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• NATIONAL CALENDAR OF EVENTS ..; a.. advised that IIstlne In this ea t.ndar I. a fll. S"vlc.. Cycl. News dI.. c laim. any rlSpanslblllly for canc.llatlon or eIlanelne of lVent. by pramot". without ..... IIOtle.. AMA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP SANCTION SCHEDULE MAY 26 -12 MILE NATIDNAL CHAMP IONSHIP DIRT T RACK Jack vanina , 611 N. Wyomissing Ave•• Wyomissing , P a.-Readin g fai rground s- Entries from AMA or Districl Re fe ree . Entries closes May :I . MAY 26 - 250 MILE NATIONAL CHAMP [ONSHIP EN DURANCE RUN Enduro Ride rs Assn ., 792 Franci s A ve ,; Columbus, Ohio 432 09-Entries from AMA or promo tin g club. JUNE 2 - 5 MILE NATIONAL CHAMP IONSHIP DrRT T RACK Detroi t Area As''''clated Motorcycl e Clubs , Detroll, Mich.- Race cou rse Li vonia, Mich. -Enlries from AMA or Dis tric t Re feree. ay Entries close M 12. JUNE 16 -100 MIL£ NATIONAL CHAMPIONSIIIP ROAD RACE New England M torcyc le Dealers Assn., 20 Brewo ster St. , P lymou th , Mass.-Loudon. N.H . -Ent ries from AMA or District Referee. Entries cl ose May 26 . JUNE 23 - M INIATURE NATIONAL CHAMP IONSHIP ROAD RACE P ittsb urgh Rac in ll: Assn., 71 8 Hope Holl o w Rd•• P iUSburgh, Pa.-He ide lberg Rac ewayEn lries from AMA or Dis tr ic t Re fere e. Entrie s ciose J une 2. l JULY 14-20 MILE NATIO NAL CHAM P IO:-i HIP' DrRT T R.-\CK J a ck Leigh, c/ o ~lort Be cker , .u 18 S.E. \I alde n SI. . Portla nd , Ore. Entries from A~tA or Dis trict Referee. En tri e s close June 23. JULY 20 - 30 LAP TT NATlO :-iAL (,11:\~I PIO :-iSHI P m. Sl.ll ele ns MC, p.o. n o x 51 , Ca s tl e Rock , Wash . . -Entries from AMA or Dis tric t Re fe ree . E ntries cl os e June 29. JULY 27 - 50 LAP TT NATIO N,\ L' CIIAM P IONSIIIP J ,C. Agajania n Enterprises , P.O. Box 98 , Gard ena, Ca llf .-Ascot-Entries from AMA or District Re lt·ree. Entries close Juiy 6 . JULY 28 -10 M ILE NATIONAL Championsh ip Dirt Track (l mile ) Bob Barkhim er As soci ates, [nc., 50 MI. Herman Rd. , Santa Cruz, Ca li f. - Santa Rosa Fairgrounds, Santa Ros a , cal. $6000 purse. - Entrie s from AMA or District Re feree. AUGUST 4 - PROFESSIONAL HILLCLIMB NATIONAL CHAMP IONSHIP Muskegon MC, Muskegon. Mich.MI. Garfield-En tra nts notirted by AMA. AUGUST 11 - 25 LAP TT NATIONAL CHAM P IONSHIP Midwest sP eed way s, 4600 N. 27 th, Lincoln, Nebr. -Entries from AMA or Dis tri c t Refe ree . Entries Close July 21 . AUGUST 25 - 15 MILE NATIONAL CHAM PI ONSHIP DIRT TRACK (1 mlle ) scanlan's Promotions , Inc •• 3001 N. 9th St. , St. J osepb, Mo. - Stale Fai rpounds - Enlrle s (rom AMA or Distric t Referee. E ntries Close AUI::. 4. SEPTEMBER 1-14MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP DIRT TRA CK Bob Ban.himer Associates , Inc •• 50 MI. Hennan Rd.. Sanla Cruz. Ca li f. - San Jnse n cll - Entrie s lrom AMA 1M' District Rereree. Entri es Close Au It- 11. EVERY WEDNESDAY HIGHT ACA PR OFESS [ONAL SHORT TRACK RACES a t Trojan Ra ceway, located co rne r Long Beach F wy. & Fires tone BlVd. Take Firestone to Ga rfield, go s outh on Garfield, west on Southern to track en trance. l 00cc & 250Cc class e s, points, trophies & 40% of the gate purse. Three no . plate s r equired. Starts 8 p .m . every Wed. EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT ACA SPORTSMAN TT RACES at Trojan Raceway, located corner Long Beach Fwy. &< F ires tone Blvd , Trophie s and points. Take F irestone to Garfield, go south on Garfield, west Of. Southern to track entrance. l00cc & 250Cc classes, 3 no. plates r equir ed. Starts 8 p.rn, every Thurs. EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT AMA F LATTRACK RALF -MILE RACES at Ascot Park, 183rd & Vermont, Ga r dena , Callf. , promoted by J.C. Agajantan, Novice, Amateur and Expert riders. $2, 100 guaranteed pur se. Practice 7 p.m, first r ace 8: 15, 18-race program . QUART ER- M[L E SPORTSMA N SHORT TRACK co - sponsor ed by Fort Sutt e r & Sacramento Trackers M.C,' s at Eldorado Raceway, Sac r am e nto, Callf. Gates open at 6 p.m , Sign up 6:30- 7: 30p.m . , practi ce 7-7:45 p.m., fir st race 8 p.rn, l00cc, 200cc , 25OCc , AMA sane. Ad rn , $2.00 r ide or watch. Take Jackson Rd. or Hwy. 16 to Excelsior Rd .. no. 1/2 mile 3-STAR PROFESS[ONAL TT RAC E by Or egon Sidewinder s M.C . so. of Portland, Or e . on SE Lawnfield Rd. near Clackam as, Or e . Ride or watch $2.00. Pits open 6:30 p .m . , races at 8 p .rn , Fo r Info contact Sidewinders, Rt, 3, Box 290- C, Or egon City , Or e . Eve r y Fri . night through Sept . 6. No race Juiy 5, 19 & Aug. 30. EVERY OTHER S ATURDAY ROAD RACE SCHOOL at Whiteman Air Park, 12030 P ier ce St. , Pacotmafcorner Pierce s t. and San Fernando Rd.L . Street bike prefe r a bly, 9 a .rn, start, $10 pe r student. For info call Bob Braver man at (213) 785- 2421. EVERY SATURDAY fli GHT TT RACING WIder the li ghts a t Els inor e Ra ce Track. J us t off Hwy, 71, east of Perris , Calif. turnoff. Sportsman rrophies for all clas s e s . Spectator s welco me . 3-STAR PROF ESSIONAL TT RACE by Mt . Baker M.C. at Bellingham, Wash . AMA san c., $600 pur se. Night r a ce. Fo r Info contact Mt. Baker M.C., 600DuPont Bellingham, Wash. 98225. TT SCRAMBLES RACING each and every sat. night through the summer . Limited amount of riders is 150. Perris M.C. Recreation Cente r , Perris, Callf. SPORTSMAN SHORT TRACK RACING at Cycle- Land Speed way, 14 miles s outh of Chico, Callf. , pr es ented by the Valley M.C. Starts May 4, co ntinues every satur day night throughout the s um me r . For Into call Dick McAfee at 877-3395 in Paradise, Calif. SATURDAY, MAY 2511J PROFESS[ONAL 3 STAR RAC E by Or e gon Sportcycle M.C. at Benton Lane Speedway on Hwy. 99 West, about 5 mi. pa st Junction City , Or e. Sta rts a t 8 p.rn, Sportsman l 00cc & 200cc races Included; Write Or egon Sportcycle, 1440 South "A ' ~, Springfie ld , Ore. for more Info. BENEFIT SCRAMBLES for Skip Hurllmann pr esented by F eather River M.C . at MlU"ysvllle, Cal . on Simpson Lane. Ride or watc h $1.50, AMA sanc. , all c lass e s, hac ks if 6 or mo re. Slgnup & prac , 67:30 p.rn . ; race at 8 p.m. For Info, Slim' s M.C., 100 D se., Marysville, Cal. P h: 742- 7785. SAT. & SUN., MAY 25 & 26th GRAND PRIX SCRAMBLES presenredby Viewfinder s M.C . & stuntmen-s Assoc. Proceeds to charit y. AMA Dist. 37 deser t and scr a mbles poi nts . Held at Albers on' s Movie Ranc h, take West Lake tur noff off Ventura F wy., pr oceed north to ranch . Class e s 0- 25OCc on sat., 250Open on SWI. Powder Puff -on sat. Sldehacks r un two 3-lap races sa t., one 6lap r ace SWI . Ga te s open 7:30 sharpboth da ys . Swee ps winner on sat. runs In Sweepstakes. Mail 0- 250 entr tcs zo Rock Walker , 680 1 N. Valle y Cir cle BI., Canoga Park, Ca l. 91304 . Mail250-0pen entries to SteveCha mbe r s , 18444Collins St. , Apt . 17, Tarzana, Cal. Mail entries $8.00, post entries $25.00. Entrie s close May 1. SUNDAY , MAY 26th 4th ANNUAL ACA "CHALLENGER" ROAD RAC E, Wlllow Springs Int 'l Ra ce way, Rosamond, Cal. All GP & Prod. clas s e s , soc c-opee . Adm, $2.00 , kids free. Signup clo ses 11:3 0 a.rn ., pr actice 9:30 a .m., race 12:30 p .m, Entry $5.00, 3 plates r eq., trophies at trac k. Location 11 mi. no. of Lan caster, cal., left at Rosamond BI. , 5 mi, to track. For Info co ntact ACA , Box 247, Fullerton, Cal. (714) 528-4290. V.T.R.A . 5th ANNUAL TRAfL RIDERS ENDURO, on Alamo Mountain Rd ., 1st ride r out 10:01 a.rn, Start, flnls h& lun ch same place . Approx. 75 mt., all dirt roads , mos tl y trans, Spark arrestors mandatory. Mall entries $3.00, post entry $5.00, to Valley , rai l Riders T Assn., 2460 1 Arch St., New hall, Cal. 91350. Location: limed from Gorman orrramp, 12th ANNUAL PO KER RUN by Artesia Motor Jockey s M.C .A MA san c. , dona ti on $1.50. Start from Long Beach H- D, 3654 Long Beach BI.. Long Beach , Cal ., 8:30-10 a .rn.. deadline 2:30p.m.attlnlsh point. Coffee & donuts, trophies , bean feast. 3-STAR PROFESS[ONAL TT RACE by Mt. Baker M.C. at Bellingham , Wash . AMA sanc. , $600 purse , day race . For Info co nta c t Mr . Baker M.C ., 600 DuPont, Bellingham , Wash. 98225. 4th ANNUAL "TIGER CANYON TROPHY TRIAL" sanctioned by Pacific Northwest Trlals Assn. Near Walla Walla, Wash . 10OCc, 25OCc, Open classes , 27 trophies . 7th ANNUAL BMW C LUB PICNI C at Brookside Park, Pasadena, Cal. Brtng your lunch and enjoy a da y In the park. Coke & . coffee furnished by Earl F lander s . TT SCRAMBLES by oasis Scrambles at F allon, Nev. Fairgrounds on Hwy. 50-95. Signup & prac. 10 a .m. to noon, race at 1:30 p.m. Rain or sblne, AMA snac., covered stands. adm, $2.00, riders $1.00. AMA TT SCRAMBLES by Sbasia M.C ., all classes . Smooth TT track, practice & slgnup 10 a .m . W nooo, first race 1 p.m. Location: Take Bus ines s Loop, Interstate 5, between Redding & Anderson, Cal. Turn west on Happy Valley Rd ., follow s ign to track. For mo re info call (9 16) ,241- 4008. NEWMASTER MEMORIAL SCRAMBLES by Stoc kton M.C . a t Lodi Cyc le Bowl, Lodi, Cal . $1. 50 r ide or watc h, 6 or more make cl ass . Signup & prac. 9- 11 a .m., race at noon . Fo r Info call Jorgy's M.C. i n Lodi, 463-2912 or 931-3013 after 6 pm , 2nd ANN UAL ANGE L VIEW F[ EL D MEET presented by Coachella Valley M.C . at North Palm Springs, Cal. Ten events, starts 9 a .m., entry $2.00, trophies . Buffet held at Hootenanny on Indian Ave . in No. P alm Springs. All you can eat, adults $1.25, 12-15 75 ~, under 12 free with parents. P r oceeds to Ange l View Cr ippled Childrens Foundation of Desert Hot Spring s, Cal. SPOR TSMAN S CRAMBLES by Lucky Spoke s M.C. a t Brush P rairie, Wash. AMA' sane . & pts , Slgn up 11 a.m., race 1 p.m, Adm. $1.5 0, 5 class e s (100-200250-500-0pen) . No rain, no knobs . MOTO- CROSS by San Rafael M.C . in San Rafae l, Cal. AMA sanc., all classes . Signup & prac, 9-11 a.m., r ace a t 12:30 p.m ., $1. 50 ride or watch. Take Francisco BI. cutoff fr om Hwy. 101 or Richmond- San Rafael Br idge. Limed & marked from there. 3-STAR PROF ESS[ONAL TT RACE by Hill & Gull y M.C . a t Tri-City Raceway, West Richland, Wash. For Info contact Jack c amer on , c/ o Hlll & Gully M.C. , 3403 W; Imnaha, Kennewick, Wash. 9933 6 THURSDAY, MAY 30th OOUBLE EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES by Victors & Rams M.C,' s . Two sepa rate cour s e s, Dls t . 37 po ints. Benefit run for Dave Ekins an d John Stein. 45 min . races. Trail nov . & heavywe ight nov. start 8 a.m , Li med from the HI Vista, Cal. store . MOTO- CROSS presented by Lompoc SloPo kes M.C. at San ta Ma r la Speedway, Santa Marla, Cal. Limed from Bakersfield exit on Hwy. 101. P r ac tice I o a.m., fi r s t race noon rain or shlne.AMA sane . Concessions , cam pi ng. Fo r Info write Box 2177, Or cutt , Ca l. FOUR STAR AMA PROF ESS[ONAL TT at Graham Spe edway, Tacoma, Wash. 34th a nnual Me mor ial Day Cla s sic . Bonus pa y over sanction payoff (las t year totaled ove r $1400) . Some tow money for Calif . Expe r ts. Ca ll (206) LE 7-5793. Signup closes at 12 noon . AMA SCRAMBLES by Eastside M.C . at Morgan, Ca l. Location: Cyc le Hills at Uvas Dam. All classes , $1. 50 r ide or watch, kids free . Practice 9:30 a .rn., s ta r t a t noon . SPOHTsMA N HILL CLIMB a t Sadd le bac k p a rk nea r Irvine Par k, Cal . Ta ke Newpori Fwy . to Chapman Ave., go eas t to Santiago Canyon Rd. , right to Pe ters Ca nyon Rd., left to ga te . 8 a.m, start . ACA/F IM sane. For mor e info or entries contact Mike Capalite, 7544 Washington Ave . , Hunti ngton Beach, c ai. , (714) 8423813 or ( 714) 847-7629. P r e - entries close May 20. FRIDAY , MAY 31st THREE STAR AMA PRO F ESSIONAL TT at the Sidewinders race track, Po rtland, Or e . Night raci ng on the hillside course. Signup closes 7:3 0 p .m, ot YU - JUNE !ltI! FAIR at Mexi1s ANNUAL MEXICAL[ call, Mexico pr es ented by 20-30 Club & La Vox de la F rontera. 3 [nt'1bike races: J une 2 & 9, TT Mota-Cros",,; J une 5, Enduro. High po int trophy both da ys . 50, 100, 175, 250 & Open classes . F or Info call (2 13) 323-8183, .•••••• SUBSCRIBE TO CYCLE NEWS •••••• • • '. • • • • • • • • • • • • D 0 0 NAME 0 C ITY (plea.. check ane 01 the above) This is a new subscription This is a renewal [ enclose check or money order ple ase bill me later !I...... . \ (VIA 2nd CLASS MAIL) $7.50 FOR 1 YEAR $12 FOR 2 YEARS D Via 1st class mail 'for one year $18. Via Air Mail for one Year $26. 0 0 0 Of • • • • • • • • . ADDRESS STATE ... _ • : ZIP (due to posta l reeulotions we must have zip codes on oil s ubscriptions) • • .. =MAIL TO : CYCLE NEWS,BOX 498, LONG BEACH, CALIF . 90801 : • PLEASE ALLOW THRE WEEKS fO R NEW SUBSCRIPTIONS TO STAR T.· E :

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