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NATIONAL CALENDAR OF EVENTS -: ~ clli. . all)' .=-::::~ II~~ ~:I: :~ =~. . . . .11I111)' for _cellatl_ • 0; - ., ..ace. '" AlIA nnONlL ~ CI) 1:; SPORTSMAN SHORT ~.CK RACES at Trojan Race_y. ~\.t.O LOng Beach Fwy. " Fir~~"Ci\"'{\o"C .?1restDoe ID Gartteld, so'ff.ftI1' -11, west onSouthern ID track ...aaoce. A:rJy atru. okay. clIaaatnl of e••ts II, p...aters w1110eDt C\i SPORTSl!AN SHORT 11UCK RACINGat Cycle-Land~,14 mUes SQUib at Chico, Calif., presented by the Valley M.C. For iDfo call Dick McAfee at II'n -3385 iD Paradise, Calif• EVERY WEDNESDAY RIGHT SCHEDULE EVERY OTHER SATURDAY QUARTER-MiLE FLATTRACK RACING AUGUST 11- 2& LAP TT at Orange ROAD RACE SCHOOL at Whiteman Air Park, 12030 Pierce St •• Paroima(corner Pierce St. a.od san FernandoRd.) . street btke preferably, 9 Lm. start, $10 per student. For Info · call Bob Braverman at (213) 78'1-2421. Co.~,ACAsanc.SIUIts Ana Fwy. ID Laguna CYD. oftramp.leftat 1st st., Va1eDci&, 2 mi. ID track. 125- NAnoNAL alAllPIONSIIIP IIldwest .eedwlQ's, 4610 N.Z1Ib. LMK:eJa. Nebr. !oil -Dldes flUID ' " " .. Distdet BefeIH. ...::l EDlltes Close Jaly 21. :c: 250-OPen c:lssses. 40% purse, pits close 8 p.m. For iDfo call (714) 528-4290. U >.. U AUGUST~PROFEsgORALSHORT SPORTSl!AN TT RACES at Orange Co. 1st SAT. NIGHT OF.EACH MORTH Speedway, ACA S&DC. SIUIts Ala Fwy. ID Laguna CyD. oftramp, left at 1st st., .. V-1eDcI-, Z mi. ID track.. All classes, nms in COIIjuDctloD wttll flattrack, pits close 8 p.m. For info call (714) 528-4290. TRACK CllAMPIONSIIlP SlUlta Fe Dtelprlses. 9100 S. Wolf Rd.. BiDsdll1e. Ill. - Sula Fe SPeedw8Y - EIllltes rr- AlIA .. Dtslltct BefeIH. DUles close Jaly 26. AMA PROFESSIONAL TT STEEPLECHASE RACES at Ascot Park, 183rd" Vermont, Gardena, Cal., promoted by J .C . Agajanian. For iDfo call (213) DA 35055. EYERY THURSDAY NIGHT AUGUST 18-21 LAP TT NAnONAL CHAMPIONSHIP EVERY SUNDAY SPORTSMAN TT RACES at Trojan Raceway, located corner Long Beech Fwy. " Firestone mvd. Fire s ton e to Gartteld. so. on Garfield, west on Soutltern to track. Any atm. oleay. Peorta. M.C•• 1212 S. Jefferson. Peoria. lll. - EIlldes from AMA or Dislrict Referee. EIllries close July 28. AUGUST 25 - 15 MILE NATIONAL EYERY FRIDAY NIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP DfRT TRA CK (l mile) ScaDJan's Pro.... lions. lac•• 3001 N. 911I 8&.. St. Joseph. Mo. - State Fafrpouads -EIlldes from AMA or District Referee. EDtlies Close AUI. 4. AMA PROFESSIONAL FLATTRACK HALF-MILE RACES at Ascot Park, 183rd " Vermont, Gardena, Calif., promoted by J .C. Agajanian. For iDfo call (2 13) DA 3-5055 • . CHAMPIONSHIP DIRT TRACK Bob Batilheer Associates. Inc•• SO ML Hennan Rd., SlUlta cruz. Calif. - San Jose nell -EIlUle. from AMA or District Referee. EDldes Close AUI. n. SEPTEMBERB-llMiLE N .AnONAL CHAMPiONSBlP DIRT TRACK Robert M. Day. 217 Paul Ave •• Salinas. CaUf.- Caltlomta Rodeo cro-ds-Dtries from AMA. .. Disldct Referee. EIltries Close Aulo 18 . SEPT. 15 - 25 MILE NATIONAL ONE-DAY MOTORCYCLE TOURSstarting at 10 a.m. fr om Roehr Bros. Sport- . cycle Center. 317 N. Victory Blvd. (between Magnolia and Olive), BurbD.n.k, Cal. F or info call (213) 842-4847. QUARTER-MiLE SPORTSMAN SHORT TRACK co-sponsored by Fort Sutter" SacramenlD Trackers M.C .'s at Eldorado Raceway, sacramento, Calif. TskeJackSOD ad. or· Hwy. 16 ID Excelsior Rd., DO.1/2 mlle. 3-STAft PROFESSIONAL TT RACE by Oregon Sidewinders M.C. so. of Port!aDd, Ore. on SE Lawntield Rd. near Clackamas, Ore. For info contact Sidewinders, Rt. 3, Box 290-C. Oregon City, Ore. SEPTEMBER 1-UMILE NAnOHAL AUGUST 6, 1 & 8th CbsmpioDship at Cam. Stale FairpoUDds l1111e dirt track. Sacramento. CaL Pro....ted bY J.C. Apjaniau. $18,000 ...rse, Ume lrfals 12 DOOIl. races 2:30 p.m. EDIdes from AlIA or DisL Referee. eatdes clDSe Aue. 25. CHAMPIONSIIlP END U RAN C E RUN Scbqyler ClIUDl,y MC. Rd 1. Cayuta. N.l'. -sdnlyler ... Tompkins eo... Ues-EIltries flUID AMA or promoUaC club. CRAIlIPfONSHIP E N IHI R .\ N C E RliN Lsasial !IIC. P.O . nox 129 3. Lansial. MIdt.-EDtriesfrom ,u a orpmmoUng club. 63rd ANNUAL IOWA SUMMER PICNIC sponsored by Iowa Assoc. of Long Beach at Recreation Park, 7th " Park Ave., Long Beach, Cal. For info call All states Society at (213) 437-8159. SCRAMBLES by Sprockets M.C . at Sprockets Park, BaIlersfleld, Cal. N1gbt race. N225. CH.'MPIONSHIP DIRT TR\CK MaM"ar, Inc•• 80x 7521 3. OklaOOIllll City, Okla. 73107-Entries from .\ !II.\ or District Releree. Dldes Mos e sept. 8. SPORTSMAN "SCANDINAVIAN CHAMPIONSHIP" NIGHT RACEatBeDiIOllLane Speedway, ~ Junction City, Ore. For iDfo contact Oregoo Sport5cycle, 1440 So. "A" , SpriDgtield, Ore. 3-STAR PROFESSIONAL TT RACE by Mt. Baker M.C. at Bel11Dcbf.m, Wash. AMA sanc. For info coutact Mt. Baller M.C., 600 DuPont, BeUlngtWm, Wash. SEPT. 29 - 9MILE NATIONAL I 3rd AN N UA L VENICE LIBRA RY ~O TORC YCLE SHOW & F IL MS. Share an afternoon of machines and films at the Venice Branch Library, GIO California Ave., Venice, Cal. Call Don at (213) 399-2765 for more info. TT RACING UDder the ligbts at ElsiDOre Race Tnck. Just off Hwy. 71, east of Perris, Calif. turnoff. Sportsman tr0phies for an classes. SEPT. 21-22-500 MILE NAnONAL .,. SATURDAY, AUGUST lOth CLASS A SPEEDWAY RACING at Whiteman Stadium, 12850 Pierce St. ID san FerDIIIldo Rd., Pacoima, cal. Races 8 p.m., $2.50 adults, $1.50 under 12, free under 6. Free parldDg. For info contact Criswell Enterprises, 12130 Sberman way, No. BoUywood,cal.(213) 983-1617. SEPT. 15 - 151 MILE NAnONAL ~ 3rdA NNUAL P IKE P EAKTOUR; for Info conta ct Bill Manning, 630 Cook St., Denve r, Colo. EVERY SATURDAY fliGHT TT SCRA IOU ES RACING each and every sat. Dl&bt tlIroacb IiIe summer. Limited . - t at riders is 150. Perris M.C. Rec:ratloD Center, Perris, Calif. SUNDAY, AUGUST 11a TT SCRAMB~ES at SODDy Valley Speedway, 14 m i. DO. or Grants Pass, Ore. For info contact Ray Copeland, 420 Crestview Lp., Grants .Pass, Ore. (503) 476-4018• r·-··--.-·.·..-•.···.··-····--.····.·-.·····.: i ca I I i • • • • : • I : ~ i : • : I ill ~ ~® ©W©!1~ ~~ ~~~::~:~~~It::s 0$1. SO 1 year 0 $12 for 2 years : decal, afall 5 ilcbes In size! Via 1st class mail for ODe year S18. Via Air Mail for ODe Yea.r 126. I (plusecbKkDnlOfthuboY8). II I I This is a Dew sDbscriptiOD This is a reuenl I enclose check or moDey order : please bill me later • 0 0 0 0 • : I NAME I II I ADDRESS DO CITY STATE or ZIP • (due to posta l reeula tlons we must have zip codes on all SUbSCriPtionS) ; Please allow f"ree weeis for new sulJScripfions fo sfarf. I :Mai' to: CYCLE NEWS, Box 498, Long Beach Ca'if 90801: . . .. . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SURDAY,AUGUSTlllII SPORTSMAN SCRAMBLES bJ Lucky Spokes M.C., Brush Prairie, Wash.AMA 5aDC. " pts. FOI' info write d~ at P.O . Box 77 Brush PrUrle. Wash. 98606. Z7-MILE PONDEROSA BARE SCRAIIBLES by GreybouDds M.C.atPcADll'-' csi, Call (2lJ) 367-2907 tor iDfo. SCRAMBLES by Fames M.C. at Fremoat, Cal. AMA SlIDC.. 9 a.m. sIgnap, Dtst. 36 classes. Next ID dragstz1p, Darbam ad. off Nimitz. POKER RUN by capitol City M.C., AMA sane. starts 9-12 DOOD from 2414 13th st., SAcrameniD, cal. TT SCRAMBLES by WIDows Scramblers M.C . at Glen County Fairgrounds, Or!aDd, Cal. SlgnUP9-11:3O,race 1:30p.m., AMA CLASS A SPEEDWAY RACING at Trojan Raceway, eorner Long Beach Fwy." Fir e s tone BlVd. Firestone to Garfield, so. on Garfield, west on Southern to track. Gates open 5 p.m .. race 7 p.m. 40% purse. Phone: (2 13) 923-7115. . . . . . . - sane, 1st ANNUAL POKER RUN by Redwood Empire M.C . Starts 9-11 a.m. from H-D Shop , 306 5th se., santa Rosa, Cal. AMA sane, MO~CROSS at Carlsbad, Cal. by Calif. Moto- Cr oss Club. Mall entry $5.00, post entry $10.00 Mall 10 P .O. Box124, Reseda, Cal. 91335. Close Aug. 6.AFM Nat'lpts., charity for children's hospital. CALICO TEAM RELAY by BI Jinx F .M.C . Signup at Jenkins Sport Center, Norwalk, Cal. Take Barstow Fwy. to Calico Ghost Town turnoff, fonow lime to drylake bed. l00cc max., 8:30 a.m. start. For info call (2 13) 864-28~;o. NEVADA STATE CHAMP IO NSHIP HARE SCRAMBLES by Silver City Scramblers M.C. Limbed from Stateline Cal. Nev. border on Interstate Hwy. 15. Dist. 37 rules, 9 a.m, start. For Info call (702) 384-3024, Las Vegas , Nev. MONDAY, AUGUST 12th "OPERATION MOTORCYCLE" BLOOD BANK. Call Ken at (213) 964-2674 for iDfo. REFEREES MEETING at LodI M.C. Clubbouse, LodI, ClI1. Send de1egaIes with written rule cbaDge siCiest10Ds for Dlst. 36 " AMA Compo Congress. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 14a NIGHT RACEs at Myrtle PoIDt Fairgrounds. Coos Bay, ore. QpeII1ug D1gtIt at Coos County Falr. FRIDAY, AUGUST 1&11I PROSPEC1ORS ENDURO AND BARE SCRAvm ES TROPHY PRESENTATION wU1 be be1d at V.F.W. Hall, ll1ZZ W. 162 st., Gardella, caL 7:30 p.m. SUNDAY, AUGUST 11. l/4-MILE TT SCRAMBLES by Featber River M.C. at Triple M SpeedWli7, Marymne, Cal. AMA _ .. tor more info call (916) 742-7785. 1st ANNUAL PACIFIC TRIALS CHAMPIONSHIP at JobD WIckett SlUlMaleoCo. M!C Park, west at Redwood Clq, cal. Limed from Skyl1De BL " K1Dgs Mm. Rd. For info c:ontsct Paclflc 1Dt'1 Trials Society, Box 2272. Menlo Park, caL 94025. 6th ANNUAL POT OF GOLD RUN bJ Calif. RalDbowS M.C . RRC pt. nm. CsU (213) 430-5890 for info. NAT'L CHAMPIONSHIP GRAND PRIX ROAD RACE by Int'ISport Cycle ElIIlOsitioos a t Vaca Valley Raceway, V_ville, ClI1., so. of SacramenlD elf Hwy. SO. $1000 IDUl purse. For info coatsct AFM, 4810 Dllsy St., oakland, Cal.IIIM9 SPORTSMAN ROAD RACES presented by Southwest M!C RactDg Assn. at Odessa, Texas. For info contact Races, 2507 T .C.U. Aft•• SIUI Angelo, Tex. 76901. (915) 949-1030. SCRAMBLES by Los Gatos M.C. atUns Dam, Hall Ranch, Gilroy cal. Umed ~~~I~~e1~.AMA 1st PIONEE R sane., slgnlll TO WN EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES by Coachella Valley M.C ., limed from Yucca Valley, Cal. AMA sane. Dlst. 37 pt. run . F or info contact Coachella. Valley M.C., 71-306 Bwy.l11, Rancho Mi rage, Cal. 9227 0. HEART F UND BE NEF IT PO KER RUN by Oxnard M.C . Sign1n 8-9:30 a.m. a t Oxnard M.C . Clubhouse, 4684 S. savi ers ~:7:4~~~rc~p~~rorinf;i:Ucl~~0~~ .. . . .. . P .O . •Bo:, 1094, Oxnard, Cal. 93030 •

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