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THE MOTORCYCLE ENTHUSIAST 'S WEEKLY NEWSPAPER FEATURING: Enci ni tas Chari ty Ma lo- Cross Two Class A Speedway Ev ent s VOLUME V NUMBER 32 Orange Co. Road Races T-Tow n T T In augural Scramblin' Aro und Nevada State Championship Hare Scrambl es September 5, 1968 WES T 25¢ ' NEW LOOK ON THE INCLINE W you think you've seen all hen there is to· behold in the marvelous world of motorcycle raci ng, pack up your parasol and take a trip to Muskego n, Michigan. There . '* look for a mountain named Gar- "" field tha tjuts out of the otherwise fiat Lake Michigan shore and wait on its eastern slope for the oncea-year gathering of the greatest incli ne artists in the world. BSA ride r gives omlnl ous stare at hi li . Excite d hill cli mb enthusia st grit s his teeth as he allempt s to get It up and over. J ust about ten thousand spe ctators tur ned out for the spectacle this yea r , Including a couple hundred of the " dr egs of the earth," as announcer Dick Pearson called them. The dr egs made a shambles of the Muskegon National in 1966, only this year the club was ready for anything. Faced with $3,700 worth of special police armed with riot guns, the dregs departed at midday, apparently convinced that for them, the htllclimb was a "bad trip." The trip was wort hWhile, however, for the professional hillclimbers, who were racing for a $4,000 purse, plus the Natonal title . For the rest of us it was a wonder and revelation. First uie Amateur class, limited to 45 cubic inches of displaceent, attacked the incline, led by local ravortte Jack Taylor ona " Snell Special" uiIt by dealer-club president Jim Snell, which broke the s tring in 7.92 seconds. Each of the 15 Amateurs and 13 Exerts were entitled to three sho ts at the slope. Taylor s till had one r ide left when he was declared the winner 0 The only man who bettered Taylor's time was Earl Bowlby, BSA dealer from Ohio, who was the first Expert to attack the incline. In a ride so quick and smooth it took your breath away, Earl shot straight up Mt. Garfield on his fuelburning BSA twin to set a goal of 7.87 seconds for the other Experts to shoot for. Quick Get Rich Nobody else broke seven all day, and so, for one ride of 320 feet, Earl Bowlby collected top prize of $1,000. The soft- Over·exuberant slop e speedster caught Just pri or to hi 5 departure from machine. spoken, 34-year-old Ohioan says he plans to spend his prize " on making my cycle go fas ter 0 He tells us that hillclimbing " success " depends about equally on three things: Luck, horsepower and r ider." Bowlby'S BSA cranks out an estimated 100 horsepower Down on luck, but well supplied with the other two fa ctors were runners- up , Louis Ger encer from Elkhart, Indiana and Jim Snell. Flfty-seven- year-old Earl 0 S0806 e!DJOJ!le::J 'lI,eas pJeUl nO q,eas liD ' q&JIN S O 0 lI.l, un SAUN Jl)!)

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