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NATIONAL CALENDAR OF EVENTS ... III "" .. ~_"'_tUt iII a.. ....r ~ 2; .S cal· II s..l.,.. c,cle _I iii IdaI_ .8J -. tJ .... .:.cel _. eM 11'. fIf ftdts IIr . . - . " wlll8ut .. ~ AUCiIlST 11 - 2i LAP TT ~ NA110 AL :::Ie ~ CHAMPION • ee1_ s. . . . llI. %4.... L-.:oIa. Ne" TI -&IDes ' - AM _ £lIfIies Ii , 9a ~u o~ SAT. " SU MAY"" li W I; arnem PAN AMERICAN TRIALS C ~ ~SHIP (American Round), .... tIoDt!d-bY l P ARA/ F IM, sponsored by KellIl!!'l:~ Ing Co., in Zuni, New MexIco. 'Two-day event, 6 brs. ol riding each day. Rough varied terrain, numerous observed sections. Trophies to first 5. ZunI tr1bIl dances sat. ni gbt, motels. campingaval1able. Mall entries $10 .00 , llmited to 100 riders. Deadline April 29 .Send to Kelsey Trading co., P.O. Box 265 , Zuni, N.M . 87327 . If entries op en, r i de r s m ay' sign at meeting, May 4 at 9: 30 2.m• MAY 5,12, 11 " 2S AMA TI SCRAMBLES by Shasta M.C .• all classes. Sm ooth IT track. practice &< signup 10 a.m. til noon, first race 1 p .m . Location: Take Business Loop, Interstate 5. between Redding &< Anderson. Cal. Turn west on Happy Valley Rei., follow sign to track. For more info call (916) 241-4008. SU AY , MAY 5th AMA SPORTSMAN ROAD RA CE a t Austin. Texas. Presented by the Southwest M!C Racing Assoc. For more Info on this and upcoming events, write Races. 2507 T .C .U . Ave•• San Angelo, Texas or call ( 915) 949-1030. :'IOTo-CROSS. 1st annual Cbina Beach Orphanage Benefit. Tentative location: Dodge r Stadium , Los Angeles. ACA Sanc tioned with coope r ati" n of Marine Corps Reserve Offic e r s ,. ~t,9 . & Navy League. AL L pr oceeds ~~ . used to build orphanage at ~" '. Beacb, Dlnang, Viet :';."V Adelanto. calif. 0-250"C"C ~) .• o: 30a.m •• big bikes ~fO!"~ .m. Admission $1.25 "(-.o"~ ....n. $2.00 entry fee. Class ,~~ , ¥oller. can (213) 861-5189 for further info. AFM CHAMPIONSHIP ROAn RACE at Vaca Valley Raceway. just east of Va cavi ne, Calif. on U .S. SO. between San Francisco and sacramento. All National classes will run. $1000 in prizes; casb to GP , trophies to production. Plus $200 bonus fr om Honda of San Francisco for SPORTSMAN SHORT TRACK RAC ING at Cycle - Land Speedway. 14 miles south of Chi co . CalIf_, presented by the Valley M.C . Starts May 4, c onti nue s every saturday night tbrougbout the summer. F o r Into call Dick McAfee at 877-3395 in Paradise, Calif. ..,,. ... SC o GMT TR OPHY PRESE NTATION for the F our Aces Moose Run held F e b. 18th , & The F o ur Aces T .T. Scrambles beld March loth, 19G8. Free beer & Pretzels. soda for the kids. Li ve Entertainment, plenty ol parking space. Sign up 8 p.m., start 8: 30 'p .m, Finishing pins for the trophy winners . Limed from Victory Blvd. & Buena Vista Sts. Destination Machinists Hall, 2Goo Victory mvd., Burbank. calif. E E Y SUllDAY Y14-20 MILE IIATlOHAl ONSIDP DIRT TRACK Jack Lei • c/o Mort Recker. 4118 So£. aJdeB St.. Portlaad. 0 reo Emries from AMA or · stdct lle ~ . F.atriesclose J un e 23 . • • • lY AMA F LA TIRAC K HAL F-MILE RACES at Ascot Park. 183rd &< Vermont, Gardena. calif•• promoted by J .C . Agajanlan. Novice. Amateur and Exper t r iders. $2 .100 guaranteed purse. Practice 7 p.m, first race 8: 15, 18- race program. come. CHA .• • • track eatrance. 100cc &< Z50Cc classes. 3 DO. plates required. Starts 8 p.m, eYltTY Thurs. EVERY F T...., AL C11IA1lIPlIOlliSiD . KT TKACI' Jacll \ 'a, • 611 N. • . , . C , ve.. Wyomi..Bille. Pa.-Beadinc fairgrounds-Entries foam A1lIA ... District Kefe""" . Entries closes May 5 . J T ACA SPORTSMAN TT RACES at Trojan Raceway. located corner Long Beach Fwy. &< Firestone Blvd.. Tropbies and poiDts. Take F irestone to Garfield, go soutb OIl Garfield, west 011 Soutbern to NAUONAL CHAMPION Salt L ....e Me. Bex 1711. SDk Lake Cib'. U!aJI-Entries from AMA ... . c d b. E 23 - Y YJ, .. . .r 1st ANNUAL MOTORCYCLE SHOW .11Y Hi Hats &< Wanderlust M.C .'s atCoocord Armory, 2925 WillowPassRd., S #Ci. cal. ot>en Fri. to 11 p.m., Sat: ~ 11 a.m. to 11 p.m, RaCing triOn'es ,"tTo.. phies Illl classes , door prizes, admission $1.50 . For more info call (4 15) 682-7214- . Sf 25 - 15 .a.E . .'nlHIAL C 1 2 F ., SAT. " AUGUST . - E su . l '. 0 Via 1st class mail for one year $18. Via Air Mail for one Year $26. 0 • (pl ease check on. at the abaYe) • • : This is a new subscrip.tion This is a renewal I enclose check or money order • please bill me later O • ~ssuk Scramblers ?l : C. A),iA sanctioned. Star', n oon check aud finish at Hawthorne. New ua . F i r s t rider uut at 8 a.. .. Sunda y , l\1ay :;, 19 G8. );0 spark m :arrestors or m uffl ers r equire d. c.: uurse is approx. 100 miles long. ( 'ot as r o ugh as last year. l :l.1aIl e ntries :>4.00, close April 2 9th. Post entries ;>'5.00, .s ign up headquarters at th e WoU's Lair, Hlghw::.y 95 East. Ha wthorne, For l\1aIl entries or furtber Informati on wrrte Wassuk Scramblers :'I/C, Bo x 872 , Hawth orne, Nev. 89415. or call Charlle.Jones at (7 02 ) 945-2988. 28tb ANNUAL SPORTSMANHILLCLtMB Preseoied by Modesto Motorcycle Cltil at Qspital Canyon, east ol Tracy. ca1iL Take Bwy 132 west out ofl4odesto or Hwy 33 soutb out ol Tracy tbeafoDow ,the lime and :uTOWS. Admission $L5OChIldren under 12 free - raclDg starts at noon. AMA Sanctlooed. MOTO-CROSS at easta1c Park, located DO. ol L.A. on Hwy. 99. 1/2 mile past Honor Farm. Turn1eftaoo go west on Hasley Canyon Rd. 5 m1. to - 'traclt. All classes l00ce through Open, .Jr. &< Sr. Pits open 9 a.m., first eft!ttt at noon. AmbulaDce, concessions, wajer truck, sa n 1 ar y facl1ltles. Entry fee $3.00, adm. $1.50.lddsfreeaccompaniec1 by an ILdult. ACA eat. PONDEROSA HARE SCRAMBLES presented by Greybounds M.C. Novice &< Amateur only. Four 8- mile loops. Starts 10 a.m•• 15 mi. east ol Lancaster, eat. on Ave. J . Trophies to 50% ol entries. All classes Dlst. 37 Nov. &< Am. card bolders only. A?iA SPORTSMAN :rT RAC E preseirted by Featber Riv er M. C . at Triple M Speedway. Marysville, eat. New $50,000 l /4-mIle IT ' scrambles track. 1 mL east of Marysville on Simpson Lane. SlgnuP and practice 9: 3D-ll: 30 a.m.. Race at 1 p.m. All classes• AF M CHAMPIONSHIP ROAD RACE at Orange Co . Int'l Raceway. Take sand Canyon off-ramp from santa ADa Fwy. (U .S. 101) , 10 m i. south of santa ADa, cal. $500 guaranteed purse for GP classes, irophles to Prod. classes. Pit gates open 7:30 a.m. F or info call (213) 762-9875 or (7 14) 442-3338. AMA PROFESSlONAL 3 STAR TI RACE at Trl-City Raeeways, west Ricb1uld, Wasb. Presented by Hill &< Gully M.C . For more Iolo contact .Jack Cameron, c/o HIll &< Gully M.C •• 3403 W. Imnaba, KellIll'w1ck. Wasb. 99336. TRI-STATE SCRAMBLES preseuted by Balllersfield SprocJoets M.C. atsprodoets Park In Bal

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