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NATIONAL CALENDAR OF EVENTS ~ Readers . . advised lIIal IIsll 111 in lIIis cal· ::; endar Is a free service. C)'cle lIews ... • claims any resp ... s1b1lil)' lor cancellallon or ..,. cbanll nr; of e ..nls by promolers wlllloul ~ .... ::J ~ !oJ :c: bOtlce. AU NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP SANCTION SCHEDULE ~ JUNE 15 -181 MILE NATIONAL CJ CHAMP IONSlBP ROAD RACE New En eland Moton:ycle Dealers Assn., ZO BrewCJ ster St., Plymoolll , Mass.-Loudon , N.H. -Entries flOlll AM-' or District Referee. Eo lrie s close May 26. ~ .. JUNE 2J - .. NIATURE NATIONAL ~ CHAMPIONSHIP ROAD RACE P ltlsbuqh RadDe A88I1.. 718 Hope BoUow Rd.. PiUsbarIb. Pa.-Beldelberg Raceway En n es flOlll AM-' or District Referee. Entri es close JUDe 2. JUlY 14-28 "LE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP DIRT T RACK Jac:ll Lelcb , c/ o Morl Rec:ller, 4118 S. E. Maiden St..PorflaDd,Ore. E n tri es born 'AMA or District Referee. En tries cl ose J lllle 23. JULY 28 - 31 LAP TT NATI ONAL CHAMPIONSHI P Mt.St. HeJens MC. P .O.Ro x 51 ,CasUe Rodi., Wa.... . . -Entries from AM" or Dis tri c t Refe re e. Entries close June 29. JULY 21 - 58 LAP TT NATIO NAL CHAM P IONSHIP J .C. Aga' jan ian En terprises, P .O . Box 98 , Gardena, Ca IH.-Ascol-Entries from AMA or District Referee. Entries cl ose July 6. JULY 28 -10 MILE "ATIONAl Challllli onshi p Dirl Track (l mile) Bob Barldlimer Associates. Inc. , 50 Mt, Herman Rd., Santa Cruz. CalH. - Santa Rosa Falremunds , Santa Rosa, Cal. $6000 purse . - Entries from AMA or District Refer ee. AUGUST 4 - PROFESSIONAL HILLCLIMB NATIONAL CHAMP IONS"..DP Muskegon MC, Muskegon, Mid1.Mt. GarfieJd-Entrants not/ned ~ AMA. AUGUST 4 -110 MILE NATIONAL CBA\lPIONSIUP ROAD RAC E. Floyd Clymer ,222 N. VirgiJAve.,Los AngeJes. CaUf. Indianapolis Race,,'11Y P ark , Ind ia _ l i s. Ind. Entries from AM." or District Referee. AUGUST 11 - 25 lAP TT NATIONAL CHAMP IONSHIP Midwest Speedway s, ~ N.27111, Lincoln, Ne br. - Entrie s hom AMA or Dis trict Refe ree. Enlrie s Close July 21. AUGUST 25 -15 MILE NATIONAL CHAM PIONSHIP DIRT TRACK (I mile) Scanlan's Pro moti ons, Inc•• 3001 • • 9111 St., St. Joseph, Mo. - State FaIrgrounds - Enlries from A'\I;\ or Dis tri ct Referee. E ntri es Close AOI:. 4. SEPTEMBER 1-14MllE NATIONAL CHAM PIONSH IP DIRT T RACK Bob Ba rkhime r Associates , Inc. , 50 Mt. Herman Rd. , Santa cruz. Cali f. - Sa n J ose track - Entrie s from A.\fA or Dis tri ct Referee. En lries Close AoCo n . SEPTEMBERB-llMlLE NATIONAL CHAMP IONSIUP DIRT TRACK Ro bert M. Day , 277 Paol Ave ., Salinas, Calif.Cali fornia Roden grounds-Entries from AMA or Dis tri ct Refere e. Entries Close AoCo 18 . SEPT. 15 - 25 MILE NATIONAL J .C. Agajanian Enterprises, P .O. 8Ox98, Gardena, Callf.-Sacrame nlo , Callr.-Entries from A.\IA or District Re fe ree. E.... lries Close AoCo 25. EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT FRIDAY, JUNE 14th ACA P ROFESSIONAL SHORT TRAC K RACES at Trojan Raceway. located co rner Loag Beach Fwy. & Firestone IDvd. Take Firestone to Garfield. go sooth on Garfield, west on Souther n to tra.clt entrance. l00cc & 250c c classes . points. trophies & 40% or the gale purse. Three no. plates requIred. Starts 8 p.m, every Wed. NiGHT SCRAMBLES at Lodl Cycle Bowl, Lodi , Cal. Ever y Fri. night for 10 weeks, AMA saoc., all AMA & Dis t . 36 classes. Practic'e & slgnup 6- 7 p.m., races a t 8 p.m, P bone entries accep ted between 5-6 p.m, only. Season trophies, Class C traction, s pecJal 60cc class. F or info write Lodl Cyc le Bowl , 5801 Mor se Rd. , Lodl, Cal. 95240 . EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT ACA SPORTSMA N TT RAC ES at Trojan Raceway, located corner Long Beach Fwy. & F irestone IDvd. Trophies and points. Take Fire s to ne to Garfield, go south on Garfield, west OIl Southern to tra.clt entrance. l00cc & 250cc classes. 3 no . plates required. Starts 8 p.m, every Thurs. EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT AMA FLATTRACK HALF-MILE RACES at Ascot Park, l83rd & Vermont. Gardena, Call!., promoted by J .C . Ap janlan. Noviee, Amateur and Expert riders. $2. 100 guaranteed purse. Practice 7 p.m, first race 8: 15, IS-race program. QUARTER-Mn.E SPORTSMAN SHORT TRACK co-sponsored by F or t Sutter & Sacramento Trackers M.C .' s at Eldorado Raceway , Sa cramento , Call!. Gates open at 6 p.m, Slgnup 6: 30-7: 30 p.m ., practice 7-7:45 p.m., fi r st race 8 p.m, roocc, 200ce, 25OCc, AMA sane. Adm . $2.00 r ide or watch. Take Jackson Rd.orHwy. 16 to Excelsior Rd •• no. 1/2 mlle 3- STAR PROFESSIONAL TI RACE by Oregon Sidewinders M.C. so. or Portland, Ore. on SE Lawnrteld Rd . near C1ackamas, Ore. Ride or watch $2 .00. Pits open 6:30 p.m ., races at 8 p.m , For info contact Sidewinders, Rt. 3, Box 290-C, Oregon City , Ore . Every Fri. night through Sept. 6. No race July 5, 19 & Aug. 30. CLASS A PROFES SIO NAL SHORT TRACK , ACA sanc •• Orange Co. Speedway. Santa Ana Fwy ., to Laguna Cyn. otframp, make left at fi r s t street, Valencia. 2 mi. to track. Pit gates open 6:30 p.m., qual. 7 p.m., first race 8p.m. Adm. $2 .00 , $1.00 Jrs., under 12 free. 40% purse . .fVERY OTHER SATURDAY ROAD RACE SCHOOL at WhIte man Air Park. 12030 Pierce St., Pacolma (corner Pierce St . and San Fer nando Rd.L. Street bike p r eferably, 9 a .m, star t, $10 pe r student. Fo r info call Bob Braverman at (213) 785- 2421 . EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT TI RACING under the lights at Elsinore Race Track. Just orr Hwy. 71, east or Perris, Callf. turnorf. Sportsman trophies for all class es . Spectators wel come . 3-STAR PROFESSIONAL TI RACE by Mt. Baker M.C . a t Belllngham, Wash. AMA sanc., $600 purse. Night race. F or info con tact Mt. Baker M.C. , 600DuPont Bellingham, Wash . 98225 . TI SCRAMBLES RACING each and every Sat. night through lIIe summer. Limited amount of r iders Is 150. Perris M.C . Recr eati on Center, Perris. Call!. SP ORTSMAN SHORT TRACK RACING at Cycl e- Lan d Speedway, 14 mUes soulll of Chico. Calif. , presenled by the Vall ey M.C . Starts May 4, continues every Saturday night throughout the summer . For in to call Diek McAfee at 877-3395 In Paradise, Calif. SAT" JUNE 15, 22 & 29111 SP E EDWAY RACING at WhIteman Stadium , 12850 P ier ce st. & San Fernando Rd. . Pacolma, Cal. Benefit sbow for American Cancer Society , practice at 7 p .m •• races start at 8 p.m, Team racing. adm. $2.50 adults , $1.50 under 12, free under 5. F or furtber info contact Criswell EnterpriseS. 12130 Sbe r man Way, No. Hollywood. Cal (213) 983- 16.17. SAT" JUKE 15 & 2!111 TI SCRAMBLES at Josephine Co. Fairgr ounds. Grants Pass , ore•• by Rogue Valley Ride r s M.C . Signup 2:30-7 p .m •• practice 5: 30-6: 30 p .m •• race a t 7 p.m . AMA sane•• l00- 200-2S0-Qpen. pl us Beginn ers 100cc. Entry $2.00. for info call (50 3) 476-1820 or (50 3) 476-4018. SAT, & SUN., JUrlE 15 & 16th ANJIo"UA L HEM ET TOUR BY TE RRAP INS M.C . Sign-In and Hnish at Far me rs Fairgrounds , Heme t, car., co r ne r of F lor ida & Palm Aves . Al\lA sanc., RRA pt. run. Sign -in F r l. 8-11 p.rn ., Sat. 8 a.m , to I p.rn, l\tall entry $2.75, post $3.50 , kids unde r 12 52.00 . l\lail 10 Terrapins I\t.C., 3211 39th St.. San Diego, Cal . 92 105, phone (714) 281-21 50 or (213) 835- 0i78. SUN., JUNE 16 &30th TI SCRAMBLES at Sunny Valley Speedway, 14 ml. no. of Grants Pass, Ore. Signup 10 a.m . to 12:30 p.m. , prac.II :30 a .m . to 12:30 p .m . ; raee at I p.m , Entry $2.00, l 00-200- 250-0pen & Beginners class. For info phone (503) '476- 4018. SUNDAY, JUNE 16th AI\IA S POB TS ~ lAX ROAD RACE pr e sented by Southwest 1\I 'C Ra cing As s n. a t San Ange lo , Texas. F or more info wr it e Races, 2507 T .C .t! . Ave :, San Ange lo, Te xa s or ca ll (9 15) 949-1 030. SPORTSMAN SCRAMBLES by L ucky Spokes I\I.C. a t Brush Prairie, Wash . AMA sane , & pts, Signup 11 a.m .; race I p .rn , Adm . $1. 50, 5 classes (100-200250-500-0pen) . No rain, no knobs. TI SCRAMBLES by Perris Valley M.C. at Perris. Cal. Recreation Center. F or further info call (714) 657- 3678 or (714) 657-2242. loth ANNUAL "ANGELS FLIGHT" HARE SCRAMBLES by Lo stAngeIs M.C . Course approx. 70 mi., 10 a.m. start, 6 bikes make a class. Amb ulance standby, $3.25 entry, lots of trophies . Li med from Hi Vista. Calif. store. Ride a rim that' s close to home. SPORTSMAN SCRA MBLES by Ridge Runnders M.C . a t DeLaueaga Park In Santa Cr uz, Cal. AMA sane. , practice 9- 11 a.m., races a t noon . Ride or watch $1.50, under 12 tree. All classes, same track but wider an d Jump move d. Limed from Hwy. I & Morrissey Blv d. In Santa Cruz. For info write Ridge Runners M.C ., P .O. Box 12 1, East San ta cruz, Cal. 95060 • AFl\t IWAD RACE a t Vaca Valley Race'I\11Y. just east of Vacaville, Califor nia ' (betwe en Sacramento a nd Sa n Fr a ncisco) . All National classes will r un, GP an d Production. Free a dm ission an d r ed uced entry if entered by June 8. Sunday regis lration & tech. 8- 10:30 a .m ., prac. a t 10 a .m., heats at noon. For info and en try forms, write AF"t, ·1810 lJaisy , oakland. ca., 9-1619. o r call (415) 535-1549, (2 13) 762-9875, ( 805) 967- 8919 , or (71-1) -1423338. $300 bonus for Honda P r od uction wlnner(s). PROFESSION AL HALF-MILE DIRT TRACK RACE at Santa Clara Co. Fairgrounds, San Jose, Cal. AMA sane .. $1200 p urse, presented by Bob Bartbimer Assoc•• Inc. Final race at San Jose unW 14-M1le Nat'l Sept. I . FRIDAY, JUNE 1111 RE F EREE'S MEETING at the Ricbmood Ramblers Motorcycle Club, Point Hicbmond, Calll. at the foot or Girard Btvd., through the bmnel, next to the b8.Y. For info contact Len Allen, Dint. 36 Commissioner. 1241 N. stockton, Stockton, Cal. 95203. SAT. & SUN. , JUNE 22 & 23r1l CALIFORNIA EA GL E S OVERNIGHT RUN to McFarland, Cal. F or more info call (213) 925-7290. TWO- DAY 200- MIL E ENDURO . MIke Stewart Memorlal Run, p r oc eeds to go to Amer i can Cancer SocI e ty . T r ophi es given each day, plus overall winners. Classes 0-100, 250, and Ope n. Lo ts or camping room with a dance Saturday night. $4.00 for bo th days Lee's camp, Ore. Slgnup 7 a .m. 9 a.m, start. In tile beautiful TlJJamook Burn Mountains, 60 mi . S.E . or Portland. Or e . SUNDAY, JUNE 23rd TI SCRAMBLES by Coachella Valley I\I.C. at Per r is, Cal. Al\lA sane, Dist. 37 pt . run. P racti ce 8 a.m ., Itwts. 9 a.m., hvywts. 2 p .m, Entry $2.00, adrn , $1.25 . AFM PROF ESSIONAL ROAD RACE at Carlsbad, ' Cal. Nat'l points race, $200 purse. For more Wo call John Mc GllIvray (213) 222- 1303 after 6 p.m. SCRAMBLES by Qaldand M.C . at the Richmond Ramblers track. Richmond, Calll. Go through tunnel a t the west end or Garrard IDvd. AMA sanc., all classes, lotsa s p ecta t o r wrea, r efreshm ents . Entry $1.50, spectato r s $1.00. P ractice 10 a .m., fi r s t race I p.m, P ROSPECTORS HARE SCRAMBL ES-I O a.m. Separate course for trallbikes . Big bike rim appro>:. 60 mi. Trall bikes approx. 30 mi. Follow-up crew leaves on start. Limed from Red Rock Canyon, Cal. Race spot elevation 3500 feet. SAT. & surl•• JUNE 29th & 30th 2nd ANXUAL HUALAPAI l\IT . IWA D TOUB by COlJper Sta te I\I.C . at Klngman, Ari z . Fo r info call 9-13-1529 in Phoe ni x, Boad Tour Ari z., or writ e Hualapai Co m m. , 2223 W. Sunnys ide I.r ., Phoenix. Ari z . 85029. SINGING WHEELS OVERNIGHTER at Stalllon oaks, CaIU. FolloW' the Umeand s igns from Hwy. 80 & Descanso J unction, Call!. Swimmiag. dancing, hor seback riding, field events, bike judging, tr0phies. merchandi s e a wards, campsites . e tc. Deadline 9 p .m. Sat. nig ht . AMA sane. Mall en try $3 .00 W June 22, post entry to SJnglng Wbeels M.C . , 1508 Satinwood Ct •• Chula Vista, Cal. 92011. Phone 420-9702 In Chula Vlsta. "It. •••••• SUBSCRIBE TO CYCLE NEWS •••••• .~ : • : D Via 1st (VIA 2nd CLASS MAIL) $7.50 FOR 1 YEAR $12 FOR 2 YEARS D ~lass mail fOf ODe yeaf S18. D • (pleose cIle ck

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