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CALENDAR OF EVENTS SUNDAY, MAY 19th SHAMROCKS SCRAMBLE S poi nt r un that was to be he ld at the Bay Mare track near Mo orp a rk , Cal. ha s be en CAN~ CE LLED. Al\lA SPORTSl\lAN ROAD RAC E pr e s en ted by Southwe s t M/ C Ra c ing As sn . at Green Valley, Texas. F or more info wr1te Rac es , 2507 T. C.U. Ave ., San Angelo, Texas or call ( 915) 949-1030. HARE SCRAM BLES presented by Si mi Valley M.C . Limed fromCailfo r nlaCi ty, Cal. golf cours e. AMA Dis t . 37 a ppr oved. 10 a.m, start, fast co urse. F or info conta ct G. Peterson at (213 ) 981- 1388 after 6 p .m , AMA SCRAMBLES presented by Stockton Scramblers M.C. at Lodt Cycle Bowl, Lodi, Cal . $1. 50 to ride or watch. Signup 7-11 a .m., practice 9-11 a .m .; race at noon. Flag starts , top brass . AMA SCRAMBLES by Eas tside M.C. at Morgan, Cal . Loca tion: Cyc le lI1lls a t Uvas Dam . All clas ses, $1.50 r id e or wat ch , kids free. P ractice 9: 30 a.m., s tart a t noon . SPORTSllilA N HILLCLI MB at Sa ddl eba ck Pa r k nea r Irvine Pa r k, Cal. Take Newpor t F wy , to Chapman Ave ., go east to santiago Canyon Rd. , r ight to Pete r s Canyon Rd ., left to ga te . 8 a .m, start. ACA/ FIM sane, Fo r mo re info or entries contact Mik e Ca palite, 7544 Washington Ave . , Huntington Beach, Cal ., (7 14) 8423813 or (714) 847-7629. P r e - entrie s close May 20. FOUR STAR AMA P ROF ESSIONAL TT at Graham Spe edway, Tacoma, Wash. 34th annual Memorial Day Clas s ic . Bonus pa y over sanction payoff (last year totaled over $1400) . Some tow mon ey for caur, Experts. Call (206) LE 7-5793 . Signup closes at 12 noon. 15th A'NNUAL RED ARROW ENDURO FRIDAY, MAY 31st by Sonora Pass M.C . at Confidence, Cal. THREE STAR AMA PROFESSIONAL TT First rider out at 10:01 a.m, Dirtroads, at the Sidewinders r a ce track, Portland, trails, very little highway. Spark arrestOr e . Night r a ci ng on the hillside course. ors a must. Entry fee $3.00, post entry Sig nup closes 7:30 p.m , $5.00. AMA entry form or write Sonora Pass M.C., P .O. Box 259 , Sonora, Ca l. SATURDAY , JUNE 1st 95370. THRE E STAR AMA PROFESSIONAL TT "a t Ca s tle Rock Fairground, Castle Rock, TT SCRAMBLES by Experts M.C. at Mesa Speedway. Graded, surfaced 5/8- 3 Wa s h. Night racing on the 30-lap Na ti onal mile TT course, Class C traction. P rac track . Signup closes 7:30 p .m, tice 10 a.m .; race at noon . Gear high. SAT. & SUN. JUNE 1 & 2 So. on Interstate 5 to Main St. turnotf s o. 2nd A NN UA L RE NO SP ORTS CYCLE ot Chula Vista, Cal. F ollow Otay Mesa SHOW at Centennial Co li s eum in Reno, Rd . & lime to track. For info call Earl Neva da . Open from 11 a. m , to 11 p. m von Roloff at 479-3209 or 239 - 6119 in san sat., & from 11 a.rn, to 8 p.rn, on Sun. Diego . Show centers around motor s ports & SATURDAY, MAY 25th equip ment. To enter motorcycl es, conP ROFESSIONAL 3 STA R RAC E by Or e ta ct Al Loc kett, 7680 Th oll Dr . , Le mm on gon sportcycle M.C. at Benton Lane Valley, Nev . 89503, phone 972- 0482. Speedway on Hwy. 99 West, about 5 mi. 500-MILE ,GRE ENHORN EN DURO. Mall past Junction City , Or e . Starts at 8 p. rn, entry $7 both days , $4 Sunday only . Mail Sportsman 100cc & 200cc races included. to Pasadena M.C. Cl ubhous e , 21 Ea s t Write Oregon Sportcycl e, 1440 South Howard st. , Pa sadena . Entries. cl os e "A' ~, Springfield, Or e . for more info. May 18, 1968. SAT. & SUN., MAY 25 & 26th GRAND PRIX SCRAMBLES pr es e nted by Viewfinders M.C . & Stuntmen's Assoc. Proceeds to charity . AMA Dist. 37 desert and scrambles points . Held at Alberson's Movie Ranch, take West Lake turnoff off Ventura Fwy., proceed north to ranch . Classes 0-250cc on sat., 250Open on Sun . Powd er Putf -on sat. Sideha cks run two 3-lap races sat., one 6lap race Sun . Gates open 7:30 sharp both days . Sweeps winner on sat . runs In Sweepstakes.Mail 0-250 entrtos to Rock Walker, 680 1 N. Valley Ci r cle BI., Canoga Park, Cal. 91304 . Mall 250-0pen entries to Steve Cha m be r s , 18444 Collins st. , Apt . 17, Tarzana, Cal . Mall entries $8.00, post entries $25.00. Entries close May 1. SUNDAY, MAY 26th V.T.R.A . 5th ANNUAL TRAIL RIDERS ENDURO, on Alamo Mountain Rd., 1st rider out 10:01 a.m, Start, t1n1sh& lunch same place . App rox, 25 mt., all dirt roads, mostly trails. spark arrestors mandatory. Mail entry $3.00, post entry $5.00. . 12th ANNUAL POKER RUN by Artesia Motor Jockey s M.C . AllilA sanc., donation $1.50. Start trom Long Beach H-D, 3654 Long Beach BI. , Long Beach, cai., 8:30-10 a.m.; deadline 2:30 p.m.atlinish point. Coffee & donuts, trophies, bean teast. THURSDAY, M 30th AY DOUBLE EUROPEAN SCRA MBLES by Victors & Rams M.C.'s. Two separate courses, Dist. 37 points. Benefit run tor Dave Ekins and John Ste in. 45 min . races . Tratl nov. & heavyweight nov. start 8 a .m, Limed trom the Hi Vista, Cal. store. MOTO- CROSS presented by Lornpoc SloPokes M.C. at santa Maria Speedway, santa Maria, Cal. Limed trom Bak ers fi eld exit on Hwy. 101. P ractic e 10a.m ., fi r s t race noon rain or s hin e .AMA sane , Concessions , camping. For info write Box 2177, Orc utt , Ca l . l~========="'-~" SUNDAY , JUNE 2nd THREE STAR AMA P ROFESSIONAL TT at Tri-Cities Raceway, Richland, Wash. All new $200 ,000 race Plant, bonus payoft. Signup closes at 12 noon. SAT. & S UN., JU r~E 15 & 16th SAT. & sua, JULY 6 & lIh ANlIo"UAL HEM ET TOUR BY TERRA PINS M.C . Sign - in and fi nish at Far mers F ai rgrounds , Hemet, Ca l ,; corner of Flor ida & Palm Aves . Al\lA sanc .; RRA pt. r un. Sign -in F r i. 8-11 p.rn., sat. 8 a. rn, to 1 p.rn, Mall entry $2. i 5, po s t $3.50, kids under 12 $2.00 . Mai l to Terrapins M.C. , 32 11 39th st., san Dieg o, Cal. 92105, phone ( 714) 281- 2150 or (213) 835- 0778 . ALL U.S. CHAMP IONSHIP SPORTS l\lAN SCRAMBL ES pr esented by Dir t Diggers M.C. Tow mon ey to top r iders in each Dis t. Wr it e for info. Ma il entry only, $5.00 , ope ns May I an d closes Jun e 26. Standa r d ent r y blank info r equired. Mail entry to 19308 Agui re St., Ro wland Hei ghts , Ca li f. 91745 . Who goes ? Nor th, south , eas t or west? We 'll know soon . SUNDAY, JUNE 16th TIGHT AMA SCHEDULE M PREAY CLUDE Hil l E RAI N DATE AFM ROAD RACE a t Vaca Valley Raceway , just ea st of Vacavllle, Ca ll1ornta (between sacr amento an d san F r an ci s co) . i All Na tio na l classes w ll run , GP and Pr oduc tio n. F ree a dmission an d reduced entry II e nte red by J une 8. Sunday registration & te ch. 8- 10: 30 a .m ., prac, a t 10 a. m., heats at noon. For into and entry forms , write AF M, 4810 Daisy, o a kland, ca., 94619, or call (415 ) 535- 1549, (213) 762-987 5, ( 805) 967- 8919, or (71 4) 4423338 . Due to r ain at Atlanta, Georgia (Hampton Downs) the AMA 7-Mile National Cha mpions hip race s ched uled for Sunday, Apr il 28th was ca nce lled. AI\1A Directo r of Com pe ti tio n, Jules Horky. stated that, " Ever y effort will be made to r e-schedule this race, but a t this time our s chedule is so tight we can't make an y definite plans ." AMA SPORTSl\lA N ROAD RAC E presented by Southwest M/ C Racing Assn. at san Angelo, Texas. Fo r mo re info write Ra ces, 2507 T .C.U. Ave ., san Ange lo, Texas o r ca ll (9 15) 949-1030. SUf~., JUNE 29th & 30th 2nd ANNUAL HUALAPAI MT. ROAD TOUR by Copper State M.C. at Kingman, Ariz. For inf o call 943-1529 in Ph oenix, Ariz., or write Hualapai Mt. Roa d Tour Co m m . , 2223 W. Sunnysi de ne., P hoe ni x, Ariz. 85029. MOTO-CROSS CARLSBAD Calif. Moto-Cro ss Club SAT. & THURSDAY, JULY 4th 5th ANNUAL AFM NAT'L CHAMP . 250Mile Production Roa d Ra ce, at Vaca Valley Ra ce wa y, Jus t east of Vacavllle, Cal1f., on U.S. 80 be tween sacramento and san F r ancisco. $1000 prizes . 25Mil e r ace for under- 10OCc , 120-lap fea ture for 175s, 250s , 350s, 500s , an d Open street ma chi ne (2 r iders must alternate on ea ch machi ne) . Paid practice sat. 9 a. mc- a p.m , Sun . regi stration & te c 8-10 a. rn. , pr ac , 10-11:30 a .m., race at noon. Red uced ent r y, fr ee a drn, if entered by J une 26. Fo r Info an d entry for ms, write AF M, 4810 Daisy, Oakland, ca., 94619, or call (415) 535- 1549, (213) 762-9875 , (805 ) 967- 8919, or (714) 4423338. MAY 19 Entries close M 15 All Classes Ex. & J t ay M Ent ries Box 124 $5. 00 Mail Entry all Reseda. Call I. 91335 $10.00 Po st Entry Camping the night befo,e Moto-cro ss Side cars welcome Gates open 8 a.m. Sun!lay morning W HAT' S HAPPE tli NG THI S ORLD'S TIME? OH, ArlOTHER W BIGGEST RACE? YEAH! LIKE? $5.00 MAil ONLY TO 19308 AGUIRO ST. ROWLAND HEIGHTS, CALIF. 91145 W HO'S THItIG? ( AN SWE R) m RT DIGGERS OF m URS1i.:. 4th ANNUAL CALIC O 100 by Hi-Jinx FMC. Take Barstow Fwy. 10 mi. past Barstow, Cal. to Callco Ghos t Town tur noff . Follow lime to dry lake bed. 100 mlle r a ce lim1ted to 100cc's. For more info call (2 13) 868-9997 . JUNE l-11th STARDUST 7-11.711 mile desert conte s t open to cars, light trucks, dune buggies, motorcycles, four-wheel drive and ex perimental vehicles. Anticipated purse ot $25,000. Entry fee of $250 per vehicle w1ll include accommodation and the victory banquet at the Stardust Hotel, as well as insurance during the event. Information about membership in NORRA (sponsoring Assoc .) and participation in the Stardust 7-11 write: NORRA, 19730 Ventura BlVd., Suite 6, Woodland Hllls, caur. 91364. F IM MICUS riders wishing to participate can get permission easlly by contacting Wes Cooley, (714) 528-4290 SATURDAY,JUNE Mh PRESENTS AFM NATIONAL ROAD RACES SCRAMBLES at sprockets Park, Bakerst ield, Cal. Night race. Signup closes at 7 p.m . with t1rst race at 7:30 p.rn , SAT. & SUN., JUNE 8 & 9th I\lAMMOTH MOUNTAIN MOTO- CROSS in High Sierras. Mail entry $5.00, post entry $7. 50. Fir s t race sat. 10 a.m.; practice 8-10 a.m , Blg bike practice sat. afternoon. Ratfllng 100cc Yamaha. Acco m moda ti ons available . Send entry or for more info to P.O. Box458, Mammoth Lake, Cal. 93546. S UrmAY, JUNE 9th 1st AMA MOT O- CROSS presen te d by Antelo pe Rambler s M.C . En try $3.00 plus 50~ for a mbulance tee. Dis t. 37 poi nts . Mall entry only , m ust be in by May 26. Contac t Dave Lewis, 11339 Moorpark, No. Hollywood . Location later . . . ~-=,-~~=~,============~ MEMORIAL DAY MAY 30 HILLCLIMB SEE T TOP ROAD RAC IN ACTION HE EIS Saddleback Park • Sav e M ney on Entri es and Gate F e e o P RE- E. 'T RI ES CLOSE \1..\'1: ~Oth Wrilc or call for ent ries s ee calen da r o f eve nts l ~====== l- FIRST RA CE 12:30 p.m, ADMISSION $2 .00 .. ------='==~ _..!! MAY 12

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