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NATIONAL CALENDAR OF EVENTS ~ 0> R.aders •• a dvise d lIlat . ndar II a I... Ser vice. c lailDS a. y respon si bility ';!!'. 01 .... ts by . .~ noti ce. IIstin, In :hIs calCyc le News ell.. lor canc . l latl on or wllllOllt t .Q AlA NATIONAL SCHEDULE " OCT. s -100 MILE NATIONAL o S ~ Entry $3.00, CHA!IIP IO~SHI P E~D UR ,\NCE RU~ OCT. 12 - 8 MILE NATIONAL :>.. J.C. Apjanian Enterprises, P .O. Box U 98 . Gardena. Call1.-Ascol.--En lries lrom AMA or District Referee . En tries Close Sept. 21. OCT, 13-145 M ILE NATIONAL CH!\~t PIONSH IP END IJ R .\ S C E RI 'S Midwest Enduro Team. 311 0 Ringer Rd: , St. Lo uis, Mo. 6312:;--Old Mines, \lissouri - En tries Crom .\~I ,\ or promoting c lub. J _ e , OCT. - SPORTSMAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ROAD RACE Florida Harle y-Da\idson nea ters :\ s s n. , \1Iami. Fla. EVERY SUNDAY , C LASS A'SPEEDWAY RACING at Trojan Raceway, corner Long Beach F wy. & Fir es tone Blvd . F ir e s ton e to Garfield, so. on Garfield, west on Southern to track . Gates ope n 5 p.m ., race 7 p.m . .w purse. Phone: (2 13) 923-7115. • ONE- DAY MOTORCYCLE TOURS start1ng at 10 a.m, from Roehr Bros. SportIe Cente!' 3)7 N. Victory Blv d. (between Magriol1Jl and Olive), BurbaJ1k, _ Cal. For info call (213) 842-4847. EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT CLASS A SPEEDWAY RACING at Whlteman Stadium, 12850 Pierce St. at San Fernando Rd., Pacoima, Cal. Races 8 p.m.; $2.50 adults, Sl .50 WIder 12, free WIder 6. Free parking. For Info contact Criswell Enterprises, 12130 Sherman Way, No. Hollywood. Cal.(213) 983-1 617. SEE AD TllIS ISSUE . TT RACING under the lights at Elsinore Race T rack. Just off .Hwy. 71, east of Perris, Calif. turnoff. Sportsman trophies fo r all classes. EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT QUARTER -MILE FLATTRACK RACING a t Orange Co.SpeedwaY,ACA sanc.Santa Ana Fwy. to Laguna Cyn, off ramp, left at 1s t st., Valencia, 2 mi . to track. 125250-0pen classes, 40% purse, pits close 8 p.rn, Fo r Info call (714) 528-4290. SPORTSMAN TT RACES at Orange Co. Speedway, ACA sane, santa Ana Fwy . to Laguna Cyn. offramp, left a t 1st st., Valencia, 2 mi . to track. All classes, runs In conjunction with flattrack, pits close 8 p .m, For info call (714) 528-4290. EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT SPORTSMAN TT RACES at Trojan Raceway, located corner Lo ng Beach Fwy. & Firestone Blvd. F ir es to ne to Garfield, so. on Garfield, west on Southern to track. Any afftl. okay, 100cc & 25Occ. . ! 2nd ANNUAL PACIFIC COAST CHAMPIONSHIP MOTO-CROSS& SCRAMBLES Expert entry limited to 25, unlimited Nov.IExp . Scrambles entry (5 classes). Sc rambles ' 9 a .m., Mota-Cross' 12 noon. For Info con tact SeafaJr City M.C., p .O. Box 963, Auburn, Wash e . or call (206) 1'£ 3-'731 3 or UL 2-8941. SEE AD THIS ISSUE SCRAMBLES bYSierraM.C.,AMAsanc., 1 mi. east of Lincoln, Cal., corner Gold H1lI & Hungry Hollow Rds. stgnup, prac , 9- 11 a.m ., race noon . lofo (9 16) 8855491. TT SCRAMBL ES RACING each and every Sat. night tllroUCh Ibe summer. Limited a mount of r ider s is 150. Perris M.C . . Recr ea ti on c enter, P erris, Calif. SP ORTSMA N SHORT T \UCK RACING at Cyc le- Land SpeedWay, 14 miles south of Chico, Calif.. presented by the Val ley M.C. For Info call Dick McAfee a t 877- 3395 In Para dise, Calif. TT SCRAMBLES by Hi Boots M.C. a t Dehesa track, near San Diego. AMA points . Call (714) 477- 8024 or 449 -0784. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 16f11 EVERY OTHER SATURDA MOTORCYCLE MOVIES at Barnacle B1ll's Tavern, 1846 E. Huntington Dr., Duarte, CaL, 8:30 p.m. start. lofo (213) 357-3860' SEE AD TllIS ISSUE ROAD RAC E SCHOOL at Whiteman Air Park, 12030 Pierce St .. P;j.c (corner Pierce St . and San F"er nando Rd. • Street bike preferably, !l a. m, start, $10 pe r s tudent. For info ca ll Bob Braverman a t (2 13) 78~-2-l21. SAT. & SUN., OCT. 19 & 20fll 1st SAT. NIGHT OF.EACH M ONTH AloIA PROFESSIONAL TT STE EPLECHASE RACES at Ascot Park, 183rd & Vermont, Gardena, Cal., pr omo ted bY J .C . Agajanlan, Fo r Info call (2 13) DA 35055. SEE AD TIIS ISSUE Occ CLASS A SHORTTRACKalTrojan Raceway, corner v ~~ Beach Fwy. & Firestone Blvd. t ,,'Erstone to Garfield, so. on Garfiel~ C.west 011 Southern to track. Gates ~en 6 p.m.. race 8 p.m, 40% purse, fuel burners welcome. Ph: 2 13) ~3-7115 . 100cc-Open, Jr. & Sr . (714) 528-f~~A D THIS ISSUE SCRAMBLES bY Slo-Pokes M.C. at santa Marla Speedway, Santa Marla, Cal. Double Dtst. 35 pts~Memor1alRacetobene fit family of Larry Fessenden. AMA sanc., noon s tart. Limed from Hwy. 101 Bakersfield exit (Hwy . 166 East). Info Box 2177, Orcutt, Cal. or (805) WE 75836. EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT r.:l Chautauqua La.... C)'cIisL<; MC. Co"ing ~ Rd. RD '-4.Jameslo"lI,N. '1i.-Busti. N.'L r.:l E ntr ie s from .. tA or prDl110ting c lu b. U tl EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT AMA PROFESSIONAL FLATTRACK HAL F - MILE RACES at Ascot Park, 183rd & Vermont, Garde na, Calif., promoted .bY J .C. Apjantan. For Info call (2 13) DA 3- 5055. PIONEER .100 MOTOR CYCLE & DUNE BUGGY RUN at Parker, Ariz. Five 26mile loops, money, trophies. Mall entry $5, at race $10. Send to E1 Rio Yamaha, Rt. I , Box 857, Parker, Ariz. ( 602) 669- 2466. ROAD TOUR bY Red Tops M.C . In Panorama Hgts., Calif. For Info, call (714) 429-3557 . SUNDAY, OCTOBER 281b SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13111 MOTa-CROSS at Carlsbad, Cal. by CMC. Mail entry $5.00, post entry S10. Mall to P.O. Box 124, Reseda, Cal. 91335. Close Oct. 5. SEE AD THIS ISSUE HARE & HOUND by Checker s M.C ., Annual "Check Chase, " 10 a .m , start, limed from Red Rock Cyn ., Cal. MINI-BIKE MEET (age 6 years and up) at sadd1eback Park, orange, Calif. Call (714) 639-5832 for Wo. \ SEE AD THIS ISSUE MOTa- CR~ (sportsman, AMA sanct.) by Kapital Katz M.C . of Austin; Tens . Contact J. Blanton or A . Tillman, Box 6306, Austin, Tex. or call (512) GL 34555. ACA MOTO-CROSS, Saddleback Park, Cal. Nat'I pt. event. Signup 8-10 a .m• ACA 5th ANNuAL U.S. GRAND PRIX, Willow Springs lnt'I Raceway, Rosamond, Cal. All classes GP &< Prod . Pre-entries Prod.~ S10, GP $15, post $25, close Oct. 13. siooo guar . or 40% of pte. Trophies for Prod. lofo P.O. Box 247 , Fullerton, Cal. (714) 528-4290. SEE AD THIS ISSUE SCRAMBLES bY 13 Rebels M.C. at Perris, Cal. Cheaters - hon est s tarter, Berni e. 8 a.m , start, s mall bores 8-12, big bikes thereafter. F or Info (213) 771 -2539. TURKEY HARE & HOUND Dlst . 37 AMA Championship near Red Rock Canyon In Mojave Des ert. Limed from Hwy 14. MOTO-X bY Hi-Jinx FMC limed f r om Central Ave . off Rtverside(CalifJ Freeway (Canyon Crest area) . 100cc max. Call (213 ) 835-2654. SAT. & SUN" OCT, 2& & 27111 AMA INTERNATlONAL MOTa-CROSS near New Philadelphia, Ohio. This is the midwest's big one. Write or call MldStates Int 'I Mota-X Ass'n., Box 105, Amhers ~E

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