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NATIONAL CALENDAR OF EVENTS ~ 'ite. de, s .e I d.lsed th.tllsllne In this ClI- g; end., Is • tr.. Cycle News di s• cl.lms .nJ ,espanslbllllJ fo' cucell.lI on or .... chnllne of e..nts bJ pramote,s without (;j notice. .". ~ AMA NATIONAL S CHEDULE ~ ~ULY 14- 20 MILE NATIONAL t.:l CHAM P IO. 'SHIP DIRT TRA CK Jack :i!: Leillh, clo Mort Becker, 4118 S.E. Malt.:l den St., Portland, Ore. Entries from AMA or District Referee. Entries close June Z~. ;:,., U JULY 20 - 30 LAP TT NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Mt. St. Helens MC, P.O.Rox 51, CasUe Rock , Wash. -Entrie s from AMA or District Referee. Entries close June Z9. t3 JULY 21 - 50 LAP rr NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP J .C. ApjanIan Enterprises , P.O. Box 98, Gardena, CaUf.-Ascoj....Entries from AMA or District Referee . Entries close July 6. JULY 28 -10 M ILE N ,ATIONAL Championship Dirt Track (1 mile) Bob Barkhimer Associates, Inc., 50 Mt. Her:man Rd. , Santa Cruz , CaU f. - Santa Rosa Fairpounds, Sanla Rosa, Cal. $6000 purse. - Entries from AMA or District Referee. • EVE RY SATURDAY rUGHT CLASS A SPEEDWAY RACING atWh1teman Stad1um, 12850 Pierce St. &. San ,F er nan do Rd ., Pacoima, Cal. Practice 7 p.m.. races 8 p.m. $2.5 0 adutsl, $1.5 0 under 12, tree under 6. Free parldng. , For info COIltact Criswell Enterprises, 12130 SberII!an Way, No. Hollywood, Cal. (213) 983-1617. TT RACING under the lights at Elsinore Race Track. Just off Hwy. 71, east of Perris, Calif. turnoff. Sportsman trophies for all classes. 3-STAR PROFESSIONAL TT RACE by Mt. Baker M.C. at BeI11nghf.m, Wash . AMA sanc. For info contact Mt. Baker M.C., 600 DuPont, Bellingham, Wash . 98225. TT SCRAMBLES AACING eacb and every sat. night through the summer. Umited amount of riders Is 150. PerriS M.C. Recreation Center, Perris, Calif. SPORTSMAN SHORT 11L\CK RACING at Cycle-Land Speedway, 14 miles south of Chico, canr., presented by the Valley ' M.C. For W o call Dick McAfee at 877-3395 In paradise, Calif. AUGUSl: 4 - PROFESSIONAL EVtRY OTHER SATURDAY RILLCLIMB NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Muskegllll MC, Muskecon, Mich.Mt. Garfield-Entrants notified IIY AMA. ROAD RACE SCHOOL at Whiteman Air Park, 12030 Pierce sr., Pacolma(corner P ierce St. an d San Fer nan do Rd.) •Street bike pr efe rably , 9 a .m , start, $10 pe r s tudent. Fo r Info call Bob Braver man at (2 13) 78 ;-2421. AUGU ST 4 - 110 MILE NATI ONAL CHA.\IPIONSHIP ROAD RACE . Floyd Clymer,ZZZ N. Virgil Ave., Los An&eles, CaJU. Indianapolis Baceway Park, indianapolis, Ind. Entries from AMA or District Referee. AUG UST 11 - 25 LAP TT NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Midwest sPeedways, 4600 N. 27th, Lincoln, Nebr. -Entries from AMA or Distric t Referee. Entries Close July ZI. , AU G UST 25 - 15 MILE NATIO NAL CHAMPIONSHIP DIRT TRACK (I mile) SCanlan's Promotions, Inc., 3001 N. 9th St., St. Joseph, Mo. - state Fairpound -Entries from AMA or District Referee. Entries Close Aug. 4. SEPTEMBER1-14M ILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP DIRT TRACK Rob Barkhlmer Associates, Inc., 50 Mt. Herman Rd., Santa Cruz, Calif. - San Jose track -Entries from AMA or District Referee. Entries Close Aug. 11. SEPTEMBER8-11MILE N ,ATIONAL CHAMP IONSHIP DIRT TRACK Ro bert M. Day, 277 Paul Ave . , SaUnas, CaUf.California Rodeo grounds-Entries from AMA or District Referee. Entries ctose Auc. 18. SEPT, 15 - 25 MILE NATIONAL J.C. Agajanlan Enterprises, P.O . Box 98, Gardena, CaUf.-Sacramento, Caur.-Entries ;1rom 'AMA or District Referee. Enlrie~ Clo~ Aug. Z5. EVERY I EDNES DAY NIGH T ACA SPORTSMAN SHORT TRACK AACES at Troja.n Raceway, corner Lolllr Beacb 'F wy. &. F1resloDe Blvd . Firestone to Garfield, south OIl Garf1e1d , west on Soulb8rn to tra.clt entrance. or info call (714) 528-4290.AnY-affIJ. oka1. EVERY TH URSDAY NIGHT ACA SPORTSMAN TT RACES at Troja.n Raceway, located corner Long Beacb ~wy. &. FIrestone Blvd. Firestone to Garfield, south on Garfield, west on Southern to tra.clt. For info call (714) 528-4290. Ariy affU . okay. • EYERY FRIDAY NIG HT AMA PROFESSIONAL FLATTRACK HALF -MILE AACES at Ascot Park, 183rd &. Vermont, Garde na , Calif., promoted by J.C. Agajan1an. For Info call (213) DA 3-5055. QUARTER-MILE SPORTSMAN SHORT TRACK co-sponsored by Fort Sutter &. Sacramento Trackers M.C:s at Eldorado Raceway, sacramento, Calif. Take Jackson Rd. or' HwY. 16 to Excelsior Rd., no. 1/2 mlle. 3-STAR P ROFESSIONAL TT RACE by Oregon Sldewinders M.C . so. of Por tland, Ore. on SE LawntleId Rd. neal' Clackamas, Or e . F or Info contact Sidewinders, Rt. 3, Box ZOO-C , Or egon City, Or e. No race July 5, 19 &. Aug. 30. :>liORT TRACK RACING a t Orange Co . Speedway, ACA sanc . San ta Ana FwY. to Laguna Cyn. oUramp, left at 1st s t., Valencia, 2 mi . to track. 100-250- 500Open, 40% purse, pits close 8 p.m. For Wo call (714) 528-4290. S ATURDAY, JULY 13th AMA NIGHT RACE by Stwnpjumpers M.C. at Elsinore, Cal. Dist. 37 pts., 6:30 p.m, start. For info call (714) 525-5234. TROPH Y P RESE NTATI ON by Grlps te r s M.C. for June Z9 race wID be held at Elsinore, Cal. olght event. FOUR STAR AMA PROFESSIONAL TT at Castle Rock Falrgrounds, Castle Rock, Wash. For more info contact Mt. St. Helens M.C., Box 51, Castle Rock, Wash . 98611 . SCRAMBLES by Sprockets M.C. lit Sprockets Park, Bakersfield, Cd . NIght race. TT SCRAMBLES by Rogue Valley R(ders M.C. at Josephine Co. FairgroUnds, Grants Pass, Ore. AMA sanc., for Info contact Ray Copeland, 420 Crestview Lp ., Grants Pass, Ore . (503) 476-4018. SUNDAY, JULY 14th 1st ANNUAL OON McALEAR BENEFIT HARE SCRAMBLES presented by the Hil1loppers M.C. Rai n or s hine (or what ever's fair). AMA sanc., Dls t. 37 points . Limed from Lucerne, Calif. Race starts 10 a.m, sharp. LeMans start, separate trail bike cour s e . F or further Info call (2 13) 422-7747 . 3rd ANNUAL ELSINORE TO UR by Pa ci fic Coasters M.C. F or complete Info. write to Pacific Coasters M.C ., 4502 Gila Ave., San Diego, Calif. 92117. 1st ANNuAL RAIN OR SHINE HARE SCRAMBLES by the HllItoppers M.C. nst. 37 AMA pt. event, begtns promptly at 10 a.m. Umed trom Lucerne, Calif. SPORTSMAN SCRAMBLES by Lucky Spokes M.C ., Brush PraIrie, Wash.AMA sane , &. pts, For info write club at p .O. Box 77, Brush Prairie, Wash. 98606 . TT SCRAMBLES at Sunny Valley Speedway, 14 mi. no . of Grants, Ore . For Info contact Ray Copeland, 420 Crestview Lp ., Grants Pass, Ore. (503) 476-4018. 1s t ANNUAL SUMMER SCRAMBLES by Dirt Diggers North M.C . Hungry Hollow Racetrack at Lincoln, Cal. Signup &. prac. 8-10:30 a.m., race 11 a .m . For Info call (916) 988- 35240r(91 6) 988-4725 ENGLISH TRIALS by S.C .TA. at Canyon Crest' area of Riverside, Cal. Li med from Central Ave. turnoff of Riverside Fwy. Overolgbt campoutSat., race9a.m. For Info call (ZI 3) 370-8491. I SP ORTS MAN SCRAMBLES by P lacer vi lle M.C. at Placerville, Cal. U med from Hwy. 50 &. !:avi ds on Rd., AMA sanctioned. For Info call Mike at (916) 622-0Z09. BENEFIT SPORTSMAN HILLCLIMB by Eastside M.C . of San JoseatCycleH1lls, Uvas Darn In Morgan HllI, Cal. AMA sanc ., starts 12 noon. POKER RUN by Stockton Scramblers M.C. AMA sanc., VC pes., starls 9 a.m, from Perano's Cafe, Waterloo Rd. a t Cherokee, Stockton, Cal. 5-1 In Laguna Mts., Cleveland Nat'l Forest, Cal. For info &. entries write Road Cruisers M.C ., 837 Brodview, Spring Valley, Cal. BENEFIT RUN &. 8th ANNUAL Id/C BLESSING by Hi-Way Kings M.C . for Rancbo San Antoolo Boys Town. AMA sanc., starts tram Santa Moolca H- D, 12418 Santa Moolca BlVd., Los Angeles , csi., 8-9:30 a.m, SPORTSMAN SCRAMBLES by Lucky Spokes M.C., Brush Prairie, Wash .AMA sane, &. pts, For Info write club at P .O. Box 77, Brush PrairIe, Wash. 98606. SATURDAY. JULY 21th MOTO-CROSS at Carlsbad,Cal.byCalif. Moto-Cross Club. Mail entry $5.00, post entry $10.00. Mail to P.O. Box 124, ReS8da, Cal. 91335. Close July 21 . AFM Na"'l. Pts. TT SCRAMBLES at Sunny Valley Speedway , 14 mi . 110. 01 Grants Pass, Or e. For Info cdii t Ray Copeland, 420 Crestview Lp ., Grants Pass, Ore. (503) 476-401 8. TUESDAY, JULY 16th SHORT TRACK RACE at Santa Rosa FairgroundS, Santa Rosa, Cal.AMA sanc . $600. For Info contact Bot> Barlch1mer A~., 14 Camp Evers Lane, Santa Cruz, Cal. TUES. JULY 16 to SUN, JULY 21st OBA'NGE COUNTY FAffi AND EXPOSITION at Orange Co. Fairgrounds, Cal. Features recreation vehicles, boats and a ccessories. Cycle News will be there. For entry Info co ntact Robert Cummins at (714 ) 545- 1131. WEDNESDAY, JULY 11th FEATIlERWEIGHT RACING ASSN. wID hold their regular meeting for July at Crown Cyc le, 8904 Garvey inRosemead, Cal. at 8 p.m, THURSDAY, JULY 18111 F OUR STAR PROFESSIONAL TT RACE by Oregon Sidewinders M.C., south of Portland on SE Lawnfleld Road, near Clackamas, Ore. For Info contact Sidewinders , Rt. 3, Box 29OC, Oregon Ci ty, Ore. 97045. FOUR RACE Wasb. !:avid coma, STAR AMA PROFESSIONAL TT at Graham Speedway, Tacoma, 30% gross gate. For Info write Welsh, 9106 Portland Ave., TaWash. or call (206) LE 7-5793. FRIDAY, JULY 19th NOVICE TT a t Castle Rock Fairgrounds, Castle Rock, Wash . AMA sanc., for Info contact Mt. St. Helens M.C., Box 51, Castle Rock, Wash. 98611. SAT, & SU N., JULY 20 & 21 st 1s t ANNUAL SO. CALIF. M.C. ASSN. CAMP WISHON RUN. Trophies galore, cars welcome. For Info call (213) 4293557 or write 5849 Tanglewood St., Lalcewood , Cal. 90713. 1st ANNUAL MYSTERY TOUR by Rebel Rousers M.C. RRC run, call (213) 4449644 for info. S NDAY, JULY 21st STAR PROFESSIONAL TT RACE by egan Sidewinders M.C., so. of PortJaild, on SE Lawnfleld Road,- near Clack" aJPas, Ore. Annual Pacific Coast Cham pflonship. For Info contact Sidewinders, Rt. 3, Box29OC, Oregon Cfu', Ore. 97045. AF'M PROFESSIONAL ROAD RACE at Carlsbad, Calif. Nat'l pts., $200 purse. For Info call (213) 222 -1303 after 6 p.m, lI4-MILE 1T SCRAMBLES by Feather River M.C. at Triple M Speedway, Marysville, Cal. AMA sanc., for more Info call (9 16) 742-7785. MOT~ROSS at Miramar, Cal. Presented by the Lions M.C . - AMA sanc., Dlst 38 pts. For further Info cal (714) 222-5491. ' SCRAMBLES by SIo-Pokes M.C . at Santa Marla Speedway, Santa Marla, Cal.AMA sanc., noon start. Li med fro m Hwy. 101 Bakersfield exi t (Hwy. 166 Eas t). Mor e Info: Box 2177, Or cutt, Cal. or ( 805) WE 7- 5836. TT SCRAMBL ES at Adelanto, Cal . For Info call (213) 927- 3860. SAT. & SUN" JULY 21th & 28th ANNUAL LAGUNA MTS, OVERNIGHTER by Road Cruisers M.C., AMA San Diego pt. run at Blue Jay Lodge on Hwy. TT SCRAMBLES by Rogue Valley Riders M.C . at Josephine Co. Fairgrounds, Grants Pass, Ore. AM'" sanc., for Info contact Ray Copeland, 420 Crestview LP .. Grants Pass, Ore. (503 ) 476-4018. PROFESSIONAL AMA THREE STAR NIGHT RACE at Benton Lane Speedway near Junction City, Ore. For info contact Oregon Sportscycle, 1440 So. "AU, Springfield, Ore. SUNDAY, JULY 28th POKER RUN by Road Runners of Santa Cruz, Cal. AMA sanc., starts 1 mi. no. of WatsonVille, Cal. sat., etc . Contact Marshall (Woody) Wood, 234 Manfre Rd., Watsonville, ph. (408) 7241982 for more Info. MOVIELAND MOTOR REVUE sponsored by Hesperlans or So. Callf. at Universal Studlos, Lankershlm Blvd. at the Hollywood Fwy ., Universal City, Cal. Open to all show- worthy vehicles In following categories: motorcycles, antiques, classics, sports cars, cus toms and hot rods. For Into contact A World on ""beels, P. O. Box 361, Lynwood, Cal. 90262 . (213) 639- 5032. 27-MILE PONDEROSA HARE S CRAMBLES by Greyhounds M.C .atPonderosa, Cal. Call (213) 367-2907 for Wo. TT SCAAMBLES by Desert Phantoms M.C. at Adelante, Cal. AMA sanc., Dist. 37 pts, For Info call (213) 927-3860. FRIDAY, AUGUST 2nd SPORTSMAN SHORT TRACK by Sprockets M.C . at Bakersfleld Speedway, Bakersfield, Cal. NIght race. SATURDAY, AUGUST 3rd TIlREE STAR AMA PROFESSIONAL TT a t Castle Rocll:Fairgrounds, Castle Rock, Wash . For more info contact Mt. St. Helens M.C ., Box 51, Castle Rock, Wash. 98611 . SUNDAY, AUGUST 4th 1st ANNUAL CHARITY BENEFIT MOTO-CROSS by sage-Hoppers M.C . a t Encloltas, Cal. AMA Nat'l sporting pts, F or Info call Bob Goodlng (714) 753-2907. 1s t ANNUAL POKER RUN by Overlanders M.C. RRC run, call (213) 923-4107 for Info . p • AFM PROFESSIONAl. ~D RACE at Orange Co. Int'l Race ' $500 purse. For info call (213) 222-1303 after 6 p.m, y. AUGUST 6, 11& 8111 3rd ANNUAL PIKE PEAK TOUR, for Info contact B1l1 Manning, 630 Cook St., Denver, Colo. SUNDAY, AUGUST 11th TT SCRAMBLES at Sunny Valley Speed• way, 14 mi. no. of Grants Pass, Ore. For Info contact Ray Copeland, 420 Crestview Lp., Grants Pass, Ore. (503) 476-4018. SPORTSMAN S C; J~ A M B L E S by Lucky ' Spokes M.C ., Briia Prairie, Wash.AMA sanc . &. pts. For info'wrlte club at P.O. Box 77 Brusb Prairie, Wash. 98606 . , NEVADA STATE CHAMPIONSHIP HARE SCRAMBLES by Sliver City Scramblers M.C. Umbed from Stateline Cal. Nev. border on Interstate Hwy. 15. Dist. 37 r ules, 9 a .m'. start. F or Info call (702) ' 384-3024, Las Vegas, Nev. MOTO-CROSS at Carlsbad, Cal. by Calif. Moto-Cross ClUb. Mall entry $5.00,post entry $10.00 Maino P .O. Box 124, ReSeda: Cal. 91335. Close Aug . 6.AFM Nat' lpts., charity for cb1ldren's hospital. SUNDAY, AUG UST 25th I,i SP ORTS MAN S CRAMB LES by Lucky Spokes 'M .C ., Brush Prairie, Wash. AMA sanc. &. pts. For Info wr ite clu b at P.O. Box 77 Brush Prair ie, Wash. 98606. MOTO-CROSS at Carlsbad, Cal. by Calif. Moto-Cross Club. Mal l entry $5.00, pos t entry $10.00. Mail to.P .0. Box 124, Re seda, Cal. 91335. Close Aug. 20. AFM Nat'l pts . ...

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