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;e lIudo,s.o .dvlsed 111.1 IIlli n, In this ClI· ond., Is • ' .. 0 Service. Cyclo N. . I II .. cl.lI. . .n1 reaponlibl lltr 10' e..collatlon or chn,ln, 01 ..onls ., promoters willoul ~. ..; .... IstSAT. NIGHT OF EACH MONTH QUARTER- MIL E F LATTRACK RACING at Orange Co. 5Peedway , ACA sane. Santa Ana Fwy. to Laguna Cyn . oftramp, lett at 1st st., Valencia, 2 mi . to track. 125250-0pen classes, 40% purse , pits close 8 p.rn, For Into call ( 714) 52S- 4290. bOil CI. 0> .c S .., c ~ ~ Col .,J ~ t.l AU NATIONAL SCHEDULE SEPT, 15 - 25 MILE NATIONAL SPORTSMAN TT RACES a l Orange Co . Speedway, ACA sane . Santa Ana Fwy. to Laguna Cyn. oftramp, lefl at 1st s t., Valencia, 2 mi. to track. All classes, runs In conj unction with nattrack, pits close 8 p .m, For Into call (7 14) 52S-4290. C"q»iOll8b1p ateam. state Fafrll'OUDds l-mile cl.rt track, Sacramento, Cal. Pro_ted 18' J.C. ApJaaiaa, SIO,OOO PUIBe, UJDe lI1als 1% IIOOD, rac es 2:30 P.m. EDtries rrom AMA or DiaL Rereree, enll1es close AUI. 25. SEPT. 15 - 151 "LE NATIONAL EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP E N D U RAN C E RUN SduO'ler CIIWIl3' MC, Rd I, Ca,rula, N. 'Y. -SCbuyler It TlllllplUns Counties-EDlties tlOlll .utA or promoting dub. SPORTS!oIAN TT RACESatTrojan Ra ceway, located co rner Long Beach F wy. & F ires tone mvd. Fire s ton e to Garfield, so. on Garfiel d. west on Souther n to t;rack. Any amI. okay, l00cc " 250Cc. SEPT. 11-22-500 MILE NATIONAL AMA PROFESS I O NAL F LATTRJ.C K HALF-MILE RACES at As cot Park, 183rd & Vermont, Gardena, Calif•• promoted by J.C. Agajanlan . For Info call (2 13) DA 3-5055. SEPT, 29 - 9 MILE NATIONAL. CH." MP IO:liSHIP mRT T R.\ CK Mar-Ca" Inc. , Box 7:1213, Okl aholl1lll Cily. Okla. 73107-F.nlties lro m ,\ ~H 0' Dis trl c l RI'" 11' 1'l'1'. En trl l's Close sepl . 8. QUAR T ER -MILE SPOR TSMAN SHORT TRACK co-spon sor ed by Ft. Sutter & sacramento Trackers M.C.'s a t Sacra mento Nat ' l Race way, Sacramento , Cal. Take Jackson Rd.orHwy 16 to Exeelsi or, no . 1/ 2 mi. SEPT. 29 - 135 MILE NATIONAL C HA~I P I O:liSH I P E :IiD t · R A N C F. RI::Ii Meteor MC, 1l2 ~ Ka l ghn ." ve •• Cam dPn , :Ii.J.-SOU dll' m :Ii..... JersPy-Entrles lrom A\H 0' promo Unl: club. EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT CLASS A SPEEDWAY RACING at White man Stadium, 12850 Pierce St. at san Fernando Rd ., Pacoima, Cal. Races 8 p.m ., $2.50 adults, $1.50 under 12, free under 6. Free parking. For Into contact Criswell Enterprises, 12130 Sherman Way, No. HoUywood,Cal.(213) 983-1617. OCT, 6 -100 MILE NATIONAL CHA\l P IO:liSHIP r. :Iin t R .\ N C E Rt l:li Chautauqua La ke C)'clists MC, Co"l n~ Rd. RD H,Jamesto.. n, :Ii. l ·.-8usll , :Ii .1'. Entr Ies lrom A\lA or promoll n g club. OCT. 12 - 8 MILE NATIONAL J.e. TT RACING under the lights at Elsinor e Race Track. J us t off Hwy . 71 , east of P e rris, Calif . turnoff. Spor ts man trophies fo r all classes. Acajanian F.nk>rprlse , P .O. Box 98, GardPna, CaUI.-Ascol-F.n ai es lrom A.\I." or Dlstrlcl Re ler ee. Enlri es C lose Sept. 21. OCT. 13-145 MILE NATIONAL 3- STAR P ROF ESSIONAL TT RACE by Mt . Baker M.C . at Bellinghf.m, Wash. AMA sane, For Info contact Mt. Baker M.C., 600 DuPont , Bel11ngham , Wasb. 98225 . E :li nt ' R ..vx c r: RI ':Ii Mld..est E nduro TPam, 3\ 10 Rin l:"" Rd:. St. Lou is , Mo. 6312:1-O ld .\ tl llt's . \ li ssourl - En lril's lrom .\ \1,\ or p,omoli nlt cl ub. CtU~\ PIO :liSH I P TT SCRAMBLES RACING each an d every sat. night through the summer. Limited amount of r iders Is 150. P e r r is M.C. Recr eati on Ce nte r, Perris , Calif. OCT, - SPORTSMAN NATIONAL CH,\ \IP IO:liSHIP RO." n R.\ CE Florida lI a rl"'J -na,idson n eal ..., s ,\ s s n. , ~ham i, F la . -160 MILE tlATIONAL CIIA~I PIO :liSIII P E ~ n 1'll.\ :Ii (" E Ri .....rsi de n omb...", ~lC, Rh ... , s ld... SPORTSMAN SHORT T~C K RACING at Cy cle - Land Speedway, 14 miles south of Chi co, Calif., presented by the Valley M.C . For Info call Dick McAfe e at 877-3395 In Paradise, Calif. 1 1I':Ii ("aliI. EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT EVERY OTHER SATURDAY 250cc CLASS A SHORT TRA CKa~Trojan Raceway, co rner Long Beach Fwy . & Firestone Blvd . Firestone to Garfield, SO. on Garfield, _st on Southern to track. Gate s open 6 p.m., race 8 p.m. 40% purse, fuel burners welcome. Ph: (213) 923 -7115. EVERY SUNDAY CLASS A SPEEDWAY RACING at Trojan Ra ceway, corner Long Beach Fwy. & Fir e s tone Blvd, Fi restone to Garfield, s o. on Garfield, west on Souther n to track. Ga tes open 5 p.m., race 7 p.m, 4O'ij,purs e . Ph one: ( 213) 923- 711 5. ONE- DAY MOTORCYCLE T OURSstart-' EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT nLUIPlO:liSHIP E :li n t ' R ..\ :\i C E Rt l:li Lansing \lC , P .O. IlOx 1293 , Lans in g, Mich.-F.nlrll'slrom ,.\~t\ or promo lin Kclub. AMA PROFESSIONAL TT ST EE P LECHASE RACES at Ascot Park, 183rd & Vermont, Garde na , Cal., promoted by J .C . Agajanian. For Into call (213) DA35055 . ROAD RACE SCllooL at Whiteman Air Park, 12030 Pierce SI.• Pa" ol ma(cor ne r Pie r ce St. and san Fe rnando Rd . ) • Streel bike preferably , ~ a .m. start, $10 per s tudent. For Info ca ll Bob Braverman al ( 213) 78o;-2~21. 1ng at 10 a.m , from Roehr Bros. Sportcycle Cen te r, 317 N. Victory Blv d. (be- tween M2gnolla an d Olive), Burbank, Cal. For Info call (213) 842-4847. SATURDAY,SEPTEMBER14* SCRAMBLES by Sprockets M.C. at Sprockets Park, Bakerstleld, Cal. Night race. AMA PROFESSIONAL SHORT TRACK at Horse Show Arena l/S- mUe track, old Calif. State FaIrgr r ~~ 1, Stockton & Broadway, sacrar-t-"".' Cal. NovJAmJ EXP.l, $900 P(.~c.. 14 events. Pract.7 p.m., race 8: ... m, For Into call Agajan1an . Enterprises ( 213) DA 3-5055. PROFE SSIONAL 1/ 4- MIL E SHORT TRACK, promoted by Barkh1mer Assoc. aI P etaluma F airgrounds Speed way, Petaluma, Cal. $600 purse, AMA sane . S1gnup 5:30-7: 15, race at 8: 15 p.m . NIGHT TT SCRAMBLES by Grlpsters M.C. a t Elsinore, Cal. P lace ntia Boys Club Be nefi t, AMA sanc., Dlsl. 37 pts, 5O-200cc prac , 6 p.m ., race 6:30 p .m , 201-Open prac, 9 p.m., race 9:30 p.m , SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 1511 HARE & HOUND by Antelope Ramblers M.C ., U s t. 37 AMA pt. run. Limed trom Red Roc k Canyon, Cal. 10 a .m , start. For Info call 787-7361. TT SCRAMBLES presented by 11111 & Gulley Riders M.C . in Las Vegas, Nev. For Info call (702) 384 -3024. SCRAMBLES by Slo-Pokes M.C . a l santa Marla Speedway, San ta Maria, Cal. AMA sane ., noon start. Li med from Hwy. 101 Bakersfield eXit ( Hwy. 166 East). More Into: Box 2177, Orcutt, Cal. or. (805) WE 7-5836. POKER RUN by Roami n' Wheels M.C .of P acifica, Cal. AMA sane. Starts from Mustacbe' s Pizza Parlor, on Skyline in . san Bruno, Cal. a t 9 a.m . F or into call rave Mort a t (4 15) 359-58 80 . SCRAM BLES al castle Rock Fairgrounds, Castle Rock, Wash. For Info contact Mt. St. Helens M.C., Box 51, Castle Rock, Wash. 986 11. f··~~·~~~···~ii·····i:·~jfii···········! • • • • · · • ,• • : • . . ~ ~ - ! • • • • 0 ~® ©W©!1~ ~~ D S SO 1 yea r 1 FREE to each new subscriber,lhisspecial CYCLE NEWS decal, afull 5Inches in size! Via 1st class mail for one year $18. Via Air Mai l for one Year 526. • This is a new subscription This is a renewal I enclose check or money order please bill me later D D : D S12 f 0 rye ars • 2 • • : NAME • ADDRESS (pIN SOchock one 01 tho . bove). • : • • • D D D D or • • CITY STATE ( du ZIP : • to posul "lUlotlons wo must havo zip codes on all subsc rlptlons) • Please allow three weeks for new subscriptions to start. : :Ma;/ to: CYCLE NEWS, BoJC 498, Long Beach Calif 90801: --- ... _---------------------_._-------------_. AFM ' NATIO NAL RACE at car Raceway, Carlsbad, Cal. All GP & Pr classes. For Into call John McGUll ( 213) 222-1303. ACA MOTO -CROSS at 5ac:Idleback Park Cal. Jr. & Sr . 100-Open, ptts opeo 8: 3 a.m.. race 11:3 0 a .m. 1st ANNUAL POKER RUN by Sp Spokes M.C . Call (714) 893-6811 for lafo RRC pI. run. MOTO-CROSS by Desert Cballeogers M.C . at Deadman's Po int, Apple Valley, Cal. New track , 8 classes, Jr. & Sr entries ill 10, race 11 a.m, For Int ( 213) 845- 6448. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 21st SHORT TRA CK RACES by North Ba M.C . al Sonoma Co . Fair grounds arena Santa Rosa, Cal. s ignup & prac, 5:306:45 p.m.; race 7:30 p.m, AMA sane 4-STAR PROFESSlONAL AMA HALF MILE DIRT TRA CK RACE by Vi Ramblers M.C . at Tulai-e Fairgrounds, Tulare, Cal. Signup 3-5 p.m., prac 5 p.m ., race 8 p.m, F or Info call (209 68S-0322. SAT. & SUN" SEPT. 21 & 22nd 1s t ANNUAL 100Cc TT GRAND PRI by Experts M.C . of san Diego a t Me Speedway. Info trom Experts M.C ., 21 Paden Dr., Spring Valley, Cal. or Ear Roloff at (714) 479-3209. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 22nd MOTO-CROSS at Carlsbad, Cal. by Calif Molo-Cross ClUb. Mall entry $5.00 . pas entry $10. Mall to P.O. Box 124, Reseda Cal. 91335 .CloseSept.18.AFM Nat' l pts MOTO-CROSS a t Enumclaw. Wash. Fol lo w signs from Auburn, Wasb.. Just no of Tacoma. F or Info contactSeafa1r M.C . p.O. Box 936, Auburn. Wash. 1st ANNUAL l OO- M1LE HARE SCRAMBLES by 100'5 M.C. Limed from L ucerne , Cal., s tarts 9 a .m ., nat. 37 P run, AMA sane , F or 1Dfo call (213) 332-3285 or (2 13) 966-7113. TT SCRA MBLES by P r ospecto rsM.C. a Perris, Cal. Usl. 37 pt. run, 8:30 a.m start. For more Info call(213) 674-5782 SPORTSMAN ROAD RACES by South_s M/C Racing Assn. at Green Valley, Texas. F or Into contact Races, 2507 T .C .U. Ave., San Angelo, Tex. 76901 (915) 949-1030. SCRA MBLES by King Ci ty Wheelers M.C at King Ct ty Fairgrounds, King City, Cal AMA sane., U s t. 35 pts. Signup 8:30-11 prac. 9:30- 11, race 11:3 0 a.m. For Int contact Jim's Cyclery, King City , Cal P hone: 385-4230. JOHN BAGLEY BENEFIT RUN by Golde Eagles M.C.StartsfromH-DofFulle 537 W. Valenc1Jl, Fullerton, Cal. fro S-10 a.m . For 1Dfo (714) 827-5478 0 after 6 p.m. (714) 535-8666. l/4-M1LE TT SCRAMBLES by Featbe River M.C . a t Triple M Speedway MarysvUle, Cal. AMA sane., night race For info call (916) 742 - 77 85. PROFESS IONAL 1/4-M1LE SHOR TRACK, promoted by Barkhimer Assoc at Petaluma FalrgroundsSpeedway, Pet altima, Cal.$6oopurse,AMAsanc.0 11 a .m., qual. 1 p .m ., race 2: 30 p.m CHAMPIONSHIP SCRAM BL ES by Lue Spokes M.C ., Br ush P rairi e, Wasb.A sanc. & pts . For lafo write club at P .O Box 77, Brush Prairie. Wasb. 98606 AF M NA1"'L CHAMPIONSHIP GRAN PRIX ROAD RACE at Vaca Valley Race way, VacavUle , Cal. $500 purse for GP trophies for P rod. For Into contact 481 Olisy St., Apt. B, Qakland, Cal. 94619 (415) 536- 2950. HARE SCRAM BL ES by Hi-Jinx F MC a El Mirage Dry Lake. Limed rrom Adelanto, Cal. 9:30 a .m. start, noaffU.looc max. ( 213) 425-9652 . ' SAT. & SUN" SEPT. 28 & 29* AAMRR AUTUMN NAT'L ROAD RAC at Indianapolis Raceway Park, indianapolis, Ind. sat. prac. & street classes. Sun. GP class es $1500 purse & overage Entries close Sept. 16, contact AAMRR 111 42n d St., Uni on City, N.J. (201 867- 5900. MOTORCYCLE WEEKEND by Silve Queens M.C . of Las Vegas, Nev. Fo Info contact Vegas Cycle Center, 102 E. Fremont, Las Vegas, Nev . (702 384-3024.

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