER DE COSTER, 24, Is well known In American after his last year's trip over. He Is a real wor ld beater, but without the nec essary luck. On his motorcycle he does things when jumping, which now are named "DeCos ter style." In 1966 he started off In the 250cc class and was 7th In the champions hip. Last year he went to the larger class and Is there al s o this season. When he won the italian Grand Prix on a dirty and wet cour s e, people were Interested enough to put their money on him as a wor ld title winner, but bad luck did not leave him, and he ended 5th In the 500cc labe l. ~ ... '" .Q S o o Meet The International Moto-X Riders TORLEIF HANSEN, 20, Is the youngest rider In the European contingent and comes from Sweden. ThIs season he won a lot of memorable motos and has always been battling among the best lop r iders. Btng just 20 means that he has not much experience. ThIs Is his second year as a senior rider. As a junior , he was nearly unbeatable and today he still does wheelles, jumps, etc. which only a few other r tders are capable of during moto-cross races. F ully works supported, Husqvarna Is waitin g for Hansen to take over the place as number two r ider In the team, af ter Torsten Hallman. CHRISTER HAMMARGREN, 24 1s always number two, says his rrrends, That means that Chris has not yet won a Grand Pr ix meeting but he has been second In three. Earlier he was fighting In the 500Ccclas s but when the two stroker came to the 500 clas s he swit ched over and was on a home-built machine, a real bomb shell. This year he went back to the 250cc class and In the 250cc team world cham pionship, Trophe des Na tions , he was second (once more) and best Swedish rider home with the crown. This year he was 10th In the World 500cc Championship standi ngs. TORSTEN HALLMA N, 29, Is the most famous rider In the contingent with all his Individual titles. Total, he has won 37 Grand Prtx meetings In the 250Cc cla ss and these have given him five Individual world titles. He Is the number one ambassador fr om Europe and this trip Is his third to America. It was two years ago that he Introduced Eur opean Molo-Cr os s to the U.S. Hallman won his world titles 1962, '6 3, ' 66, and '6 7 and for him Husqvarna made their first " big" twostroker, a 400cc machine to win the 500cc World Team Championship, Moto-cro s s des Nations In 1963, where the Swedish team was second. Tors ten Is said to have a movie camera In his head for Moto-Cross . When tr ai ntng, he takes films fr om the best ways around the cour se and mtxes them to determine the perfect line . When he Is In the heats , the ca mera shows the film lap after lap and he knows every place to go after bends, jumps, etc. No other r ider has as much experience as Hall man. He ts not only a good rider, he Is a top mechanic with sk11l enough 10 make every necessary repair of his machine . DA VE BICKERS Is the only British rider on this tour . Having turn ed 30 years old, he dec la res that he will lea ve International W ld Championship Moto- Cross and or Ins tead do more usual Internati onal s and spend mor e time In England . He was only 10 when he began riding, and that was on a Nor ton. He raced his first s crambles at 16 and ear ned a work s Dot at 18. 1960 and 1961 he was Euro pean Champ ion In the 250cc class on a Greeves and when he got Ihe British dis tr ibutor s hip of Czec hos lovakian C Z motorcyc les, he got a works contr act also with the fac tor y and they s pons ored him 1966 and 19671nthe 500cc class . Last year he won two500cc Gr and Prix meetings and he has won 17 In the 250cc class . J EF TEUWISSEN Is the Belgium s and cour se specialist number one . J ust watch his relaxed s tyle when he Is flying over all s and leaving his fellow r ider s farther back every lap. This year he has been works-suppor ted by Husqvarna for the 500cc class . He finish ed 9th In the stand Ing, Together with Joel Rober t, he Is the mos t popular moto- cross rider In his 25 CENTS The Only Wee.'y Newspaper in A oclober 24, 1968 n About Motorcycles JOEL ROBERT, 24,Is " The Man" of Belgian Moto- Cr oss . When In 1964 he won the Belgian Grand Prix and went on winning more Gr ands P r ix and was the youngest ever to win the world title, the world was walling for him. But for four years he has had to fight for the world title , which he lost to this year's Russian Champion Vlklor Arbe kov, and Torsten Hallman. Winner of twenty- five 250cc MotoCross Grands Prix, Joel has been run ner up In the fight for the World Championship title for a couple of years . Stnce 1964 he has been fully wor ks supported by C Z. BRYAN WADE TO PERFORM IN MOTO-X SERIES Importer and dis tributor Nick Nicholson of No. Hollywood, Cal iforn ia, has invited the Greeves fac tory to send BRYAN WADE 10 the United Slates to compe te In the s eri es of moto-cross which s tarts on the East Coast and runs on out to the West Coas t. Wade will be riding 250Cc and 360cc Greeves scr a mblers. The Gr eeves fac tory and xicnolso n will be co-spons ors of Wade to the U.S. He will be the guest of Nicholson who will la ke him to al l races held In Caltf . • l

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