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NATIONAL CALENDAR i OF EVENTS SU NDAY, APRIL 21st SUNDAY, APRIL 21st 5th ANNUAL 4 ~ er ENDURO presented by Polka Dots 1\1.C. Star ts a nd fin ishes in For est Hill, Ca l v, 21 m iles northeast of Auburn. Ent ry fee $3.00 , team entry $3.00, pos t e ntry $5.00. First rider out a t 8:0 1 a .m., course les s than 125 miles. (Nice, easy Sunday ride in the woods.) Spark arrestors and helme ts absolutely r equi r ed. Cla s s es : Expe r t Class A, 0l 25c c; l 26- 2 50c c ; 25 l -0pen. Novice Clas s B, 0-125cc; l26-250cc; 25l -0pen. Sidehac k cla s s too, if you 'recrazyenuff . Pe rpe tual Sweepstakes trophy. Numbers a s s igned as received after drawing on March 19 at 7 p.m ., 4555 Aubu rn Blvd. , Sa cr amen to , Cal. Entries close Apr il 14. Post entry c ha rged the reafte r. For ina, en try write Po lka Dots !\l.C ., 86 I\lalone cr., Sacramento, Cal. ~5820 or ca ll (~ 16) 45 1- 1845 or (9 16) 428-6110. SCRAMBLES by Ridge Runne r s M.C . at DeLaveaga Pa r k In Santa Cr uz, Cali f . All new course with proceeds dona ted to San ta Cruz Rec r ea ti on District. AMA san c., Class C tractlon .Signupandpr a ctlce 9 a.m, Race a t noon . Good specta tor areas an d room for kids to play . Res trooms, a mbulance, e tc . For Int o call Ken Rogers (408) 47 5-7133. 3rd ANNUAL BE NE F IT RUN by Singing Wheels M.C. of san Diego for the Home of Guiding Hands for me ntally retarded children In La keside, Cal. Dona ti on $2.00 pe r pe rson. Start at Chuck Holenda ' s Mlc shop in El Cajon, Cal. Coffee and donuts , ti m e 9- 11 a.m . L os Angele s r iders s ign In 9- 12 a t. check po tnt , Hwy. 395 a nd Sunset, about 2 miles ou tside Escondido, Cal. Deadline 2:30 p.m, Field e vents, troph ies, r efreshments, fun. All pr oceeds go to the home. F or Intor mation call 420- 9702 In Ch ula Vista, Cal. HAL F- MIL E AI\IA IJIHT T HACK race at San Jose, Ca li f. Fai r gr ounds. P romoted by Barkhime r Assoc. Profes s ional Nov., Am . and Exp . riders . Fi r s t r ace at 2: 15 p .m , Purse :5900 with !\lain Eve nt winner guaran teed overall winn ings of $500 . TT SCRAI\IBLES by Expe r ts M.C. of San Die go at Me sa Speedway. Graded and sur faced 5/ 8- mlle TT course, Class C traction. Gear high. Practice at 10 a.m., fi rst race at noon. South on Interstate 5 to Mai n St. turno!! south of Chula Vista, Cal. Follow Otay Mesa Rd . and lime to track, Fo r into contact Earl Roloff at 479- 3209 or 239- 6119 in San Diego. AMA SP ORTSMAN ROAD RAC E a t San Ange lo, T exas. Presen ted by the Southwest Ml c Racing As soc. For moru Into on thi s and upcomtne eve nts, wrll~ Race s : 250'1_ '"i".C .U. . Ave ., .Sa n Angel,!, Texas or ca ll (915) 949 7 1030 . PACIFI C SOUT HWEST CHAMPIONS HIP HARE SCRAMBL ES by Sidehac k Assn. Second an nual Trl- Wheel Trails event. All classes (e xcept hacks). Pick up lime or markers at Inte rsec ti on of Hwys. 395 and 58. Leave early for start at 10:30 a. m, Trail bik es 10:4 5 a.m, This ts a snap course as It was lald out with s idecars a nd you know the y're lazy. Dist; 37 poi nts II you fi nish. We dare yo u, solos 1 Wat c h for poster . TT SCRAMBLES presente d by Orange Co unty M.C. AMA poi nt r un. Big bi kes onl y. First race ev er a t the new Saddleha ck Park track. Plenty of laps fop each class . Spe ctators can view entire track from one point. Expert s ignup closes 8:30 a. m ., p r a c ti ce 9 a.m, Amateur signup closes 10:3 0 a.m.; pr ac ti ce 11 a .m , Novi ce signu p clos es 12:30 p .m . ; p r actice 1 p. m , $3 .00 en try , $1.25 ga te donation.. BIG DEAL POK ER RUN by Oa klan d M.C., AMA sane, Approx, 100 miles of scenic all pavement cour s e . Si gnup 9 a .m .; s tarts a t 11 a .m., rain or shine, from 36th & san Pablo in Oakland, Calif. Entry fee $1. 50, fr ee bean feed , ni ce trophies ( 1-2-3 Lowball and Club Man Miles). SCRAMBLES presented by Mt. s t. Helens M.C. at Castle Rock Fairgr ounds , Castle Roc k, Wash . Further Into on this and other r aces In the area may .be ob talned by writing Mt . St. Helens M.C ., Box 51, Castle Rock , Wash . 98611. T T SCRAMBLES presented by 13 Rebel s M.C. a t Perris tra ck, 1-1/2 miles southwest of Perris, Callf., a!! Hwy, 74.AMA point event . Practice at aa.m .; first race 9 a.m , Come one , co me all, you'll be taken care of . $2.00 en try, $1. 00 dona ti on to watch . All classes . For furthe r I nto call Barney at (2 13) 771 -2539. LITTL E LEA GUE BE NEFIT SCRAM BLES by Ki ng City Wheele rs M.C. of King City , Cal if . has been CANCE L LED. BE NEFIT SCRAM BLES at San ta Cruz, Calr.; DeLa ueaga Park, by Ridge Run- ners M.C. Li me d from Hwy.1 & Morrissey Blvd. In Santa Cr uz . Signup 9 to 11 a.m, Races start a t noon. All clas ses, DIstrict 36 r ules. For f urther into call (408) 47 5-7145. AMA sane. MOTa- C R OSS by Bushmas ters M.C. Take U.S. 60- 70-99 to Be aumont, Calif., take Beaum ont Ave. offramp an d fo llow the lime 2 miles s outh. 10:00 a. m, start. Entry $3.2 5. All ciassesz s makes a class. POKER RUN presented by Oakland M.C . AMA sane . Signup time 9-11:30 a.m, at Club Hall, 111 6 36th St.. corner of 36th and san Pablo Sts., Oakland, Calif. E ntry fee $1.50. F ree bean feed after run. FRONTIER DAY & BUF FAL O FEED at Callco Ghost Town , Calif. Pres en te d by Dave Mason, Ed Kretz an d Skip Fordyce. 12 to 2 p.m , Tickets on sale a t all 3 stores: Mason Mtrs . , 33 60 E. Color ado, Pasadena, Cal.; Ed Kretz & Son , 417 E. Garvey, Monterey Park, Cal.; SkIp Fordyce, 14th at Main, Riverside, Cal. All customers and frien ds are urged to ge t tickets early. Food Is ordered by tickets sold and they anticipate no tickets available at Calico. SUN. APRIL 21 & SUN. MAY 5th TT SCRAMBLES by Oregon Sidewi nde r s M.C . Al\IlA s a ne. 3 s tar t Class C e ve nt. Race s ta rts 1 p .rn ., r iders entry $2.00 , specta tors $2 .00 . Al s o special exhibi ti on ev ents in 100cc & l 75cc classes . I' ll ga te opens at noo n. Race held a t Oregon Sidewinders tr a c k on SE La wnfl el d Rd ., south of Po r tland nea r Clackamas, Orego n. Wr ite Dia ne Seifer t, R t , 3, Box 290·C, Oregon City, Oregon 97045 fo r more i nfo . SAT, & SUN.. APRIL 27 & 28th FIM NATIONAL T RIAL:> r. HAMP ION· - SHIP sponso r ed b? Pa ncAm erlcan Racing As soc . a t Sedan. Kansas . 100 mile s ea ch day, mu d , r ocks, forest pa ths . For mor e info contac t Bill Grapevine , 5326 E. Harr y se., Wichita , Kan s . 672 18. Phone !'oIU 3- 6032 . SUNDAY, APRIL 28th 2nd ANNUAL SIL VER STATE CLASSIC TT SCRAMBLES at Sunrise Speedway, Las Vegas, Nev. by Silve r City Scramblers. AMA sane. D1st. 37 point run. Practice starts 9 a.m ., race ti m e 10 a.m., s ldehacks welcome . F r om Showboat Hotel take Boul der Hwy. to Vegas Valley Dr., left to track. D l S T . 37 C H A M P I O N S H I P HARE SCRAMB L ES prese nte d by the Fo othill Hawks M.C. Star t time 10 a. m.; three 32-mile loops . Entry fee $4 .2 5. Li me d fro m Wagon. "''heel Cafe , Hwy. 14 a nd Johanas bur g Rd . F ini s he r pi ns , Le Man s start, bring p rop . Al\lA N O VICE - O:\, L Y HALF -M ILE F LAT TRAC K a t Oak lan don , near Indianapolis , India napolis , Two- star Dls t. 9 Cla s s C e ven t. E NGLISH TRIALS p r esent ed by So . Calif. Trials Assn. In the Big Bear , Calif. area of the san Bernardin o mountains . Starting time 10 a. m. ; slgnu p starts at 8:30 a .m , OVernight campo ut on Fri . & Sat. nights . spark arres tors mandatory In this area, no exceptions. T.T. SCRAMBLES , by Oasis Scra mblers M.C. In F all on, Nevada a t the fair g r ounds on Hwy. 50-95 . Signup & pract, 10:00 a .m, to 12:00 noon . Admiss ion $2.00, r id e r s $3 .0 0. Race starts at 1:3 0 p .rn, AMA s ane , No knobbles . 6th ANNUAL CHICKEN EN DUR O presented by Exp lo rer Post 305. Sta r ts and finishes at Big Ceda r spr ings, 4 mile s north of Oa khurs t, Ca l. on Hwy.4 1.AMA sanc., e ntr y fee $3.00, pos t e ntry $4 .00, team e ntry $3.00 , lots of trophi es . Abo ut 100 m il es, all dirt. F irs t bike out a t 10:01 a.m , Special cla s s for under 125cc machines & "B" en dur o ride r s . All oth er bikes in the s am e ?la.s~ .. ~o . ~,:a,W!n~, 8 a .m., big -uns 1 p.rn , Concessions . starting numbers de te r mi ne d by receipt of e ntry. Send to E xpl or e r Po s t 305, 424 "A" si., Madera, Calif . 93637 . Ph: 673- 3146 In Madera fo r mo r e i nto. Thts Is only the second race held here: - AMA SHORT T RACK RACE a t Dixon May C\J Fair near Sac r amen to , Calif. 3/ 8- m lle ~ di r t track, pur s e $600 . Time trials 7 ~ p .rn. , first race 8 p.m , Program mus t run off fast on Sun. night, last night of "" the fall' . $ SATUROAY, MAY 4th SPORTSMAN SHORT TRA CK RACI NG at Cycle- Land Speedway, 14 miles s outh of Chico , Calif., presented by th e Valley M.C . Starts May 4, continue s every Sa turday nig ht throughout the summer . For Into call Dic k McAfee at 877-3395 In Paradise, Calif. ~ AMA PROFESSIO NAL 3 STAR TT RACE :2: a t Be llingham , Wa sh., pr es e nted by the ~ Mt. Ba ker M. C. $600 p urse, new track. Fo r f urther I nto co ntac t Mt. Baker M.C., ;,., 600 DuP ont, Bellingham , Wash. 98225. U cJ FRIDAY, MAY 17th SUNDAY, MAY 5th MOTO- CR OSS, 1st annual China Beach CLASS C AMA TT SCRAM BLES preOr pha nag e Benefit. Te ntative lo cati on: sented by Oregon Sidewinders M.C . at Dodge r Stad ium, Los Ange les . ACA Sa nthe ir tr ack on SE La wnfleld Rd ., south of c ti oned with cooperati on of Ma rine Corps Po r tland, Oregon near Clac ka mas, Or e . Reser ve Offi cers As s n. & Na vy League . ' Thre e star· e ve n t, rider en try $2.00, pit ALL proceeds to be us ed to build or ga te open s 6:30p.m: 8 p .m , start. SRecphanage at Chin a Beach, Danang , Vie t tators $2 .00 . Als o special e xhibition Narn , Deadli ne for pre-entrtes: April exents j n 100cc & l7 5cc class es . F or 22. Entry $3. Po s t Entry $25 . Write - mor e Into contact Sidewinde rs M.C ., A.C.A., Box 247 , Fu ller ton, Calif. or Rt . 3, Box 290- C, Oregon Ci ty , Or e . call (213) 78 6- 9113 or (714) 528-4290. 97Q45. Eve r y Friday ni ght until Sep t . 6 excep t May 31, J ul y 5, July 19 & Aug . 30. AFM CHAMP IONSHIP ROAD RACE at Vaca Valley Raceway, jus t east of VacaSUNDAY, MAY 19th ville , Calif. on U.S . 80, between San AMA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP HARE F rancisco and Sacramento. All Na tio nal & HOUND RACE, pres en ted by the Salt classes will run. $1000 In p rizes; cash Lake M.C . at Che r ry Cr eek, just southto GP, trophies to produc ti on. P l us $200 wes t of Eur e ka, Utah. 8th annual event, bo nus fr om Honda of san Fr ancisco for extreme ly var ied te r r ain - s of t di r t, produ ction class winne r(s ) . F ree admistrees, Sahara - type sand dun es, sage sion an d reduced entry for r ide r s enter brush, s teep grades , mo untaln pa s s e s , ed by April 27. For I nto write AFM, e tc . T r ophies , finishe rs pins, merchan4810 DaIsy, Apt. B, Oakland, Cal. 94619 dise a wards. Five-foot pe r pe t ual trophy. or phone (415) 535-1549, (2 13) 762- 9875 Cour s e well marked, cover ed by radio or (805) 967-8919. Pald practice Sa t. and fi r s t- aid eq uippe d jeeps . Entry $3.00 May 4, Sunday registration & tech. 8-11 mail en try (clos es May 15) or $5.00 pos t a.m. Practice at 10 a .m.; first heat at entry (c loses at 9 a .rn, on race day). noon. Can also call (71 4) 442-3338. Mall s tanda rd en try to Salt Lake M.C., P.O. Box 1711, Salt Lake City, Utah 2nd ANNUAL RA WHIDE ENDURO by the 84101 or wr ite them for more Into. Was suk Scramblers M/ c. AMA Sanctioned. Star, noon check an d finish at SAT. & SUN" MAY 25 & 26th Hawth orne , Ne vada. F irst rider out at GRAND PRIX SCRAMBLES presented by 8 a.m, Sunday, May 5, 1968. No s pa r k Viewfinders M.C. & stuntmen-s Assoc. arrestors or mufflers r equired. Co urse Proceeds to charity. AMA Dlst. 37 ts approx, 100 m il es long. ( Not as r ough desert and scrambles po ints. Held at as last year.) Ma ll e nt ries $4 .00, close Alberson's Movie Ra nch; take WestLake April 29th. Po s t e ntries $5.00, slgnup turno!! of! Ventura Fwy., proceed north headquarters at the Wolf's La ir, Highto ranch. Class es 0- 25 Ooc on Sat., 250way 95 East, Hawth orne. For Mall en Ope n on Sun. Powder Puff on Sat. Sid etries or further Intormatlon write Washacks run two 3-lap races sat., one 6suk Sc r a m blers MI c , Bo x 872, Hawlap race Sun. Ga te s open 7: 30 sharp both thorne, Nev . 89415 , or call Cha r lie Jones days, mingle ,vlth Hollywood s tars, big at (7 02) 945 - 2988 . family f un, rain or shine . No over night TRI-STAT E SCRAM BLES presented by camping. Swee ps winn e r all sat . runs 1 11 Bakersfield Sprocke t s M.G . a t Sprockets Sun. Sweepstakes . Free parking, food and Park In Bakersfield, CalIf. Slgnup clos e,f be ve r ages on premises . Ride th r ough old a t 11:3 0 a.m , with firs t race a t noon . movi e sets. Mail 0-250 entri es to Rock Walker, 680 1 N. Valley Cl r ci e B1., MOTa- CR OSS presented by the Everett Can oga Park, Cal. 91304. Mall 250-oPen M.C . at new course never before run on. entries to Steve Chambers, 18444 Collins Location: C1earvlew, Wash., be tween st ., Apt. 17, Tarzana, Cal. Mall entries Bothell and Snoho m is h, Wash. Race ti me $8.00, post entries $25 .00 . Entrie s close noo n, prac tice at 11 a.m, Admission May 1. $1.50. HARE SCRAMBLES pr e sented by So. Cal. M.C. AMA Dlst. 37 approved point run. Two 40-mlle loops, trallblke s 1 loop. Limed from Califor nia City , Cal . golf co urse. Starts 10 a. m, Entry $3.25, Incl ude s 2 5 ~ for a mb ulance s tandby . Due to Viewfinders Grand Prix on May 25 & 26, this run wa s a ppr ove d by Dis t. 37 to run on open Sunday . SAT. & SUN•. JULY 6 & 7th ALL U.S. CHAMPIONSHIP SP ORTSMAN SCRA MBLES presented by DIrt Diggers M.C . To w mo ney to top r iders In each Dls t. Wr ite for t nto . Mal l e ntry only, $5.00, opens May 1 and closes J une 26 . Standard entry bl ank I nto r e quired. Mal l en try to 193 08 Agulre St. , Rowland Heights, Calif. 91745. Who goes ? North, s outh , eas t or we st? We 'll know s oon. AMA PRO F ESSIONAL 3 STA R TT RACE at Tri- Clty Raceways, West Ri chland, Wash. P res ented by Hill & Gully M.C. F or mor e into contac t Jack Cam e ron, c/ o Hill & Gully M.C., 3403 W. Im naha, Kennewi ck, Was h . 99336. THURSDAY, MAY 9th DISTRI CT 37 SP ORTS COMMITT E E Re fe r ees ' meeting for scrambles clubs at Poplar Street P layg r ound, 8:00 p .rn, Cl ubs th rowing s cr ambles even ts are urged to ha ve their r eferees atte nd. SUrm,AY, MAY 12th TT SCRAM BLES pr es en te d by Lost Angels M.C . at the new track a t Little Roc k, Calif. AMA point r un, s mall bik es il:'. Any traction. Trac k approx, half-mile '" long. $2 .25 entry, $1.00 ga te. Am bulance c, Lo ts of laps In each ev ent. Limed from 77th St. and Hwy. 395. Call 768-1058 for ~ more I nto. w ADE LANTO T T by D es er t Ph antoms M.C. Al\IlA sane, po int r un. Lightweight practice 8:30 a .m , Big bikes appr ox, noo n. (Cl os ed til April 27 for improveme nts.) On Hwy. 395 In Ade lanto, Calif . For Into call (213) 861- 51 89 . TT RACE by Shasta M.C ., AMA san c., smooth T T tra ck, all class es . T rack location: take Business Loo p, Interstate #5, between Redding and Anderson, Calif. Tu rn west on Happy Valley Rd. an d follow signs to track. Practice a nd slgnup 10 a .m, to noo n, r ace starts at 1 p .rn , In case of Inclemen t weather or for further I nto call (9 16) 241 -400 8 In Red din g. AMA P ROFESS IONAL 3 STAR TT RACE at Bellingham , wasn., prese nted by the Mt . Baker M.C . $600 purse, new track . For f urthe r into con tac t Mt . Bake r M. C., 600 DuPont, Bellingham, Was h. 9822 5. CO> ~ .. • DESERT PHANTOMS M.C, • AMA Sanctioned E vent Ligh tweig ht Pr ac. 8:30 Big Bikes • approx, Noon • • • Apri I 28 at Ade lanto TT Track • (UII April 27 c lose d for Improvement s) • .............. ... ..... --... ----- 6 For Info. (213) 861-5189 _6 FOR FAST SERVICE WHEN ANSWERI NG W ANT ADS· SAY YOU SAWIT IN CYCLE NEWS ,... -- - --"",.. -- REMEMBER, YOU ALWAYS REA D IT FIRST IN CYCLE NEWS,

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