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SUNDAY , MAY 19th AMA NAT IONAL CHAMPIONSHIP HARE 1l0 F ND RACE, pres ented by the Sal t Lake ;l1.C . a t Che r ry Creek, just south west of Eureka , Utah. 8t1: a nnual eve nt, e xt r e me ly varied terrain - soft di r t trees , Saha r a -type sand dune s, sag; &; SUNDA Y, MAY 12th SUNDAY, MAY 5th HARE SCRA MBLES presented by So. Cal. M.C. AMA Dis t. 37 a pproved po int run. Two 40- mile loops, trail bikes 1 loop. Limed fro m California Ci ti, Cal. golr cou r se . Sta rts 10 a .m, Entr y $3.25, incl ude s 2 5 ~ fo r a mbulance standby. Due to Viewfinde r s Gr and Prix on May 25 &; 26, this r un was a pprove d by Dis t. 37 to run on open Sun day . 16th A'NNUAL KIT CARSONSCRAMBLES by For t Stock ton M.C . a t Lodi Cycle Bowl, Lodi, Ca l. Signup 9 a .rn.; practice 9'l'11 a .m .; r ace a t noon . AMA sanc.; • $1. 50 ride or watc h. All classes except wom en : Fo r more Info contact Bob sande rs, 2009 Yose m ite or., Lodi, Cal. P hone 36 8-6313 . brush, steep gr ades , mouu ta i n pa s ses, etc . 'I'r oph i es , finishers p ins, merc han- di se awards . F ive - foo t pe r pe tual trophy. cour s e well marked , CO\ e r ed by radio and first-aid equipped jeeps . Entry $3 .00 mail e nt r y (i-I oses ~Iay 15) or $5.00 post e ntry (closes a t 9 a.rn , on race da y). il s tandard entry to Sa lt Lake r.I C r .o. Box 1711 , Sa lt La ke City, 8410 1 or write them for mo re info . Ar.IA PROFESSIONAL 3 STAll TT RACE a t Be llingham, Wash .; presented by the r.1I. Baker r.1 .C . $600 pu rse, ne w t r ac k. Fo r Cur the r info con tac t l\lt. Bak er M.C ., 600 DuPo nt, Bellingham , Wash . 9822 5. TT RACE by Sha s ta M.C . , AMA sanc., s moo th TT trac k, all class es . Track location: tak e Business Loop , Interstate #5, be tween Reddi ng and Anderson, Calif. Tu rn wes t on Happy Valley Rd . an d Collow signs to trac k. Pr ac tice an d s lg nup 10 a .rn , to noon, race starts at 1 p .m , In ca s e or inclement wea th er o r C or Curther inCo ca ll (916) 241-4008 in Reddin g. utah MOTa-CROSS at Carlsbad, Calif. Or ganized by Calif. Moto- Cross Cl ub; Jr. & Ex. 0-125-250-500-0 pe n and sideca r s welcome. Mail Ent ry: $5 .00, Post En try: $10.00 . lIilail entries to: p.O. Box 124, Res eda, canr. 91335 .Clo se May 15, 1968 . Ca mping permitte d at Carlsbad Race way night before Moto -Cross . Mus t be in gates before 11:00 p.m , Sat. night. Gates open 8:0 0 a.m , MOT HER'S DAY IlUN by J a s pers M.C . Troph ie s , fie ld events, spa ghe tti di nne r , AMA s anc .; RRC p t. run. Sign -in at clubhouse, NW co r . Pa lm &; Mis s ion, r Onta r io, Cal. C om 8- 10 a.rn , Ent r y $2 .25. Fo r i nfo call ( 714) 986-3 118. AMA PROFESSIONAL 3 STAR TI RACE at Bell ing ham , Wash., presented by the Mt. Bak er M.C. $600 purse, r.ew track. Fo r Curther inCo co nta c t Mt. Baker M.C ., 600 DuPont, I Bellingham, Wash. 98225. MOT HERS DA Y SCRAr.IB LES presented by the Powder Puff Association at Pe r ris Track near -Pe r r is , Calif. Dis t. 37 poi nts. F ree entry to mothers . ACA GRA ND PRIX ROAD RACE River s ide , Cal. Int'l Ra ce way. All GP ' & P r od. cla s s es 50cc through Open pl us sideca r s . Pits open 8:30 a .rn., first race at noo n. Entry $5.00, trophy pres entation at track . For info contact ACA, P.O. Box 247, Fu ll e r ton, Cal. 92632 . AMA SPOR TSMAN HlL L CLIMB by San Jose Dons M.C. at Morgan Hill, Ca lif. Location: Hall's Ra nch at Uvas Dam. Adm , $1.5 0, 200cc & up, li ghtweights start at 11:30 a .rn, AMA TI SCRA MBLES by Taft M.C . In Marico pa, Cal .; 1/ 4 mile west of town. Prac ti ce 10 a .m.; race at noon . Graded cour se, trophies give n at race, refreshments available . 3- STA R AMA P ROFESSIONAL TT RACE by Oregon Side winder s M.C . Race starts 1 p . m .; rider entry $2.00, spectators $2.00. Spe cia l e xhib, events in 100cc & 175cc class es . Pit gate opens at noon . At club track on SE Lawnfleld Rd., so. or Por tland near Clackamas, Or e . Write Dian e SeHert, Rt. 3, Box 290-C, Oregon Ci ty , Ore . 97045 for more Info. 1st TI SCRAMBLES at Uvas Dam, Gilroy, Calli. Cy cl e Hills at the Hall Ran ch by Los Gatos Motorcycle Club. Limed from 101 Hwy. All classes for Men Only. Sign up 8:30 to 11 a.m, Practice 9 to 11 a.m., first race at 12 p.m, All rules enforced. Admission $1.50 ride or watch, children under 12 free. AMA sanctioned. BUSHMASTERS MOTO-CROSS at Be aumo nt , Cal. All classes, three 30-min. motos per class, race a s Collows: 0- 125 , 126-250, 251-0pen. Take US 60, 70, 99 to Beaumont Ave. orrr a mp , Fo llow lime 2 miles s outh. F irst race 10 a .rn , FRIDAY, MAY 11th SCRAM BLES by Mt . St. Helens M.C. at Ca s tl e Roc k, Wash. Fairgrounds . Contac t club at Box 51, Castl e Rock, Wash. fo r mor e Info. HARE SCRAM BLES by Si mi Valle y M.C . L im ed from Calif. City, Cal. ga il co ur se. Three 40-mile l oops . 10 a .m, s tar t . For inf o call Gary Peter son ( 213) 981- 1388 after 6 p . m , 3-STAR AMA P ROF ESSIONAL 'IT RACE bY'f Oregon Sidewinders M.C . at the ir track on SE La wnfie ld Rd. , so. or Po r tland, Or e . near Clac kamas, Ore . Ride r e ntry $2.00, pi t gate opens 6:30 p.rn., 8 p .m, start. Spectator s $2 .00. Special exhib. events in 100cc & 175c c classes. For more Info contact Side winders M.C., Rt. 3, Box 290 -C , Or egon Ci ty, Ore. 97045 . Every Fri. night through Sep t. 6 except July 5, July 19 & Aug . 30 . NIGHT SC RA M BL ES, AMA sanction. Presented by Hayward Motorcycle Club. No phone entries will be accepted, Class " c" tires only, signup at 4:00 p.m , to 6 p.m, Practice from 4:40 to 6:30 p .m, 1st race at 7:30 p.m, positions by drawIng . Men only . $1.75 ride or watch, lots of good seats . South of Hesperlan Blvd. on Depot Road in Hayward, Calli. 15th ANNUAL RED ARRO W ENDURO by Sonora Pass M.C . a t Co nfidence, Cal. Fir s t rider out at 10:01 a .m , Dir troads , t rails , very little highway. Spark arr estor s a must. Entry C $3 .00 , post en try ee $5. 00. AMA entry form or wri te Sonor a Pass M.C ., P .O. Box 259 , Sonor a, Ca l . 95370. TT SCRAMBLES by Experts M.C. at Mes a Speedway . Graded, s urfaced 5/ 8m il e TI course, Class C traction . P racti ce 10 a.m .; race at noon. Gear high. So. on Interstate 5 to Main St. turnoff s o. of Chula Vista, Ca l. Fo ll ow Otay Mesa Rd . & lim e to track. Fo r info ca ll Earl Roloff at 479-3209 or 239- 6119 in San Dieg o. SPORTSMAN SHORT TRACK by Sprockets M.C . at Bakersfield Speedway, Ba kersfield, Cal. Night race. Sig nup closes at 7 p.m., first race 7:3 0 p.m , SUNDAY, MAY 19th HALF-MILE PROFESSI O NAL DIRT TRACK at san Jose County Fair grounds, San Jose, Cal., promoted by Barkhlmer Associates . $1200 g u a ran t ee d purse . Time trials 11 a.m ., racing at 2: 15 p.m, SCRAMBLES, In San Rafael, Calli. Take Francisco Blvd. Cutoff Crom Hwy 101 or .Rl ch rnond - San Rafael Br idge . Rest oC way will be limed and marked. All classes, girls If enough to make a class. Class "A" Traction, signup - & practice 9 to 11 a .m, 1st event at 12:30. $1.50 ride or watch, new improved course with Jump. Presented by San Rafael Motorcycle Club, Inc. pOKEH RUN by Ridge Riders Trail Cl ub, Inc. a t Apache Canyon, Ca li f. Sin gle 40m il e loop . Rider meeting 10 a.rn., s tar t for over-250 bikes at 10: 15 a .m., under250 's start a t 10:30. $2.00 donation, sweeps and poker hand troph ies. Bring water & lunch. Elev. 3000-7 500 It. Spark arrestors . Contact Bob Doke, 149 Apricot St., Oak View, Cal, pho ne 649- 1960 for more Info. Location: 7 m iles off Hwy, 33 past Lockwood- Ozema Rd . EUROPEA N SCRAMBLES by Desert Challe nge r s at Dea dman' s Point, Calli. Turn off Hwy. 66 at Lu cerne Valley cutoff , go east to Hwy. 18 In Apple Valley. Trail bikes 10 a.m., small bikes 11: 15 a .rn., bi g bikes 12:30 p.m, Separate 1 hour races. Entry $3.25, no affiliation re- SAT. & SUN., MAY 25 & 26th GRAND PRI X SC RAMBL ES p r esented by . Viewfinders M.C . &; St untmen's Assoc . Proceeds to charity. AMA Dis t . 37 deser t and s crambles po ints . Held at Alberson's Movi e Ranch, ta ke We st Lake t urnoff off Ventu r a Fwy., proceed north by Los Gatos M.C . at in Morgan Hill, caur, LoC om U v as Dam , upper r s ane , $1. 50 to r ide or & pr ac ti ce 9-11 a.rn , Race SUNDAY , M 26th AY V.T .R.A . 5th ANNUAL TRAIL R IDE RS ENDURO, on Alamo Mountain Rd. , 1st rider ou t 10:01 a.m . Sta r t , fl nish& lunch same place . Approx , 25 mt ., all dirt r oa ds, mostly trails. Spa r k arrestors man da tory . Mail entry $3 .00, post entry $5.00. THURSDAY , MAY 30th DOUBLE EURO P EA N SCRAMBLES by Victor s & Ram s M.Co's. Tw o separate cour ses, Dist . 37 po ints . Be nefit run for. Dave Eki ns an d J ohn Ste in. 45 min; races. Trail nov . & heavyweight nov. s ta r t 8 a .rn, Limed from th e Hi Vista, Cal. store. Mo TO-CROSS p resented by Lom po c Slo Po kes M.C. at Santa Ma ria Speedway, Sa nta Ma ria, Ca l. Limed from Bakersfi eld e xit on Hwy . 101. Practice i o a.m., fi r s t race noon rain or shlne .AMA sane, Concessions, campi ng . Fo r Info write Box 2177 , Or c utt, Cal. SP ORTSMAN HILLCLIM B at Saddleba c k pa rk near Irvine Park, Cal . Take Newport Fwy. to Chapman Ave., go ea s t to Santia go Canyon Rd ., r ight to Pete r s Canyon Rd . , left to ga te. 8 a .m. start. ACA/FIM san e, For mo re into or e nt r ies co ntact Mike Ca pal lte, 7544 Washing ton Ave . , Hunting ton Beac h, Cal ., (714) 8423813 or (7 14) 847-7 629 . AMA SCRAM BLES by Eas tside M.C. at Morgan, Ca l. Location: Cycle Hills at Uvas Dam. All classes, $1. 50 ride or watch , kids free. P ractice 9:30 a.rn.; s ta r t at noon . SO. CAUf. M.e. HARE SCRAMBLES MAY 5 Date changed from May 26th '68 because . of Viewfinders Grand P rix May 26, 1968 District 37 Poi nts, li med from Calif. City Golf Course 2-40 mile loops. trail bikes 1 loop, no dust h i territor. HILLCLIMB 1st ANNUAL CHINA BEACH BENEfIT MOTO-CROSS THURSDA Y, MAY 9th DISTRIC T 37 SPORT S COMMITIEE Heor ferees' mee ti ng C s c r a mb les clubs at Pop lar St r eet Playground, 8:00 p.m, Cl ubs throwin g s crambles events are urged to have the ir r eferees attend. ORANGE COUNTY / INTERNATIONAL RACEWA Y MAY 5th SUNDAY, MAY 12th SP ORTSMA N RACES by Oregon Sportcycle M.C . at Benton Lane Speedway, on Hwy. 99 West, about 5 mi . past Junction Ci ty, Or e . p owde r Puff Included with all Sportsman events. 1 p.rn , start. Write Or ego n sportcycte, 1440 S. " A" , Springfield, Or e . for more Info. t~E W Presents AfM NA TlONAl POSTPONED DUE TO LAC K OF PERMITS LOCATION AND DATE TO BE ·ANNOUNC ED ROAD RACE • TI SCRAMBLES p rese nte d by Lost Angels M.C . at th e new track at Little Roc k, Ca Il C AMA po int run, small bikes . 8 a.rn . , bi g f uns 1 p.rn, Co ncess ions . Th is is only th e second race held here. Any traction . Tr a ck a pprox , hail- mile long . $2.25 e ntry, $1.0 0 ga te . Ambulance Lots of laps in each e ven t . Limed from 77th St . an d Hwy. 138 Call 768- 1058 fo r mo r e Info. AMA SHORT T RACK RACE at Dixon May Fai r nea r Sacramento, Cal. 3/16- mlle di r t track , pur s e $600 . Time trials 7 p .m .; firs t race 8 p .rn, Pr og r a m m us t r un oCC C t on Sun. night, last night ot as the Cair. SATURDAY, MAY 25th PROFESSIONAL 3 STA R RACE by Or egon Spo r tc ycle M.C . at Benton Lane Speedway on Hwy. 99 West, ab out 5 mi . past Junction City , Or e . Starts at 8 p.m • Sportsman 100cc & 200cc r ace s Included. Write Or eg on - s portcycle, 1440 South " A", Spr ingfield , Ore . Cor mor e Info, Memorial Day quired, SCRAMBL ES Hall' s Ra nch cated across track. AMA watch. Signup at noon. to ranch. Cla s s es 0- 250cc on sat., 250 - "" Open on Sun. Powder Puff 'On sat. Slde- '" hacks run two 3-lap r a ces sar., one 6- ~ lap race Sun . Gates open 7:30 sharp both 0... da ys . Sweeps winner on Sat . runs in Sweep s ta kes . Ma il 0- 250 entries to Roc k co Walker, 6801 N. Vall ey Cir cle si., ~ Canoga Pa r k, Ca l . 91304 . Mail 2 50- 0pen entries to Ste ve Cha m ber s , 18444 Col li ns r:.; St., Apt. 17, Tarzana , Ca l. Mail e ntries C\> $8.00, post en t ries $25 .00 . Ent ries clo s e 10' Ma y 1. ::;; REGULAR ACA SANTIOtlE D MOTO-CRO S MAY 5th, CASTAIC PARK S NEW AND IMP O D COURSE R VE CO URSE VI SIBLE 99%TO SPECTATORS-POST EUTRIES ACC EPTED WE'RE NOT GOn~G TO SOCK IT TO YOU - E~ITRY $3.00 ADMISSION S1.50 - CH ILDREN FREE IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE MOTO-CROSS AT ITS BEST, WE INVITE YOU TO CASTAIC PARK. • • Ambulance Concessions Water Truck Sanitary facilities • ••• MAY 12 S500.0 0 PURSE ADMISSIO tl S2 .00 FIRST RACE 12:30 U) ~ ~ b.l ...:J U G

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