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.. WANT ADS LEAIING C YCLE DEALER NEEDSHEL P! SELL - Perfect ' 66 Suzuki X-6, never dropped road bike. StOck but fast••• maintained by professional mechanic. 4000 miles $470.00. (213) 645- 6285. -· 66 BULTACO METlSSE , Moto-cross, new wheels, chains, piston, bearings $475 Phone (213 ) 438-3324. HONDA 160 desert ready, fork brace, new front tire, fast (213 ) 835- 6907 . 67 GREEVES Challenge r, Cerian! for ks , very clean, extra je ts - $600 .00 . Call (714) 569-7289. , a TRA DE: 66 Bultaco TT head and barrel for torquer head barrel. ~213) 864-9950. 1963 VELO - 500cc , desert bike, fr esh engine $400.00 or trade for Torquer or PurSang (213) 696- 3293 af ter 6:00 p .m . I By Maureen Le e ThIrty-one clubs answered to the roll call tor the May meeting of the Dis trict 1961 VILLIERS 150Cc dir t. Lynwood, 37 Sports Commi tt ee. With Presid ent 632- 3762. Ron Sloan In the Chair, the me e ting was called to order. YAMAHA 250, Gyt ki t, used, with amal Treasurer Bill Adams r ead a short carbs. $75.00. Li ke ne w ( 714) 827- 9821 financial report on the state of the Dis tricts fin a nce s and pr evi ous minutes SHOP FOREMAN NEEDED wer e read. Expr. required for full line of H- D As the Greyhounds had cancelled the ir motorcycles. Good pa y, group Ins . Call Hare Sc rambl es J une 9, the Lost CoyH-D in Po mona 622.-5417. ote s asked for the date ot throw a THRIVING MOTORCY CLE BUSINESS European s e r a m b 1e s • Hinshaw ( BUZzards ) ma de the motion this be allowed, FO R SAL ~ s ec onded by the 4-Aces and was voted OPPORTUNIT Y FOR YOUNG MAN TO OWN FOR HIMSELF , DEAL ERSHIP IN- , , upon, passing unanlmously . The oesert Phantoms asked about the Califor nia CLU DES F RANCHISES OF MANY TOP Gophers TT scrambles on the same date BRANn>. SHOP LOCATED IN LOS ANwhich the y understood had been canGELES AREA . CON T A C T MOTOR- " celled. However, no offi cial wor d has CYCLE, 4731 HlLARD AVE ., LA CAbeen sent to the District and as there NADA, CALIF, 91011 . STATE NUMBER was no Gophers representative present WHERE YOU CAN BE REACHED FOR the Phantoms were tol d' to co ntact the AP POINTME NT . Gophers directly . The Sha mroc ks have ca ncelled out on their TT Scrambles at YAMAHA M ECHANI C Bay Mare May 19th . Wanted. Top pal"; excellent opportunity Allen Gibbs of the Viewfind er s spoke for advancement.olJe nklns Sport c e nte r, on their Grand Prix, May 25-2 6th. The 13200 San Antonio, Nor wal k, Calif, Tel: cours e will be about three-and-a-half to 868-9997 . • - .four mil es around and they have timed r ide rs on wha t will pr obably be the final MECHANIC NEEDED. Experien cedHoncircuit with a lap time of abo ut s ix da man interested in living in fabulo us minute s . ' Las Vegas, resort atmosphe r e - year Unde r new business Bob Haye s (4r ound work. Pl ease wr ite Scootersvllle, Ace s) took the fl oor to s ay that he 1001 So . Matn, Las Vegas, Nevada . thought the tech Inspecti on at scr a mbles 67 GREEVES MX5 - excep ti onally clean. was a good idea but that it s hou ld be the Never raced. $650.00 . (2 13) 884-8512. job of the co mpetition commi tt ee not the 65 HObA KA, 96cc, 5 s peea, cy l. , head, r acing clutch, new r oller top & bottom, tun ed exhaust, K70 & trials, fork br ace. $350 .00. (805) 947-7326. YAMAHA 250 Enduro 600 miles , new condi ti on. Call (714 ) 879-3581. FOR SALE 1956 Nor ton with extra engtne, trans., clutch, mag & 3 wheels & tankall chrome, fairing extra & saddle bags extra. Al so 1954 Harley 3 Wheeler, complete as King $780.00 for all & many extras. (70 7) 964-4980. SELL - Super cherry ' 56 F or d P .U., 401 Buick Dynaflo, new everything but inter ior . Lime green body , Tonneau, stereo r ims, S& W gauges. Fir m at $1095. (213) 645- 6285. CLEAN 100Cc Hodaka 67 $350.00. Needle bearing rod, single ring racing piston, hot co il, 25mm amal carb., heavY duty _ clutch, por ted, 275 tront, 350 K-70 r ear ti r e , 's teel levers, S.T. 1. exp o chamber , scrambler bars , and with all street equip, Ask fOT. Tom (213 ) 326-3920 or (213 ) 325- 0659. TRADE 65 Yamaha 250ccJ50prettylittie greenones for 90 or 10OCc! F irst come, first s erved! (213) EX 8-0161. ' DIST. 37 SPORTS COMMITTEE MEETING FOR MAY Immediate opening with leading m/ c dealer for parts man , mechanics , salesmen, e tc . Ex cellent pay & co. ben efits. Diversified Co . - you learn three busines s in one job . Clean, s mog free area. Thrifty Lad Honda, 2411 Lincoln, San ta Monica , Cal. 90405 . BUlLT CUSTOM TR 500 & new Montesa Impala $450. (2 13) 892-8910. . WANTED - Cerlan! or Telso .ror ks for Hodaka. Jeff " c nar tes (213) 24 8- 2452. ,- HONDA $25, other bargains . Sen d 50~ to Motorscooter, B443CN/1837 Harriman, Bend, Oregon 97701. TRADE - Ham radio, electronic equipment, parts for " 65ccli50cc bike s or ,basket ca s e s . (213 ) 359':7401. ' .TRA DE ' 66 ' BSA 650 desert ready for 250 two stroke. (714) 892-0997. 305 HONDA ~ set ' up l or T.T. r ac i ng. (213) 421-9668. ' ; ., ME CH,AIUCW,ANTED. • Need good Honda-mechanic, - pl enty of . work. Orange County, Orange Honda, 2020 W. Cha pman. .Orange, canr, (714) 633-7344 1968 HUSQVARNA 35OCc, excellent condi ti on about 10 r ides $995.00. (213 ) 433- 1435. 1955 CHEVY c a meo pickup R&H, V-8 · " stick, 2 new tires , good c ondi ti on, reli- . able $525.00. (2 13) 433- 1435. . 1967 MONTE~ Scorpion--dirt bi ke, excellent condition $425.00. ' Call (213) 334-8554. ' ,- , .I i T .T. BARR EL for 250 BUltaco, $40.00 (714) 539- 3677 Gardena Grove. TRADE: 66 Honda 160 scrambler in -rntnt condi ti on for fa s t Bultaco dirt bike - also ~ desert ' r ea dy Tiger Cub fram e . ' 4 sale ' $I 00.00. (2 13) 670-6966. CYCLE and DUNE Buggy s wap meet Agoura Speedway May 19. SUZUKI TEAM MOTO-CROSS 67 GREEVES Scrambler, 250cc , spring fork, new piston, extras $625 .00. (714) • .867-3172. EX-work TM 250 Scrambler, factory prepared by U.S. Suz uki to win races. Fast & fresh. Compl ete with spares. can (714) 629- 8642. To News nash trom Modena , Italy relate s another unusual an d unexpected situation as Mike Hallwood and Jim Re dm a n, both world motor cycle cha mpions, have been under consider ation to drive the new F er r ari Form ula I cars in this years Grand P rix season in Eur ope. F er r a ri 'ha d been away from the raci ng scene for 13 month s due to conce ntrati on on ne w an d fa s te r cars and to repair several damaged one s . spo ns or ing cl ub. He thought too that often it was difficult for riders to find just where the Inspection was being held. Discus s ion followed but no a ction was taken as several s crambles-throwing cl ubs including Nobl e (Orange County) and Ham (Spor tsmen) reported they had never had any difficul ty with com plying with the rule of holding an inspection . Several mi nor subjects were dis cu s s ed includin g that of keeping the desert clean. Trash Is always a problem and not everyone seems to be r esponsible enough to pick up after themselves. As VicePresident Lynn Wineland poin ted out, " Keep our desert clean, It' s the only one we have." Wesson (Riverside Bombers) also pointed out that when riding in country areas riders should make sure to close all gates behind them if they have to pass through one. In desert events It's up to the discretion of the host club as to whether they end the whole race when the winner comes through. To make sure riders aren't lax , about sending for District numbers when they know they are going to r ide District events , Ros s (Greyhounds) suggested that the rule of making pie plate riders ride Exper t be enforced. There being no further business, the date board for moto- cross was opened but no ne w clubs bi d for dates, so the calendar tor mo to-cross for the remainder of the season Is : Shamrocks, Nove mbe r ,24th; Ante lope Rambler s , June Sth ; San Bernardino Valley, October 27th; Dirt Diggers , November 11-12th. Announcement has been made of several new appointments at Vamaha InternaUonal Corp. In the phOolo above l eft, Mike Mlyak.. new Vice Manager of the Musical Inst.,ments Division shakes hands with Hiroshi Kawashima, who has replaced Hldeto Eguchl as Vice President of'Vamah; Int' I In Los Angeles. Mr. Eguchl has been promoted to General Sales Manager of all domestic and l nt...allonal sales. Leon Sturman now advances from Asst. Nat' l Sales Mgr. to Naaona l Sales Ittanager and wi ll act as liaison between Ass't M&T. Ted Kimura and Vice President, Ittotorlzed Products Dlvtslon, Don Rubln. Terry T iernan takes over as Ass't Sales Itter. and Rubin's right-hand man. In the phOto, above rlltrt, Is RDlY Rockwood, now Directo r of Public RelaUons. Rockwood, well-known as a motorcycle columnist, 'announcer and public relaUons manager for J.e. Agajanlan, aim served for 15 years as a member of the L.A.P.D., whelll his assignments Incluelng teaenlng new recruits to ride, writing motorcycle train ing buli eUns and lIatrolllng the Southeast portion of L.A. as a motorcycle officer. ~ . , to retire with gastank mounts broken and a scrambled trans. Mighty 17-year-old Mike Lane just about annihilated everyone at the annual Trl-State Championship TT Scrambles in Bakersfield . Mike slid his Yamaha - OTI 250 past such notables as Sid P ayne , and Ron Pierce to take fi r s t plac e honors . Evel Again! . Edi tOl' s Note: minute ne ws release from Evel Knievel in forms tans tha i his Bee Lin e Dra g Jump over 13 c ars, sche duled for May 25 . ha s been postponed un til early In June on doctor's orders. - '--- '" '" ( Ka wasaki), the eventual winner, and had Evel Knlevel will jump 13 cars at the .r- " Statesi de Scene '" , Bee Li ne Drag Strip May 25! Yes, Evel Bac k to the stateside s cene reveals Is now taking whirlpool baths every day another s ma s h night at the Ascot oval on to help him get' back In 's hape after his l Friday, May 3. Dan Haaby sUpped wt a ccident In Las Vegas on Ne w Year's of anothe r Important win in to his pocket as this year . Evel will beonABC' s "A me rihe manueve r e d the Ga ry Bray tun ed can Bandstand" with Dick Clark In the Harley- Davidson on to the maln event I morning before the Jump on ' the 25~ of win. Dwayne Keeter duplicated his last May. A&M records also have a new reF riday' S s ec ond with another big 2 s pot. 'lease song titled " Evel , ' Eyel; Evel. " The guy has guts" , and that' s my , " ~Ie.vel" by Eddie Carr and the Navajos• opfilfon of Tom Roxkwood . Tom was InThe word from Europe Is the fantastic jured the wee kend before last i n a traffic performance of the Suzuki r idden by accident, tha t burned his face arid han ds Oll e Peterson in a r ec en t Champi ons hip rather hadl y but didn't de te r hi m in the Moto-Cr os s . Olle and Suzuki copped a leas t as he wal led on to another impresfi r s t in one moto and a third in the second sive win in the Am ateur class Mal n. I and last. When ther e are two mo tos run, would li ke to say here it was mentioned the win is de termined by time and 0 11e that only one lap of the Expe r t Matn was took home s econd place brass. ThI s ts faster than the lap times recorded for the fi r s t gr ea t s howing of a Japanese the Amateur Main. That lap in the Expe r t cycle in Eu ropean Moto-Cros s . Matn was 22.90 while the r e st wer e low So far there has been no da te set for 23's, same as the Amateurs. the ratnout at the Atlanta, Georgia national. Mor e than li kely it will be seUor Skipper sometime in October, we at her 'per.The seemingly unbeatable Skip Van mlttlng. ,A Leeuwen s natched another TT Maln event From 2 Wheels to 4 win on saturday May 4, with a fan tastic le a d. Skip has the only undefeated line of Joe Leonard, three- time United States wins tha i have not been broken. That' s Grand Na ti onal Champion, and JohnSurthree In a row so far. Keith Mashburn tee s, three- time World Road Racing looked as if he was going to s na tch an Champion, will battle It out at this year's othe r TT win on his new Yamaha single Indianapolis 500- mller for the coveted when coming in to the south turn Into the win at that histori c tra ck. Infield he tangled with Dave Hansen ~asi NEW YAMAHA AP POINTEES ~ -,

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