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• ... "" " ., OIl ClJ OS Q., ~ 0> .... 1St ~, ClJ '" ::s ~ '" r.J ~ Z r.J ..J U ;..., U The secrets of the Here's how Yamaha's exclusive 5-Port Power benefits you. With Yamaha's two extra tra nsfer ports, on the back side of the cylin der, each induction charge completely scavenges the stale gases from the com bustio n chamber and spreads the fresh Induction mixture thro ughout the ent ire cylinder area. Result: quicker th rottle response, greater torque .. . higher top end, better f uel economy and a broader power range - all because there's a clean 'and com ple te charge for each power stroke. Cylinders, neads and plugs stay cooler. And fuel waste is virtually eliminated . Why not discover the secrets of the Exciters for yourself? This year, there are 20 great models to choose from . All thoroughb reds: ~ II at your Yamaha dealer's. While you're there, ask for your fr ee copy of Yamaha's brochure of Exciters for '68. Or wri te: P.O. Box 54540, Los Angeles, Calif. 9005 4. Canadian Distributor : Yamaha Division of Fred Deeley ltd., Briti sh Columbia. HAO INTERNAT IO N AL CO R PO RATIO N . S I N CE 1 8 8 7 •

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