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" BRIDGESTONE Shifter stops convert your rotary shift to a positive stop. $12.95. Contact Aragon Dlst. ce., 223 W. Camino Real, Monrovia, Ca1I!. 91016 or call (213) 447-8342. MX3 GREEVES, Cerlan! for ks, custom paint, by Jones, has show and go, better than new, can be seen at des er t events at Foothill Hawks pits $700.00 or call Rich (213) 728-576 4. atter 5:00 . '66 - 1/ 2 HODAKA . Set up for dirt with big ti r es , extended for ks , gir llng shocks; ported & polished, expansion chamber exhaust. $250. cash. Call even ings (213) 676-1483 . '6 6 VICTOR Cerlanl fr ont end, scrambles or desert, x- tras $600. (213) 8390021. MONTESA '6 4 175cc s et up for dirt $275 or will trade for Hodaka (213) 794- 1933. FOR SALE: ' 64 Gr eev es sq. barr el, top condition $425.00. (213) 767- 6642. '63 GREEVES sq. barrel 250cc, good condition, but needs flywheel work $150. Also: surfboard, Roberts Pintail 9' 10", excellent condition $70. Need money! (213) 676-5537 . SELL: ' 66 H- D Sprint CRS, like new, extras, never raced, must sell $365.00. (714) 689-4 580. 2 ROYAL ENFIELD basket cases. One 700cc, one 750cc $200.00.(213) 866-2079. FOUND: Helmet at So. Cal. M.C. Scrambles on May 5, s till unclai med . Call Dick Ca mp (213) 372-2 266 days, (213) 3719650 nights. MOTORCYCLE MECHANIC NEEDED Honda o ceanside, 3030 san Luis Rey Rd. (714) 722-15 19. ONLY 2 LEF T, '6 8 Bultac o 360 El Bandidos , $950.00. (714) 686-8014. USED BULTACO 360 El Bandido, many extras, ext ra large s eat, skid plate, $900.00. (714) 686-8014 . 1963 HARLEY-DAVIDSON '3prlnt 250cc. DIrt and street equipment. Very good' $275.00 ., (213) 325-5974 after 5 p.m, BAILEY SWEEPS TO R JANT T '67 BULTACO Pursang, 5 speed, large gas tank & Bates seat, desert ready $600.00. (714) 633-0064. '61 B.S.A. GOLOOTAR, fast & cl ean $595.00. (714) 633~0064 . 1950 250cc B.S.A. - no engine $60.00. (213) 985-3105. '67 BULTAC ' Matador $550.00. Desert Metisse seat, compr es s ion release.(21 3) 672-3485. ' 66 TRIUMPH TT,Special, new full race engin e, Cerlanl forks, Bates seat, 2 sets of tires $750.00 or trade for 250 or 360. D. Fozzard, 2508 Waterman Ave., san Ber nardino, Ca1I!. '6 7 GREEVES Challenger, spring forks, compression release, Cer lan ls, a proven winner, but well maintained & In better than new condi tion. (2 13) 780-1297 atter 6, (Van Nuys) . DUCATI ROAD RACER 1963 250Cc D1ana Mk. 3 - based. Big valv es, headwor k, clip-ons, special tank and seat. Very fast for only $200. (213) 241-1782. YAMAHA 250cc Big Bear scrambler. Very clean, never ridden in dirt $450.00. (213) 723-4011. '66 BSA VICTOR - r ace r ea dy $575. 1565 Christine Ave ., santa Susana. (805) 526-3358 . 175cc GUAZZONI Moto-C ross, excellent condition $175. Call cave (213) 767-7912. . FOUND: In the Red Rock area, a Bandolier of crayons with the Initials " D.W." on It. ( In answer to want ad of Aug; 8th I hope this doesn' t develop Into another " cher ry" slinger.) ' 66 BULTACO Matador 250cc, ' 68 tags, very clean $475 firm. (213) 676- 0268. DUCATI 250 desert ready, knobbys. Will trade for Bultaco 250 or sell at $350.00. Call atter 6:00 p.m, (213) 839-3079. '67 VICTOR - Scrambler, real clean, red leathers, drafted - mus t selll (714) 637-4606. 360 CZ 1967 " Puch" carbur etor , $800.00. Ray Bierman , (714) 624,-1 945 (eves .) BULTACO ·BENELLI·MAI CO-MOTO·BETA CULVER CITY CYCLE CENTER 10248 CUL VE R BLVD. (213) 839-9000 2-STROK E S PE CIALIST BUSTER PORTING AND COMPRESSION RELEASES INSTALLED By MIKe capaute SOUTH GATE, cai., Ju ly 11 Gary BaIley again topped the TT races Thursday night at the Trojan Raceway oval, an d It appears that the Southern Ca1I!ornla hotshoes In the 100cc and 250cc classes are shying away from running against him to keep from being beaten. This is not true of all of them, though, as both Frank and Jack Morgan were out giving him battle. The results might not look Impressive, but it is only because of a spill In the semi In which Frank took a spectacular endo an d Jack, who happened to be right behind him, went out also. Opposition Coming Up I look for the Morgans to become for midable opponents as soon as they get a few more r aces on thi s tric ky little track, and they will be up there with ce.le Hopkins , who started the season out as an also-ran and quickiy worked his way up to second place In the point standings . Another adver sary who has been giving Gary a hard time Is Br ian Spinks (Yamaha) who beat him in the Trophy Dash. The 100cc MaIn was Gary's revenge as he took the win, Hodaka-mounted, over Bryan with Troy McKee (Hodaka) In third and Jack Mor gan (Hodaka) fourth. cavid Ham (Br idgestone) finis hed In the fifth slot . Larry Helnselman (Hodaka) and J imm y Raymond (Suzuki) had a good battle going until they both cr ashed at the jump. Bailey Bluffs Formby Gary had ' it fai r ly easy In the 250Cc MaIn on his Nlchols on- sponsor ed Greeves. He followed Jerry Formby (Yamaha) around In s econd slot for a few laps, then going over the jump on the outside, he poured the coals to It like he was going to get Jerry on the outs ide, but suddenly laid on the binders and ducked inside as Je rry was suckered Into drifting wide trying to block his advance. From then on It was a runaway as BaIley flni shed flrs t, with Formby s econd. Thi r d and fourth places went to Eddie Walker ( Triumph) and Myrle Ham (H-D) . (Results on page 16) HUSQVARIIA OCEANSIDE CYCLERY 216 VIA DEL MONT E OCEANSIDE, CA LIFORNIA (714) 722-0836 PENTO N - BRlDGES TONE ~ Q) ~ e, ~ ~ .r; ~-~-:==~ ~ ', FOR SALE - KAWASAKI "67- 1/ 2 650cc, 1900 mi., tmmac, condo Mus t sell, orlg. owner. (213) 797-0575. HUSQVARNA3 months old, bash plate, compress. re t., some spares, r aced once . Mechanically perfect, looks & runs good. Must sell $865. (714) 496-9459 after 5 p.m, • As one final and Impor tant note. On Opening cay will each club send two members who have competed that day to meet with Don England when the racing Is over to discuss any necessary changes In the circuit or to make any suggestions as to how things can be made better? Hurry up Opening cay! Well, If the word hasn't already reached you we now have a new track In DIstrict 37! Personally, we're still so jazzed about the whole thing we haven ' t come down to earth yet. Some ti me ago we passed the wor d tha t the Huntington Beach Planning Council turned us down on the fir s t round so an appeal was made to the City Council and last Tues day was the day. Our si de went to bat with DIs trict President Ron Sloan a s lead spokesman with a carefull y planned pr esentation of the fac ts In favor of having the com bi ned track and riding s chool Presiding over Councllm embers Green, Mc Cracken, Kaufman and Bar tlett was Mayor Coen, a gentleman who obvious ly hadn't pre-judged the motorcycle group by the old cliches and was 'willing to be open-minded about the whole thi ng. Applause broke out a t one point when the Huntington Beach Chief of Police was asked about the weekend riders whotrail around on land adjoining the track site. The Chief replied that there was never any trouble, his men just kept an eye open and that as far as he wasconce rn ed he was all for the track as motorcycling Is a family sport, he and his family ro de and the more supervised places there are the better. After that statement most of us dumped over board all the cliches we had about Chiefs of Poll ee! The vote was unanimous In our favor. ~~ ·PJZ@~r4$I:# _ma& 'rt~ ll ;m:'$$..JiZ;~"m:%~m~ Grant Van Tech MOTO RCYCLE CONVERSION KITS Gr a nt Indu lt ri. ,. 3680 a .v. rly al ~d .• \'01 Ang .I• • GET MORE SHCAS WITH SACHS THE BOONDOCKER It's Purt SIchs Now a va il ab l e at McLAUGHLIN MOTORS 2422 Eo Huntlnp n Dr. Du.rt., Cl llf. Phon. (213) 359....5... Simichrome Shines Suddenly , Slmlchrome Is a honey Cleans quick as a bunny COMPE TI TIONCHEM ICALS '704 Washington Ave., Iowa Falls, Iowa Off and Running! Grading will start In just a few days and the first race will probably be In early September with a lot of razzle dazzle planned for opening day. After all, this Is In the City limits, not out In the boondocks somewhere. The track owners, Hope and Don England want to show Huntington Beach that they didn't make a mistake by allowing the track by providing excellentfaclllties. Spectators will be up on a raised level with a complete view of the circuit. There will be permanent washrooms with running water as well as the portable variety, grass (can you Imagine, at a SCRAMBLES track!) a playground for the youngsters and flowering s h rub s such as oleanders around the outs ide of the fence s on the proper ty lin e. As just an idea, how about If our scramble s clubs would consider pitching In ei ther as a cl ub or as individuals by donating a shrub or some time In helpIng get this tra ck off and r unning. Get In touch with me through this column If you wis h to, beca use a lot of people have alr eady donated a lot of ti me and effort to get this thing underway and It beneflts everyone. It' s always more fun to be a full participant In something wor thwhile . Right now' the track layo ut will be the foll owing. The turns will ,be at least 20 feet wide and the straightaway 15. The jump will be like the old Perris one, not li ke the Ascot style wher e you can't s ee If someone Is down on the far side. It's about 5/ 8ths of a mile around, fast, and has a 600- foot straight (all right, Open Br igade, settle down and stop all tha t cheerlng l), and the starting area Is neat. It'll be like Prado. Re me mber when we had all that lovely room to get sorted out In? It was rare to see a s tarting line crash there. Rules Strict But Fair Because this Is a track in city limits the rules will be strict but not imposs ible to follow. Bakersfield has the same set-up and so ' will Huntingto n Beach Cycle Park. Spectators will be kept out of the pits with amp le parking for riders and spectators, so you' ll never have to dr ive around hopelessly looking for a place for your truck because fifteen guYs in cars got Into the pits ahead of youl Also, there will be no alcoholic beverages allowed and the DIstrict rule of having an untampered-wlth numbe r on every racing machine will be stric tly upheld l The track Is cooperating v.oluntar ily with the Pollce Department on this to insure tha t no stolen bikes will sho w up on the pr operty. So you few who have been getting away with no numbers on your scooters had better not appear at the pit gate at Hunti ngton! For any further Info on the track, ei ther for racing or attending the riding school the number Is (2 13) TW 74458. Flllro n Air Fillers, .ruds on Prods. Francisco Ca s toroll , Ori'slide, Fi· berglass Ianks& seats• •John Coo per & Big John 80015. 1\11 a vallable from SIMPSONMOTO RS 4210San Fornando Rd. Glondale, Ca. 91204 (213) 247-3008 *******************l : THE TWO-WHEELER ~ * SUZUKI ~: t Ready for Inmediale Delivery! * * ** 867 W. Callan Ave. San Bernardino, call1i* (714) 885-3445 ~***************** ~ : Shell Thuel • o • o • • • ~ Guy Louis SHELL MOTORS HODAKA ' • 3365 Centurv Blvd. • Lvnwood - NE8·4864 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••• !:-CUSTOM-! < ' . rn accessories:;; 5 1 REG. $24.951 SALE $18.95 .,; \ ~ z ~ I ~ SAVEUPT050% ON NEW 'PARTS = ! I --..L I ~ REG. $20,00 t; ~ SALE m.BS :iLGE: iii: ::~: PARTS fOR ALL I DE en ...I W W REG. $ 8.95 SALE $ U8 :z: f; " :~ , ) ,~.J .1'.' #o'j '~ MOTORCYCLE SALVAGE 835 W, FOOTHILL en ID = :z: :II . en 8 B I .~' WE TIRES :z ~ 'a = S~;U~~;~~;~ERE ~ TUBES HELMET

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