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,WANT ,A S D TRADE: Tubular frame, new Hodalca. engine. You assemble for ? (805) 2595267. TAKE OVER payment 66- 1/ 2 Bultaco Pursang. No equity $485.00. Phone 8649950 Norwalk. WANTED! Front wheel for 64 or newer sportstar, (714) 448-0114. WANTED! 650cc or 500cc Pre. Unit Construction Triumph engine. Good running order. No trash for cash. 269 Orange Ave., Goleta. (805) 967-8919. VAN TECH 80cc Yamaha new engine, paint & tires. Ready for desert. $250 . (714) 673-1468. FO R SA LE: 1964 C15 BSA 250cc Ready for dirt or street, real clean, must see to believe. Extras $375.00. Call Ron Lastra, (213 ) 327-3152. FOR SALE: 55 Norton 500cc s ingle , good condo Set up for dirt $300.00. CaIl 860-3996. 1966 HONDA CLl60 scrambler like new, S12 pistons $349.00 or trade of S90 plus cash. 1951 Chevy 1/2 T, 4 spd trans., good condo $299. (213) ST 2-6058. 67 HONDA CL-90 dirt bike, H& C racing cam, 250 carb., K-70's, many extras. $100.00 and T ,O.P . (213) TO 6-2784. College student going to Isle of Man and then touring the continent would 'li ke to travel with other motorcyclist planing similar trip. V.J. Gl1ligan 46 Newman Pl. Fairfield, Conn. 06430 STOCK '67 S90 Scrambler $250.00 street or dirt (213) 426-2287 '67 SHERPA 175cc, Pirellls, camp. release, fork brace, 30mm carb, $475.00. 342-3866 Reseda. TRADE 1959 Ford Ranchero for clean good running motorcycle. Phone (213) 832-6190. THE M,R,I, IS BEAUTIFUL _ (Signed) TheM.R.I. TM 250 SUZUKI, Ceriani both ends. Set up right. Includes spares $800. Walt Axthe1m, Triumph-Suzuki Motors (714) 629-8642. 1959 GOLDSTAR 500 for street. Only 50 miles since' complete rebuild of motor and trans.Alsonewchalns, sprockets, K-70 tires, and paint. Looks and runs like new, sacrifice $525.00. (213) 359-2739. 66 ' HONDA 305cc scrambler set up for desert plus all street equip. plus extras, clean & fast $389.00. (213) 444-5814. 63 650cc MATCHLESS, desert or dirt Bates seat, sound & very fast $379.00 or offer (213) 444-5814. CYCLE TRAILER holds four bikes $150 (714) 599-2755. 1965 TRIUMPH 650 desert bike, Bates seat, Cerlanl forks & shocks, etc. All the good stuff done. Just get on & ride. ' $750.00 (714) 521-8287 8-6 on weekdays. TRADE: 1966 Triumph 500cc (TI00SR) Just like new, 1750 actual miles. Trade for sand dune buggy, also in excellent condition (213) 336-8780. TRADE: 65 Yamaha Big Bear for 90-100 trail bike or other small bike or sell for $325,00. (213) 396-4385. '67 1/2 HODAKA 4 months Old, 350 tires and other extras. $325.00 (714) 830-2604 or trade for VW. 100cc BULTACO LOBlTO mlcrosealed, ported, close-ratio gears, 30mm amal, Pirellls , extra gearing, custom paint etc. super fast, reliable, cherry, $425.00 (213) 863- 6653 WANTED: li ghts, ..fenders etc. for a 350cc Ariel (213 ) 370-3497 1965 POT DEMON 250cc compression release recently rebuilt $330. (213 ) ST43776 WANTED: salesman age 25-50alsowork parts. Salary & comm, Crown Cycle 8904 E , Garvey Rosemead, Ca. (213) 280-3553 SUZUKI X6 engine ran once on new crank, new wisco pistons (std) ported & polished TDlB carbs camp. with J&R expan, chambers $250.00 day (213) 4445582 after 7 pm (213) 338-0932 DESERT MACHItIE 1960 Goldstar 500cc racing engine Dynotunes with power plus. Bates desert seat center all tank, custom air cleaner. Many extras $650.00 (213) 676-5329 1960 GOLDSTAR 500 dirt tracker. One race since complete rebuild including new M-C piston, new valves, and new bronze aluminum guides. ' Bike has alloy rims, front spool, fiber glass tank, alloy center mount all tank, cerlani rear shocks, light value train, racing rnag., 1 ' 1/2 " G,P, carb, new tires, other extras. Spares Include frame, primary cases, exhaust system, wheels, front forkassy, clutch, trans. Plus new spares, cams, sprockes, rings, piston, sleeve, gaskets, and others. Sacrifice bike and all parts for $595.00 Not junk, just a great buy. (213) 359-2739. BSA GOLDSTAR SCRAMBLER cerlani shocks, alloy mounts, all tank, rims, glass tank. Perfect $625.00 extra DBD 34GS engine $150.00 both $700.00 Ken Blatter 744 E. Orange Tempe, Ariz.'67 GREEVES MX3 like new, has been stored for last 6 months. $700.00 firm '67 HODAKA set up for the dirt, tuned exhaust, high compression head like new $300.00 street acces, Included. call John Peters (213) 547-4530 FOR SALE : '67 GREEVES 250cc spring fork, good condition, extras. Ed Fuller 32156 Fern Dr. Running Springs, Ca. (714) 867-3172. ADM SPARES 20% of list on all new 500cc and 650cc Triumph eng. gear box parts. New 650cc unit Tri. crank cases $95.00 Amal mono blocks $20.00 Complete Rickman kit for 650cc Tri. '68 Tri. 650cc eng. avail. All parts shipped United Parcel. Doug Mayes, 1757 Malcolm Ave. Los Angeles, Ca. 90024 (213) 474-6858 1966 YAMAHA 80 fac, Gyt kit, K-70 tires, Bates seat, fork brace, rake plate, completely rebuilt motor, heavy springs, real clean $200.00. Call (213) WA3-6245 or ME 0- 5441. 1965 SUZUKI trallbike $125.00. Phone 428-4252. 1967 YAMAHA 100 Twin dirt tracker. Full factory Gyt kit, spool front wheel with 18" alloy rim, K-70 tires, many spares inct ., cyli nder s , carbs , rings, piston, etc. Looks and runs great. Crank rebuilt with no races since. Over $800. invested, sacrifice for $325.00. (213) 359-2739. The changing times around us now find the world of cycle racing most deep!rinvolved:The subject concerning racing at Ascot involves promoterI:C. Agajanian and his reluctance to any longer pay the wellworn stanliard payoff of 40% of the total gate to the riders. . On one hand Aggie says he can no longer afford to pay 40%, and WIll not pay 40%. On the other hand there are riders and tuners who say they cannot a((~rd to race in their own backyard for any less. One way or the other the new season opens this Friday night with the first of 33 weekly half-mile events. The first night 17 comes up on SatUrday night. Any and 'al l races will hi! AMA sanctioned thls 1 ear and Instead of a pery centage race < ll half miles will carry a a flat purse of $1,500.00 and all TT's will pay a total of $1,800.00. ' ( This col umn was never designed to reason why or argue the merits or pro's and con 's of the many Impr ove ments or drawbacks connected with cy cle ractng., and there are many. However, some fa cts sh ould be poi nted out, and they are facts. First of all Aggie will run and r un under the AMA banner for the entire year. Instead of paying the minim urn' purse set up by the AMA, which Is $900. 00 for half miles and $600.00 for TT's, he will pay the 15 & 18 hundred. Why there Is more to the TT than the half-mile this column cannot answer . lt has also been 's ta ted that If a r ider sincerely feels that he cannot afford to race for less than 40% then that is his choice, but it will remain his choice for the rest of the '68 season as far as racing at Ascot Is concerned. The promotion says they can and will back up this statement and feel that It is not fair to the r iders that can afford to race for less than the 40% figure to later have to split the loot with riders or tuners that sometime later in the - season have a change of heart. ; '\ H. (Ed. note: The legalitY,ol this statement is in considerable dou~t.) .~~ vst , As cot has been the onl y track In the country paying 40% the past ten years and now It will join the rest ot the track In paying a flat guarantee. The MRI, the local group which is sort of a racers union, and at which I am a member, has made strong statements of late to the effect that some, If not all, of their members wUI.'not race locally ,for less than 40%. rr This could mean thiit a lot of riders are going out of the racing business as It does not seem loj;ical that a rider would not race In his hoine area for $1,500.00 but would travel 800 miles round trip to race a $900.00 half-mile in San Jose. The MRI by no means has 100% membership of the active riders that race at Ascot each season. Nor do they have 50%. They are, however, the onlyorganize d "Voice" of any type at this time. Recently the MRI board sent two different letters to responsible people withIn the AMA and the Industry not only demanding that 40% be paid but also that the MRl pay the 40% themselves. These s tat erne n t s appeared rather strong for an organization which has yet to be officially recognized by the promoter. There never has been a vastamountof money In cycle racing. One can count on one hand, with fingers left over, just how many riders really make a full time living racing cycles. It is not the fault of the riders. Cycle racing puts on a great show for the spectators. One thing that does stand out Is that many of the riders that are sayi ng "no 40%, no ride, " have never made 40% of anything. Many have never made $40.00 In a single race event - others have never made $40.00 In an entlre season. It Is easy for a rider who has never made money to yell for 40% or nothing. It Is much more difficult for a rider who has made money to say the same and then quit racing. In many respects there have been for many years, too many riders who up for any type of Ascot event. Ascot has lost fans on occasion due to an extra large entry and a long extended program which has always allowed each and every rider to at least com pet e In the heat races. Perhaps with a few less entries the show will Improve In the long run and the fans, on a ch1lly night, will be able to arrive home a little earlier and less chilled. The cold facts remain that there w1ll be racing at Ascot this year, the annual point fund will remain the same as last season and there will once again be two national championship races at the local path of speed. ' It seems is thougb the MRI as a group who choose not to race at Ascot should be looking for another track to race upon with a prom oter that will pay 40% of the total gate. Time Is running out If highpriced riders with high-priced equip. ment are going to compete. It sums up as more or less ofa standoff or which side one prefers to look at. The riders, some of them, race for money, the more the better. The fan5 come to see a good race and could really care less who sanctions the event or how much a r ider receives. There is still a very thin line between a professional racer and a sporting rider. A $20.00 racing license does not necessarily make a rider a professilllllL1 racer. Some riders have been known to sell trophies for more than many make trying to be a professional racer. (Ed. note: In addition to being an MRI member, columnisl Rockwood is also a paid employee of promoter J.e. Agajanian.) MOTORCYCLES ONLY SALVAGE TRADE: Super fast Bultaco Loblto In cherry condo for 250Cc In good can. (213) 863-6653 FUN STREET machine-1967 Yamaha 250 Twin, 5 speed, autolube, with Marusho sidecar, street legal, sidecar carries 1 adult and child or a bunch of kids, less than 3000 mi. on bike, all licensed for '68. $850. (213 ) 255-8536. ~ We . , Ju,*" .. SIll Flit UsltI Plrts Alsa tons of H.D. Ob.lete Stuff, 45's-Knuckll-DlsII P. YAMAHA 250 Tired of looking ? World Cycles nowhas (4) four (count them) DT-ls available for Immediate delivery. Call & ask for Tom (213) 662-0839. .. BSA GOLDSTAR 500, 1960 stock excellent condition $550.00. Call between 12-4 weekdays and weekends . (714 ) 6356226 Anaheim. WILL TRADE Performance Assoctates built '58 Ranchero 390" , Hydro, 4:11 for V, W. or ? Call weekends (213) 358-0970. 66 MONTESA DIABLO, lengthened swing arm, gi r li ng shocks, skid plate, 'flltron, two exhaust systems, extra gearing. Well cared for $425. Jack Harker (213) 353-5955. TRADE: '6 7 desert r eady Hodaka super reliable, fo r 250 or 305 Honda scrarnb, (213) 697-1808 ,," .. , '.'. ',',",' '. Complete Service Frame & Fork Straightening. We Service what they selL Bob Ross 126 West 4th Sl, San Pedro, California TE 2-6124 SOLD THROUGH GARTNER ENTERPRISES 2073 West Pacific Coast Hwy. Lomita, Cal ifornia Phone (213) 715-1802 0; 326-3810 Dis tri bu te d by 1816 Geor ga St . Los Angeles , Calif. 900 15 (213) 749-5 153 (Deale r Inquiri e s ONL Y) .... '" ~ 1:: ~ ~ ~ CzJ ...:J U :... o

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