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NOVEMBER 4th THROUGH 7th AFM PR OFESSIONAL ROAD RACE at Or an ge Co . Int'l Raceway . $500 pur se . For info c all (213) 222- 1303 after s p.rn , AUGUST 6, 7 & 8th 3rd ANN UAL PIKE PEAK TOUR, lor info contact Bill Manning, 630 Cook se., Denver, Colo . SATURDAY, AUGUST lOth , 3rd ANNUAL VEmCE LIBRARY MOTORCYCLE SHOW & FILMS. Share an afternoon ot machines and tilms at the Venice Branch Library, 610 Ca1I!ornia Ave ., Venice, Cal. Call Don at (213) 399-2765 tor more info. SUNDAY, AUGUST 11th TT SCRAMB"ES a t Sunny Valley Speedway, 14 mi. no. ot Grants Pass, Ore. F or Info contac t Ray Copeland, 420 _ Crestview Lp ., Gr ants P ass, Ore. (503) 476-4018. SPORTSMAN SCRAMBLE S by Lucky Spo kes M.C., Brus h Prairie, Wash.AMA sane, & pts, F or Info write club a t P.O . Box 77 Brush Prairie, Wash . 98606. NEVADA STATE CHAMPIONSHIP HARE SCRAMBLES by Silver City Scramblers M.C . Limbed trom Statellne Cal. Nev. border on Interstate Hwy. 15. Dlst. 37 rules, 9 a.m, start. For Info call (70 2) 384-3024, Las Vegas, Nev . MOTO-C ROSS at Carlsbad, CaI. byCallt. Moto-Cr oss Club . Mall entry $5.00, post e ntry SIO.O Mall to P .O. Box 124, Reseda, O Cal. 91335. Clos e Aug. 6. AF M Nat'l pts., chari ty tor c hi ldre n' s hospital. ME XICAN 100 0 ENSENA DA T O LA PAZ RUN e nt r ie s now being a cc epted. Co ntac t NORRA, Inc ., 1972 0 Ven tura Bl ., Woodland Hill, Cal. ( 213) 883-41 40. 'MORE AMA NATtLSI SEPT. 21-22-500 MILE NATIONAL CIIAMPIO:,\ SIIIP E N n 1I R .-\ N C E RU:-; Lansing Me, P.O. Box 1293 , Lanstnz, Mich .-Entries from ,\\1,\ or promo ti nl: c l ub. SEPT. 29 - 9 MILE NATIONAL C H.-\m ' IO NSIII P DIRT TRA CK 73107-Entries from A~IA or District Referee. Entries Close Sept. 8 . SEPT. 29 - 135 MILE NATIONAL C HA.\ IP IO:'\SIII P END U RAN C E RUN Meteor MC, 112-1 Kair;hn Ave ,; Ca mde n . N.J.-Southern New Je rsey-Entries from AM,\ or pmmo ting club. OCT, 6 -100 MILE NATIONAL CII,\:IIP IONSHIP E N D U IL\ N C E RUN Chautauqua Lake Cyclists MC , Cowing Rd. RD H ,Jamestown,N .Y.-Rusti, N.Y . Entr ie s from AM,\ or promo tin g c lu b. OCT. 12 - 8 MILE NATIONAL J .c. Agajanian Enterprises. P .O . Box 98, Gardena, Ca lif. - As cot-En tries from AMt\ or District Referee. E ntri es C lose Sept. 21 . 2nd ANNUAL" MONSTER RUN" by world renowned Kern Co. Tral1blazers M.C., s omewhere In the scenic wilderness of Kern Co. Details laler. SPEED WA Y SHORT TRACK 1/6 MILE ALL NEW DIRT SPEEDWAY Riders and Owners CAL L 9 3-16li SAT. JULY 20th F la . - 160 MILE NATIOHAL CIIAMP IONSHIP E ~ D R .-\ x C E RUN Riverside Romb ers MC. Riv erside, Cali f. 8:30 p.m, 40% PURSE TOP 12 RIDERS SHARE WHITEMAN STADIUM 12130 Pierce St., Pacoima Take Terra Bell a exit east orr Golden State Freeway ATTENTIO N CLUB S AND PROMOTE RS Owing to space requirements, Calendar of Events will li st only the following infonnati on: Cate of event Promoter or Club Sanctioning Body initials Points status Phone number or address to contact for m information. Addiore tional infonnati on regarding coming events may be found in advertisements or press releases published in the newspaper. PRESS RELE ASES-Pro fessionally produced press rei eases regarding com ing events will recei ve editorial consi deration. ®[ffi£~@~@®M~lrW ~ ~lr[E[ffi~&lr~ ®~&[L [ffi &© [E\Wl&Y1 ********* ~ MOTO-CROSS * ~ * ~ .* * ~ TROP~i~s:MO;~~'to-"'ss ENTRY ~CARLSBAD' RACEWAV* PRESENTED BY ~ California Moto-cross Club ~ More Trophies to Jr. Classes ~ Prize M oney fer Experts AFM NATIONAL ROAD .P4C S ~ E . PROFESSIONAL CIIAMP IONSHIP ROAD RAC E F lori da BONNEVIL LE SPEED TRlALS at Bonneville Sat Flats. For more Info contact Earl Flanders, 200 W. Walnut, Pasadena, Cal . 91103, (213) 681 - 6451 . Post entries available. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 3rd J.A.P. H artey-Davidson Oeal ers A s sn •• ~1i am i. AUGUST 18th THROUGH 24th MOTO-CROSS a t Carls bad, Cal. by CaiU. Moto-Cross Club. Mall e ntry $5 .00, post entry $10.00. Mall to P.O . Box 124, Reseda, Cal. 91335. Close Aug. 20. AFM Nat'l pts, NIXON MAKES PAPERS Another Tr i umph: Gary Nixo n and stablemale Chuck Pal mgren share Ir ont page number one feature slory with tuners CIIII Guil d and Di ck Bender 01 Trium ph-Baltimore In Jun e Issue 01 Baltimore's Sun Magazine section. OCT. 13-145 MILE NATIONAL C1L\MPIONSlIIP E N D RAN C E RUN Midwest Enduro T eam, 3 110 Rin ger Rd., S t. Louis. Mo. 63 125-Old Mine s, Missouri - Entr ies from A~I ,\ or pr omoti ng club. OCT. - SPORTSMAtI NATIONAL CALICO T EAM R ELA Y by HI Jinx F .M .C . Si gnu p at Jenkins Sport Center, Nor walk, Cal. Take Barstow Fwy. to Callco Ghost Town turnott, tollow llme to drylake bed. 100cc max., 8:30 a.m. start. F or Info call (213) 864-2860. SUNDAY,AUGUST2~h SPORTSMAN S C RAM B L E S by Lucky Spokes M.C., Brush Prairie, Wash.AMA sane, & pts , F or Info write club at P.O. Box 77 Brush Prairie, Wash. 98606 . M a~ar, t nc. , Box 75213. Oklahoma C ity , Okla. PRESENTS ' ~ ~ ~ THESE Mail Entry $5,. Post Entry $lB.DI Entries Close July * RIDE~~1~~ET~~N~ ~ n IN THE EVENT JULY 28th RUSS DARNELL (0 JOHN DeSOTO (0 GARY CONRAD • RON NELSON (0 GARY BAILEY • LARS LARSON • J. N. ROBCr'SSESTON PETTY ~ * * ~ ~ ~ SEE tHE TOP ROAD ·R E S IN ACTION AC R FIRST RACE 12:30 p.m. ADMISSI ON $2.00 AUG4 fXPfRT & J U N ' O R * 0-125 126-250 251-500 OPfN ~ TH E COURSE WILL BE DUST FREE SPRINKLING ~ ~ ~ 0 SYSTEM IN AND OPERATING * ALWAYS A COOL BREEZE * 6 MILES FROM TH E OCEAN, MAIL ENTRY TO: P.O. BOX 124, RESEDA, CAL 91335 * ~ ~****** *

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