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.. San Bruno, Cal. at 9 a.m, For i nfo call Dave Morl at (415) 359- 588 0. CALENDAR SAT. & SUN., SEPT. 21 & 22nd SATURDAY, AUGUST 31st THREE STAR AMA PROFESSIONAL T T at Castle Rock Fairgrounds, Castle Rock, Was h. For more info contac t Mt. St. Helens M.C ., Box 51 , Castle Rock, Wash. 98611 . SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 1st " MOT O- CROSS a t Crescent Ci ty, Cal. Starts 10 a.m. , fo r info call 484 -4871 in Cresce nt City. . AFM NATIONAL ROAD RACE a W range County Int'L Ra ce way. To be held on new cour se. For further Info call J ohn Mc Gillivray at (213) 222- 1303 . SUN. & MON., SEPT. 1 & 2nd HIL LCLI MB &. SCRAMBLES by Nevada Trailblazers M.C., Reno, Nev . HilIcllmb sat., stgnup 8, s tar t 10 a .m., take U.S. 395 so. 10 mi. to Virginia Ci ty turnoff Hwy. 17, foll ow lime. Sun.' scrambles signup 8 a .m., race noon, follow lime from U.S. 40 & 395 In Reno. Write p .O . ' Box 6075, Reno, Nev. 89503 for tnro, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 2nd • 1st ANNUAL 100cc TT GRAND PRIX by Exp erts M.C . of San Dieg o at Mesa Speedway . Info from Experts M.C ., 21 5 Pa den Dr., Spring Valley, Cal. or Earl Roloff at (714) 479 - 3209. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 22nd . ' MOTO- CROSS a t Carls bad,Cal.byCallf. Moto-Cross Clu b. Mail en try $5.00, po s t entry $10. Mail to P.O. Box 124, Res eda, Cal. 9133 5. Clo se Se pt.18. AF M Na t' lpts . SAT. & SUN., OCT. 5 & 6fu 4th ANNUAL INDIO M!C TOUR by Pacific Coas ters M.C. AMA 1968 Tour Awards, 125 troph ies , fo r info contact local H- D dealer or wr i te Pa cific Coaste r s M.C ., 4502 Gila Ave ., San Diego, Cal. 92117. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 6fu ANNUAL CAC TUS DERBY by Rivers ide Bombers M.C ., AMA sanc., 7:01 a.m , s tar t 8 mi . s o. of Bars tow, Cal. take Cen~ Bars to w orrramp, Mal l $5.00 e ntry to Gene Lindley, Box 1002, Cherry Valley, Cal. 92223 . Close Sept. 22, post $7.00 . SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 3rd 3- STAR PROFESSIONAL TT RACE by Oregon Sidewinders M.C., so. of Portland, Ore. on SE La wnfield Rd . near Clackamas, Ore . 6 p.m, For info contact Sidewinders, Rt. 3, Box 290- C, Oregon Ci ty, Or e . 2n d ANNUAL" MONSTER RUN" by wor ld renowned Kern Co. Trailblazers M.C., somewhere in th e s c e nic wilderness of Kern Co. Details later . 27 -MILE PONDEROSA HARE SC~M BLES by Gr eyho unds M.C .atPonderosa, Cal. Call (213) 367 - 290 7 fo r info. MEXI CA N 1000 ENSENA VA T O LA PAZ RUN entries now being accepted . Contac t NORHA, Inc,; 19720 Ventura BI., Woodland Hill, Cal. (213) 883 -4 140. NOVEMBER 4th THROUGH 7th 7th ANNUAL SALINAS R 'AMBLERS AND ELKS CEREBRAL .P S AL Y BENEFIT RACES In 1962, the Salinas Ramble rs M. C. of Salinas , Cal. felt the desir e and need to be of some definite co mm unity service . It was the ir wish to a s s ociate wi th a sponsoring organization for the purpose of providing a c haritable use fo r th e p r oc eeds of their m otorcycle race s. The Salinas BP O Elks Lo dge No . 614 had the manpower and organization to sponsor s uch eve nts, an d firs t an d foremost, it ha d as i ts chari table goal the aiding of cereb ral palsied an d othe r physically handica ppe d c hildren. Under th s.c o-sponsorshtp of the Ramble rs and El ks, the fi rst races were held in the summer of 1962, at the Sheriff' s posse grounds in Salinas . The public r espons e was so great that plans were ma de i mmediate ly to move the races to the California Rodeo Gr ounds wi th a seating capaci ty of 20,000 people . The attendance a t thatfir steventwas approximately 1,500 and the ne t p roceeds were $2,200. Since that modest beginning, races have been held annually and tbe attendance has increased to approxi-. mateIY 10,000 and the ne t 'pr ofi ts to $11, 165. 47 In 1967. Six years of racing un der the co- spons or s hi p has r esulted in a total contribution of $33,832.20 for the benefit of cerebral palsied and other handi capped children. 100% of the net p r oceeds de r ived for the yearly one-day racing event go to this great cause. This year's r aces are scbeduled for Sun day, Augus t 25, 2968, a t the Californi a Rodeo Grounds on North MaIn Street in Salinas. The races will comme':!ce at 11:00 a.m, and in volve the participation of mo r e than 650 riders from all over Califor nia. T ime T r ials take place between 7: 30 to 10:3 0 a.m . A great added attraction to the s pectators will be the r ear wheel riding contest, an d s idecar racing i s also slated for this year's C':l ~ ee c, ~ ~ or; .. l: ~ _ £' MAIL ENTRY $5.00 POST ENTRY $10.00 ON THE NEW B TURN COURSE TAKE TAKE SAND CANYON OFF RAMP OFF SANTA ANA FWY. 10 MI L E SO. OF DISNEYLAND ADMISSION $2.00 AFM SANCTIONED ENTRIES CLOSE AUG. 21st , ACA SANCTIONED AUGUST 18th SADDLEBACK PARK RACES START lJ:30 A.M. ALL CLASSES JR. AND SR. 100ce THRU OPEN CONCESSIONS - fACILITIES ~ .. . ~ ~ ~ ~ ATTENTION THESE RIDERS WILL BE RIDING IN THE EVENT JOHN DESOTO » GARY CONRAD » RON NELSON GARY BAILEY » LARS LARSON » WALT AXTHELM J.N. ROBERTS» PRESTON PETTY ~ CLASSES ~ EXPERT & JUNIOR 0-125 12&-250 251-500 OPEN ~ CAMPING OK-GATES CLOSE 11:00 P.M. SATURDAY NIGHT ~ ~ THE COURSE WILL BE DUST FREE » SPRINKLING SYSTEM ~ IN AND OPERATING » ALWAYS A COOL BREEZE » & MILES FROM THE OCEAN, MAIL ENTRY TO: P.O. BOX 124, RESEDA ,' CAL. 91335 • SHOWERS NOWFOR RES . IN I RUSE D * *R*R*O*G* ~**F**

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