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Cycle News is a weekly magazine that covers all aspects of motorcycling including Supercross, Motocross and MotoGP as well as new motorcycles

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J NATIONAL CALENDAR OF EVENTS EVERY IEDliESDAY NIGHT ~ r.l ::z: r.l ..,J AlIA NATIONAL SCHEDULE JULY 2t - 3D LAP TT NATIONAL CHAMPIONSIIIP Mt.St. HelellS !\IC, P.O.ftOll :U. Casl.le RoelL. Wasil. -Eatries from AMA .... District Referee. Eatries close J ..... 29. U ::.. JULY 21- 51 UP TT U ACA ' SPORTSMAN . SHORT TRACK RACES at Trojan Raceway. corner Loog BIsch F1ry. & Firestone Bml.FlrestDDe to Gllrfteld, south OIl Gartleld, west on Soutbern to traclt eatraDce. For Info calI ('114) 528-4290,AnY atfU. okay. QUARTER-MILE FLATTRACK RACING at Orange Co. Speedway, ACA sane, Santa Ana Fwy. to Laguna ern, otrramp,1eftat 1st st.. Valencia, 2 mi. to track. 125250-Qpen cIasses, 40% purse, pits close 8 p.m, For Info calI ('114) 528-4290. SPORTSMAN SHORT ~CK RACINGat Cycle-Land 5Peedw&Y. 14 miles south at Cb1co. CalU., presented by the Valley M.C . For info calI tlc1l McAfee at 8'7'7-3395 In Parad1se, Calif. EVERY OTHER SATURDAY ROAD RACE SCHOOL at Whiteman AIr Park, 12030 Pierce St •• PacoIma(corner Pierce st. and San Fim 1&ndo Rd.) • Street bike preferably, 9 a.m, start. $10 per student. F or Info calI Bob Braverman at (21 3) 78"-242 1. _ian NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP J.C. AIllEalerprises. P.O. Boll~. Gardena. Calif.-Ascot--Eatries rrom AMA oc District Referee. Entries c lo se July 6. sPeedWaY, ACA sanc. santa Ana Fwy. to 1st SAT. Laguna Cyn. otrramp, left at 1st st.. JULY 21 -10 ILE ATIO AL nms In conjuDctiOll with f1attrack, pits AMA PROF Es<;IO NAL TT STEEPLECHASE RAC ES at Ascot Park, l83rd & Vermon t, Gardena, Cal., pr omoted by J .C . Agajanian. For Info calI (213) M. 35055 . C.......!oIls1lip Dirt Track (l IIIile) Bob BarIIIlimer Associates. 1Dc.., :Ill Mt. H.... . . . Rd.. santa Cnaz. CalU. - santa Rosa Falrpouads, santa Rosa. cal. $600D parse. - EDtrie!' from AMA .... District Beferee. AUGUST 4 - PROFESSIOIAL RlLLCLIMB NATIONAL CHAMPION' SHIP Mas1lecaa M C. Muskecoa. Mida.lit. Garfle~EatlaDtsDOtined ~ AMA. AU&UST 4 -llD IILE IIATIO AL CRAMPlONSIRP 110r\0 RACE. Floyd Aaeeles. Calif. IDdiaDapolis Raceway Park. 1Dd1a _ lis. Ind. Eatries from AMA .... District Referee. C~,222 N. Vlqil Ave ., Los AUGUST II - 25 LAP TT NATIONAL CHAMP IONSHI P Midwest Speedways. 4600 N. 27 111 , Lincoln, Nebr. -Eatries fmm AMA or Distriet Referee. Entries Cl ose July 21 . AUGUST 25 - 15 MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP DIRT T RACK (1 mile) Scaa1aD's Promotions. tac., 3001 N. 9111 St.. St. Joseph, Mo. - Slate Fai rpounds -Entries from AM or Distric t Referee. ,\ EDtries Close Aur;. 4 . SPORTSMAN TT RACES at orange Co. Valencia, 2 mi. to track. All classes, close 8 p.m. For Info calI ('114) 528-4290 . EVERY THURSDAY IGHT ACA SPORTSMAN TT RACES at Trojan Raceway, located corner Long Beach Fwy. & Firestone Blvd. Firestone to Gart1eld, south on Garfield, west on Southern to track. For info calI ('114) 528-4290. Any atfU. o1Ia.Y. EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT AMA PR O FESS I O NA L FLATTRACK HALF- MILE RACES at Ascot Park, 183rd & Vermont, Gardena, Calif., promoted by J .C. AgajaniaD. For Info calI (2 13) M. 3-5055. QUARTER-MIL E SPORTSMAN SHORT TRA CK co-spoosored by Fort Sutter & sacramento Tracke rs M.C.'s a t EldoradO Raceway, sacramento , calif. Take Jackson Rd. or' Hwy. 16 to Excelsior Rd., n0.1/2 mile. 3-STAR PROFESSIONAL TT RACE by Or eg on Sidewinders M.C . so. ol Por t land, Ore. on SE Lawnfield Rd. near Clackamas, Ore. For Info contact SIdewinders. Rt . 3, Box 290-e . Or egon City. Or e . No race July 5, 19 & Aug. 30. SEPTEMBER 1-14 MILE NATIONAL EVERY SATURDAY tUGHT CHAMPIONSHIP DIRT TRACK Bob BarILbillie. Associates. Inc., :Ill Mt. Hermaa CLASS A SP EE DWAY RACING a t Whiteman Stadi um , 12850 Pierce St. & san F ernando Rd., PacoIma. Cal. Practice 7 p.m. , races 8 p.m. $2.50 a dutsl , $1 .50 und er 12, tree onder 6. F ree parking; For Info contact Criswell Enterpr Is es . 12130 Sberman Way . No. Hnllywood. Cal. (213) 983-1617. TT RACING under the lights at Elsinor e Race Track. Just of! Hwy. '11, east of Perr15, Calif. turnof!. SPortsman tropb1es lor all classes. Rd.. santa Cnaz. Calif. - san Jose Inck -Entries from A!IIA .... Di triet Rdere.. Entries Close Au,;. 11. SEPTEMBERB-ll LE N .ATIONAL CHAMPIONSHI P DIRT T RACK Bobert M. Day, 277 Paul Ave •• saliaas. Calif.California Rodeo CJ'lIlIIIds-Entries f...... AM" or Distric t Rereree. EDtries Close Aur;. 18. SEPT. 15 7'" 25 MILE NATIONAL J.C. ApjaDian En te rprises. P .O. Boll 98 , Gardena, Ca lif. - sac ra men to , Ca lif.-Entries from AMA or District Referee. Enlries Close Au,;. ~ . 3-STAR PRO FESSIONAL TT RACE by Mt. Baker M.C . at Belllngbf.m. Wash. AMA sane. For Info contact ML Baker M.C., 600 DuPont, Bellingham. Wash. SEPT. 15 - 151 MILE NATIONAL 98225. CHA'IIP IO. 'SHl P E . ' D UR AN CE RUN SCbuy ler Coua!,y M , Rd I , Cayuta. N.Y. - SCbuyler &0 Tompkias COUDlies-Entries fmm AMA or promotlnr; cl ub. TT SCRAMBLES RACING each and every sal. night tIIroug.b the summe r. Umited amount of riderS 15 150. Perris M.C . Recr eation Center, Perr15, Calif. GIlT OF· EACH TH TUES. JULY 1& 10 SU • oWLY nst ORA NGE COUNTY FAIR AND E XPOSIT ION at Orange Co. Fairgrounds, Cal. Features recreation veb1cles, boats and aceessortes, Cycle News will be there. For entry Info con tac t Robert Cummlns at ('114) 545- 1131. FRIDAY. JULY 19111 NOVICE IT at CasUeRock F alrgrounds, Castle Roc k, Wash. AMA sanc., lor 1nfo contact ML SL Helens M.C.. Box 51. Castle Rock, Wasil. 98611 . SAT, & SUN., JULY 2D & nst 1s t ANNUAL SO. CALIF. M.C. ASSN. CAMP WISHON RUN. Tropb1es galore , cars welcome . For Info calI ( 213) 429355'1 or wri te 5849 Tangle wood St.. Lakewood, Cal. 90'113. 1st ANNUAL MYSTERY TOUR by Rebel Rousers M.C. RRC run, call (213) 4449644 for Info. SATURDAY, JULY 20th l'i1GHT POKER RUN by Stockton M.C., AMA sane, S1gnup 7-9 p.m. at Stockton 1. C .• MarIposa. Rd., Stockton. Cal. 2nd ANNUAL NIGHT TT SCRAMBLES Pa'M'''vters M.C. at Kearney Bowl, by 505 W. Kearney m Vd., Fresno, Cal. Ga lles open. 5 p.m.. A~ sane, .r. . . SUNDAY, JULY nSf SIX STAR PROFESSIONAL TT RACE by Oregon Si de winder s M.C ., so. of Por tland, on SE Lawnfield Road, near Clackamas, Ore. Annual Pacific Coast Cham pionship. For Info contact Sid ewinders, Rt . 3, Box 29OC,OregonClty,Ore.97045. SCRAMBL ES by EastsIde M.C. at Halls Ranch, Uvas Dun, Morgan Hill, Cal. AMA sane., prae. 9 a .m.. race at noon. 7th ANNUAL EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES by Jackrabbits M.C. Limed trom Hwy. 138 &< Hwy . 14. also 99 & Gorman. Cal. Race 8 a.m. For 1nfo calI Pete a t (213) 923-8898. i··iiff·YOu·Ifllr··lir-1f·Yo··········io···: : RE 0 CYCLE E? : : DO'T STA DIN LI E! SUBSCRIBE 0 AT T IS- : • SPECIAL LOW P ICE A DSA' E S 1.S0 I !$ • • • • • • • • FOR 1 YEAR • : r : 6A:::~LASS 0 Via 1st class ail [or one year $18. Via Air Mail [or 0 e Year $26. 0 (pleas. eIl.ell Me of the above) This is a ew subscription This is a renewal [ enclose check or money order • please bill e later 0 o o o or 2FO 2 YEARSO: I AME _ ADD RESS _ CITY _ STATE ZIP (du. to posta l reculatlons .e must hay. zip eo~ s on all _ su~scrlptlons) : MAIL TO : CYCLE E S, BOX 498, :~iK~E F:~LO:wTHREE • :LONG BEACH, CALIF. 90801 ~:~~~IPTIONS TO I • • • • • • • • 1 : AFM PROFESSIONAL ROAD RACE at Carlsbad, caw. Na t'l pts., $200 purse. For Info call (213) 222-1303 alter 6p.m. lI4-MlLE TT SCRAMBLES by F eather River M.C. at Triple M Speedway . Marysv1lle. Cal. AMA sane., for more Info call (916) '142-'7'785. MOTO-CROSS at MIramar, cal. Presented by the Lions M.e. - AMA sane., D1st 38 Pis. For further Info cal ('114) 222-5491. SCRAMBLES by Slo-Pokes M.C.at5anta Maria Speedway, santa Maria, Cal.AMA sane. . noon start. LImed !rom Hwy. 101 BakersfIeld e xIt (Hwy. 166 East). Mor e Info: Box 21'7'7. Orcutt, Cal. or ( 805) WE 7- 583 6. TT SCRAMBLES at Adelanto, Cal. For Info call ( 213) 92'1-3 860. FRIDAY, JULY 2&th PROFESsIoNAL NOVICE TT at Ascot Park, 183rd & Vermont, Gardena, Cal. Short course. adm, $2.50, promoted by J .C . Agajanian. F or Info calI (213) DA 35055 . SAT. & SUN., JULY 21th & 28th ANNUAL LAGUNA MTS . OVERNIGHTER by Road CruIsers M.C . , AMA san DIego pt. run at m ue J ay Lodge on Hwy. 5-1 In Laguna Mts.. Cleveland Nat'l Forest, Cal. For Info & entries wrIte Road Cnrlsers M.C., 837 Brodvt ew, SprIng Valley, Cal. SATURDAY, JULY 21th T T SCRAMBLES by Rogue Valley RIder s M.C . at Josepb1ne Co. Fairgrounds. Grants Pass. Ore . AMA sane. , lor Info contact Ray Copeland. 420 Crestview Lp., Grants Pass. Ore. (503) 476-4018. PROF Es<;IONAL AMA T H R EE STAR NIGHT RACE at Benton Lane Speedway near Junction CIty, Ore. F or'lnfocon tact Oregon S port s c y cl e , 1440 se, "A". Spr Ingf1e1d, Ore. SUNDAY, JULY 28th POKER RUN by Road Runners of Santa Cruz, Cal. AMA sanc •• s tarts 1 ml , no. or Wa tsonville. Cal. Sat. nite dance. etc. Contact Marshall (Woody) Wood, 234 Manf re Rd., Watsonville, ph. (408) 7241982 lo r more Inro, MOTO- CROSS at Carlsbad, Cal. by Calif. Moto-Cr oss Cl ub . Mall entry $5 .00, post e ntry $10.00 . Mall to r-.o. Box 124. Res eda, Cal. 91335 , Close J1I1y 21. AFM Nat'1. p ts; MOVIELAND • JOTOR REVUE sponsored by Hesperians of So. Calif. a t Universal Studios , Lankersb1m mvd. at the Hollywood Fwy., Universal City , Cal. Open to all s how- worthy veb1cles In rollow1ng categorIes : motorcycles, antiques, classics , s po r ts cars, cus toms and hot rods. For in to contact A World on Whee15, P.O. Box 361, Lynwood, Cal. 90262 . (21 3) 639-5032 . 27-MILE PONDEROSA HARE SCRAMBLES by Greyhounds M.C . a tPonderosa, Cal. Call (213) 367·290 7 for Info. TT SCRAMBLES by Desert Pha n toms M.C . at Adelante. Cal. AMA sane., D1st. 37 pts. For Info calI (213) 927 -3860. FRIDAY. AUGUST 2ft( SPORTSMAN SHORT TRACK by Sprockets M.C . a t Bakersfield Speed_y, Bakersfield, Cal. NIght race. SATURDAY , AUGUST 3rd THREE STAR A1'IlA PROFESSIONAL TT at Castle Ro ck FaIrgrounds, Castle Rock, Wash. For more Info contact Mt. St. Helens M.C., Box 51, Castle Rock. Wash. 986 11. so DAY. AUGUST 4th 1st AN •• U A L CHARITY BE NEFIT MOTO- CROSS by Sage-Hoppers I.C. at Encinitas, Cal. Al\lA Nat 'l sporting Pis . F or Info calI Bob GoodIng (714) 753-290'1. EURO P EA N S CR A MB L ES by Desert Challeng er s . M.C . at Deadman's P oIn t, of! Hwy. 66 at Lucerne Valley cutalf. east to Hwy. 18 In Apple Valley, Cal. F or Info write club a t Box 741. Appl e Valley. Cal. 92307. r 1st ANNUAL POKER [

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