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• GRAND O'ENING 4~~ Jnl\~~ BOOMING Motorcycle Business for sale. In the Great Northwest. 4 major franchises $150,000.00 to $200,000.00 gross per year. 7500 sq. ft. building, low overhead. EverythIng goes, lock, stock and barrel. Send inquiries to: Box Z, c/o Cycle News, P .O. Box 498, Long Beach, Callfornla 90801. RACERS PIT STOP Motcrcycle ACcessories 4200 E. Chapman Ave. - Oran,e, Calif. C1l4) 538-4212 DESERT HONDA 9l ee Just rebuIlt - sanitary! SuzuJd forks, Metisse bars, desert seat, re-enforced frame , fuil desert equipment, quick, dependable $150.00. (213) GR 2-5902 or (213) 466-9430 evenings. THE fWO-WHEHEI Last week In this column we commented on Jim Hunter's failure to ride '64 YAMAHA 80 - '65 engine, new lower the night races at Elsinore and also end, factory Gyt kit, modUie.: forks and enter the Dirt Diggers scrambles to shocks, new back tire, very fast. $200. compete against the boys from up North 19681/4 GREEVES Call eves ( 805) 498-8805. who want to take him on real bad. Jim 360 fresh, extras $995 .00. (213) 393-?H made his remarks on the situation an d 1131. ,.0 we granted John Rice equal time, and his DESERT M.C . r e jects make good. D. is a gas• . says John, "Only place he Schwe ers, 14331 Fo ster Rd., La Mirada, 1967 HUSKY excellent condition, many (Hunter) ride now is P erris." You Calif. extras. Mus t sell $600.00. Call (714) see, he 's so old he' s scared to go any885-2006. where he doesn't know or where it might 1960 GOLDSTAR DBD for desert or be a llttle rough because he's got to win . 2 _ 1964 CHEVY buckets with runners m He won't ride Perris even on J uly 4 betrack. Fres h engin e with every possible $55.00. 1964 Ford 352" and trans .~ lbeSt 1t cause he 's heard some of the sacramento extra. Super sanItary including newpalnt. offer phone (21 3) 433-3895 ask for Wolf. Als o loads of spare parts. Sacrifice all boys will be down for that one as well as for $595.00. (415) 387-5535 . Corriganville and he'd hate to lose on '65 BSA 500Cc twIn cyclone engine, like his home trackl" new, 2900 miles, make cash offer Regarding the track in Huntington WHEEL ASSEMBLIES, front and rear Call (213) OX 5-4308 - Mel. Beach. We got stepped on rather firmly complete for 1967 Bultaco Metralla. Like by the Planning Department in the firs t new (200 mt.) Including brakes, tires, '59 DUCATI _ 200Cc dirt bike, new inhearing, but an appeal has been made and and rear drive assembly . All for $60. 00 side $200. (213 ) 357-2540. ~ l another hearing will be before the CUy (4 15) 387- 5535. uti Council on July 15. Here's how you can • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ~>J help, ·an d this is especially true if you J:Jj llve "In that area as all these gentlemen v ~ ,: are elected to their oUice. Writea1etter _ 0 to Don, England, 13671 Sutter Drive, Westminster, Calif. supporting the. idea. of the track and the riding school to help • . prevent "s o many people, especlally the kids, from goi!ig out street riding when they are not yet In full command of their machines. The fac1llties will be used as a safety education location as well as a place for scrambles. Don't say you're going to write, DO IT I This track is not lost yet and the more interest England can present to the City Counc il the more they will be impressed. Remember , Adelanto was once turned down cold but because Interested people worked for It it was opened at the appeal. Once again It's the Corriganville scrambles this coming weekend, July 67 and we repeat, It's not a moto-cross but a scrambles and they will take post entries if you chickened out from sending In a pre-entry even though they have over 300 signed up right now. July 4 is the Jack Rabbits Firecracker Fiestaand we hear that Dirt Diggers North (all 20 of 'em) are going to take on Dirt Diggers South In a match race if they can arrange I t, That should be funl FOR SALE: Late model 1967 Bultaco PurSang 250cc, 5 speed, A-I condition $600.00. Call (213) 830-7049. 1iq,,~P!t 68 RnQ FII' ,.....11I... DIU..,! "7 •. Col ton Awe. San Ilernanlno, Cal, (714\ TU 5-3445 eUL.T~CC can ~. SUZUKI INTRODUCES X-S FAST BAC K 6T KIT For Your N earest NBuilt 'To-Go" Dealer C TR. 7-2400 or PO. !Hl4-41. all MOTORCYCLE CAMS -+- TR IUMP H T ITAN IUM RETAINERS "Oft/S nlFOIMA"CE NODOUS BOX 484 VAN NUYS CAUF 91401 , . WE'RE ALWAYS 'ROM'T NO MA 11ER HOW LONG IT TAlES Grant Van Tech MOTORCYCLE CONVE RSION KITS Gran. Indu.tri••• 36.80 byerl)' Bl'(d .• LOI Angel., THE MAELY FLAT S PECIAL RACING .OOT$. 8 " h illh . laced . weillht 2 Ibs. per pa ir $1595 a c .c.d. post-• • plu. • KEN MAELY '" ~~ the shoeman R 2, Box 75B, oute Corona, Calif. IrA: t ire "', ,, wll, u/esrr (. " '- ,It,! $25. plus C.O.D. & Po sta e' Send boot Dr carboard cutout _.........••••......••••••• Shell Thuef Follow lne the rec lllt Introductl on of the " Grand Prix' X", conversions , Dick Orth, Suzuki' s market lne boss has announce d a " Grand Tourlne Fast Back' kll lor the slllk T-ZOO. T his new kit Incl udes a cu stom contorld tank, chromld Ironl/rear Il ndl rs and chain euard; and a durable 'tuck ' n roll" Slat. Comblnl d with the hot ZOOcc du al · stro~e enelne you've eot both " show and 10." ~ Guy Louis SHELL MOTORS HODAKA 3365 CenturY Blvd. - Lvnwood - NE 8'4864 ••••••• ••••••• ••••••••••••• NOW AVAIlABlE ! CLUTCH PLATE KITS FOR BULTACO MATADOR & HODAKA gOee/MODEL Your Barnett Dealer has them now. Aluminum Alloy. Corp rene Bonded. We do not sell retail. SEE YOUR BARNETT DEALER ¥~HTleq- TOOL & ENGINEERING 491 5 Pacilic Blvd., Vernon, Calil. Phone: 213 589·5488

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