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WANT ADS 5110 SINGLE 59' A. J .S. desert bik e - many spare parts - $200.0 0. (213) 256-0010. FINK OF -THE MONTH Th e Shamrocks M.C . Fink of the Month Award goes to Lane Reidel of th e Ponderosa M.C. for services rendered- HAVE PARTS for Montesa, also 750cc Royal Enfield. Will trade for - guns, or trail bike or ? (213) 372-2935 . JIM JINGU SUCCUMBS TRADE- 64 Parllla 250 Wildcat scrambier, e xcellent condo - for late modal desert ready Hodaka in e xcel. cond. or ? (714) 262-2596. The e nti re motorcycle industry was shocked and saddened ~ the sudden death of Jim J ln gu. Director 01 Advertisi ng and Public Relations 01 Yamaha, Interna tional, on Tuesday, April 16th. He passed a way a t S tevens Restaurant In L os Angeles a t 8 :30 Polll. whil e delivering a far ewell speech to Mr. H. Egucbi and Mr. R. Takato 01 the Yama ha factory in Japan. One nf the foundin g fathers 01 Ya maha Internationa l, Texas- born Ji ngu was active in all phases 01 growt h and development or the Yamaha co mpany ror te n ye ars , as well as being Instru mental In many sa fely pro grams throu ghout the industry. , Mr. Jlngu, at the age 01 47 when fell ed ~ a la ta l stroke , is s urvi ved by his wi re Alice a nd son Da vid. Funeral arrangements are te ntatively set for April 23 in Los Angeles. Please co ntact Cycle News or Yamaha In ternationa l tor fur ther in- 1965 200cc T RIUMPH set up for dirt, scramble bars , Bates seat, e tc. $250.00 (213) T E 1-1826. 67 MAICO 360cc desert or m oto-xready $675. 00; Tracy's Cycle, Burbank. 8430926. TRA DE 1964 Volvo P1 800. Lo wmlleag e . Ai r . condo worth $2300. For 250cc or large r street bike . Call (213) 292- 6898 or (2 13) 748 - 2565. 67 BSA Vic tor s et up fo r de sert. Soni c weld, swinging ar m , extra tank & rear . wheel . (2 13) -367-2 897 . T RADE Zundapp "Bella" 150cc scooter wlth )4 s peed fl oor s hift for bike trailer. Call :(213) 292~ 6898 or ( 21 3) 74 8-2565 . " WANTE D" :.. i .a/ie dia, Amal Monobloc k carbzIn goo d 'condi ti on. Also want Triumph Magneto ,in goo d condition. Will trade. ( 213) 378-2059. . SPONSORS WANTED Rid ers, clubs ••.class C TI & Short Track r ide r needs s pons or s. $1.00 makes you a sponsor . For $1.00, I will paint your name address & cycle make 1x4 in . on my truck indicating you as a spons or. All replies acknowledge . Will iam C . Combs, 113 E . Main St., Box 414, E1ma, Washington 9854 1. 1967 HONDA 90 Trail. Excellent, low mileage $275. (714) 621- 1231. WANTED: G.P . racing equip. for CB 160 cam , seat, rims, fairing , e tc . Trade: Beaut. CB 93 (l24cc, r esembles CB 160) cyl ., pistons; head, carbs, frame, many, many parts. John Pinaglia, P .O. Box 14300 UCSB, Santa Barbara, Ca . 93107 ( 805) 968- 8590 . -22~ mm carb, GOLD STAR 500 cc, 500 miles since overhaul. Make offer ( 213) 644 - 1882 . MISC . PARTS: A- 10 twin- carb head, transmission, Matchless engine , etc. (213) 644 - 1882. WILL TRADE: BSA 1963, 650cc Spitfire factory scrambler, pe rfect condition, stored 3 yrs. for 1965 or laler Re naul t mechanica1ly sound, no junkers. Call ) after 4 p.m , (213) 338-8989. TRADE: New m111 i~ attachment to Sears 6" Lathe for m11llng attachment to Sears or Atlas 10" or 12" Lathe . (21 3) 644~ 1882 . rormauon, HONDA C.B. 450 1965 only. 7800 miles, E.I. bars, custom seat, Von Dutch paint. Burgess mufflers, perfect throughout $650 .00. (213) 342-4191. "TRADE" equity in 1967 XLC H Har1eyI:avtdson for 250Cc s cr a mble r or ski boat. Dennis at Paul's Har1ey-I:avtdson (213) ME 4-1222 days. 67' BSA VICTO R , ex ce llent condition. Must s ee to a ppre clate $795.00. (213) 862-3768 Downey. 6- SP E E D BUL TACO T. S.S. engine wan ted. Ai r -cooled or watercooled, r unning or broke n. Chief Galbraith , 269 Orange Ave ., Goleta, Cal. 93017. 66 BSA VICTOR dirt bik e , many extras Includes street equip. $500.00 . (.714) 628-4975. 1967-3/4 BULTACO P UR SANG 250 better than new. Co mpression release, gearing, 2 pipes, Diamond seat, 7 coats laquer paint. Must see. sacrifice $750. (213) 342-4231. FOR 'SALE 1966 Greeves Anglian 250Cc TrIals Bike. Good condo Phone: 540-3236. Price $475. FOR SALE AT DEALER'S COST-50Occ Matchless single, 45" Matchless scrambier, 650Cc Matchless road model. All ' 67 models, a t dealer's cost. See Ed at Crowell's Cycle Shop, 10427 Prairie Ave., ' ~lewood, Cal (213) 673-5562. LESCO ACCESSORI ES Post Office BOx 16081, Long Beach, California 90806 mall order. Hap Jones 8< Hunter Page parts & accessories catalog $1.00. 88 page Webco speed and accessories catalog $1.00. , 500cc MANX NORTON 1966 and 1967 AFM 1#2 in class - Lancefi el d Motor plus spare motor -immaculate and fast - many important sparesmake offer - (415) 685-6334. Phll MakanDa, Mt. Diablo Mine, Clayton, Call!. 1968 @9 NO"~ Jim Jlneu- RIDERS ASSISTANCe carlsbad Machine & Eng., 3045 State st., Carlsbad, Call!. Elm Ave. turnoff Fwy. 2nd s ignal turn left. JOURNEYMAN MECH.ANIC ONLY B.S.A. or Triumph expr. preferred. 5 days, closed SUn 8< Mon. Casey's Cycle Repair, 10249 San Fernando Rd., Pacoima, Call!. (213) 896-1046. SACH S JO(kc 01 THE WAY Contact Hercules D Co. LTD - 11718 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 90025 ist, WANTED MECHANIC Yamaba experience and 4 cycle experi- ence. Vacation and good wages etc. (213) 28 6-2550, 283-1310 ask for Glenn. WANTED: 15 too th drive sprocket and front fender for Honda 160. Phone (213) 865-0802 after 5. PLUG HOLDER Tak"om wl th yoU-car- WANTE D: E xperienced parts man Honda and Kawasaki - Top pay. Honda Van Nuys 14329 Victo r y Blvd., Van Nuys, Call!. (213) 787-0110. H- D SlDEHACK Sharp ! Pictu r e, $295 .00. John Bradbur y, P.O. 465 , Polloc k P in es , - Calif . 9572 6. (916) 644-2558. ries two 14mm plUiS and the wrench. WRITE 223 W. CAM INO REAL. MONROVIA , CA LIF. 91016 Mofo-Cross Gates open 1:30 A.M. Entries close 9:00 A.M. First Race 10:45 A.M, Presented by calif. Malo-Cross Club - 213-447-8342 THE FINISH LINE By B OXY BOCKWooD The long season fo r national racing on a record extended circuit begins next week with the fi rst half-mile gOing at Atlanta, Ga. Joining the cir c uit that began last Febr uary an d will not e nd until the middle of October are such places a t Atlanta, Richmond, va ., Detroit, Mich., Heidleberg, Pa .; Llncoln, Nebr. , Sedalia, Mo., and Salinas, Call!. These are all ne w names on the national trail, s o me have been on the list befor e and s ome are fi r s t - ti me r s . There may be a t l east one or two mo re added before the s eason comes to an en d. Atlan ta, Ri ch mond, Detroit and Salinas are half-mile events, Llncoin is a TT race that was added afte r the na tional co m mi ttee meeting last Nov e mbe r , Sedalia is a mile di r t track event and the race at Heidleberg Is billed as a "MiniRoa d Ra ce". A "Mini-Road Race," believe It or not , is a race held in an d around a half mile paved oval. ThIs race is " not limited to s mall bikes of the 250Cc nature but also the bigger 500's and 750's, as well. Perhaps the ne xt move will be to hold a " Mini-Short Track" race in side a phone booth or maybe a dirt oval cons tructed in some parking lot . The half- m lle r s get the nod this year with no less than ten half mil e events be ing slated for the national points. The r oad races still r eceive "many mor e points for the win but the oval aces no w have much more of a chance than th e y did a co upl e of years ago. Looking at the schedule as It comes up a t this time a wes te r n area r ide r could leave these parts and rac e in the east until the Portland mile event in MidJ uly . There are nationals every weekend with the exception of two from next SUnday on through July 14th, which is Portland time. That's a lot of traveling and a long ti me to be go ne for not too great a sum of money - even 1! one r ider was to win them all. I! the early season nationals produce a multitude of winners with no one rider dominating, as the case a fewyearsback in the Leonard-Resweber era, then i t will be possible for some of the top riders to pass up many of the events IUld still come on strong m idway in the season OIl a winning basis. After two nationals, and considering the events coming up in the next two months, Cal Rayborn, Gary Nixon, Jimmy Odom and Gene Romero are the four riders sitting in the drivers' seat for a good shot at the national point lead as time goes by. '!bese four more or less have an tnstde shot or an early start on the run for the toP of the list. On the other hand. Bart Markel has many half-miles and mUe events comIng up that could slant things in his favor. . Markel has won twenty national events, all on dirt and the majority of them have been on ovals. He bas three times W'OO the number one spot- without scoring a point in the Olytona 200 that pays the most points on the entire circuit. NIxon and Markel are once again the two challengers _to the many western riders that could take It all. '!be Midwest and the East have not come up with any new potential national winners in the last five or six years so once again Gary and Bart will carry the load in the East vs West na1lonal match. The national TI at Lincoln, Nebraska was quietly added to the schedule after the annual meeting and many r iders and sponsors may have m1ssed thIs addition. ThIs will be a Sunday afternoon race on Aug. 11th with a short track at the same locat1on the night befor e , on the 10th. Northern Calif. Is at thts time trying to obtain a m ile track national sanction for the Santa Rosa oval that was run last year. The track has been rebuilt and the outs1d e revamped and now nnly the final okay from AMA headquarters Is awafted, Right now oval r iders have the first half-mile of the s ea s on coming up atSan Jose this Sunda y after noon and the road racers can look forward to an event at Carlsbad Raceway on Sunday the 28th. 0> 1C' ::e

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