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NATIONAL CALENDAR OF EVENTS 92 are advl sed that IistlllI EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT FRIDAY. JUNE 7111 - ACA PROFESSIONAL SHORT T RACK RACES at Trojan Raceway, located corne r Long Beach F wy. & F irestone Blvd. Take Firestone to Garfield, go south on Garfield, we st on Southern to trac k e ntrance. 100cc & 25 0cc classes, po ints, trophi es & 40%of the gate purse. Thre e no . plates r equired. Starts 8 p .m, every Wed. 3-STAR 'PROF ESSIONAL TT RAC E by Blue Barons M.C . at Graham Speedway " 9 mi . s o. of Puyallup, Wash., atGr;Umm, Wash. , For In!o contact Blue Barons M.C. , 1315 S. 41st, Tacoma, Wash. 98408 . In this ea l.ndar Is a fre. Service. Cyc le News dI... claims any responsi bility lor canc.llallon or eIlanctn, of ,"nls by promoters without notl ceo c;;; r.: CI> ll> l:: :::l .... AMA NATIDN AL CHAMPIONSHIP SANCTION SCHEDULE ~ ~ JUNE 9- 15 MI LE NATIONAL CHAM PIOS SHIP DIRT T RACK (~ mile) Louisvill e Downs. Inc . , Poplar L e vel U Rd. and W t terson E xpressway , Louisa ::... vill e , Ky. - Enlrles from A.\lA or Di s U Irlc t Refe ree. Enlrles Close May 19 . t.l ...:l JUNE 16 -100 M ILE NATIONAL CHAMP IONSHI P ROAD RACE Sew England M tor cycle Deal e rs Assn . , 20 Brewo ster St., P lymouth, Mass. - L ouoon, N. H. - En tries from AM A or Dlslrl ct Refer ee. E n lrles cl ose May 26 . JUNE 23 - M INIATURE NATIONAL CHAMP IONSHI P ROAD RACE P ittsburgh Ra cing Assn., 718 Hop e Holl ow Rd,; P iltsburgb, P a .-He ldel berg Rac ew ayEn lrie s from AMA or Dis tr ict Referee, Enlrles close J une 2. JULY 14-20 MILE NATIONAL CHAM P IONSHIP DIRT TRA CK Jack Leidl, c / o Mort Becke r , -1118 S.E. Maiden St., Portla nd, Ore. E n lrl e s from AMA or District Referee. Entrie s close J une 23 . JULY 20 - 30 LAP TT NATIONAL C1l'\~tPIO:'iSHIP m .st. 11 1'1ens MC, P.O .llox 51, Ca s tle Rock , Wash, -Enlrles from AM

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