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• NATIONAL CALENDAR OF EVENTS ~ "'Iders If. Idvl s.d thlt IIstlna In this ClI· ... .ndll Is If... SIIvlc.. Cycl. dl.. .,; cilim. Iny IIlponsl III IIty 101 canc.llltion or ... chln,ln, of ...nts by promoters without Cii bOtla. ~ AMA NATIONAL SCHEDULE '" JULY 21 - 50 LAP TT ~ ~ NAll0NAL CHAMP IONSHIP J.C. ApJantan Enterprises. P.O. Box 98, Gardena. Ca ll f.- Ascot-E ntries from AMA or Dis' trlc t Referee. Entrie s c lo se July 6. ~ JULY 21 -10 MILE N .ATIONAL ~ u ClIlmpionship Dirt Track (1 mile) Bob Barllhimer As sociates. Inc.. 50 Mt. Herman Rd., santa Cruz, Cal H. - Santa Rosa FairllOunds. santa Rosa, Cal. $6000 purse. - Entrie~ from AMA or District Referee. AUGUST 4 - PROFESSIONAL HILLCLIMB NA110NAL CHAMP IONSlOP MuskeeOll MC. Muskegon, Mich .Mt. Garfield-Entrants notified qy AMA . AUGUST 4 -110 MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ROAD RACE. Floyd Clymer, 222 N. Vlrei! Av e , ; Los Angeles . Calif. Ind ianapolis Raceway P ark . Ind ianapolis, Ind. Entries from AMA or District Referee. AUGUST 11 - 25 LAP TT NAll0NAL CHAM PIONSHIP Midwest Speedway s . 4600 N. 27 th, Lincoln, Nebr. -Entries from AMAo or District Re fe ree. Entries Close July 21. AUGUST 25 - 15 MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP DIRT TRACK (1 mile) SCanlan's Pro motions, Inc, ; 3001 N. 9th St. , SI. Joseph, Mo. - State Faircrounds -Entries from AMA or District Referee. E ntries Close Aug. 4. SEPTEMBER 1-14MILE NATIONAL CHA:IIPIONSHIP DIRT TRAC K Bob Barllhlme r Associates, Inc •• :10 Mt. Herman Rd., santa Cruz. Calif. - San Jose track -Entries from AMA or District Re fer ee . Entries Close Aug. 11. SEPTEMBER 8-11MILE N .ATIONAL CHAMPI ONSHIP DIRT TRACK Robert M. Day , 277 P aul Ave ., Salinas, Callf.Cali fornia Rocleo grounds-Entries from AMA or District Referee. Entries Close Aue . 18. SEPT. 15 - 25 MILE NATIONAL J.C. AeaJanlan Enterprises, P ,O, Box 98, Gardena . Ca IH.-Sacrame nto, Callf.-Entri es from AMA or District Re fe ree. Enlri e s Close Aue . 2:1. SEPT. 15 - 150 MILE NATIONAL CHA.l P IONSHIP END U R A N C E RUN \ SChuyler County MC. Rd I , Cay uta, N.Y. -SChuyler & Tompki ns Counties-Entries from AMA or promo tine clu b. SEPT. 21-22-500 MILE NATIONAL CIIMIPIO:-;SIIIP E:-; n II R :\:-; C E RlJ:"/ La nsing 'IC, P,O. !\Ox 1293, Lanstna, 'lich.-E nl rleslrom :\ ' H or promottnz c lub. EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT SPORTSMAN SHORT TRACK RACES at Trojan Raceway, corner Long Beach Fwy. & Firestone m Vd. Firestone to Garfield, so. on Garfield, west on Southern to track entrance. Any affll. okay. SPORTSMAN SHORT TlL\CK RACING at Cycle- Land Speedway, 14 miles south of Chico, Calif.. presented by the Valley M.C . For Info call Dick McAfee at 877-3395 In Paracllse, Ca.l1f. EVERY OTHER SATURDAY QUARTER-MILE FLATTRACK RACING at Orange Co . Speedway, ACA sane, Santa Ana Fwy. to Laguna Cyn. offramp, left at 1st st•• Valencia, 2 mi. to track. 125250-0pen classes, 40% purse, pits close 8 p.m, F or Info call (714) 528-4290. ROAD RACE SCHOOL at Whiteman Air Park, 12030 Pierce sr., Pacolma(corner Pierce St. and san Fernando Rd. ) • Street bike preferl.bly, 9 a.m, s ta.r t, $10 per student. For Info call Bob Bra.verman at (213) 78;-2421. SPORTSMAN TT RACES at Orange Co. Speedway, ACA sanc. Santa Ana Fwy. to Laguna Cyn. offramp, left at 1st st., Valencia, 2 mi. to track. All classes , runs In conjunction with flattrack, pi ts close 8 p.m, For Info call ( 714) 528- 4290. 1st SAT. NIGHT OF·EACH MONTH MOTO- CROSS I.t CUlsbacl, Cal. by Ca.l1f. Mota-Cr oss Club. Ma.l1 entry $5.00, po s t entry $10.00. Ma.l1 to P.O. Box 124, Reseda., Cal. 91335. Clo se July 21. AFM Nat'l. pts. AMA PROFESSIONAL TI' STEEPLECHASE RACES at Ascot pUk, 183rd & Vermont, Gardena, cai., promoted by J .C. Aga janlan. For Info call (213) DA35055. SPORTSMAN S C RAMBLES by Lucky Spokes M.C., Brush Prairie, Wash.AMA s ane. & pts , F or Into wr ite club a t P .O. Box 77, Brush Prairie, Wash. 98606. EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT SPORTSMAN TT RAC ES a t Trojan Rac e way, loca ted corner Long Beach Fwy. & F ires tone BlVd. Firestone to Garfie l d, so. on Garfield, west on Southern to track. Any affl!. okay. EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT AMA PROFESSIONAL FLATI'RACK HALF-MILE RACES a t Ascot Park, 183r d & Vermont, Gardena, Calif., promoted by J .C. Agajanlan. For Info call (21 3) DA 3- 5055. QUARTER-MILE SPORTSMAN SHORT TRACK co- sponsored by Fort Sutter & Sacramento Trackers M.C"s at Eldorado Raceway, sacramento, Calif. Take Jackson Rd. cr: Hwy. 16 to Excelsior Rd•• no,1/2 mlle. 3-STAR PROFESSIONAL TT RACE by Oregon Sidewinder sM.C. s o. of Portland, Ore. on SE Lawnfle1d Rd. near Clackamas , Ore. For Info contact Sidewinders, Rt. 3, Box 290-C, Oregon City, Ore. EVERY SATURDAY tlI G HT CLASS A SPEEDWA Y RACING at White man Stacllum, 12850 Pierce St . & San Fernando Rd ., Pacoima, Cal. Practice 7 p.m ., r aces 8 p.m , $2.50 adutsl, $1.50 under 12, free under 6. Free parking. For Info contact Criswell Enterprises, 12130 Sherman Way, No. Hollywood. Cal. (2 13) 983-1617. TI' RACI NG unde r the lights a t Elsinore Ra ce Track. J ust off Hwy. 71, eas t of Perris, Calif. turnoff. Sportsman tro-, ' phies for all classes . 3-STAR P ROF ESSIONAL TI' RACE by Mt. Baker M.C . at Bellinghf.m, Wash. AMA sane, For Info contact Mt. Baker M.C., 600 DuPo nt, Bellingham, Wash. 98225 . TI' SCRAMBLES RACING each and every Sat. nig ht through the summer. Li mited amount of r iders Is 150. P e r ris M.C. Recr eation Center, P er r is, Ca.l1f. EVERY SUNDAY ONE-DA Y MOTORCYCLE TOURS s tartIng a t 8 a.m, fr o m Roehr Bros. Sportcycle Ce nter, 317 N. Victory Blvd. (between Magnolia an d Olive), Burbank, Cal. For Info call (2 13) 842- 4847. FRIDAY, JULY 26th SAT. & SUN., JULY 27 th & 28th FRIDAY, AUGUST 2nd ANNUAL LAGUNA MTS. OVERNIGHTER by Road Cruisers M.C. , AMA San Diego pt. run at Blue Jay Lodge on Hwy. S-I In Laguna Mts ., Cleveland Nat'l Forest, Cal. For Info & entries write Road Cruisers M.C., 837 Brodvtew, Spring Valley, Cal. SPORTSMAN SHORT TRACK by Sprockets M.C . at Bakersfield Speedway, Bakersfield, Cal. Night race. SATURDAY, JULY 21th TI' SCRAMBLES by Rogue Valley Riders M.C . at Josephine Co . Fairgrounds, Grants Pass, Ore. AMA sanc., for info contact Ray Copeland, 420 Crestview Lp., Grants Pass, Ore . (503 ) 476-401 8. PROFESSIONAL AMA T H R E E STAR NIGHT RACE a t Benton Lane Speedway near Junction Ctty Ore. For Info contact Oreron Sportscyc1e, 1440 So. "A", Spr Ingfleld, Ore. SUNDAY, JULY 28th POKER RUN by Road Runner s 01 San ta Cruz, Cal. AMA sanc., star ts 1 mi . no. of Watsonville, Ca l . sat. nile dance, etc . Contact Marshall (Woody) Wood, 234 Manfre ne., WatsonvUle, ph . (408) 7241982 for more Info . TIJUANA TI' at Autoclromo de Tijuana (Tijua na Speedway), Ti juana, Mexico. Open 9 a. m., race at noon . 3 mi . ea st Caliente Race trac k on Tecate Rd. For Info contact CUlos Iribe, P .0 . Box 2579, San Ysidro, Cal. 9202 3. DON'T STAND IN LINE! SUBSCRIBE NOW AT THIS SPECIAL LOW PRICE AND SAVE S 1.50 A ASS I I I I I I I II I FOR 1 YEAR 6::8- $12 27-MILE PONDEROSA HARE SC RA MBLES by Greyhounds M.C. at Po nderosa, Cal. Call (213) 367-2907 for Info . TT SCRAMBLES by Desert Ph I. n toms M.C. a t Adelanto, Cal . AMA sanc.; Dlst. 37 pts, F or Info call(213) 927-3860. READ CYCLE NEWS? i$6 BE NEF IT RUN & 8th ANNUAL M/C BLESSING by Hl- Way Kings M.e. for Ran cho San Antonio Boys Town. AMA sanc., starts fr om Santa Moni ca H- D, 12418 Sa nta Monica B1., Los Angel es, cai., 8- 9:30 a.m, Call (21 3) 246-9206. PROFESSIONAL NOVICE TT at Ascot Park, 183rd & Vermont, Ga rdena, Cal. Short course, adm, $2.50, promoted by J.C. Agajanlan. For Info call (213) DA 35055. . r··iiff·You· sTllrWAili NC·YOUifYURN·fO···! i : i MOVIELAND MOTOR REVUE sponsored by Hesperians of So. Calif. at Universal Stucllos , Lankershlm Blvd. at the Holl ywood Fwy., Univer sal Ci ty, Cal . Open to all show-worthy vehicles In foll owing categories: motorcycles, antiques, classics , sports cars, cus to ms and hot rods, For Into contact A World on Wheels, P.O. Box 361, Lynwood, Cal. 90262. (213) 639-5032. FOR 2 YEARS 0 i : i i SATURDAY, AUGUST 3rd THREE STAR AMA PROFESSIONAL T T at Ca stle Rock Fairgrounds, Castle Roc k, Wash. For more Info con tact Mt. St. Hel ens M.C. , Box 51, Castle Rock, Wash. 98611. . SUNDA Y, AUGUST 4th 1st ANN UA L CHARITY BENEFIT MOTO-CROSS by sage- Hoppers M.C . at Encinitas, Cal. AMA Nat'l sporting pts, For Info call Bob Goocllng (714) 753-2907 . EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES by Desert Challengers M.C . at Deadman's Point, off Hwy. 66 a t Lucerne Valley cutoff, east to Hwy. 18 In Apple Valley, Cal. For Info write club at Box 741, Apple Valley. Cal. 92307 . 1st ANNUAL POKEa RUN by OV erland- · ers M.C. RRC run, call (213) 923-4107 for Info . CLASS A SPEE DWAY RACING at Trojan Ra ceway, cor ner Long Beach Fwy. & Fir es tone Blvd, F ir es tone to Garfield, so. on Garfield, wes t on Southern to track. Gates open 5 p .m., race 7 p.m. 40% purs e . TI' SCRAMBLES by Ventura Co. Twin Wheelers & Oxnard Sports F estival, Hueneme Rd. & P erkins Rd ., Oxnard, Cal• .AMA sanc., 0-200 signup clos es 8 a.m., 250- 0pen cl os es 11 a.m, AFM PROFESSIONAL ROAD RAC E at Orange Co . lnt' l Raceway. $500 purse. For Info call (213) 222-1303 af te r s p .m, AUGUST 6, 7 & 8th 3rd ANNUAL P IKE PEAK TOUR, for Info contact Bill Mann ing, 630 Cook St ., Denver, cere, SATURDAY,AUGUSTI0th 3rd ANN UA L VENICE LIBRARY MOTORCYCLE SHOW & FILMS. Share an after noon of machine s and films a t the Venic e Br an ch Library, 610 California Ave . , Veni ce , Cal. Call Don at (213) 399-2765 for more Info. SCRAMBLES by Sprockets M.C. I.t Sprockets Park, Balcersfleld, Cal. Night race. 0 NAME 0 ADDRESS I I I • CITY • SPORTSMAN " SCANDINAVIAN CHAMP IONSHIP " NIGHT RACE at Benton Lane Speedway, nea.r Junction City, Ore. For Info contact Oregon Sportscycle, 1440 So. " A" , Springfield, Ore. • SUNDAY, AUGUST 11th Via 1st class mall for one year S18. Via Air Mail for one Year 526. 0 (pi.... on. of the abov. ) This is a new subscription This is a renewal I encI ose check or money order please bill me later 0 0 • 0 Of STATE ZIP (du, to postal ..",lltl ons w. must hl v, zip codls on all subscriptions) : MAIL TO: CYCLE NEWS, BOX 498, :~~~~EF:~L::WTHREE :LONG BEACH, CALIF. 90801 .. ~~:~~~IPTIONS TO II I : : •••••••• __ ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 1 TI' SCRAMB"'ES a t SUMY Valley Speedway, 14 mi. no. of Grants Pass, Ore. For Info co ntact Ray Copeland, 420 Crestview Lp., Gr an ts Pass. Ore . (503) 476 -401 8. SPOR TSMAN SCRAMBLES by Lucky Spokes M.C., Br ush P rairie , Wa s h. AMA sane. & pts, Fo r Info write club at p.O . Box 77 Brus h P r ai rie, Wash. 98606.

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