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MAKES THE RACING· It a WORLD BETTER1 ~ t.J ~ t.J Reade .. are advised that lis ti ng In this eat endar Is a lree Servlc.. Cyc le News di .. claims any res ponsibility lor cancellation or cHanging 01 e .. nts by promoters without IIotlce. ...J U :.. U AMA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP SANCTION SCHEDULE. APIIL 28 - 1 MILE NATIONAL '111 CHAM P IONSHIP DIRT TRACK;' ' Great Southe rn Dev elopment . 1'146 T ully Road, N.E .. Allanta . Ga.-Hamp ton Downs-Entries from AMA or District Refere e. Entries close April 7. APRIL 28 - 90 MILE NATIONAL CHAM PIONSHIPENDURANCE RUNTompki ns, Coun!J' MC. RFD 2 . Rou", 13. Newfield , N.\' .- Entrie s from AMA or i pro nmtlng cl ub. "i/'. MAY 5 -115 MILE NATIONAL : ' CHAMP IONSHI P EN DURANCE RUN MidWest National Enduro Riders AsSn •• c/o Wm . Baird. Rt. 3, 1815 4th Ave •• S",I':. Iing. m.- l1liaoa Speedway, SCherervllle .; Ind. - En tri es from .U IA or promollng club.J MAY 19 -13 MILE NATIONAL '<•• L CHAMPIONSHIP DIRT T RACK Richnond MC. Inc •• c/o Eddie Boomhower , 2226 Cham berlayne A ve. , Richmond , Va. - Entries from AMA or District Re fe ree . Entlies close April 28. M 19 - HARE & HOUND AY N.-\TIONAL CHAMP IONSHIP Sail Lak e MC, Box 1711. Sail Lake C i!J'. tah-En tri es from AMA or promoting club, MAY 2& -12 MILE NATIONAl; , CHAMPIONSHIP DIRT TRACK jack Vanino. 611 ;1/. Wyomissing Ave . , Wyomissing. Pa.-Reading fairgroundS-: Entries from AM.-\ or District Relere e . J Entries closes May 5. .no: rr oj • qO MAY 2& - 250 MILE NATIONAL CHAMP IONSHIP ENDURANCE RUN Enduro Riders Assn •• 792 Francis Ave. , Col umbus. Ohio 43209- En tri e s from AMA or promo ting cl ub. JUNE 2 - 5 MILE NATIONAL CHAMP IONSHIP DIRT T RACK Detro it otorcycle Cl ubs, De~ Area Associated M troll, Mich. -Race co urse Livonia , Mich. - Entrie s from AMA or District Referee. Entries close Mo..)' 12. ." JUNE 1& -100 MILE NATIONAL ;:~ CHAMPIONSHIP ROAD RACE New England Motorcycle Dealers Assn., 20 Brewste r St,; Plymouth, Mass.-Loudon, ;I/.H. -Entries from AMA or District Refe ree. Entries close May 26. JUNE 23 - MINIATURE NATIONAL CHAM PIONSHIP ROAD RACE Pittsburgh Racing Assn•• 718 Hope Hollow Rd•• Pittsburgh, Pa.-Heidelberg Rac eway'En tries lrom AM.-\ or Distri ct Referee. Entrie s c lose June 2. JULY 14-20 M ILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP DIRT T RACK J a ck Le igh, c/ o Mort Reck er , 4118 S.E. Maiden SI. , PorUand, Ore. Entrie s lrom AM.-\ or District Referee. Ent ries clos e .l une 23. JULY 20 - 30 LAP TT NATIONAL CIH MP IONSHIP Mt. SI. Hel ash e ns MC, P.O.Hox 51, Caslle Rock, W . - Entries from AMA or District Referee. E nt ries close Ju ne 29. JULY 21- 50 LAP TT NATIONAL CHAMP IONSHIP J . C• .-\gajanian E nterprfses , P. O. 80x 98 , Gardena, Ca li f.- As co !'-E ntrie s from AMA or Dis trict Referee, Entries close July 6. AUGUST 4 - PROFESSIONAL HILL CLlM8 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Muskeg on MC. Mus kego n, Mich.MI. Garfiel d-Entza nts no tifie d by AMA. SATURDAY, APRIL 13th THE SIDEHACK ASSN. wishes to announce that the y have NO race s ch eduled for Sat. April 13. This was a printer' s error on the Dist . 37 calendar . (See April 21 of Cycle Ne ws calendar .) 4th ANNUAL EASTE R EGG HUNT sponsored by the Channel Riders M.C. AMA sanctioned . Start at Myer's Cycle Shop, 2859 N. Durfee, EI Monte , Calif. Start opens 5:30 p.m., clos es 7:30 p.m , Finish closes 9: 30 p.m, BRING YOUR FLASH LIGHTS. Entr y $1.75. Lots of trophies! Ref r eshments at start and finish. Fo r a ddi ti onal Info rmation: Call 336- 2182 af ter 6:30 p.m , AUGUST 11 - 25 LAP TT SUNDAY, APRIL 14th NATIONAL CHAM P IONSHIP Midwest Speedways. 4600 N. 27 th. Linc oln , Nebr. -Entries from AMA or District Re fe ree . Entries Close July 21. THREE STAR AMA PROFESSIONAL TT RACE at Tr i- Clt y Raceway, West Richland, Wash . P resented by the HI1l & Gully M.C . For further Info contact John Rector at (509) 943-3391 or write HI1l & Gully M.C., c/o Jack Cameron, 3403 W. Imnaha, Kennewick. Wash . 9933 6. EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT INOOOR SHOHT TRACK at Porliand, Or e gon Exposition Center. Paved track, classes 0-25Occ. Clas s A & C. Time trilils at 8 p.m., first heat at 8:30 p.m , Regular short track p r o g ra m pl us handicap eve nt , fast time attempts, match races, e tc . WI1l run every F r iday night for rest of winter . LIGHTWEIGHT TT & SHORT TRACK RACES at Trojan Raceway, ACA s anc ti oned. Located co r ne r Long Bea ch Fwy• an d Fires ton e Blvd. Ta ke Fi res tone to Garfield, go s outh on Garfield, wes t on Southern to track entrance . 100cc and 250cc class es In both TT an d short track. pol hts, trophies and money. Sta rts at 8 p .m. eve ry F riday night . HARE SCRAMBLES by Mar tn County M/ C Assoc . a t San Rafael, Calif. Road will be limed from San Pedro turnoff of Fwy. 101 just north of San Rafael. Left at stop s ig n. Signup 9-11 a .m ., race at noon , S1. oo to watch, $2.00 to r ide. Rain or sh ine. Classes: 0- 125 Nov .; 0- 125 Am / Exp.; 126-250 Nov .; 126-250 Am/ Exp.; 251-0pen Nov .; 251- 0penAm / Exp. F or fur ther info contac t (415) 897-5901. EASTER POKER RUN by Stoc kton M.C., Inc . Start at club house on Mariposa Rd . S. Stockton, 75/100 miles , gas on course, $1.50 per hand. Signup 9 to 11 a.m ., refreshments at club. AMA sane. Club me mbe r s hip cards will be required for man miles & club participation trophies. EVERY SUNDAY EASTER EGG HUNT by Twi n Wheelers M.C. of EI Rio, Callf. for the ventura Co. Cr ippled Chil dren Benefit. Prizes, trophies , donation $2.00 . Signup 11 a.rn , to 1 p.m , Route li med from Hwy. 101 & Borchard Rd . Newbury Park, c anr., 2 miles west of Tho usand Oaks, Callf. Ref res hment stand at park. Opel! to a ll ages of riders a nd all types and sizes of motorcycles, s cooters & mi ni- bikes . For mor e Info contact Twi n Wheelers, 2701 Alvarado st., EI Rio, Cal. Phone 4855201. ARIZONA STATE TT SCRAMBLES CHAMP IONSHIP at Eastside Cycle Park In Tucson, AriZ. Practice 9 a.m , ti l noon. Calif. and Nev . riders welcome . 1/2 mile graded and oiled track with 3 jumps . Refr e s hments, faclllties, landing field, overnight camping. Wheelle con test. East of Tu cson on Hwy. 80 to Wil mot. left to Old Vall Rd .. r ight to co ur s e . F r ee " I TT' d In Tucson" Tshi rts to out of state r iders . ADELANTO TT SCRAMBLES at Red dlng ' s 8/ IO-mile on Hwy. 395 near Adelan to, Calif. 0- 250cc prac ti ce at 8:30 a .m . , big bikes appr ox, 11:3 0 a .m'. Admiss ion S1.25 ea ch per son, S2.00 entry fee. Class C rubber. Ca ll (2 13) 861-51 89 for further info • NOVICE-ONLY HARE SCRAMBLES pres ented by Greyhounds M.e . at the Ponderosa Inn, 15 miles eas t of Lancaster, Calif. on Ave . J. Trophi es to 50% of e ntries, 10 a.m , s ta rt, four 8-mile loops . Dist. 37 Novice an d Div. 3 (trailbike) card holders only . EVe'RY SATURDAY ADELANT O TT SCRAMBLES TRA CK, practice at Reddi ng' s 8/10-mile course on Hwy. 395 near Adelanto , Calif. $1.00 pe r rider . spect ators $1.00 pe r carload. Call (21 3) 861- 5189 for mor e inf o. EVERY OTHER SATURDAY ROAD RAC E SCHOOL at Whiteman Air Park, 12030 Pierce st., Pacolma(corner Pierce St. and San Fer na ndo Rd.L. Street bike pr efer ably , 9 a.m, start, $10 per student. For Info call Bob Braverman at (213) 785-2421. EVERY SATURDAY tUGHT TT RACING under the li ght s a t Elsinor e Rac e Track. Just off Hwy, 71, east of Perris , Calif. turnoff. Sportsman trophies for all class es . Spectators wel com e . MONDAY, APRIL 15th D1ST. 36 R E F E R E E ' S MEE TING at Stoc kton M.C. clubroo ms , Mariposa Rd., south of Hwy. 50 (Charter Way In Stock ton , Cal.) Just south of Pock Lane. Bring your club delegates . THURSDAY, APRIL 18th DISTRICT 37 SPORTS COMMITT EE Re feree s ' meeting for desert clubs at Pop lar Street P layground, 8:30 p. m , Club s throwing desert eve nts are urged to ha ve their referees attend . SUNDAY, APRIL 21st 4th ,ANNUAL A.C.A . " CHALLENGER" ROAD RACE. Willow Springs Inter natio nal Raceway, Rosamond , Cal. All GP & P roduction c lasses, 50cc through Open pl us Sidecars. Gen'l. adm ission $2 .00, all childr n free . Pit gates open 8:0 0 a.m., praetlce 9:30, fi rst event 12:30 p .m , Trophy presentation immediately following l as t event. Track located 11 miles north of Lancaster, turn left at Ros amond Blvd ., go 5 miles to track. For info con tact ACA, P .O. Box 247, Fullerton, Cal. or phone (714) 528-4290 . AFM NATIONAL MOTO-CROSS at Carls bad.! Calif. Jr. & EXP. 125-250500-0pen class e s . Organized by Calif. Moto - Cr os s Club. Mall entry only to P .O. Box 391, Harobr Ci ty, Cal . 90701. Entries clos e April 16. P rize money in 250 & 500 Exp, classes . Signup opens 7:30a.m., practice 10 a. m, Point events. General membership meeting to be held at ap .m , April II at Poplar St . Playground. Take Pasadena Fwy . to F ig uer oa orrramp, left to Pepper St . (Adjacent to San Fer• nando Rd .) MOTa-C ROSS at Phelan, canr, by 100's M.C. Limed fr"~ t.Q ·/Y. 395 and Phe lan \. Rd. Limite"~c.t.\:"'\Jc c and under; entry i s $3.00. c.t' .:r e wl1l be three half- hour races . 14th ANNUAL SPORTSMAN SCRAMBLES by Capitol City M.C . of sacramento Calif. At Helve tia P ark on the r oad to Woodland, Ca l. (Hwy. 16). Practice and stgnup 8 a. m, to 11 a .m , First race at noon. MOTa- CROSS pre se n te d by Bushmasters 1\1 . C. near Beaumont, Cali f . All classes; 5 bikes ma ke a class. Fi rst race 10 a .m, Clas s es co mbined - O-IOOcc; 101-250cc; 251-500/501-1000cc. Three races each cla s s , ambulance standby, grea t for spectators . Take US 60- 70- 99 to Beaumont , c ai ., tak e Beaumont Ave . offr a mp and foll ow the lime 2 miles south . Tr ophies to 20% of riders. SCRAMBLES a t Spr oc ke ts Pa r k In Baker s field, Calif. presented by the Bake r s field Spr ocke ts . Slgnup closes at 11:30 a. m , with fi rs t r ace at noon. SCRAMBLES at Lodi Cyc l e Bowl, Lodi, can., by Lodl M.C. Signup 9 to 11 a. m, Race at noon. Admi s sion $1.50 ride or watch. Running all classes , AMA sane. For further i nfo 'call 368-7182 in Lodl, r'"" SUBSCRIBE TO CYCLE NEWS •••••• : : • D (VIA 2nd CLASS MAIL) $7.50 FOR 1 YEAR $12 FOR 2 YEARS D • • Via 1st class mail for one year $18.0 Via Air Mail for one Year $26. 0 NAME • (plea se che ck one 01 the above) ADDRESS • • This i s a new subscrip tion This is a renewal I enclose check or money order ple ase bill me later • •• • D 0 0 or : • • • • C ITY 0 : • • • . STATE ZIP (due to post al regulati ons we mus t have zip codes on all s ubscri pti on s) •• • =MAIL TO: CYCLE NEWS,BOX 498, LONG BEACH , CALI F. 9 080 1 : • PLEASE ALLOW THREE WEEKS fOR NEW SUBSCRIPTIONS T START. O : !I............ ................................................•

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