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.. ') WANT 1!1&3 TRIUMPH 500cc BUSINESS FOR SALE Set up for street plus complete de sert equipment, tires, sprocket, desert plate, crossover pipe , Bates seat, beautifUl paint and chrome. See to appreciate. (213 ) 379-5903. Tremendous opportun ity for a motorcycle mechanic; 1 man s hop, centrally located in the San F ernando Valley, Franchise dealer. Send in quiries to p .O. , Box H, c/o Cycle Ne ws, P.O. Box 49 8, Long Beach, ,Calif. 90801. (2) 1968 SACHS BOONIlOCKERS, proven winner s, near new, race r eady $325.00 ea. (714) 247-2807 eves. ' 67 TRIUMPH for ks, tach., speedo, and misc. parts. New Honda scrambler 19" front, rear wbeels, dual leading shoe front brake. Best Offer (213) 761-4342 . TRIUMPH ' 65 500 se. low miles, A-I condi ti on. Ph: NE 8-1447 or trade 250 Yamaha DT1. '68 HOn\KA Ace 100. All s tock equipment plus many enras, 3 mo. old, must sell, drafted. Best reasonable otter . (213) 837-1407. QUESTlON?? Is it true the boods manning the Peep Hole s a t the Friars Club were wearing checkered jumpers and eating sno-cone s ? 1956 BSA 500cc SHOOTING STAR , Cerian! rears, racing seat, cllpons, racing tire s, engine rebuilt Dec. ' 67, new gear box and cl utch. Spares include Dunstan GT Fairing, pair G. p . carbs, mutllers $595 firm . No otters. (213) 424- 8470 . BE TON - LA E NIGHT.. SCRAMBLES story and Photo by Diane Siefert EUGENE, ors., July 6 - After a fourweek layoff because of one rainout, Benton-Lane Speedway, northwest ofEugene beld i ts secon d Saturday nigbt race unde r s tar-filled Saturday nlgbt skies. Hometown favorite l.iark Willlams was not present as be was at Ascot in the process of nabbing 4th spot in the Expert Main Event - a very good showing for a first ye ar Expert with a back row startl The Benton- Lane track was fast- and the r iders were going all out to be just a little bit faster ; in the process they presented a race that was a real crowd thriller. Out of 44 r iders entered, 21 crashed s ometi me during the ev ening's program _ an d two of those went down twicel Luckily no onewasbnrtseriously. Expert Mark Fortier took the hardest spill in an Expert beat, requiring light attention from the ambulance crew, but was able to go 00 to wiD the Expert B Malo on his Triumpb. : Lotsa Novice Action in the fast Novi c e beat Bultaco-mounted Gary Tryon aced out Squire Tomasie (also r iding a Bul) for the spot in the Trophy DLsh, won the DLsb but crasbed In the 5th lap of th e Malo Event.Another pair of Bultaco r i der s battled it out for the numbe r One spot in the s econd Novice beat. Mike Watkins darted into a quick l ead with Bob Allwander hard after him but unable to close the gap. The third Novi c e beat went to Honda ace AI Brackenbury, Jr. ahead of Jack Mott - charging on a BSA. Sk :p Kocks and Charli e Sbeftel, on another pair of Bultacos, won the two s emis to transfer to the Main Event. Sbettel bad the 8-laP Main Event in the hag until he broke a chaln on the last ball of the last lap . Bad news! But it gave the win to Brackenbury followed by Wa tki ns . ~ FOR SALE: 1968, i 6&c ZlIDdllpp's , Produc ti on Road Ra cers, with scr een and fairing, weighs under 100 lbs., new in crates $325.00. Contact: Al Glazer, 622 1 Commodore Sloat Dr ive, Lo s Ange les, cal. 90048. (213) 939-9479. ' 65 HOn\KA - street or dirt - rebuilt compl ete, extras $200.00.(714) 985-3665 R S T The Amateurs were a little more sedate. Triumph rider DLve Shettel won the first beat, and Keith Nerseth on his BSA took the next. (Thes e boys are the top ranked Amateurs at Benton-Lane). Shettel r eturned to wiD the Dash but bad to settle for third in the Main behind Jim Jones, another Triumph jockey, and BSA tiger Len Kes ey. in the Amateur semi Gil Ortmeyer showed a new burst of s peed an d ab ility to win the transfer spot. Gil was injured year before lastqui te badly - and bad to lay ott over a year. So be bas been a cit cautious, but looks like be is ready to move back into the winner's circle more often. V E -R ' Res tart Time The Experts took it easy. Bob Fuller (Triumpb) , and T .L. Haglan (Norton), were 1-2 in the first beat; and Ray Carroll (Trium ph) and Alan Anderson on another Triumpb (would you believe that Oregon is Triumph country?) did the same for th~ second heat. But they went wild when they got to the Dash, The first time the starter dropped the flag, T .L . (current high point Expert rider a t this track) froze up on the line. Restart. He , was unable to ge t his machlne back in action - so the flag was down for the remaining three - all went down on the fi r s t cornerI Restartl After'three minutes to tigbten down some bolts on Carroll's rig the race was f1nally 00. Bob Fuller grabbed ott the lead and beld onto it for the Trophy, despite hard cballenging fr om Carr oll. After necessary repairs Haglan was able to return for the Malo Event. Doyle McNatt darted into a qui ck lead but Haglan nipped by him on the third laP of the lo-laP ev ent. LaP after laP these two ha d all the s lops pulled out trying to zap each other but Hoglan and his .. snortin' Norton" beld on to take top bonors. After a two-week-end layoff for the Northwes t Nationals, Benton-Lane will bold ano ther Class C T.T . Saturday, July 27, at 8 p .m, Spectators better make this one as it is the last one scheduled for this season at the ir track. (Results on page. 16) ·A L L HILL TOPPERS HARE SCRAMBLES LUCERNE, CALIF. JULY 14 , 1968 TRAILBIKE CLASS lst OVERALL JACK ORGAN - HOUAKA 3rd OVERALL ERIC JENS EN - HOUAKA For a first...hand demonstration of HODAKABILITY,visit your dealer for a free test ride. ., - .,....... U -.. rr-CO For you ,write: ' -- neorestthe dealer - - """"" - P.O. lOX 327 HOIl\" \ HO II\" \ 110 11 \ " \ HO II \ " \ HOII,,, \ ATHENA. 0ItIG0N 97813 11011\" \ 11011\" \ 11011' " \

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