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.. CALENDAR 1st ANNUAL PAC IF IC TRIALS CHAMPIO NSHIP at JOM Wickett San Mateo CO. MIC Park, west of Redwood Ci ty, Cal. Limed from Skyline BI. & Kings Mtn . Rd. F or Info contact Pacl!lc Int'l Trials Society, Box 2272 , Me nl o Park, Cal. 94025. 6th ANNUAL POT OF GOLD RUN by Call!. Ralnbows M.C . RRC pt. run . Call (213) 430-5890 for Info . NA T' L CHAMPIONSHIP GRAND P RIX ROAD RACE by Int'l SPort Cycle Expo.sitions at Vaca Valley Raceway, Vacaville, Cal., s o. of Sacramento off Hwy. 80. $1000 total purse . For Info contact AFM, 4810 I:aisy se., Oakland, Cal. 91649 SPORTSMAN ROAD RACES presented by Southwest MIC Racing Assn. at Odessa, Texas . For Info contact Races, 2507 T.C .U. Ave . , San Angelo, Tex. 76901 . (9 15) 949-1030. ACA MOTO-CROSS at Saddleback Park, Cal. J r . & Sr. roo-open, pits open 8:30 a.m ., race 11:30 a.rn, 1st P IONEER TOWN EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES by Coach ella Valley M.C., limed from Yucca Valley, Cal. AMA s ane . Dlst. 37 pt . r un. For Info contact Coa chella Valley M.C. , 71-306 Hwy.111 , Rancho Mirage, Cal. 92270 . AUGUST 18th THROUGH 24th BONNEVI LLE SPEED TRIALS a t BonnevllIe Sat F lats . For mo r e info conta c t Earl F landers, 200 W. Waln ut, Pasade na, Cal . 91103, ( 213) 681-6451. Post en tries a vailable. • SAT, & SU N., AUG. 24th & 25th WESTERN CANADIAN CHAMPIONSHIP ROAD RACES presented by Westwood Mlc Racing Cl ub at P ort CoquitIam, B .C ., Canada. For Info co ntact club a t Box 91, S. Burnaby, B .C. • Canada. SATURDAY, AUGUST 31st THR EE STAR AMA PROF ESSIONAL T T at Castle Rock Fairgrounds, Castle Rock, Wash. For more Info contact Mt. St. Helens M.C., Box 51 , Castle Rock, Wash. 986 11. MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 2nd 3-STAR PROFESSIONAL TT RACE by Oregon Sidewinders M.C ., so . of Portland, Ore. on SE Lawntleld Rd . near Clackamas, Ore . 6 p.rn , F or Info contact Sidewinders, Rt; 3, Box 290-C, Oregon City, Ore . SUNDAY, SEPTEMBERBth ENGLISH TRIALS presented by Ground Shakers M.C . at Las Vegas, Nev . For Info call (702) 384-3024. CLASS A PROFESSIONAL SPEEDWAY SHORT TRACK ALL NEW CUSHION SPEEDWAY TRACK RIDERS AND OWNERS CALL 923-711 5 AUGUST 4th 1:110 P.M. 40%PURSE PRA CTICE 2:00 P .M.-4:00 P .M. SIGN UP CLOSES 6:00 P.M. SOUTHERN A OUTH GATE, C VE.,S A LIF. For dire cti ons s•• calendar of events . Page 2 5601 SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 15111 HARE & HOUND by Antelope Ramblers M.C. , Dlst. 37 AMA pt. run. Limed from Red Rock Canyon, Cal. 10 a.m, start. For Info call 787- 7361. MOTO··CROSS TT SCRAMBLES presented by H1Il & Gulley Ri ders M.C . In Las Vegas, Nev . F or Info call (702) 384-3024. . FOR CHILDREN SAT. & SUN., SEPT. 21 & 22nd CARLSBAD RACEWA Y 1st ANNUAL 100cc TT GRAND PRIX by Experts M.C. of San Diego at Mes a Speedway. Info fr om Exper ts M.C. , 21 5 Paden Dr ,; Spring. Valley, Cal. or Earl Ro loff a t (714) 479 - 3209. PRESENTED BY C ALIfORN IA MOTO-C ROSS CLUB AUGUST 1 1 SAT. & S UN., OCT. 5 & 6th 4th ANNUAL INDIO MIC TOUR by Pacific Co as t er s M.C. AMA 1968 Tour Awards , 125 troph ies , for info contac t local H- D dealer or write Pacl!lc Coasters M.C. , 4502 Gila Ave. , San Diego, Cal. 92117. CAMPING OK NIGHT BEFORE MOTO-CROSS $250 P'RIZE MONEY SU NDAY, NOVEMBER 3rd 2nd ANNUAL" MONSTER RUN" by world renowned Kern Co. Trailblazers M.C. , s om e where In th e sceni c wild ernes s of Kern Co . Details later . FOR EXPERTS CLASS COMBINED 250 THRU 500 TROPHIES FOR JUNIORS (SUPER BIG) ALL PROCEEDS GO TO BOYS CLUB OF CARLSBAD MAIL ENTRY $5.00 POST ENTRY $10.00 NOVEM BER 4th THROUGH 7th ro SUNDAY, AUGUST 25th ME XICAN 1000 ENSENADA. LA PAZ RUN en tries now be ing a ccepted . Con tac t NORRA, Inc ., 19720 Ventur a BI., Woo dland Hill, Cal . ( 213) 883-4 140 . SP ORTSMA N S CRAMBLES by Luc ky Spo kes M.C., Brush Prairie, Wash .AMA sane . & p ts , For Info write club at P.O. Box 77 Br us h P r ai rie , Wash. 98606 . IMORE AMA HAT'LS' MOTO-CROSS at Ca r ls bad,CaI . byCalif . Moto - Cross Club. Ma il e ntr y $5.00 , post en t ry $10.00. Mall to P .O. Box 124, Re seda , Cal. 91335. Close A ug. 20. AFM Nat'l pts, * OCT. 12 - 8 M ILE NATIONA L CII.. MPIONSIIIP F. N D lI lI" N C E RliN \ Cha u ta uqua La ke Cyc li sls MC. Co wi rrg lid . nn #4 " l ame s town , N. \' . - Bus ti , N. Y. E n tr i es trorn A M.4- or pr omoun g clu b. .I .C. Agajanian En terpns c s, P .O. lin, 98. Ga rdena , Ca l if..- ,\s cot-En bi e s rrom AMA nr District Refer ee. Entries C luse St'Pt. 21. OCT. 13-145 MILE rtATIONAL 7th ANNUAL SCRAMBLES by SalInas Ramblers M.C. & SalInas Elks Lodge, AMA sane . Call!. Rodeo Grounds, No. Maln St., SalInas, Cal. Ga tes open 7 a.m., slgnup ends 10: 30 a.m, CIIAMPIO:-;SHIP E N D U R" N C E RUN Midwest Enduro T eam. 3110 Rin ger Rd., St, Louis, Mo. 63 125-O ld ~I i ne s , 'lissouri - En tries from A\IA o r promottna club. THURSDAY, AUGUST 29th OCT. - SPORTSMAN NATIONAL AMA NOVICE & AMATEUR SHORT TRACK RACES at Antelope Valley FaIrgrounds, Lancaster, Cal. Promoted by J .C . Agajanlan, $600 purse. Time trials 6 p.rn.; race 8 p.m, For more info call (213) DA. 3-5055. CHAMPIO:-;SIIIP ROAD RACE Fl ori da lIarley-Da vidson Dealcrs Assn, ; Miami, Fla. -1611 MILE rt ATIONAL CHAMP IONSIII P E N D R .\:II C E RUN Rlversidc Bombers MC. Riv erside. Calif. AT TENTIO N TH ESE RIDERS WI LL BE RIDI NG IN THE EVENT JOHN DESOTO 0 GARY CONRAD 0 RON NELSON GARY BAILEY 0 LARS LARSON 0 WALT AXTHELM J.N. ROBERTS 0 PRESTON PETTY OCT. 6 - 100 MILE NATIONAL EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES by SPoke Benders M.C ., AMA sanc., Dlst. 37 pts., 9 a.m, start, approx, 3, of Mojave, Cal. on Hwy. 58. Write club at p.O . Box 29 6, Lawndale, Cal. 902 60 for more Info. ENTRIES CLOSE AUG. 7t" CLA SSE S ~ EXPERT & JUNIOR 0-125 126-250 251-500 OPEN CAMPING OK-GATES CLOSE 11:00 P,M. SATU RDAY NI GH T THE CO URSE WILL BE DUST FREE 0 SP RINKLINGSYSTEM IN AND OPERATING 0 ALW AYS A COOL BREEZE 0 6 MILES FROM THE OCEAN. MAIL ENTRY TO : P.O, BOX 124, RESEDA , CAL. 913'35 * * * * * * * * * * * *R**O*G* R*~*F** J. A.P . PROFESSIONAL SPEEDWA Y SHORT TRACK 116 MILE ALL NEW DIRT SPEEDWAY Riders and Own ers C.\ L L !l a-t 61i AUG. 3rd 8:30 p.m, 40%PURSE TOP 12 RIDERS SHARE WHITEMAN STADIUM 1 eiso P ierce sr., P acoima Take Terra Bella oxit eas t off Golden State Freeway NEVADA STATE CHAMPIONSHIP HARE SCRAMBLES AUGUST 11 Presented by Silver City Scramblers Approx. 75 miles of New Calif. style deserL ALL CLASSES · HACKS W ELCOME 0 Limed from Statel ine Cali f.-Nevada border on Interstate Hwy. 15 SI X-FOOT SWEEPS TAKES TROPHY 0 DISTRI CT 31 points Camping facili ties - Signup opens 6:30 a m at start-finish - 9 a.m. start . ·3024 in Las Vegas • . For info. call (702) 38 4

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