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• NATIONAL CALENDAR OF EVENTS '&J' Readers ..e advised that listing In this calendar Is a Iree Service. Cycle News dls- clal ms any ..sponsl bility for cancellati on or cHang! ng of events by promoters without ClJ Il tlce. o 00 ~ ... c:: ::s .... AMA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP SANCTION SCHEDULE MAY 19 -13 MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIO:llSHIP DIRT TRA CK Ricnnond MC. tnc., c/o Eddie Boomhower. 2226 Chamberlayne Ave., Richmond, Va.-Entries from AMA or District Referee. Entli es close April 28. MAY 19 - HARE & HOUND NATIONAL CHAM PIONSHIP salt La ke MC, Box 1711, salt La ke C il,y, Utah-Entries from AMA or promotin g cl ub. MAY 26 -12 MILE NATIONAL CHAM P IONSHIP DIRT T RACK J a ck vanioo, 611 N. W yomi s s in g Ave., Wyomiss ing , P a.-Read in g fair ground s-En trie s from AMA or District Re fe ree. Ent ries clos e s May 5. MAY 26 - 250 MILE NATIONAL CHAMP IONSHIP ENDURANCE RUN Enduro Ride rs Assn•• 792 F rancis Ave ,; Collllllbus , Ohio 43209-Entries from AMA or promo tin g cl ub. JUNE 2 - 5 MILE NATIONAL· CHAMP IONSHIP DIRT T RACK Detroit Area Associated Motorcycle Cl uhs , Detroit, Mich.-Race course Ltvonia, Mich. - Ent ries from AMA or District Refe ree. Entries close May 12. JUNE 1& -100 MILE NATIONAL CHAMP IONs m p ROAD RACE New England Motorcycle Dealers Assn , ; 20 Brewster St., P lymouth, Mass.- L oudon, :II.H. -Entries from AMA or District Referee. Entries close May 26. JUNE 23 - MINIATURE NATIONAL CHAMP IONSHIP ROAD RACE P itts bu rgh Rac in g Assn.. 118 Hope Holl o w Rd., P ittsburgh, Pa.-He idel ber g Rac e wayEn lries from AMA or Dis tr ict Re feree. E ntries close J une 2. JULY 14-20 MI LE NATIONAL CHAM PIONSHIP DIRT T RACK Jack Le i gh, c/ o Mort Becke r, 4118 S.E. Malden St., P orUand , Ore. Entries from AMA or Dis tri ct Refer ee. Entries close June 23 . JULY 20 - 30 LAP TT NATIONAL CHAM PIONSIIIP Mt. St. Helens MC, P.O.Rox 51 , Ca stle Rock, Wash . -Entries from AMA or Dis trict Refe re e. Entries close .Iune 29. JULY 21 - 50 LAP TT -- NATIONAL CHAM P IONSHIP J.C . Agajan ia n Enterprises, P .O. Box 98 , Gardena , Ca Uf.-i\scot-Entries from AM,\ or District Refe ree. Entries close Jlllv 6. AUGUST 4 - PROFESSIONAL HILL CLIMB NATIONAL CHAMPIO:IISJDP Muskegon MC, Muskegon, Mich.Mt. Garfield-Entnnts notified by AMA. AUGUST 11- 25 LAP H NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Midwest SPeedways, 4600 N. 27th, Lincoln, Nebr. -Entries from AM\ or District Referee. .. Entries Close July 21. AUGUST 25 - 15 MILE NATIONAL CHAM PIONSHIP DIRT TRACK (l mile ) Scanlan's Promotions , Inc,; 3001 N. 9th St, ; St. Joseph, Mo. - State Fai rgrounds -Entries from AMA or District Referee. Entries Close Aug. -to JOIN U.M .E• EVERY WEDNESDAY NI GH T FRIDAY, MA Y 11th ACA PROFESSIONAL SHORT TRACK RACES at Trojan Raceway, located cor ner Long Beach Fwy. & F ir e s tone Blvd. Take Firestone to Garfield, go south on Garfield, west on Southern to track entrance. 100cc & 250cc classes, poi nts, trophies & 40% of the gate purs e . Three no. plates required. Starts 8 p.m, every Wed. SPORTSMAN SHORT TRACK by Sprockets M.C. at Bakersfield Speedway, Bakersfield, Cal. Night race. Signup closes at 7 P.JIl., (jr st race 7:3 0 p.rn, EVERY TH URSDAY NI GHT ACA SPORTSMA N TT RACES at Trojan Raceway, located corner Long Beach Fwy. & F ir es tone Blvd. Trophies an d points. Take F irestone to Garfield, go south on Garfield, west on Southern to track entrance. 100cc & 250cc classes, 3 no. plates required. Starts 8 p.rn , every Thurs. EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT AMA FLAITRACK HALF-MILE RACES at Ascot Park, 183r d & Vermont , Gardena, Calif. , promoted by J .C. Agajanian, Novice, Amateur and Expert riders. $2,100 guaranteed purse . Pra c ti ce 7 p .rn , firs t r ace 8: 15, 18-ra ce program. QUARTER-MILE SPORTSMAN SHORT TRACK co- sponsored by Fort Sutter & sacramento Trackers M.C .'s at Eldo rado Raceway, sacramento, Calif. Gates open at 6 p .m , Signup 6:30-7:30p.m., practice 7-7:45 p .m., fir st race 8 p.rn, 100cc, aooee, 25OCc , AMA sane , Adm, $2.00 ride or watch. Take Jackson Rd.orHwy. 16 to Exc elsior Rd., no. 1/2 mile 3-STAR PROFESSIONAL IT RAC E by Oregon Sidewinders M.C . so. of Portland, Ore . on SE Lawnfield Rd. near Clackamas, Ore. Ride or watch $2.00. Pits open 6:30 p.m ., races at 8 p.m , For info contact Sidewinders, Rt . 3, Box 290-C, Oregon City , Ore . Every Fri. night through Sept. 6. No race July 5, 19 & Aug . 30. EVERY OTHER SATURDAY ROAD RACE SCHOOL at Whiteman Air Park, 12030 Pierce St., p a coima(corner Pierce St . and san Fernando Rd.L. Street bike preferably, 9 a .m , start, $10 per student. Fo r Info call Bob Br averman at (21 3) 785-242 1. EVERy SATURDAY NIGHT IT RACING unde r the lights at Elsinore Rac e Track. J ust off Hwy. 71, ea s t of Perris, Calif. turnoff. Sports man trophies fo r all clas ses. Spectator s wel- come . a-::iTAR PROFESSIONAL IT RACE by Mt. Bake r M.C . at Bellingham, Wash . AMA sanc., $600 purse. Night race. For info con tact Mt. Baker M.C ., 600 DuPont Bellingham, Wash . 98225. TT SCRAMBLES RACING each and every sat. night through the summer. Limited amount of riders is 150. Perris M.C. Recreation Center, Perris, Calif. SP ORTSMAN SHORT TRACK RACINGat Cycl e- Lan d Speedway, 14 miles south of Chico, c anr. , presented by the Valley M.C. Starts May 4, continues every saturday night throughout the summer. For int o call Dick McAfee at 877-33 95 in Paradise, Calif . EVERY SUNDAY ADELANTO IT SCRAMBLE !O at Redd ing 's 8/10-mile on HWVOS"'O '~'U" Adelanto, Calif .0- 250"\::( c.,.;'" )~,,~ 0:30 a. m.; big bikes 'VO"'''~ ",,,~ m. Admission $1.25 "{~ ~",,, . "n , $2.00 entry fee. Class .","'-:

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